Larkin and Lacey Take on What Happened to Joe Arpaio


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Lately, there have been many controversial and unusual presidential pardons in the US history. One of the latest incidents being the pardon issued to Joe Arpaio, one of the toughest sheriffs in Maricopa county Arizona by President Donald Trump. Although he holds a record of various notorious acts, one of his most heinous acts entails unlawful imprisonment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the owners of village voice.

The Backstory of Arpaio

About ten years ago, the Maricopa county selective prosecution unit agent, arrested Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from their homes in Phoenix Arizona under cover of darkness. This followed an order by Joe Arpaio. These agents detained the two men and charged them with the disclosure of details concerning the grand-jury investigation. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The two worked with village voice media lacey being the executive editor while Larkin was the CEO. Before they were arrested, they had published an article in the village voice media earlier in the day. This publication addressed the grand jury probe. Unfortunately, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey did not know that they were being investigated by the grand jury.

Arpaio had always been aggressive to ensure that law was enforced. This tactic had continuously defined various sheriffs’ departments since his assumption to office in 1992. However, the increasing coverage of his work concerning enforcement was frustrating him.

Multiple publishers had brought such coverage up many times. Since he took office, Mr. Arpaio had encountered several cases directing him on what was admissible to publish and what was not.

Most of these cases took place behind closed doors. Controversially, finally what had always been hidden rose to the surface. This file exposed the various challenges encountered by the inmates especially in Tent city under his authority.

Based on this information, Mr. Arpaio was accused and later charged with defilement of the Latinos rights as well as other immigrants. From this point, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started exposing Arpaio to the American public. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Notably, by the time these two men started exposing Arpaio most of the publications were not talking about him at all. However, as the publication from articles derived from Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey work gained momentum, this scandal attracted more attention to the point of receiving a nationwide coverage.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Continued Fight for Latino Rights after Pardoning of Joe Arpaio

Later on, Maricopa County paid Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey a sum of 3.75 million dollars to resolve their lawsuit with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

With this amount, the two formed the Lacey and Larkin Fonterra fund, which offers a grant to various migrants’ organizations throughout Arizona. This organization works actively in support of the rights of the Latinos and Hispanics.

For instance, this organization has helped many Hispanics and Latinos who have faced various discriminations especially from the law enforcement and public officers.

Since Mr. Arpaio has been pardoned by president Trump, the role of ensuring that his unique legacy is no longer active lies in the efforts of organizations like Fontera Fund by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Milan Kordestani’s Achievements at Milan Farms and in Horse Riding


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Milan Kordestani was born and brought up in Stanford, California. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school in California before they moved to London, England back in 2009 when his parents divorced, he later attended Eaton Square School. In 2010, Kordestani returned to the Bay Area where he studied at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton and then in 2017 graduated High school.

Milan Kordestani started horses riding when he was at the age of 10. At one point he was thrown off of a runway by his horse. Omid Kordestani, being interviewed by The National Horsemen, he wrote that the most rememberable moment of that time when Kordestani fell was that he got back on the horse and started riding it back to the camp. What he did surprise many people considering that in many instances, most of the children would not have gone back to that horse because it was risky.

Riding lesson horses in Atherton is where Milan started, and within a short time, he began competing on world champion horses where he did very well and accomplished a lot. For example, he was ranked at the fourth position at the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

Currently, Milan Kordestani serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms; he is also the founder of the same firm. He founded Milan Farms at the beginning of 2015 as a starting point of his journey on creating an organic system and humane to raise poultry, which is 100 percent pure saffron. Milan farms targets to offer the best option to the consumer. In raising animals, they use transparency and purely using organic for the plants. Milan Kordestani argument is that when the consumer is selecting the product and is aware of what he or she wants, a pure and genuine alternative should be available without keeping any secret.

In 2016 is when the Milan Farms logo and brand became a trademarked company. The company has expanded and currently distributing eggs around the west coast. Apart from using the tradition and the honest way of production, Milan Farms trust in innovation, that is why Milan is still conducting more researches and experiments in Hydroponic and aquaponic systems with growing saffron.


