The Future of Fashion: Chris Burch


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Technology and fashion are two industries that are constantly changing and growing. Sometimes the two overlap. A current trend is to fit the retro clothes or current clothes with the present tech. Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch fashion designer known for her cutting edge styles and she has made such innovative dresses as the drinking making dress and the self painting dress.

Technology and fashion can fuse together in numerous ways to help us. One way is to protect us. Protective gear is often ignored. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin recently created an airbag for cyclists, where a bag pops out to protect the neck. Frontline Gloves are a fashion tech created by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon to help firefighters know information during an emergency through just a simple hand movement.

Some designers are using technology to create fashion. For example, recycling is being used by SegraSegra to take old bike inner tubes and create jackets and t-shirts. Soledad Martin is creating shoes that charge a phone as you walk/run. Fashion and technology come together to help create a totally new product. They grow from one another. Fashion and technology can have a complimentary relationship in some cases.

Chris Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, runs a firm that manages venture investments and brand developments. He officially reached billionaire status in 2012. Burch has always had a love for fashion, even in college. He and his brother started a small company in college, which grew to a 140 million dollar company. He eventually sold it and started Burch Creative Capital to foster new brands and manage his own investments. Since he started Burch Capital, he has also launched other brands and fashion lines as well. He also invests in real estate and other ventures as needed. Burch has deep roots and interests in the fashion community.

Keith Mann Leads By Example


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One of the things about children that all adults should remember is that children notice what adults do. They tend to follow the example of the adults in their life. Parents, teachers, coaches, and other adults that spend a lot of time with children have more of an impact on the lives of children than they may think. Taking the time to provide a word of encouragement. Helping children to accomplish a goal. All the efforts will make a difference in the lives of children.


One of the things that children tend to do is to dream about things that are important to the adults in their lives. This is why starting early in life, children should be encouraged regarding school and learning. As they get older, children should be encouraged to do well in school and work hard.


One of the people in the New York area who leads by example regarding children is Keith Mann. A local businessman in New York, Keith Mann is constantly trying to help children and encourage children. Keith Mann leads by example. He makes an effort to show children that he cares about them. A short time ago, Keith Mann established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The purpose of the scholarship is to help students pay for college, but Keith Mann wants students to know that he cares. The scholarship that is given to one graduating senior each year is a way of Keith Mann showing that he cares.


Keith Mann wants students to shoot for the stars. He wants students to dream big dreams and give their best effort. By taking the time to establish a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn, Keith Mann is making an impact in the lives of many students. The students who receive a scholarship are impacted , but also the students who know that he provides the scholarships are also impacted.


Keith Mann is the chief executive officer of Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search firm. Keith Mann handles the daily business operations concerning the firm, and he provides the primary leadership. Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry.

Equities First Provides Alternative for Raising Capital


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The often biggest hurdle facing new start-ups and business ventures is a lack of actionable assets during the most critical moment of entering the market. The difficulty in securing the necessary capital and funds through strictly traditional methods is rivaled by the risk posed by downturns in business and failure to pay back borrowed assets. Though with very few other options available it would appear new entrepreneurs and those in need of capital have no other means of financing their endeavors.Entering the market and challenging the traditional finance institutions in place Equities First LLC is offering individuals a viable alternative when seeking capital.

Equities First LLC is able to provide financing with no terms for usage while only using publicly traded stocks as collateral. Adding to the advantage of only needing publicly exchanged stocks as collateral Equities First LLC also offers borrowers the benefit of avoiding financial setbacks in light of possible dips in the market.

Benefiting From Stock Based Lending

While the lending market took a large hit during subprime mortgage crisis and downsized the amount of approved loans, firms like Equities First were able to step in and fill the void left by the banks scaling back.This valuable method of securing financing during a historically dificult time to attain capital is extended to a variety of individuals. Loans can be sought for as low as several thousands of dollars to upwards of $8 million allowing Equities First to assist a wider range of clients.

Finding the Best Option for Securing Capital

If you’re exploring available options for securing necessary financing and are interesed in learning more about alternative lending opportunties you can speak to a knowledgable member of the Equities First LLC. The firm is able to assist potential clients from any of their offices located across the globe with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singappore, Thailand, Australia, and Switzerland.

WEN By Chaz Offers Super Styling Choices For Blow-Dry Protection


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Today’s modern woman seems to walk around with a hair dryer attached to her hand. In other words, that’s one hair appliance that most of us use daily or at least once a week. Your blow-dryer can accomplish many feats, but it can also add heat damage to your tresses when over-used.

Hair care experts advise switching to blow-dryers that offer ion technology. This type of appliance breaks down the water molecule, and that means a faster drying time and less heat damage.

In addition, you should study your choice of shampoos and conditioners, because the chemicals present in most of them can cause your hair to stand up on its own. Nasty sulfates are the dirty secret present in store bought hair care products. These agents strip the hair of its natural oils and further weaken hair strands. In addition, these big lather formulas rob the hair of its natural shine.

WEN By Chaz offers women a healthy alternative, the no lather shampoo. His line of special, botanically-based cleansing conditioners perform several missions. They cleanse effectively, better than a shampoo, and they condition, deep condition and act as a leave-in conditioning treatment.

