Krishen Iyer Helps Dental And Health Insurance Companies Attract The Patients They Need To Stay In Business


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Krishen Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services, and he has been serving the insurance marketing and consulting sector for many years. He works with clients in the dental insurance and health insurance industries who need an online marketer and developer who can help them to get the leads they need to keep their businesses going. Iyer is known for his ability to be able to take care of the smallest of details while keeping his eye on the big picture. He has created more than one company during his career and is now focusing mainly on Managed Benefits Services.


In 2004, Krishen Iyer received his bachelor’s degree in public administration while attending San Diego University. After this, he got to work in the insurance sector and created IHS Insurance. He served as the company’s chief executive officer for years but decided to move on from the company when he realized that he wanted to do more. He went on to found Name My Premium and watched it grow until it earned its way into the Inc 5000 list.


Krishen Iyer stays productive by becoming involved in the technical development of his client’s businesses, and he stays on top of their needs by interfacing with them as often as possible. As an online marketer, he spends a lot of his time attracting new patients for his clients and always works to give them exactly what they want. Iyer believes that ideas come to life when people communicate. He usually looks to get as many different viewpoints as possible before taking an idea live. Krishen Iyer is happy that marketing analytics have become more detailed, which means he can dig into them in order to discover how to attract patients for the people who pay him to do just that.


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Outstanding Benefits of Using cleansing conditioners


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Currently, we have different hair products and solutions for the damaged hairs. Cleansing Conditioner will boost your hair. Is not harsh to the hair. It is a perfect product which will allow you to save time because you can wash it away. This crunchbase article guides you through to the great benefits of using the cleansing conditioner. Am sure it will convince you to commence using conditioner. After about one month if you are happy with the result that the conditioner gives your hair tell a friend.

To start with it makes the hair to be strong.  Your task is to identify and analyze the challenge with your hair and purchase a conditioner that is designed to fit the problem.  After three weeks of using the cleansing conditioner, you will see a big change in your hair. You only need to be persistent and patient.

The cleansing conditioner will work well in coloured hair. There are some people who are not comfortable with the natural colour of their hair. They dye their hair using a different colour. The cleansing conditioner will not only wash the dye out, it will also strengthen it if only you can choose the correct formula.  Cleansing conditions are gentle and natural to the hair. Therefore you need not worry about matters to do with your colour.

According to, another great benefit is that it does not have much foam. When you start using the cleansing conditioner you will find it to be strange. After some few days, you will get used to it. This little foam is the perfect due to the sulfate. When the cleansing conditioner does not lather it is free from sulfate.

The cleansing conditioner is all in one. You can wash the hair, condition it and later rinse it. Please leave the conditioner on the hair for at least ten minutes before rinsing for good results.

The most perfect cleansing conditioner is WEN by Chaz and here are the easy steps of using it. Start by rinsing your hair then apply WEN to your palms and then rub together. Use approximately 15 pumps if you have short hair, 20 for medium and 30 for long hair.

Apply to hair and scalp, add water to evenly distributed WEN then massage into the hair. Leave it for some few minutes. Rinse completely and In conclusion, the cleansing conditioner is the best remedy for damaged hair. It strengthens the hair and gives it its perfect colour. Consider trying it today and you will witness a difference. For more information browse the Wen Dictionary link and Wikipedia page.

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Hussain Sajwani, The Talented DAMAC Owner


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Hussain Sajwani is the chairman of DAMAC Properties, a global property development company. Mr. Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington. Before gaining his position in DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani worked as a Contracts Manager for GASCO, where he gained substantial experience in managing contracts. It is this experience that would later see him run his own company, with a great measure of success. After two years in employment, the DAMC owner established his company, focusing on catering in 1982.

In the mid-90’s, the influx of people into Dubai was increasing rapidly. Hussain Sajwani participated in the expansion of properties by building hotels. In 2002, he identified an opportunity in lavish property development and established DAMAC properties in 2002. The company is now one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East and is listed in The Dubai Financial Market. The success of the company has made the DAMAC owner one of the most respected personalities in the property business arena.