Equities First Holdings Australia Model


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If you were to look at any business model to see if it could work for you, you will find that there are many different plans; some that work, others that do not. Equities First Holdings has a business plan that seems to be one of the best around. They started company in Indianapolis, Indiana many years ago and over the years, have expanded it to include offices in nine different countries. In Australia, the company has three offices, located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The offices are all set in the heart of the business district in each of these cities so their clients can easily reach them. Their staff has been well educated on lending practices in the country. One of the ways they have been able to get loans for their clients is by using the companies stock options to secure a loan. This trend in lending is becoming quite popular and many more companies are doing it. Banking institutes are very open to this type of loan and have been granting many more of them. Equities First Holdings has been planning on continuing to expand their own business into many other parts of the world.

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The Unique Story Behind The Success Talos Energy In Oil Exploration


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Oil exploration is a multi-billion industry that has attracted investors from all parts of the world. Talos Energy is an oil exploration company that has invested in offshore hydrocarbons in Mexico and the US Gulf of Mexico. The company was established in 2012 and has been improving on the expansion program. In a recent news release, the company has officially moved from privatization to a public entity. The company announced its initial merger of over $2 billion with Louisiana’s Stone Energy.

This is a long process that has seen the two companies form common goals to improve profit margins. As such, Talos Energy holds the majority stake in the partnership of 63 percent while Louisiana’s Stone Energy holds the remaining 37 percent stake. The deal opens the largest offshore trading deal with Mexico where the two companies have invested heavily. Initially, Talos Energy was performing well on the New York Stock Exchange which necessitated the company to focus on the merger.

According to Timothy Duncan, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, the company is in a good position to invest in offshore investment owing to its good asset portfolios and the development of business opportunities. The company discovered the potential to invest big through a Zama discovery where the company won most of the bids in Mexico. This was made possible through the partnership with other companies in Mexico.

Initially, Talos Energy was formed in partnership with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings and its core responsibility was to buy assets in the Gulf of Mexico. The key focus was directed towards exploration, optimization, and exploitation of natural oil hubs. Through excellent leadership structures, the company has built private equity that has become successful in the recent years. As a strategy to remain in profit making process, Talos Energy sold Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration which made a good fortune that enabled the company to remain afloat.

The company has skilled manpower which ensures they remain above the rest by using unique techniques in the development of viable investment plans. As a result, Talos Energy remains one of the most profitable oil exploration companies in the United States of America.

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OSI Food Plants Expands Its Chicken Production Plant


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As the world’s award-winning food processing industry, OSI Food Solutions is a multi-billion establishment known to produce thousands of tons of chicken, beef and pork products every year. It is located in Toledo, Spain.


Since the production capacity of this conglomerate has tremendously increased, OSI Food Solutions Company has managed to increase its number of employees from 140 to 20,000 people globally.

It has so far increased the number of job opportunities to many others in other sectors related to its production line. Because of increased food production, more staff has been added to meet the increasing needs of the growing number of clients.


A team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff was hired to bring new and adverse skills in innovation and improved production tactics to drive the development agenda of this company.

And for this reason, The British Safety Council, in 2007, gave OSI Food Solutions an International Safety Award for being best in adhering to health and safety standards at the place of work.

For it has an outstanding record of offering many job opportunities to many people, it has won an award from the Chambers of Commerce.


Sheldon Lavin, David McDonald, are among the most committed team of leaders who expressed their successful leadership skills to ensure utmost improvement in food production for more than 40 years.

According to Jose Maria del Rio, the Managing Director of the food company, the recent expansion of production line in Toledo plant has recorded an annual increase of chicken products production by 8%. He further states that Spain and Portugal are the highest consumers of its chicken products.

McDonald, the president of the company, is amazed by the fact that OSI Food Solutions Company has expanded its chicken production, delivery services and retail services in various branches across the world.


The new building of about 22,600 square feet has been established to accommodate growing demand for chicken products by consumers. This high-tech building has refrigerated rooms in which waste containers are stored before disposal.

It has changing rooms for employees and also rooms for storing the chicken products awaiting shipping to various destinations.


The company understands the need for encouraging productive and a sustainable development enterprise. Energy consumption of the operating plant system has been reduced by 20%. Energy efficiency of the plant has been improved as the system has a refrigeration and co-generation system that recovers energy.


With the utmost dedication of the leaders and staff, the government takes pride in funding its agricultural development projects that promote sustainability.

