Igor Cornelsen is Retired, but Still Gives Important Investing Advice


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Born and raised in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen is the head of Bainbridge Investments, a firm based in the Bahamas. He started out in the banking industry managing some of Brazil’s best and largest banks, then left that job to focus on investing. He works hard to give investors advice to help them save and not lose money. With his vision, Bainbridge has helped transform lives, including the Burger King company. He retired in 2010 and lives in Boca Raton Florida, where he loves playing golf. He still spends three months a year in Brazil.

To get the more coverage and leverage, his advice gets published online. With the World Cup recently held in Brazil and the 2016 Summer Olympics coming up, the mainstream media is paying more attention to Brazil than ever. And the threat of the Zika virus is increasing that coverage. This includes reporting on Brazil’s economy, Cornelsen’s specialty.

In one facebook article published the end of 2014 he reports on how the former president’s “new economic matrix” did not help the economy as intended. Yet Dilma Roussef, the new president, didn’t plan to change the old populist policies. Cornelsen favors a return to an economy ruled by the market.

The new economic matrix was responsible for reducing the value of Brazil’s stock market and limiting growth in GDP to under 2%. Because Brazil is the 8th largest economy in the world and has a lot of natural resource wealth and a large agricultural industry, it could do a lot better economically, with the right economic policies.

He identifies Joaquin Levy, Finance Minister, as Brazil’s best economic hope. Levy has a Ph.D from Chicago University and previous experience working for Brazil’s government.

Igor Cornelsen also notes the negative effect of a series of financial scandals at Petrobras, the Brazilian energy company. They will force the company to adjust their balance sheet, and the share price will fall.

Despite its problems, Brazil has over 200 million people, is a top agricultural producer and is the largest country in South America. Cornelsen advises business investors in the country to form relationships with Brazilians, to be prepared to deal with the bureaucracy and to learn how to deal with the legal restrictions on foreign currency transactions.

In other areas he has explained to potential business investors there are ten major privately-owned banks in Brazil. They grow every year and contribute to the economy.

He advises paying close attention to China. They are Brazil’s largest trading partner, so they are fueling growth. However, they are also Brazil’s largest export competitor.

Brazil’s currency is the “real.” For years, Brazil overvalued the real, which was bad for their export market.

Cornelsen believes in investing for the long-term. In the short run, you cannot predict stock market movements. At any time, stocks may go down. At any time, they may go up. Over time, especially given economic policies that encourage economic and business growth, stocks go up.

Dick DeVos Leads the Pack on Second Day of Gold Cup Sailboat Races


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At the end of Day Two of the 2016 Gold Cup Melges 32 sailboat races in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Dick DeVos led the field by one point and his son Rick DeVos wound up in fifth place on Delta. The Melges 32 is a type of small sailboat commonly used for racing. The Gold Cup is hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club. (LYC). Dick DeVos sailed Volpe. Alessandro Rombelli, the current World Champion, sailed STIG to trail DeVos by just one point. Thanks to the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation (LYCSF), the day was junior day at the Gold Cup. Therefore, every sailboat competing in the Gold Cup carried a junior sailor as part of the crew. That gave young aspiring sailors a chance to learn about grand prix competition by participating in it. In the Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta Michael Moss and Denver Rozzo won trophies for best youth effort. The second race of the day, Race Four, was one of the most difficult the Gold Cup has seen for a long time. That was caused by many patches devoid of breeze throughout the course, both upwind and downwind. The wind was also inconsistent and difficult for Race Five, the last one of the day, but DeVos pulled out the win. The Gold Cup continued the next day.

As the son of one of the co-founders of Amway, Dick DeVos was born to entrepreneurship. He remembers helping to send out shipments as a boy, when Amway’s warehouse and distribution center was in the family’s basement. He joined the payroll before he turned 20. He worked for the network marketing company in many various capacities, including expanding its overseas operations to half the company’s profits (Source: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/09/amway_heir_dick_and_betsy_devo.html). In 1993 he succeeded his father as President, and remained there until he left in 2002 to head his own company, The Windquest Group, a private investment firm.

