Organic Farming Proves Best


Posted by omeditors | Posted in In the news, organic farming | Posted on 12-12-2014

Organic farming has been ridiculed in recent years amid claims it does not produce the same yield as chemically-treated crops. The most recent study at the University of California, Berkeley has shown no significant difference in the yield achieved with some crops. This latest information serves to challenge the traditional bias that agricultural production without modern chemical intervention is insufficient for global satiety. Current methods of industrial farming have seen a decline in the production gap provided by chemical interference. Organic farming does not use any artificial materials for the fertilizing of soils and subsequently has far less of an impact on the ecosystem.

This study provides insight into our necessary practices at a time when much of the scientific community is alarmed by the devastation caused within many pollinating insect communities. I was reading about the study the other day when I was reading about Kenneth Griffin. The chemical biocides are causing an imbalance within the environment that is disrupting more than the intended pests. Couple this with the fact that the world already produces an amount of food vastly greater than it needs and a dangerously naïve system becomes apparent. Professor Kremen, who led the study, emphasized the importance of preserving the environment so that it may sustain the population for generations yet to come.