The DAMAC owner is known for its excellence in the luxury property market. To date, DAMAC has handed over a record 16,800 complete homes and, has more than 44,000 units at various stages of planning and construction. DAMAC Properties has partnered with powerful and recognizable brands to stay ahead. Projects such as the Tiger Woods-designed, Trump International Golf Club, racked up sales up to $2 billion.

Hussain Sajwani has also collaborated with famous fashion houses such as Versace and Fendi, luxury vehicles like Bugatti. DAMAC also delivered the Paramount Hotels and Resorts to provide excellent services to the affluent. In October 2011, DAMAC launched a hospitality division, that provides services to serviced rooms in elegant hotels. DAMAC Maison will cater to more than 2,810 serviced hotel apartments and will place the company as one of the largest Hotel Operators and developers in the world.

The DAMAC owner gives back to society through various philanthropic efforts. Hussain Sajwani handed over an AED 2 million to fund an initiative to clothe over a million needy children. The project was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The Prime Minister and Vice- President of the UAE and leader of Dubai. The clothing campaign was launched in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent; a humanitarian organization started in 1983.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Builds Top Auto Business


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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the owner of an automotive company called CAOA which stands for his initials. Andrade began working in the automotive industry as an entrepreneur. He purchased a dealership and made it into one of the most successful in Brazil. Carlos eventually expanded the dealership and bought a manufacturing plant to serve as a factory. Over the last few decades, Carlos has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the automotive industry. Before he got involved in the automotive business, Carlos was a medical doctor who spent his time providing healthcare for patients. This was a successful career for him as he was regarded as one of the most reputable physicians around.

In 1979, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade began to pursue opportunities in the automotive business. His first opportunity came when he purchased a local Ford dealership that was bankrupt. After acquiring the dealership, Carlos got it back in good financial standing. Within a few years of operation, the dealership became the best selling Ford distributor in Brazil. His success with the Ford dealership convinced Carlos to expand his business interests. This expansion would result in him starting up two more dealerships that sell the Japanese vehicles made by Subaru and the South Korean vehicles made by Hyundai. By the year 1992, Andrade made these dealerships the top selling establishments of both Subaru and Hyundai vehicles in Brazil.

With his success as an owner of vehicle dealerships, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade looked to take on his most ambitious project yet. He decided to start up an automotive factory. In 2007, Carlos invested $600 million of his own money to purchase a factory that would become the top manufacturing plant of Hyundai vehicles in Brazil. During the last ten years, the manufacturing plant thrived and was able to produce millions of Hyundai vehicles for consumers in the nation to purchase. This was the latest successful venture of Carlos’ career as an entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, Carlos has earned significant recognition for his success in the automotive industry. This has included wining a major award as a top entrepreneur.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: Transforming a Struggling Dealership to a Profitable One


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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a licensed physician who would eventually become an automobile entrepreneur. It was in 1979 when he decided to purchase a Ford Landau for himself, and he worked with Vepel, a local dealership, to get his new car. He has been in contact with the dealership, asking them daily about the status of his vehicle. However, he never thought that the dealership would close down before his vehicle arrived, and he was very disappointed knowing that he would never be able to get his vehicle because of the problems that the dealership faced. To compensate the disgruntled customer, the owner of the dealership gave the whole establishment to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and told him to manage it and transform it into something else.

Getting the whole dealership is a great deal for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, and he started to rename the company into CAOA Group, after the first letters of his full name. He is clueless about the ways on how to manage an automobile business, but he would never quit easily. He started reading materials that would help him get the idea of how automobile businesses work and asked some of his friends who know the industry. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade learned quickly, and a few years after the dealership was given to him, many Brazilians have been visiting the shop to do business.

In 1992, the Brazilian government adopted a new law, allowing the importation of foreign-made vehicles. It was good news for the CAOA Group, and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started to work with dealers outside Brazil to import brands such as Subaru and Hyundai. He started to distribute Subaru and Hyundai vehicles to the Brazilian public, and because of the rising demand for vehicles in the country, the CAOA Group had to import more cars, and they also need to build their assembly plant in Anapolis to stabilize their supply. Because of his effective management of the company, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was able to turn the struggling dealership into one of the largest distributors of Hyundai vehicles in Latin America.

