Sightsavers: Promoting the Rights of those with Disabilities


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Sightsavers as an organization has helped millions of lives across the globe especially people with disabilities more so the visually impaired, and with this they have created many more opportunities for help.

On the 3rd of July 2018, the organization’s Uganda office participated in a summit prepared by the Government of Uganda, through the Gender, Labour, and Social Development Minister; Hon. Janat Mukwaya, on National Disability Dialogue. The summit was being held in preparation for the Global Disability Summit that shall be taking place on the 24th of July.

With an estimated one billion people across the world living with disabilities, the Ugandan Government sought to find out ways of achieving Sustainable Development Goals that benefits even those with disabilities, and Sightsavers Uganda was there to have an input in the discussions.

Not only is the Ugandan Government seeking for those with disabilities to be on the receiving end of sustainable development, but to also be part of the plans and strategies put in place to achieve it.

The Ugandan Government has also a set of commitment that seeks to align with those of the global disability summit which include, tackling stigma and discrimination, inclusion in education, economic empowerment, and the harnessing of technology and innovation.

Sightsavers was represented in the summit by its Uganda office Country Director, Dr. Johnson Ngorok who lauded the summit as he felt it gave those with disabilities an opportunity to interact with policymakers in the process of formulating policies that touched directly on them.

Other than participating in government forums, Sightsavers does take an active role in ensuring that people with disabilities get to live as normal and happy lives as possible. In one of their YouTube videos, the organization highlights the story of a Malawian boy by the name of Peter aged eight, and who was born with hydrocephalus which is a condition that causes fluid on the brain.

In Peter’s early years, he suffered stigmatization as his teacher, Emma Magaso, says that no one wanted to associate with him including children his own age. However, through the help of Sightsavers, which helps run early childhood development in Malawi, Peter was enrolled in a pre-school and the act helped him greatly, in that he was able to learn, improve physically and most importantly, made some friends.

Through all that, Peter has now joined Primary School, and Ben Chikaipa, who works for Sightsavers, says the perception towards Peter from others has also changed gradually.

Jacob Gottlieb and His Work with Visium


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Jacob Gottlieb is native to the greater New York City area and has worked in the investment management industry for well over two decades. He is currently CEO of Visium Capital Management, which helps high net worth individuals and corporations with their investment and capital needs. Jacob Gottlieb specializes in hedge fund investment and management, making him one of the leaders in the hedge fund industry. Recently, he also become the CEO of Altium Capital, which is a company that opened its doors in June 2018.

His other company, Visium, has been around since 2005. The company is an asset management firm that allows people to relax while their finances are managed and maintained for them. Because Jacob Gottlieb has been working as the CEO of the company for so many years, he has learned how to work with a wide number of different clients, all who have had great success working with both Jacob Gottlieb and his company, Visium.

His very first job was wth Buyside Resiearch, a company that specializes in financial assistance and management. He realized there was a need in the market for a high-quality asset management firm, and that is why he launched Visium and began to benefit those who were looking for this type of service. Jacob Gottlieb attended Brown University and studied Economics. This gave him the education that he needed to work in the financial industry and help people of all needs and types.

While Jacob Gottlieb works in the financial field, he also attended New York School of Medicine and received his doctorate in medicine. When Jacob Gottlieb isn’t working with a wide number of different clients, he is continually spending time with his family and two children. He is an avid lover of sports and you can often find him attending a wide range of different sporting events in the New York City area. He has worked with lots of different people and is in charge of over 100 employees who work for both of his current companies. Jacob Gottlieb is a wonderful asset manager with years of experience in the financial field.


Ryan Seacrest Has No Free Time


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With a morning radio program, co-hosting the show “Live! With Kelly and Ryan”, his duties on American Idol and his production company, one might wonder just how Ryan Seacrest manages his time. the answer is very carefully.

Up around six in the morning Seacrest starts his day with “him time” by showering, drinking his morning coffee and tea and then hitting the gym. Using a personal fitness trainer and a boxing coach he keeps himself in shape to help him deal with his heavy workload. He like running outside in addition to his gym routine. Fitness helps him reduce stress and keep his energy level up. He even takes his trainer on the road when he does remote broadcasts, such as one done from the Bahamas for “Live!” Host Ryan Seacrest then moves on to consume the prior days media. As a broadcaster he must stay current with news, celebrity happenings and the latest projects. He spends some time each day reading articles and catching up on TV shows to be better informed about his profession and anything he may need ti talk about on television or the radio.

There is still so much to be done. Seacrest, who’s also an executive producer, has learned, at 43, to be better about picking his projects and what he will say yes to. He says that when he was younger he had issues saying no and that he overextended himself as a result. He says he has learned self-discipline and it has helped him manage his time better. His go-to response these days is “got it!” He enjoys saying that instead of “no”, and finds it more productive than a “yes.”

A big fan of big meals, Seacrest describes himself as “mostly vegan.” One of his favorite things in life, which he only has time for on weekends, is a big, multi-course family style meal with a good bottle of wine. He also avoids distraction by knowing when to turn his phone off and focus on what is in front of him.

