Sergio Cortes Worked Hard To Honor Michael Jackson


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It seems that everyone holds a great deal of love and respect for Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes no less so than anyone else. If anything, this man has a greater love for the singer than anyone else. He has been able to put his love toward the singer into the career that he wanted to have, and now he has become a great Michael Jackson impersonator. He has the look of Michael Jackson, as well as all of the crazy moves of the man, and people have begun to call Sergio Cortes the best Michael Jackson impersonator. They can’t believe all of the work that he has put into impersonating the man, and they think that he deserves some recognition for doing all of that.
Sergio Cortes had a love for the singer since he was just a young boy, and he has allowed that love to drive him to be a great impersonator of the man. He didn’t care how much work or time it took for him to get things down right, he was determined to make it happen no matter what. He wanted to have just the right look, and he wanted to be able to move around just like the man did, so he practiced hard and did all that he could to make that come to be. And now he is the Michael Jackson impersonator that everyone is talking about.
It’s not easy for one to become an impersonator of anyone, but it is especially hard for someone to become an impersonator of someone like Michael Jackson. The singer was an extremely talented and creative man. He is someone who everyone strives to be like, and who very few people have ever been able to match in his talents. So, when Sergio Cortes set out to impersonate the man he knew that it wouldn’t be easy. He knew that he was going to have to put a ton of hard work into making things come to be, but he was okay with that. He was alright with it as long as it meant that he would be able to honor the life that Michael Jackson had led.

Bruce Levenson: A Philanthropist and a Businessman


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Bruce Levenson has been a journalist, a successful builder and an entrepreneur for various businesses. His world endeavors span a wide range of interests such as business intelligence, professional sports and cooking technology. Perhaps he is best acknowledged in the business globe as the United Communications Group co-founder. The company offers guidance, data & solutions and analysis to clients in government contracting, energy, information & software, healthcare, telecom, technology, banking and defense industries globally.

Bruce is the TechTarget director, a publicly-traded firm that caters for the internet intersections for dedicated technology buyers, technology providers worldwide and targeted technical content. Likewise, he is theGasBuddy partner a mobile app that has been downloaded by more than 45 million motorists – and uses it to trace low-priced gasoline. More so, Bruce co-founded DOT a novel cooking mechanism that among other services toasts sliced bread in just three seconds. He is the Atlanta Hawks LLC owner the firm owning the Atlanta Hawks – NBA franchise. More vital, Bruce has been in a philanthropic field for more than forty years.

After the beginning of the 1980s, Bruce and his wife Karen have financially contributed to various education initiatives focusing disadvantaged youth. PeacePlayers is one of them. With that in mind after four years, the couple established and funded the Center for Philanthropy & Non-Profit Management within the Maryland University. The Center has two objectives: Educating and empowering the coming generation for non-profit leaders, offering them with knowledge and needed tools to thrive as heads of non-profit organizations.

That ensures all graduates from Maryland University come out as a motivated and informed philanthropist. The Center offers the student campus with broad and philanthropy-focused experiences that varying from informed-offering to the greatly acclaimed “Do Good Challenge” that attracts thousands of learners’ participants each year. Bruce is best recognized as the co-founder of UCG (United Communications Group) when it comes to business. He started the firm in 1977 within a storage room atop his dad’s Washington, DC liquor storage place.

Bruce managed to live a dream at childhood in 2004 when he became the owner of two key professional sports franchises. That is, he bought the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers, and the working rights towards Philips Arena owned by Time Warner. During 2010, Bruce together with his partners traded the Atlanta Thrashers whereby the team was relocated to Winnipeg, Canada. In the Governors NBA Board, he is a member and heads the Managers Board that functions the Hawks. Through his guidance, the Hawks is the sole team within the NBA Eastern Conference to get to the NBA playoffs for the last seven uninterrupted seasons. The entire 2014 to 2015 season, the team achieved one of the recognized records within NBA. During 2012, Bruce hired Danny Ferry as the head of the Hawks basketball functions although, in the year 2014, he announced his interest in selling the team. Currently, UCG has more than 46 million clients globally with offices in Europe, North America and Asia employing more than 1000 people. Bruce remains dynamic in the firm focusing & business developing, strategic planning and acquisitions.