Famous stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean, launched his brand in 1993, removing sulfates from the formula and changing the way women care for their hair. The beauty in WEN is in its design; his line is ideal for every hair type found on the planet. Curly, pin-straight, damaged, dry, frizzy or unruly, WEN heals, repairs and protects.

WEN By Chaz features a wonderful variety of styling cremes for those blow-drying days. His unique QVC advertised formulas provide great protection against the extreme heat from hair drying and flat ironing. You get moisture, shine and strength using his anti-frizz cremes.

Product ;ink:

If there’s WEN, there’s a way to beautiful hair.

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Why An Assisted Living Facility is Better Than Home Care


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As more and more baby boomers continue to retire in staggering numbers, more and more people are facing the question on how to handle the health needs of their loved ones. Oftentimes, many of them face an even more important request from their love ones, which is to avoid the possibility of putting them in a home. However, the problem with this is that as their love ones need more and more daily care, it can put a significant amount of pressure on caregivers which can strain the relationship within the family. This is why it’s important to consider how assisted living can be more beneficial than residing at home as far as wellness and quality of life goes.

1) Abundance Of Opportunities For Socializing

The whole concept of living in an home can prove to be isolating and as such, present a certain degree of difficulty for the individual when it comes to maintaining their social relationships. With assisted living, residents are able to easily socialize with their peers in common areas and through structured activities such as dancing, cultural events and planned field trips.

2) Opportunity to Maintain Fitness

Many assisted living facilities provide the latest gym equipment and various group exercise classes such as Zumba and Tai Chi. In addition to this, the personal trainers which supervise these group exercises have been trained to understand the needs of older adults.

3) Customized, Supervised Nutrition

One of the most beneficial things residents of an assisted living facility will be able to receive is a supervised nutrition plan. The whole concept of monitoring whether or not a loved one is receiving an adequate amount of nutrients can prove to be difficult to say the least. When it comes to assisted living, residents are always served 3 meals per day, which have each been tailored to suit their specific health needs.

The Manse On Marsh

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility which offers an ideal solution for individuals with various budgets. This is due to the fact that they offer some of the most competitive rates within the industry as well as the opportunity to tailor their amenities and services to suit the needs of various budgets. For example, residents within the facility are offered a wide variety of lifestyle choices and options such as adjacent homes, single bedrooms or cottages. They also give residents the opportunity to add services and care as needed.

The facility itself is also an ideal solution for individuals who are concerned about the concept of being able to stay active outside of the facility as far as local attractions goes. Residents who reside in this facility need not travel long distances to visit restaurants, bookstores, retail outlets, churches or coffee house because since The Manse on Marsh is located within the heart of San Luis Obispo, all of these attractions are located within walking distance.

Clay Siegall: A Pioneer in Cancer Research


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It is not every job you work at where you can truly say you make a difference, but Clay Siegall has one of those jobs. Some days, he will literally see someone in his hometown of Seattle and realize that he actually has saved their life. What kind of job does he have?

Clay B. Seigall actually has a Ph.D and he founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. This firm has become one of the leading cancer research firms in the Pacific Northwest. Siegall had some early experiences that spurred him on to this field. He has the passion that only a man who lost his father to a horrendous form of brain cancer can have.

Dr. Siegall’s work has also spurred on Seattle Genetics. In their tireless research on antibody-drug conjugates, there have been many different milestones. One of these would include their tireless work to develop ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin). This was actually their first drug to get FDA approval, which can be an extremely lengthy process.

After their tireless work was done, Siegall was also fortunate enough to see a large increase in growth in his company as well. When their first drug was ready for the market in 2011, his company also experienced exponential growth. Siegall is now the CEO of a firm that has over 800 employees, up from just a hundred before their first drug was approved.

Siegall could indeed credit a lot of different people for his success, but first and foremost he would probably have his late father to thank. He saw how brave he was in the face of his brain cancer, and Dr. Siegall starts his mornings early with the same mission: to make his father proud and help other people keep their fathers around longer as well.

Besides getting FDA approval for a drug, Siegall’s tireless work also includes raising funds for his company. He works day and night to secure it, and he has developed his company into a small million-dollar enterprise into one with an endowment of several billion dollars annually. If only more individuals such as Dr. Siegall existed in the world!

Securus Technologies And Commercials On Video Visitations


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With Securus Technologies being the leader in the public safety field, there are changes that are happening for the better. They have invented video visitations for the inmates at the correction facilities. There are many of the facilities that want this technology, and Securus Technology is in even more demand that it was before. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


The inmates also want to have a nice holiday. They want to be able to to take to, and see their loved ones during Christmas. The video visitations allow them to do so, and they are much happier. This makes everyone at the facility safer in the long run. It also saves the facility owner money, and the and the inmate’s visitor too. The commercial that are coming out all month long will show the public just how important this is for the facilities and the inmates. Once the public sees how much of a difference the video visitations work positively, they will understand the importance of them, especially at the holiday. and at other times throughout the year.


