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Just who is the real James Dondero? Well, to personally know that answer for yourself, you would have to run with a pretty heady crowd of board members and directors spanning dozens of establishments. However, to get an idea of what he does and what his interest are about, all it takes is a look into his work background and experience.


It all starts with graduating from the University of Virginia’s Mcintire School of Commerce with degrees in accounting and finance. It really helps that these degrees come with the honors of Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Those good deeds coincide with his being accepted into the Morgan Guaranty training program. Together, they make an excellent start to a career that owes its beginnings to a young Corporate Bond Analysis. Anyone who has any experience with pleasing corporations can testify that it is loads of fun, flexible hours and never stressful.


But, it is trials by fire such as these that prepare professional champions for their next evolution, which is to shake off the chains of by-the-hour pay and a reach the top tier within the commerce hierarchy. And, when they reach this point they do what pioneers do and establish their own organization to sit on boards. Of course, this is usually after years of paying dues and dedication affords the real opportunity to leave a name for yourself in the history books.


For the record, James Dondero is a seasoned professional with decades of professional service for other under his belt. These days, he is best known for being the founder of Highland Capital Management. His organization provides services to other investors. For these people, the phrase knowledge is power stands as a serious understatement. What it comes down to is knowing what products and innovations are worth investing in at the time and knowing how much to invest before expecting to see returns. James and his people make sure things of that nature go off without a hitch.

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