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Fortress Investment Group Benefiting Investors across the World


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Fortress Investment Group is a company that operates as an investment manager. The company raises, invests and manages assets of various kinds such as private equity, range of credit, real estate, and permanent capital investment strategies. The company serves both private investors globally and institutional clients. The company is located in New York but serves clients from all over the world. Recently, Softbank Group Corp announced that it had completed paying $3.3 billion for the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. Softbank and its members own all the outstanding shares of Fortress. The purchase led to certain changes such as each outstanding Class A share was altered into the right to obtain $ 8.8 per share in cash. Fortress’s financial results will be merged and reflected on Softbank’s consolidated financial statements. Fortress shareholders approved the acquisition and change of leadership, and they will work with Softbank to make the company an excellent investment manager.

Moreover, Fortress Investment Group is always dedicated to helping organizations when planning for events. For example, they were involved in many ways in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games which was held in Vancouver, Canada. They were engaged in building the Athlete’s village in downtown Vancouver, and they controlled the main skiing site at the Olympic Games, Whistler Blackcomb. The Olympics was a $1 billion project and Fortress was a major creditor. However, the company almost bought the games to a halt after a misunderstanding between them and the Canadian authorities who were supposed to pay them about $ 90 million because Fortress was the owner of a British Columbia Ski resort which the Olympic organizers were supposed to use for Alpine events. Fortunately, they came to an understanding, and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was a success.

Some of Fortress’s core competencies are their outstanding knowledge of industries to invest in and their portfolios, they have promising operational management, its nature of investing in assets, and its possession of a considerable capital market expertise. These skills have helped the company grow to be a respected investment manager in the world. By 2017, the company had about 1,000 asset management employees both in New York and its associate offices worldwide. These employees are always happy working at Fortress, and they say they are privileged to help investors worldwide manage their assets and to give them the most appropriate advice that works for the market around the globe.

Fortress Investment Group has a broader presence on social media, and it has the best employees who know how to manage their pages. The company has a network where they interact with people across the world and clients can ask questions about the company which will be answered immediately. They also use their social media pages to market their services and knowledge and therefore clients are always updated. Fortress Investment Group prioritizes customers because the company understands how hard it is to find the most reliable asset manager and that is why the company is always providing high-end services to clients with regards to managing their assets. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Jose Auriemo Neto, Brazilian Real Estate Executive Extraordinaire


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Forty one year old Jose Auriemo Neto is chairman and chief executive officer for real estate company, JHSF. JHSF was created in 1972 and is focused on the development of commercial and residential properties in Brazil. Though their primary focus is on real estate, the company also ventured out into the world of retail in the nineties.

Upon his graduation from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo, Neto began his career with JHFS in 1993. In 1997, the up and coming executive created the parking lot management company Parkbem, and successfully ran the services department until 1998. While Overseeing the services department, Neto gained the rights to develop the group’s first shopping terminal in Brazil, the Shopping Santa Cruz, and oversaw its successful progress. His success led to him becoming an executive officer for JHSF in the early two thousands.

As part of his duties as chairman and chief executive officer, Auriemo Neto oversees the brand’s business in office buildings, hotels and commercial developments for different properties. Neto also administers the groups retail portfolio by managing the allocation of the groups resources, such as merchandising and assortment planning. In 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto oversaw JHSF’s very first venture into retail by signing exclusive contracts with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes, and opened the luxury brands first outlets in the Cidade Jadrim shopping complex which is, of course, owned by JHSF. Most recently, in 2012 Jose Neto steered the company in a positive direction by having the group secure a contract with Valentino, thereby opening the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino stores in Brazil.

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Chicago Based Philanthropist And Business Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky


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Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in the Midwest. He grew up in Michigan and later moved to Chicago IL. Eric has co-founded many companies during his professional career, one major Chicago based company is Tempus Labs. Tempus Labs is known for its cancer fighting operation system. The technology that has been created by Tempus labs helps to bridge a gap between patient, practitioner and pharmacist. The Tempus technology can scan and input data from hand written doctors’ notes and make it available on the Tempus network. This technology allows for each patients patient’s team of experts to share the same critical data. When all of the information on a patient’s health is readily available for all physicians treating the patients there is less lag time on acquiring pertinent medical data.

Tempus Labs has recently been granted eighty million dollars in additional funding. This grant has brought Chicago based Tempus Labs to a worth of about $1.1 billion. This is rarely achieved within the first years of a company’s start up and has gained this company a coveted unicorn status of net worth. In addition to additional technological advances that will be gained from this large grant, employment is also spiking at Tempus Labs.