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A Highlight of the Business Life of Real Estate Investor and DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani


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Many people are benefiting from the real estate business worldwide. One of the business people who is considered an icon in this field is Hussain Sajwani. The latter is the owner of the DAMAC Enterprises; the company is ranked as the leading real estate business in Africa, CIS and Dubai. The success of DAMAC Enterprises is attributed to the dedication, networking and commitment of the DAMAC Owner of the cooperation.

In a post from, it says that Hussain Sajwani has partnered with Donald Trump in many businesses. For example, they cooperated in the building of Trump’s International Golf Club, which stands out and is among the largest and most premium golf clubs in the world. There have been controversies about the relationship of Donald and Sajwani since Donald was announced as the president-elect. This is after Trump publicly announced that he wouldn’t be handling any private business in the office of the President.

Hussain Sajwani has responded to this saying that the business relationship between him and Trump goes beyond Trump to his daughter Ivanka. Ivanka is involved in most of Trump’s businesses. The real estate investor remembers of past projects that he has worked with Ivanka, he recalls of one that Ivanka was pregnant, and she was involved until her last days before delivery. Trump’s assumption to the office will, therefore, not be affecting their business relationship in any way.

Despite the assurance of Trump not involving himself with personal business, there were still complaints on Hussain being on the guest list of Trump’s New Year’s Eve Party. Trump recognized his presence together with his family in the list of 800 people. However, one of the officials confirmed there were no business discussions held during the party. The inner source also added that Trump was still allowed to keep friends.

Besides his success with his work as a real estate investor, Sajwani is also a humanitarian. He has helped over 50000 children stay warm through his contribution of AED two million. During this meeting, he urged other people to follow the same path and support the children because they hold the future of tomorrow. Sajwani has also done an excellent job in being a role model for many aspiring business people.

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Harry Harrison and Accomplishments


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Harry Harrison previously served as the main man at London, England’s Barclays Non-Core. He took on this calling between 2014 and 2017. He was part of Barclays’ trading and investment divisions for two decades plus. He was armed with a strong educational background as well. Harrison is an alumnus of two esteemed educational institutions in the United Kingdom. These are the respected University of Warwick and the prestigious University of Cambridge. He has a lot of expertise that pertains to economics and finances. Those are the two subjects that were on his radar during his university studies.

Although Harrison is a United Kingdom native, he relocated across the pond to New York, New York in the United States. Amy Nauiokas is Harrison’s loving wife. She’s just as as sought after a professional as he is as well. She established Anthemis Group. She serves as its President, too. Anthemis Group is an advisory and investment business that delves into digital finance matters of all kinds.

Harrison is like most human beings in that he would adore to have the chance to chat with himself from years ago. Time travel doesn’t yet exist, however. Harrison urges young people in this world to savor their lives. They shouldn’t concentrate exclusively on outcomes. They should savor their rides as much as they can.

Since Harrison comes from the United Kingdom in Europe, he has relatives who fly over to see him in America any time the chance pops up. His British relatives took the time to head to the Big Apple in August. He purchased the entire crew US Open tickets. He had a wonderful few hours at the sporting event with the individuals he cares about so much. He thinks that others should head to the US Open when they can as well.

Gulf Coast Western – Gas and Oil Exploration and Development


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Gulf Coast Western has a plethora of experience with creating gas and oil partnerships. Another word for this type of activity is “joint venture.” The company has expertise in developing oil and gas reserves. They conduct a lot of work in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The company owns thousands of acres. Gulf Western also utilizes several programs for drilling in their aggressive approach for expansion.

Gulf Coast Western continually looks for business opportunities to expand operations. As such, the company is very strict when it comes to determining what constitutes a good business investment. The company always keeps financial and geological success in mind when conducting business with partners. Gulf Western embraces the philosophy that trust and respect are attributes the company can only earn through performance.

