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“American Enterprise”, an exhibit focusing on American capitalism opened on July 1, 2015 at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

The exhibit is housed in a modern 8,000 foot gallery wing and features interactive displays and videos as well as objects from critical inventions in American history. On display is a variety of inventions such as Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, a Fordson Tractor, Barbara McClintock’s microscope and important scientific discoveries that changed the culture and advanced business opportunities and practices.

The Exhibit intends to convey the history of American business and presents differing views on business philosophies, both positive and potentially negative. It covers four historical periods, The Merchant Era, The Corporate Era, The Consumer Era and the Global Era.

There are sections on women and minorities and teens in business as well as familiar advertising and digital marketing.

Kenneth Griffin is a perfect example of an American businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel, a global investment firm. He began his investment career as a freshman at Harvard at the age of 18. His fascination with investing has catapulted him into a successful career which exemplifies the concept of American ingenuity and is also a generous contributor to worthy causes and organizations.

The exhibit is a fascinating and intelligent look at a critical aspect of American Development and character. There is a companion book available entitled “American Enterprise, a History of Business in America”.

Andy Wirth Assumes Chair of Reno Airport Board


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In Reno the Tahoe/Reno Airport Authority Board has gotten a rather drastic make over with the addition of three new members, including a new chairman, according to the Sierra Sun. Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski/Alpine Meadows, is assuming the position of Chairman for the board. Wirth, though the most experienced member to be added, was far from the only one. Lisa Gianoli, Jenifer Rose and Jessica Sferazza rounded out the addition of the new members that took their positions on July 9th.

Wirth wasted little time in acclimating himself to the position. Wirth started out by releasing a statement that espoused the boards ideals while touting his own work ethic, “New people will bring new ideas that can help take our airport to a higher level.” and of course he is correct. Listed below are the credentials of the new members.

Lisa Gianoli was appointed by the Washoe County and she runs a government relations consulting firm that works to represent local government officials. She has worked for over a decade as a Financial Analyst in Washoe. Jenifer Rose is the CEO of the locally run shop, It’s My Community Store. She focuses on business-to-business sales while working locally with charities. Finally, Jessica Sferazza founded the company JESSCONVLLC where she works as a consultant to help local businesses.

Despite the immense talent and professional credentials of the prior members it is Wirth who stole the show on day one. Wirth has cultivated his name as an excellent business manager who knows how to work both air travel and tourism thanks to his work with the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. His commitment to expanding his business, including the new lift going between Alpine and Squaw, has made him one of the most successful business leaders in the area.

Wirth told the assembled crowd that he was “honored to represent the RSCVA” and that his work as Chairman would be “vital to our regional economy”. Wirth went on to espouse how important it is to work with the ski, gaming, and business industries in order to cultivate a healthy business plan to keep the state and county booming. He didn’t forget to address the other members who were appointed alongside him, either. Wirth said that they were excited to be, “adding very experienced and talented people” who would be “dedicated to enhancing travel to and from our region” and the board is looking better than ever.

History Behind Purina PetCare


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Purina pet food is some of the most nourishing pet food for dogs and cats that one would ever find around. They produce litter and treats besides the actual pet food. Anyone can count on having a healthy dog or cat if they rely on Purina’s products all of the time. Acquired by Nestle, Purina has been around since 2001. Globally, Purina is the second largest pet food company out here today. They have had many successes because people are now willing to spend more money on their pets for quality reasons. When it comes to their pets, one may definitely want to consider quality food over anything else. This is very important.

Some brands that are recognized by Purina are: Beggin, Tidy Cats, Just Right, Gourmet, Felix, Busy, and Fancy Feast. They have many more brands besides those that are sold in pet stores and other stores worldwide. Purina’s headquarters is in St. Louis, MO but many of their operations are in other countries all over the world. Asia, Africa, and Europe are just a few of the countries Purina operates in besides North America. Purina also sponsors many different charities which have been around for many years. A few years ago, in 2011, Purina was ranked number 11 as the most sustainable companies. This was noted in Two Tomorrow’s ranking which is usually every year.