Clean It All Up with Handy Services


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Are you tired of having to spend all of your free time cleaning up the house? There is just so much for you to do throughout the day and into the weekend that you might just not have the kind of time available to do all of this. And even if you do, do you really want to spend all of this time cleaning and doing chores anyways? After all, you have other things that you will want to do, so why not bring in a service that can take care of all of your house chores for you. This way, you can kick back, relax, maybe have a drink and enjoy life just a little bit more. But how in the world are you able to do this, especially if having someone else clean your home is a spur of the moment kind of thing? With the help of Handy, the mobile phone cleaning booking service that has revolutionize the way people have their homes cleaned.

Chances are, if you have a mobile smart phone, you have heard of the Uber ride share service. This is where people pull out their smart phones, ask for a ride at a certain time and at a specific place, and the service is able to direct a driver to their particular location at the time in question. Handy works in exactly the same way, only with cleaning services. Let’s say you are at home and your wife walks in and she says her parents are coming at the end of the day. What are you going to do? You need to have the house cleaned but you also want to watch the football game. Ugh, life decisions! Well, you no longer need to make that difficult of a decision. You just need to pull out your smart phone and launch Handy, select when you want someone to come to your home to clean and it is all booked, ready to go. This even works with last minute cleanings. Best of all, you don’t need to have cash on hand. You connect a credit card to the account and the individual is instantly paid through this service.

But how do you know if people are safe that are going to be entering into your home. After all, riding with someone in a public location is one thing, but allowing a stranger into you home, that is something completely different. That is why you need to look towards Handy as it screens all of its individuals significantly in many different ways. The service not only performs a criminal background check but it also checks previous jobs, looks for references and does everything someone might want. So, you do not need to worry about who is coming into your home. All you need to know is that your home is going to be perfectly cleaned and you’ll have a great looking house or apartment, no matter what someone is looking for or what kind of services you need cleaned.

Lime Crime Is Affordable And Long Lasting


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Fall is here and in my opinion there is no better time for makeup! I love the deep orange, burgundy, and brown tones that go along with it. Those shades look perfect on almost anyone’s lips. Those colors also make for great eye shadows. It’s totally up to the individual on how they want to incorporate fall into their look. Lime Crime is where I head for my fall look. They have just the colors that I need to pull off an expert look.

I’ve been using Lime Crime makeup for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier. They literally have a piece of makeup for whatever the season, whatever my mood, and whatever the occasion. I can make big bold statements with Lime Crime or I can go for a softer look. It’s completely up to me. Lime Crime is known for having magical makeup that is made for the user to stand apart from the crowd. The creator is a fearless and unique individual by the name of Doe Deere. She saw that were was a need for products that apply flawlessly to the face but are also unlike any other products before them. That’s how she came up with her makeup line.

Lime Crime’s page on tumblr has lip sticks, eye shadows, different colored pallets, eye shadows, and a large variety of different colors! There is literally a shade for everyone. Lime Crime makeup isn’t the cheap mass-produced stuff that so many of us use. It’s makeup that was created with pride behind it.

One of the best parts about Lime Crime is the fact that they have a look book on the website. If someone needs some unique inspiration they can turn to this! It showcases glamorous men and women who pulled off magical looks with Deere’s makeup line. Behind the scenes, Lime Crime is just as magical. The team that pulls off this expert line of products truly works together to develop what people want. They also have fun while doing it which is how this makeup turns out so great.

Overall, Lime Crime makeup exists to make people feel beautiful. It’s a way that people can express themselves. Getting creative with makeup is one of lifes greatest pleasures. It’s almost like an art form. That’s what Lime Crime tries to encourage. Lime Crime is more than just makeup. It’s also a team of experts who are willing to show people just how to apply the makeup to get the look they desire. The creator, Doe Deere, puts a lot of pride in her line. Therefore, she wants everyone to get the most they can out of it. Lime Crime is high quality makeup that won’t break the bank. The products are all affordable and long lasting.