DeVos is also the author of several books, including Rediscovering American Values. In 1990 he and his wife Betsy set up the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation to donate to charitable causes in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. Some of the groups which have received money from the DeVos Foundation include: Mars Hill Bible Church, Calvin College, the American Education Reform Council and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. 

Learn more about Dick DeVos on newnetherlandinstitute.org.

Besides sailing, aviation is another interest and activity of DeVos. He founded a charter high school devoted to flying.

He also has taken interest in politics and famously donates to many Republican candidates and causes which he speaks about freely in this MLive article.

New Pet Food Trends Sees Demand For Gourmet Meals Skyrocket


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For those whom have been paying any attention to the recent trends in the pet food industry they will have realized that for some time now gourmet or, “premium,” dog and cat food brands seems bigger and more prominent than ever before. One of the biggest new up and comers in this fairly new, emerging market, is Freshpet Inc, a dog food company focused on making food for pet’s that is comparable to restaurant quality food. That might sound a little outlandish or even a little like a joke but Freshpet Inc.s’ executives are deadly serious – so much so that they themselves are the ones whom are responsible for personally taste testing each and every batch of product to ensure optimal quality. If you as the owner can eat your pets dog food and actually find that it tastes good you can bet your top dollar that your favorite furry friend is going to absolutely love it.

Another company which has been making waves for some time is the massive pet food manufacturer, Beneful, a sub brand of Purinastore who are focusing on products which are specifically designed to aid aging pets. One of these brands include Beneful Bright Minds, a dog food line which is created with a specific set of triglycerides taken from coconut oil that is easier for older canines to absorb and convert into energy.

The question is whether or not this is just a trivial trend, a passing fad if you will, or something truly transformative to the pet food industry itself. The answer is unequivocally the latter, not by personal opinion but by evidence. Indeed, the sale of so called “premium” dog food within the United States alone has climbed exponentially since 2009, seeing a ridiculous forty five percent increase in sales since that time. Currently the premium pet food market accounts for roughly half of all pet food marketed and sold which is no small thing considering it’s a multi billion dollar industry.


More Reasons to Drink Water


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The subject of hydration has been in the health news often lately and with good reason. Dehydration is not good for the body in any way. Many people, especially the elderly, do not drink enough water. Much of our body consists of water, while a lesser amount is attributed to solid tissue, so it is necessary to stay hydrated.

According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, dehydration can lead to muscle cramps. Water is needed to balance the salts in the body and too little water can cause these painful spasms. Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are thrown off balance without enough water at the cellular level.

Water is also essential for healthy skin and mouth. Too little water can decrease salivation leading to bacterial growth in the mouth. Dry skin can be a direct result of not enough water intake. Moisturizers on the skin help, but ingesting water is also needed to keep skin supple and soft. Skin is our first defense to many germs and keeping it strong and free from openings that allow microbes into the body is important.

Water is essential for concentration and preventing mental fog. Dehydration can also lead to food and sugar cravings when the body is actually needing water.

Read more about water and health here.
Everyone should have a glass or bottle of water handle to sip throughout the day even if they don’t actually feel thirsty.

Brad Reifler Wants To Change Wall Street Forever With The Income Trust


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Forefront Capital is a noted hedge fund on Wall Street that is run by Brad Reifler. Brad has been a solid financier on Wall Street since he began his company, but he is bucking the trend of working only with certified investors on Wall Street. Brad wants to expand his business to reach people who have never invested with a hedge fund, and he has created something called the income trust to serve this purpose. This article about Brad Reifler explains how the income trust at Forefront Capital differs from what other hedge funds are offering.

#1: What Is A Certified Investor?

A certified investor is anyone who has a net worth over a million dollars or makes $250,000 in income. These investors are considered low risk by hedge funds, and every hedge fund prefers to focus on their certified clients first. Brad wants to change the way customer service is offered by opening up the income trust to anyone who wants it.

#2: How Small Are The Investment Options?

Brad’s income trust will allow investors to put in a small amount of money that is affordable for every client. The fund will have many more clients, but it will feature better options for these clients. Someone who traditionally spends a small amount of money in investment is usually stuck with an IRA, but the income trust at Forefront Capital is a real hedge fund that trades aggressively to earn income for everyone.  Brad Reifler’s whole idea is opening to the middle class.

#3: Who Can Trade With The Income Trust?