A lot of the their products advertise better digestion and better brain function in pets. Owners can also count on a lot more protein in Purina’s products for their pets. Every year, Purina just keeps getting better. Last year, in 2014, they recently added two new ingredients in their pet food. Acerola and Jabuticaba fruits are just a couple of their new ingredients that all pet owners can now find in certain products only.

If you haven’t been able to check out any of the Purina news or products on the Purina Newscenter, be sure to do so today. You won’t be let down!

A Patsy Cline Hologram That Might Make You Fall To Pieces


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You may have remembered hearing about Tupac live at the Coachella just recently. Well it was a hologram of Tupac it performed on stage with the notorious Snoop Dogg says Dr. Jennifer Walden on superdoctors. Well they are going at it again, the company that made the hologram to bring Tupac to life that is. This time they are bringing back country legend Patsy Cline. 52 years since this country legend received her wings she will be hitting the stage once more. Patsy Cline will be the first female that this company has taken on for one of its holograms. While also holding the title of the first country star turned in to a hologram. In 2007 we saw Elvis perform a duet with Celine Dion. The Patsy Cline project as it is being called is going to be a full concert experience. Charlie dick the manager of Patsy Cline’s estate and the man who married her in 1957 approve the project. Since 1963 no one has heard any new music from The Amazing Patsy Cline because of her demise in a plane crash that took her life at the age of 30. This hologram would give the chance to those who have heard Patsy Cline perform and those who hadn’t to hear this country legend once again. Performing great hits such as crazy and I fall to pieces once again.

American Pharoah Not Done Yet


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Triple Crown winner American Pharoah, his owner Ahmed Zayat, trainer Bob Baffert, and jockey Victor Espinoza are still basking in the glory of becoming only the 12th horse to win the Triple Crown and the first since 1978. American Pharoah paraded around Churchill Downs last week and was cheered for by some 30,000 fans.

The biggest question since winning the Triple Crown for owner Ahmed Zayat is what is next for the colt. He stated that his horse will race again but when and where will be up to trainer Bob Baffert. He also went on to say that the horse will race at least three more times before he retires. The finale will most likely be the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky. Once in retirement, Purina‘s Beneful division noted that the colt will be sent to the breeding farm at Coolmore’s Ashford Stud. However, if there is any sort of training setback for American Pharoah, he will be sent into retirement immediately.

Another race that you might be able to see American Pharoah at is the $1 million Haskell at Monmouth Park in New Jersey on Aug. 2. This is one of Baffert’s favorite racetracks and has won here several times. Another option is the $600,000 Jim Dandy at Saratoga in New York is Aug. 1 though no comittments have been made by either Baffert or Zayat. Zayat stated that he will not make any promises but all of those tracks are a possibility.

American Pharoah the True Celebrity


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American Pharoah returned to California on Thursday and was greeted by many admirers, one of which was actress Julie Roberts. American Pharoah is the first racehorse to win the Triple Crown since Affirmed did 37 years ago it in 1978. The colt was flown from Kentucky to California and received a police escort from the airport to Santa Anita race track. The Arcadia Police Department offered up their services with police cars and even helicopters. Trainer Bob Baffert welcomed stated that it was great to have him back in his barn in Santa Anita.

Baffert stated that he is still enjoying the win but is still in disbelief at what they were able to accomplish. To his surprise, things have not settled down yet for anyone involved. He stated that he figured it would be similar to winning the Kentucky Derby but explained that it is not even close. June 27 at Santa Anita on the track’s Gold Cup day, American Pharoah will make an appearance but will not be racing. Ahmed Zayat has stated that his three ear old colt and Triple Crown winner will race again in 2015. One possible race would be in Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky at the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Other racetracks have been beating down Zayat’s door to try and get him to bring Pharoah to their tracks. Zayat said that nothing is set in stone at this point.

