North American Spine Helps One Bullrider Get Back in the Game


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Many people suffer from debilitating back pain, especially athletes. Some are unable to live full, productive lives due to the pain they suffer from. Some are even unable to continue with the sports they love due to back injury. Back surgery may fix some of these issues however back surgery is also invasive and can cause more problems with the patient. Even procedures that are considered to be minimally invasive can leave the patient with damaged tissue, have healthy tissue removed, or even leave the patient in worse condition. Now, thanks to a procedure done by North American Spine, patients may be able to receive the surgery they need without the high risk.

North American Spine is a Dallas-based company that specializes in a procedure called AccuraScope. The procedure is minimally invasive, has minimal risk to the patient, minimal scarring, and quick patient recovery times. AccuraScope works to treat conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, bulging discs, arthritis, scar tissue, sciatica, annular tears, and more. North American Spine has performed the procedure successfully on over 8,000 patients. AccuraScope has a success rate of 82% and can be done in as little as 45 minutes for an outpatient procedure.

The treatment that North American Spine provides through the AccuraScope is innovative. Many patients who have been through the procedure are seeing positive changes in their lifestyles. One patient, James Phillips, had always dreamed of riding a bull. However, James also has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. A representative from the clinic offered their help to James at no cost. He underwent the treatment with North American Spine and is now able to look forward to pursuing his bull riding dream in his future.

The procedure can provide long-term relief to patients which can allow them to get back to their lives. For some patients, such as athletes, that could even allow them to continue with their careers or be able to pursue their passions.

Beagle Takes Spot Light at Westminster Dog Show


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The Westminster Dog Show had its annual contest this passed Tuesday, and for the second time in history the event was won by a beagle. The name of the winning dog is Miss P, although her actual name on her papers is “Tashtins Lookin For Trouble.”
According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, it was a total shock to the audience that Judge David Merriam picked the beagle to win the event. Miss P is from British Columbia and was sponsored by her kennel club in her hometown, and it has been since 2008 that a beagle has won the hound group. In addition to Miss P, some of her running mates included a Shih Tzu which is co-owned by the famous kidnapping victim Patty Hearst, a Portuguese water dog, an Old English sheep dog, a Skye terrier and a poodle. The prize for the award winning beagle did not include cash however, the owners were granted a spot in the glamourous dog circle along with certain breeding rights.
As Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows, dog shows have been around for decades and are fun events for people who love to showcase their animals and take a new form of competition. It has been said that Miss P will now go home victorious and prepare for a life of retirement from dog shows. After all, she has managed to win one of the most prestigious events in the world it might be time for a little rest.

Where Do You Search For Good Wines With The Antique Wine Company?


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The Antique Wine Company is a great merchant when you are in search of lovely wines to drink. They have a catalog of great wines that they have found for their customers, and you will be able to shop from the catalog with relative ease. However, you can ask the Antique Wine Company to go the extra mile when you are looking for a wine that you were told was one you absolutely must have.

The New Wines

The new wines out there are going to be the wines that you will find because someone says they just tried them. These wines are still in production in many cases, and it is possible that you can get many bottles before they are sold out or too expensive. Over time, these wines are going to rise in price. You will have a collection that has more value, and that value will grow over time so that you have some equity in your wine.

Old Wines

The old wines that you are looking for will be much more expensive, and they will be harder to find. You must remember that it is hard to get just one bottle of these wines, but your buyer at the Antique Wine Company will find you a bottle that you can keep in your house for special occasions. They get you bottles that are in good condition, and they often verify how these wines were cared for before they were sold to you.

When you are searching for wines through the Antique Wine Company, you will be able to get new wines and old wines for your collection. You will be able to learn more about the wines you are looking for, and you will be able to gain equity in the collection that you keep in your cellar.

The Antique Wine Company looks to increase global sales


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Since being founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company has grown into one of the most respected and important fine wines sellers in the World. The company is thought to have more than 10,000 bottles of the finest vintages of wine still in existence in its cellars at any time and regularly sees records broken for its range of fine wines. The addition of a number of new executives towards the end of 2014 was designed to allow more and more sales and services from The Antique Wine Company to be undertaken in new markets, such as Asia.

In October 2014, John-Philippe Guillot was added to the team at The Antique Wine Company in a bid to increase the number of sales and clients the company works with in the emerging Asian market for fine wine collections. Guillot has over ten years of experience in the Asian fine wine market and was added to The Antique Wine Company team in a bid to attract more and more clients from this market in the near future. The market for fine wines in Asia is growing as the economy on the continent continues to grow and lead the World in the rise of many nations on the continent.

The inclusion of the Asian market as an expanding area for The Antique Wine Company has been completed in a bid to add to the more than 20,000 clients the company has in over 70 countries around the World. The Antique Wine Company has grown at an extraordinary rate over recent years as the company has seen its impressive cellar planning service become a major feature of its growth, with Viscount David Linley, cabinet maker to the British Royal Family designing a series of cellar cabinets for clients of the company. The company also remains high on the radar of news agencies and potential clients by being involved in a number of record breaking deals to both buy and sell the finest wines that come onto the market.

Organic Farming Proves Best


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Organic farming has been ridiculed in recent years amid claims it does not produce the same yield as chemically-treated crops. The most recent study at the University of California, Berkeley has shown no significant difference in the yield achieved with some crops. This latest information serves to challenge the traditional bias that agricultural production without modern chemical intervention is insufficient for global satiety. Current methods of industrial farming have seen a decline in the production gap provided by chemical interference. Organic farming does not use any artificial materials for the fertilizing of soils and subsequently has far less of an impact on the ecosystem.

This study provides insight into our necessary practices at a time when much of the scientific community is alarmed by the devastation caused within many pollinating insect communities. I was reading about the study the other day when I was reading about Kenneth Griffin. The chemical biocides are causing an imbalance within the environment that is disrupting more than the intended pests. Couple this with the fact that the world already produces an amount of food vastly greater than it needs and a dangerously naïve system becomes apparent. Professor Kremen, who led the study, emphasized the importance of preserving the environment so that it may sustain the population for generations yet to come. She also made the assertion that access to food is the way world hunger will finally be conquered and not through the refinement of methods that lead to greater production yields through manipulation. 

35 Horses Rescued By The Horse Plus Humane Society


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35 horses were rescued last week, by the Horse Plus Humane Society. They were saved from the slaughterhouse, where the horses were set to become any number of inhumane products. The horses were up for auction at a local auction, where the society managed to buy up 35 of them.

Below is a video of the horses in their new habitat, where they can live out the rest of their lives free, and in their natural environment. Instead of being brutally slaughtered for literally no reason. A massive victory for horse lovers everywhere like me and Marnie Bennett.