The Currency Crusher: George Soros


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George Soros says in his book, The Age of Fallibility, The Consequences of the War on Terror, that ” The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” This is why he dabbles obsessively in radial left wing activism by funding these groups and political figures to take down America.

Recently he has been investing in Gold Stocks again, as he must be feeling pretty sure that the latest plans to disrupt the United States are coming to fruition. George Soros will proudly admit that he enjoys destabilizing governments and societies whose principles he does not subscribe to. He firmly believes that the United States forms global policies and that since that is the case, other countries should have a seat in the House of Representatives. Since that is not possible and it interferes with his personal political perspectives, he will use his fortunes to destroy the United States.

Being a Fabian Socialist means that he must conceal his true allegiance to the Socialist ideology in actual life dealings. He is totally consumed with his globalistic new world order activism. George Soros is a firm supporter of the infamous Democrat Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Therefore his financial support of 6 million dollars in the Hillary Clinton Superpac was only a part of the 7 billion dollars he has personally invested in all the extreme left wing organizations that he founded to destabilize the United States.

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He is openly vocal about his plan to remake the United States of America. He wants an open society that has regulated markets that are not driven by Capitalism. The Democrat party of the United States gets millions of dollars of support from George Soros where we can see his principles in action. President Obama benefited from George Soros’ super pac funds to win the White House and has embarked on a mission that was certainly dear to the hear of Soros, to ‘Fundamentally Transform the United States of America. Learn more about George at Biography.

Soros made his fortune by short selling the Bank of England which caused the collapse of the Bank of England and immediately caused the devaluation of all the homes of hard working British Commoners. Some of his favorite activist organizations are, Open Society Institute, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter. These political forces within our midst will continue to attempt to negate the Bill of Rights and the Constitution by attempting to disregard the separation of powers with Obama and his abuse of power through Executive Action, Harry Reid and the Democrats attempting to take away guns at every opportunity by infringing on Americans Second Amendment Rights and stirring up Race Wars with Black Lives Matter.

Being Bearish on Gold Stocks after a long break from trading in that stock means that things must be ripe for his latest orchestrated financial melt down.

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Marc Sparks’s Start-up Philanthropy


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Marc Sparks loves ideas. As a serial entrepreneur and the owner of Timber Creek Capital, his purpose has been to take ideas—inventive, creative, good ideas—and transfer them from theory to profitable reality in the private sector for over forty years.

His career is defined by a belief in the power of original thinking and savvy, relentless execution. However, there is no reason why such entrepreneurial spirit and innovative chutzpah should be confined to for-profit enterprises.

Rather, Marc Sparks believes that the same type of thinking that makes commercially successful businesses can also produce valuable non-profit efforts that powerfully influence society.

This belief, combined with the humanitarianism of Sparks and his friend and co-founder Lynne Sipiora, is the inspiration for Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a challenge for “social entrepreneurs”—non-profit leaders with original ideas to impact lives for the better through their organizations.

The challenge is similar to the TV show Shark Tank, on which entrepreneurs try to persuade a panel of venture capitalists that their ideas are worth investing in; the difference is that while the sharks want ideas that will profit them, Sparks wants ideas that will profit his community. Therefore, contestants that want to enter the Spark Tank are expected to answer to the following question: “What could you do with $5000 that would impact lives?” Each contestant submits a written application, and the best three responses are selected as finalists.

Then, each finalist must give a 20-minute presentation in person to the Spark Tank panel defending the purpose, importance, and viability of their project. After all three have presented, the panel judges each program and selects a winner. The winning program then receives three things: a trophy, a $5000 check, and a responsibility to make good on the proposal they presented. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Having convinced Marc Sparks, Sipiora, and the other panelists of what they could do with the money in theory, they are given the money and expected to do it in reality.

Spark Tank is not Sparks’s first foray into philanthropy. He has been heavily involved with The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter and rehabilitation program in McKinney, Texas, since the eighties; it was through this program that he met Sipiora.

Moreover, his Sparky’s Kids foundation has provided modern computer equipment and training to over 1000 at-risk kids in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since the early 2000s.

However, Spark Tank is unique among these enterprises. By providing an avenue to realize the ideas of other brilliant minds, it brings the power of the entrepreneurial “spark” to bear on the problems of the city and the world, giving it potential that is as broad as it is profound.

NutriMost Reigns Over Competition


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Healthy Living is a company that I had never heard of before. I could recognize the video on their website instantly though. I thought it looked like the promotional video for NutriMost, and I was right. I discovered that Healthy Living was trying to lure NutriMost customers by presenting the same video to promote a diet plan. Imitation – so I hear – is the strongest form of flattery, but I thought that this was just ridiculous.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

So far I have been seeing other diet companies come of hiding in attempts to try to duplicate the success that NutriMost has had. I think that this company is among the best when it comes to a weight loss plans that gets good results. Otherwise, there would not be a money back guarantee set in place. I like what this company represents. It is the type of diet plan that is designed to help participants lose weight and keep the weight off. That is better than the other quick diet plans that are unrealistic for long term success.

I have seen people on the NutriMost plan, and that has inspired me to sign up and give it a try myself. It was hard to cut down the calories in the beginning because I was eating way more daily calories than I needed to. I have found that the best possible way to keep the weight off is by staying away from the television. This is when I found myself eating the most.

I have seen articles about people that use the NutriMost plan to lose weight and the thing that I like the most is that there is substantial weight loss. The average NutriMost participant loses about 20 pounds. Some have even lost as much as 80 pounds by using this plan.

Sanjay Shah’s Passion For Music


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Sanjay Shah is the proud owner and innovator of the Solo Capital investment firm. This investment firm offers alternative investment options to individuals who are a part of both the private as well as the public sector. Sanjay Shah is a dedicated individual who has always had a passion for the financial industry. Though he was sorely affected after the 2008 financial crisis that struck London in a devastating manner, Sanjay Shah was eventually able to pull himself back at the top and create Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah has become an individual who never takes anything for granted and believes that hard work is the key to success. With that in mind, Sanjay Shah and his company offer unique investment opportunities that are catered to each individual client. At Solo Capital, each client is treated like a long-term client or partner of the company because this company values each and every opinion.

As Sanjay Shah’s success progresses, so does his involvement with philanthropy. Mr. Shah is particularly interested in helping further the research of autism. Sanjay Shah has had an interest in helping the research of autism due to the fact that he has a young son who has been diagnosed with autism. With this motivation, Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks which is a foundation that creates events that use all of the proceeds that have been made in order to further research. Though Sanjay Rocks has no intention of ever finding a cure for autism, he wants to understand how the brain processes information. This will help him and other parents have a stronger relationship.

The idea of centering this organization around musical events comes from the fact that Sanjay Shah and his family all have a passion for music. Sanjay Shah, with his organization has been able to welcome top singers from around the world to play at his London-based events. Sanjay Shah sends all of the donations that have been collected to a research facility that is now specifically funded to continue the research of autism. Mr. Shah hopes that the findings will help him as well as other parents.


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