Retirees may move their money to the income trust to increase their dividends, or young investors may put their money in the income trust to get their careers started. Many young people simply do not have the money to go to a proper hedge fund, but the income trust at Forefront Capital changes all that. Anyone may join the fund at any time, and the staff at Forefront Capital has been trained to offer customer service that helps everyone who has a question.

The income trust from Forefront Capital is a brand new hedge fund that welcomes all comers. Anyone who has a small amount of money to invest may join the income trust today, and Brad Reifler will personally invest that money properly. The hedge fund income that many wealthy people around America enjoy is now available to people who invest in small increments in the income trust at Forefront Capital.  Check out Brad Reifler on twitter to see what he’s up to these days.

Town Residential and New York’s market predictions for 2016


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New York City apartments for sale and real estate sector has this year focused on growing dynamically. Following a release on daily news, there has been posted predictions of the market for 2016.

First and foremost, the interest rates will highly hike cooling the demands by the buyers and this will hence reduce the cost on staffs. With this at hand, buyers will be in a complicated situation as deals will become hard to handle and also close. This will hence prolong the period through which buyers make their decisions and in return prolong the period between getting the contracts and signing them. The buyers will probably take longer reviewing the contracts.

Still on this year’s market prediction, there will exist a very big gap between the realistic and non-realistic sellers. This is in the sense that, those sellers who fail to notice change in the market will still stick to their 2015 prices but others will alter their prices in accordance to the changing market.

Still in the predictions, the new enticements on rental buildings will pose a great temptation to the proposed buyers in Brooklyn. They will therefore fall into a dilemma to either buy or rent the houses. In Manhattan too, luxury condos are coming up and are expected to continue growing and developing.

Town Residential is a luxury real estate services firm existing in New York. The firm mainly focuses on residential luxury sales and so far they have been well established in their field of operation.

The main reason behind the success of Town Residential is all credited to the brilliant team of representatives at the firm. These have really shown a good record of great knowledge and experience in whatever they do. Clients have even shown full satisfaction in the services offered and even in the environments created for the same. This has been made possible by well designing of the offices and placing them in areas well and easily accessed by each and every client.

How Kyle Bass Thinks 2016 Will Turn Out To Be Financially


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The current environment of the financial markets is disturbing according to Hayman Capital Management Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Bass. In a recent interview with Wall Street Week, Bass said emerging markets are most likely in their mid-fifth inning currently and that they still have many more painful innings to go through. He also pointed out that Brazil might not see recovery anytime soon until it roots out all its corruption. Although the country has a campaign to wash out corruption, it needs to step up its game and have a campaign that will not leave any stone unturned regardless of whether it belongs to the high and mighty in power.

About Russia, he said that it has to first of deal with Putin’s chess moves and international sanctions. He however said that India is the only country that is in a semi-bright spot when compared to the many other economic giants of the world. He said that China is going through a very hard economic time that is very similar to the great financial crisis of the United States. As a result, the country might be forced to reduce the value of its currency drastically.

For many years according to Bass, China has been pegging its currency to the dollar and that has played a very big role in it being able to appreciate 50% more than the rest of the world’s currencies since 2005. Asked whether Hayman Capital is short Chinese equities, he said that it is not though they are very interested in the currency because they foresee it devaluing even more in the next 12-18 months.

Kyle has been giving his analysis on the financial markets for a long time. He came into the public domain when his Hayman Capital Management hedge fund managed to make a killing out of the 2008 subprime crisis in the United States. However, different with when he was starting out, his analysis these days are actually misleading most of the time and untrue.

These days, Kyle Bass is overdoing it if UsefulStooges is to be believed. He has become a regular face in all television stations therefore, not being taken seriously by people. He has also been involved with people who are rather controversial and not very good for his once neutral and professional image. He is a bosom friend to Cristina Kircher, a lady who has made economic mistakes that have made her fellow Argentinians suffer.

Bass has also become a quick money-loving man. With his partner in crime, he has been involved in a scam to rip off major pharmaceutical companies by short changing their stocks and challenging their patents. The result is the companies raising the cost of the drugs and being unable to fund research for better drugs in future. When they are taking all that trouble, Bass is smiling all the way to the bank.