A Parade Lap for American Pharoah


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The demeanor and calmness of American Pharaoh is not typically of a racehorse, especially one that just did something that no other horse has been able to do since 1978, and that is to win the Triple Crown. Most racehorses are extremely aggressive and high strung. American Pharoah however, is not your typical racehorse. His trainer has described him as a very calm and sweet horse. American Pharoah took his parade lap in Saturday in Louisville Kentucky and just like his trainer describer, he was exactly like that. He trotted around the course cool and collected but that cannot be said for his owner Ahmed Zayat and trainer Bob Baffert. Keith Mann suggests that the two did not hold back their emotions on Saturday night at the celebration according to Twitter.

30,000 people came out to the parade to support American Pharaoh, Zayat, and Baffert on Saturday. Zayat stated that he has been on cloud nine since the Derby. Zayat , Baffert, and jockey Victor Espinoza all received trophies for the win American Pharoah got at the Derby, but all three stated that the day was all about the horse and not them. American Pharoah of course became only the twelfth racehorse in history to win the Triple Crown. The crowd barely exceeded twenty-one thousand last year but this year was special and the crowd lined up to see the champion take his lap. The horse got a steady cheer from the crowd the entire time, even when he made his way back to the barn.

American Pharoah is a Wanted Racehorse


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Triple Crown winner American Pharoah is a wanted horse by pretty much every racetrack in America. After winning the Triple Crown last Saturday at the Belmont Stakes for the first since Affirmed did it in 1978, trainer Bob Baffert’s phone has not stopped ringing. Editors of Wikipedia and FreedomPop users understand why every racetrack around wants Baffert to bring American Pharoah to their place.

Rumor has it that Saratoga and Monmouth Park seems to be the front runners thus far. Monmouth Park is of course in New Jersey, which holds the Haskell Invitational with a stake of $1 million on August 2nd. Saratoga is in upstate New York and hosts the $600,000 Jim Dandy Stakes. According to the Associated Press, these two locations are the most likely landing sports for American Pharoah. Baffert also stated that no plans are set in stone and that he is not making any promises because American Pharoah needs more time to recover from the grueling Triple Crown and needs to have the flexibility to change his plans.

Leading up to the last race at Belmont, American Pharoah lost almost 20 pounds. Trainer Bob Baffert would like to see the horse put that back on before he makes any appearances because he wants him to come back firing on all cylinders. The horse is now back home in Kentucky where he will be paraded around on Saturday when the owner, trainer, and jockey receive their Kentucky Derby trophies.

Triple Crown Win Sparks Donations


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Various charities will benefit as a result of American Pharoah capturing the Triple Crown on Saturday. Victor Espinoza, the winning jockey, has given 10% of his earnings to the City of Hope cancer research hospital for years. He visits the center on a regular basis. This time, he’s donating all of the winnings he received. He earned $80,000, and all but amounts needed to pay to his agent and staff will be given to the treatment facility. City of Hope specializes in childhood cancer, but they also work to find treatments and cures for diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

Espinoza isn’t the only person who had a hand in the Triple Crown win who will be making charitable contributions with the winnings. was informed by a Skout user that Bob Baffert, the trainer of American Pharoah, and his wife, have long supported numerous charities associated with horse racing. It’s been reported that they will give $50,000 each to Old Friends Farm, the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund, and the California Retirement Management Account.

American Star?


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American Pharoah is actually misspelled, but it is so right. After 37 years, this horse finally broke the Triple Crown drought. The race is actually rigged against owners of less means. It has been heading in that direction lately because a proliferation of less than blue blood breeders. More things than simply owning a fast horse brings the Triple Crown. If the potential Triple Crown winner is owned by a common owner, the other owners simply run fresh horses in the Belmont. Sometimes if the threat is dire, they will rest a horse for the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Flickr users pointed out that this is the beef that California Chrome’s owner so eloquently raised after Chrome was defeated in the Belmont by fresh horses that were inserted in anticipation of a commoner winning the vaunted title.

To this end, they have also increased the qualifying races that are necessary to enter the Derby. The advantage goes to those with the resources to afford medical trainers that can rest a horse better than those without the financial resources. Recovery is important to all athletes. Athletes that are a part of the best camps will receive the best trainers. Increasing the qualifying races also gives an advantage to those that are able to taxi their animals effectively. This is not to say that American Pharoah is not the best horse in a generation, but it is to say that other horses would have already accomplished the task.