For 40 years, Gulf Coast Western has been on track in meeting partner expectations. This includes securing the most promising gas and oil properties that will likely provide the most significant returns and the least risk. Gulf Coast Western is expert at horizontal drilling. The process can shift a well’s path from the vertical approach. The company can also take an approach of drilling wells upward toward the surface after a horizontal deviation. Gulf Coast Western is on a mission to deliver beyond expectations.

Golf Coast Western also believes in giving back to the community and caring for families and children. As such, the company supports organizations like the Family Place and Smile Train. They also contribute to Shriner’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

Gulf Coast Western offers qualified individuals or companies a chance to participate in their Joint Venture program. Gulf Coast Western acquires, develops, and explores gas and oil properties. The company has a track record of success generating profits for Partners who control 100% of their investment in Golf Coast Western.

Betsy DeVos Is Tons Deeper Than You Might Think – Here’s How


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Betsy DeVos is one of the United States government’s most popular figures. Born Elisabeth Dee Prince on January 8, 1958, current US President Donald Trump nominated her to the position of Secretary of the US Department of Education on November 23, 2016, just days after he beat out Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who was then acting as the Barack Obama administration’s Secretary of State.


On the last day of the first week of February 2018, roughly two weeks after President Trump was handed the reigns to the United States presidency by now-former US President Barack Obama, Betsy DeVos was officially paraded in as the leader of the ever-important United States Department of Education, a government agency that has traditionally dealt with education in the United States via public education policy changes.


Ms. DeVos, on the other hand, is more concerned with private schools, vouchers to allow select students to attend the greatest private primary and secondary schools in the United States, and related subjects of equal concern.


Betsy DeVos is given a difficult time for seemingly no good reason – but why?


Outside of United States President Donald J. Trump, no member of the United States government has received more flak since Trump took office than Ms. Betsy DeVos.


Her countless hard-headed critics seem to disagree with everything she says and does – but why?


DeVos was fortunate enough to have been raised in an upper-class home


Betsy DeVos is fully aware of the benefits of attending private school, as she attended various private schools in her hometown of Holland, Michigan, and the nearby bustling city of Grand Rapids. Her beloved longtime husband, Dick DeVos, was also fortunate enough to attend private school throughout the entirety of his primary and secondary school tenures.


No matter how someone slices it, Betsy DeVos has unarguably had a successful career in the world of business. Ms. DeVos has also accomplished great things in politics, particularly in her home state of Michigan.


In 1982, when Betsy DeVos was in her mid-20s, she decided to participate heavily in the Michigan Republican Party, which is the Wolverine State’s guiding political party when it comes to the values held, preserved, and promoted by Republicans and conservatives.


Although she never worked her way into office within the ranks of the Michigan Republican Party until 1986.


What happened in 1986? Betsy DeVos started honing her astute political mind


Betsy DeVos is more concerned with the quality of education across the United States than she is with politics. However, her 16 consecutive terms as a local delegate for the Michigan Republican Party greatly helped her become who she is today.


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Clayton Hutson – A business of music


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Clayton Hutson is a business owner, he provides services for musicians and event organizers. He is an audio engineer, and after honing his skills and working for different companies he decided to establish his own firm. He manages, produces, and designs concerts. Most of his work is done with rock artists such as Kid Rock, Gun’s and Roses, and Pink.

He attended college for theatre design, then worked for a few companies that provided live entertainment solutions. He worked as a sound engineer, and even as a project manager. He also did other jobs that gave him the experience he needed to become confident about becoming an entrepreneur. He decided to make his own company that offers live entertainment solutions. As a businessman, he has had to make many decisions. In an interview, he mentions that you should always put your family first. Which that makes a bold statement in his life ethics. He takes the time to outline his day to accomplish the things that he needs to do. He will double and triple check his work so that his work will always be sure that he is on point.

He likes to keep the artist in mind that he is working with. He said in an interview that not every artist will have a good attitude and might be rough around the edges. But all in all, it is the quality that they bring to the show that counts. Every artist has a different style and he tries to do his best to allow their personal artistry to come through.

As a business owner, he realized that it is the reputation that counts. So with every event, he puts his best work forward. He has even written a book for others to read that will help them with their business endeavors. All in all, Clayton Hutson is a businessman who is willing to share his advice and professionalism.