On advice from Dick Clark, Seacrest tries to make it look easy for his fans. Read this to know about Seacrest’s thoughts about Mens Journal.

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Sujit Choudhry: Researcher for Peace


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With Law degrees from Oxford, Toronto and Harvard, Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized expert in the field of comparative constitutional law and politics.

A former Rhodes Scholar, Sujit Choudhry is now the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, an organization dedicated to generating research that can aid in the building of constitutions of nations around the world. They do this by advising and offering sound evidence to aid in wise decision making to countries around the world, see more (

Sujit Choudhry’s experience and research is both wide ranging and in-depth, addressing an array of international issues.

Sujit Choudhry has been a constitutional advisor for over 20 years and has worked throughout the Middle East, Asia and South Africa, including, in several instances, during conditions of political violence, read (

Sujit Choudhry’s unique expertise is currently being put to use in Ukraine. Since the fall of communism the balance of power has always been too heavily on the side of the president and most parties concerned want to see a more democratic rule with a system of checks and balances put into place.

While no one believes the on-going work in Kiev will be easy to achieve, (the process has been going on for over twenty years with little progress), and the job of the Center for Constitutional Transitions is to conduct research that can show practical ways to build a stronger democratic government, as posted on

Under the direction of Sujit Choudhry, the Center for Constitutional Transitions have identified several options that could aid in establishing a democratic semi-presidential system within Ukraine and hopefully, someday, a democratic rule, source

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Successful Plastic Surgeon


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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a renowned plastic surgeon who is considered as one of the best in the United States. She has been practicing her profession for years, and she has also assisted some of the biggest names in Hollywood, especially those who wanted to have a better look. Dr. Jennifer Walden spends most of her time inside her clinic, but when she has spare time, the renowned plastic surgeon accommodates TV and radio interviews. She is also serving as a commentator and an academic, helping others who wanted to pursue a career in plastic surgery. Because of her will to beautify as many people as she can, Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to establish a cosmetic clinic in Austin and Marble Falls, Texas. Because of her reputation as a good plastic surgeon, she is expecting that her clinic will be jam-packed with patients who wanted to enhance themselves.

Dr. Jennifer Walden initially worked with the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, and she found a mentor that seriously trained her well in medical field. She learned so much from her experience working in a hospital, and she told herself that she would become one of the best physicians in the country and she will help everyone who would be looking out for her services. She was even awarded in 2014 as one of the best in the field. Because of her distinction in the area, Dr. Jennifer Walden was also pointed out to become the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

For Dr. Jennifer Walden, the career she attained became possible after believing that she can do it. She serves as an inspiration and an encouragement to everyone who wanted to undergo plastic surgery, and she is spending a lot of her time explaining to the patient why they should or should not undergo the operation that they wish for. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, it is all about her patient’s safety.

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Vinod Gupta Story of Success:


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Vinod Gupta is a successful business man who has been a part of the industry for some time now. His hard work and his dedication have allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur and climb the ladder of success. Vinod Gupta was born in India and has been able to help out his family in the financial aspect as well as his community and everyone around him. He has been able to work with a company that is called JumpStart for over 20 years and has been able to work and better his leadership and his management skills to their full potential. In 1990, there was a major success point in the business because Vinod Gupta was able to work hard enough to help the business gain up to 26 million dollars in profit until 2004. This was a huge stepping stone for the company and also for Vinod Gupta because he was able to prove to many that he was dedicated to help grow this business and guide onto the path of success. As the resident, it was his responsibility to oversee how the business was functioning and to make sure that everyone was on track to help the business grow. Today. Vinod Gupta is known for his hard work and for his ability help out the business grow. His hard work and his willingness to help out others is admired by many. He is a very dedicated man who sets goals and does not stop until he has accomplished those goal and has set new ones. Many people admire him for all that he has been able to do.

Jeff Herman: Child Sex Abuse and How to Deal with It


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Sex abuse has always been a social problem in the US. Victims of sex abuse experience traumas that can last for a lifetime. Victims feel demoralized and hence fear to come out, which only worsens the problem. If the victims are not taken care off, they can fall into depression and ultimately commit suicide. The dire need of assistance by victims is what made counsel Jeff Herman switch from commercial practice to representing victims of the sex abuses.

Jeff Herman transitioned from commercial law practice to providing legal representation to victims of rape, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault in the late 1990’s. This switch happened after meeting parents of a son, suffering from autism, who was sexually abused. A convicted pedophile had abused the boy. This representation gave him an inner satisfaction thereby committing himself to represent victims of sex abuse.

Since children are the most venerable from sex abuse, Herman has taken it to himself to provide advice to parents on how to handle cases children sex abuse. Children are more prone to abuse because sometimes they are not aware that they are sexually being abused. Children can also be taken advantage of because when they realize what is happening, they feel guilty for ‘permitting’ it in the first place.

Herman encourages parents to talk to their children about the sexual abuse and that they should be sensitive to keep the conversation age appropriate. He encourages parents to tell their children to say a ‘No.’ They should be taught using examples by telling them that no one should touch them whether it is a policeman or a teacher.