Another popular company that Eric Lefkofsky has co-founded is Groupon. Many people utilize Groupon on a daily basis for their product and destination savings purchases. Groupon offers a certain amount of deals at a reduced price. Once the deals have all been bought they are no longer available. There is a wide variety of deals that businesses can offer on Groupon. Some of these deals include products, experiences, meals and destinations. Eric Lefkofksy is a philanthropist who believes in bettering his community. Him and his wife have started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and often make donations towards various charities in and around Chicago as well as worldwide organizations.

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New Start-Up Tempus Co-Founded By Eric Lefkofsky Reaches Unicorn Funding


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Eric Lefkofsky is proud of the work his new start-up, Tempus, which he cofounded, is doing. As the CEO, Lefkofsky is responsible for the direction the company is doing. Tempus, a tech firm that specializes in collecting and analyzing patient treatment data for cancer patients has already done some important work during the short period it has been in existance. Since 2015 Tempus has already partnered with the Mayo Clinic and other important cancer treatment centers to create a database that oncologists can use when deciding on treatment options for their patients. They are collecting molecular data from patients, as well as trying do discover and analyze trends in the treatment of cancer patients.

The great strides that Tempus has already made have atracted the attention of investors who have put thier faith in the start-up company. During the most recent round of funding, Tempus raised 80 million in funding bringing them over the 1 billion threshold and making them reach what is called Unicorn status. Unicorn status is when a privately owned company is valued at 1 Billion dollars or more, without going public. It is a very rare thing, like a unicorn and is considered an impressive achievement. It is incredibly impressive that Tempus was able to reach Unicorn status in such a short time.

The hard work of Eric Lefkofsky and his team are the reason why Tempus was able in attract investors such as New Enterprise Assciates and Kinship Trust Co. These investors were attracted to the strong relationship that Tempus has with doctors, clinics, and drug companies, all of whom wish to use this date to help treat patients more effiently.

Lefkofsky and Tempus have big plans for the future, and reaching unicorn status is an important part of those plans. Although the company currently employs 400 people in the Chicago area, they are rapidly growing and adding new employees. Since the latest round of funding, Tempus has been adding about 30 employees per month, and plans to continue that rate of growth for the forseeable future. This growth will help the company crunch more numbers and have the potential to help more cancer patients.

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Outstanding Achievements Of Peter Briger


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Previously a Goldman Sachs member and partner for the famous well known company, Mr. Peter Briger became a part of the work team at Force in 2002 year. He oversaw the Credit and Real Estate division. With being on the Forbes list, he as made it into the top 400.
During his time at Goldman and Sachs, he specialized in Asian specific vehicle debt and international property. Peter Briger is also a current member on the board of the Princeton University Investment Company. Meanwhile during his time there, he has also provided substantial financial support for the Central Park Conservancy.

Mr. Peter Briger also is involved in non-profit organizations. This would include the organization known as Tipping Point. They are a San Francisco based no profit organization. They specialize in helping low income families and children attending schools in the area with significant financial hardship. They are affiliated with Caliber schools, which he is also a board member of. With all this he has invested $600 million for relief and causes.

Mr. Peter Briger obtained a master’s in business administration from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.He undergrad was spent attending Princeton University.

Being the Co-CEO for Fortress,which manages assets in extra mounts of $65 billion. He managed to gain the company the title of being the first of its kind to become a public alternate investment company. The company’s involvement includes managing and aiding investors who are private and institutional. He not only helps the company with debt issues, but aids foreign markets as well.

With the Fortress Credit opportunists fund, he raised over $4.7 billion in their first quarter of that very year. Today the internal rates of return are even still 25.2%, 17.8%, and 12.7%.
Briger’s big bucks comes in for helping with distressed assets within the financial development.
Based on economic failure, Briger would frequently buy mainstream fallen assets when the opportunity presented itself.

In recent years, with the development of digital coin and block chain technologies, Fortress has taken a liking to making Bitcoin a part of their financial assets and gain for the long haul. They focus on the fact that their is a severe lack of American involvement and exchange involving bitcoin. Briger and Fortress believe they can be the new era for that path to new de-centralized banking technologies.

Ultimately, Peter Briger has made it in this industry 100%.

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