Jeff Herman advises parents to report cases of child sex abuse immediately they detect any signs. Reporting helps to kick-start the court proceedings. Although pedophiles deserve criminal sentencing, it is much harder to prove a criminal proceeding as one has to prove beyond reasonable doubt. But in civil cases, one has to prove his case above the 50% threshold. This hitch is why most child sex abuse cases are settled by rewarding of damages.

Peter Briger Success


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Peter Briger:

Peter Briger is a successful man that is very well known in the business and in the finance world as well. His hard work and his determination have allowed him to become successful and to be able to climb the ladder of success through out his years in the field. Peter Briger is the principal and the main board of directors o fortress. He has been a part of this company for many years and has been able to impact it in a positive way. His leadership skills and his knowledge have allowed him to get some insight into what he needs in order to be able to guide the company towards the path of success. He was very fortunate to have been able to work in other companies such as Goldman Sachs & Co. because this was a big reason as to why he became successful. His leadership and his management skills were able to flourish in this company and he was able to take on those skills to his new company at Fortress. During his time in this company he was able to learn crucial information as to how run and manage a business. Peter Briger has been serving as a member in the board of directors in fortress since 2006 and has since been very determined to be able to help the company grow. His investment in the company have been able to pay off through out the years. Peter Briger has been a very hard working man full of determination through out the years working in this field. His hard work has helped many become inspire and has also helped out many be able to learn from his leadership and his management skills. He has been able to impact the business and the finance world with unique way of working and to guiding a company to success. His hard work is worthy of praise and of determination. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Surf Air and Traveler Perks


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Surf Air is reveling in all of the joys of the summer season. It’s an air travel firm that’s been in operations for half a decade now. It’s currently offering its members options in major upgrades, too. Surf Air has teamed up with All Roads North, a high-end traveling business. The aim behind this effort is to strengthen Surf Air Experiences. Surf Air Experiences describes distinctive and customized getaway packages that are on hand for the organization’s plentiful members. People who are part of Surf Air can get international perks thanks to the Founderscard team as well. Founderscard refers to a membership group that’s made up of more than 25,000 imaginative brains and business owners. The advantages that are associated with this collaboration include speedy flight check-ins, networking openings and even airfare discounts.

Surf Air is a private American organization that concentrates on the air travel sector. It provides its members with flights each month that are unrestricted. It targets casual and corporate travelers who fly all of the time. Surf Air takes a contemporary approach to traveling.

Surf Air is a business that’s in California. It functions almost like a flight buffet. People who are part of the group can fly as much as they wish as long as they cover a specific fee each month. It can make a handy option for people who are constantly on the move. Surf Air enables people to travel to all kinds of places. Several examples of these places are Santa Barbara, California, Los Angeles, California and San Francisco, California. It doesn’t matter if an individual is looking to get to the wineries of Napa Valley or to the elegant dining establishments of scenic Monterey located on the Central Coast. Surf Air makes travel in the air simple and laid-back for all members.

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Guilherme Paulus Excellence In Brazil’s Tourism And Hospitality Industries


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Guilherme Paulus is a renowned businessman from Brazil who operates in the fields of tourism and hospitality. He serves the CVC Board as the chairman where he co-founded the tour operator company along with his partner in 1972. Paulus has been of great resource to the tourism sector in the country as he helped the industry evolve by bringing in new concepts in transportation, destinations, and hospitality sectors in Brazil. Again, with Paulus at the helm, the CVC brought tourism in Brazil to another level by incorporating systematic traveling and integrating the sector with the hospitality industry.

Further, Guilherme Paulus who is 68 years says he enjoys developing the country by creating jobs as it gives him fulfillment in his work. In the recent past, the entrepreneur invested R600 million in the hospitality industry where its brand name is GJP group, which is a chain of 20 hotels that are located in 11 states in Brazil. As a result, the businessman was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year in services due to his excellence in serving the customers well. Besides, the network of hotels has four flags where examples include the three-star; the Saint Andrews Premium Line, four-star; Linx, and the five-star; The Prodigy.

Furthermore, GJP group also acquired the Marulhos Suites Resort located in Porto de Galinhas as part of its expansion strategy. GJP’s other projects include the upscale hotels in Brazil where the Wish Foz do Iguacu was recognized as the best hotel by the World Golf Awards 2017. Better still, the hotel is next to the Parana Enterprise that is part of GJP’s projects, which was also named as the first in the condominium in the real estate sector. Guilherme Paulus says that the organization will add on to the 109 residential estates under the GJP’s portfolio in Aracaju and Maceio.

About Guilherme Paulus and how he started his Business Ventures

Guilherme Paulus made it to the list of Forbes billionaires due to his hard work and passion that led to Brazil’s lucrative business in the tourism industry. He started out at the age of 24 years when he established the CVC Brasil Operadora e Viagens S.A with his partner who exited the business after four years. Over the years the organization grew exponentially under Paulus leadership where he again invested to R$ 80 million when he founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. Additionally, 2009 saw CVC organization sell 63.6% of its stake to the Carlyle Group, which is an international private equity firm at $ 420 million.