The company, Securus Technologies is the leader in its field. It is known for what it can do all over the country and the world. Since they deal with the government on a regular basis, they are respected by them too. They deal with issues in both the civil and criminal aspects of justice. On a weekly basis, they create even more technology that will be beneficial to the public’s safety. In the future, they will have even more success in what they do. Their workers are dedicated professional, and they will complete the missions that they are sent on. Since this company is known for their fantastic work, they will always be in demand now and in the future.

Josh Verne: Getting out to Success Using These Life Principles


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Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has more than two decades of solid experience in starting, growing, and selling multi-million corporations and businesses. He is the current Chief Executive Officer and Founder of


According to Josh Verne, seeing what is invisible to others is the art of vision. Therefore, a successful person sees opportunities that a normal person cannot see even if he is standing.


  1. Be a Leader Not a Boss

There are two types of management positions in a business setup. There are a boss and a leader. For a boss, they use their power and influence to make people do what they want. They never acquire respect. For this reason, they engage in forcing their will onto others. On the other hand, a leader acquires respect from the people. He influences the people to take on his mission. When the people agree to use his mission as the starting point, he uses the acquired respect to get things done. If you have a chance to choose from the two, choose to be a leader and not a boss. For you to succeed in business and management, put the will of your subordinates before yours.


  1. Everything should be a win for all

Certain business deals end up in a win for you and a loss for others. This is bad deals. Therefore, you must desist to giving into such deals. A better deal must be a win for both parties. You should look around and develop a win for all. A win for you, a win for the people, a win for your team, is a win for the community as a whole. There is always a way to create a win no matter the situation. You will be forced to do the best for your team when you stop settling on win-lose situations. Your reputation is better that a win for you. Therefore, engage in business deals where everyone is a winner


  1. Speak less, listen more

This point is one of the most profound statements. For you to speak, you must first listen. You have two ears and one mouth. Therefore, you use the two organs in their proportion. You listen twice before you speak once. For you to make a better judgment about a situation, you must first listen. A good leader speaks after listening to the words of his subordinate. When he speaks, he has power in his words.

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The Achievements that Don Ressler has made in his Entrepreneurship Career


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Don Ressler is one of the best innovators and entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. He is known for being the founder of various companies, and an example is the Intelligence Beauty. Mr. Ressler started off by establishing FitnessHeaven, which was later purchased by the Intermix Media. He then decided to start another enterprise by partnering with Adam Goldenberg who formerly served the Intermix Media as its COO. The two created Alena Media, which primarily dealt with e-business services and marketing demonstrations. The firm was sold to the New Corp in 2005. Its profits went down due to mismanagement by the company, and therefore, Goldenberg and Ressler started looking for new opportunities that they could venture.

The two businessmen had exceptional skills on running online marketing enterprises, and therefore, they decided to launch a new branding firm that they would control without being involved directly. Ressler and Goldenberg called a meeting with experts who formerly served the Alena Media and they established Brand Ideas. The company was later changed to be Intelligent Beauty. It established some subsidiaries such as SENSA, which is known for offering weight loss programs and DERMSTORE, which has specialized in the production of cosmetics and skin care products. Intelligent beauty’s chief executive officer was the founder of Intermix. The firm hired Dr. Alan Hirsch to control the manufacture of its products. The performance of Intelligent Beauty has not been excellent, however, its subsidiaries, but DERMSTORE and SENSA, have managed to reach many clients across the world.

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JustFab wants to be the next H&M
Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics by Kate Hudson – Our Interview

In 2010, Intelligent Beauty founded another company, which is known as JustFab. The Matrix Partner supported the enterprise by offering a $33 million donation. The business grew rapidly, and by 2010 more than 4 million members had joined. Its subscribers had risen to 6 million by April 2010. After its progress was precise to the public, the founders were given an additional $76 million by the Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, Crossover Ventures, and Rho Ventures.

In January 2013, JustFab’s market grew after it acquired the FabKids. It later purchased Europe’s leading e-commerce website, The Fab Shoes. The company gained the France and Spain market, which had about 500,000 members as well as 1.5 million more subscribers from the Germany and the United Kingdom. Three million European members joined JustFab in 2013. The company started a new subsidiary in October 2013, and it is known as Fabletics. It got a $40 million funding to support the business, which mainly deals with athletic wear. JustFab has been offered $250 million since it was created.

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Eric Pulier’s Track Record Is One that Will Impress


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Eric Pulier has made a number of great accomplishments over the years during his career, and he has put a lot of his success to good use getting involved with philanthropic efforts. Born in New Jersey, Eric was young when he developed his interest in technology, getting started with coding and building them by the time he was in high school. Eric was already ready to try out his entrepreneurial ideas, as he started up his first online database company during high school.

That wasn’t all for Eric though, as aimed his sights on building a strong foundation so he could learn all he needed to turn his dreams into a reality. After attending and graduating from both Harvard University and MIT, Eric Pulier got started on his career in Los Angeles, California, where he applied what he learned and started up his first company.

Eric has now successfully managed to found more than 15 different companies over the course of his career, all of which have been successful comparatively. Some of the companies he has founded include People Doing Things, Akana, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, and several more. He even managed to sell his latest business for a cool $350 million dollars, showing just how well Eric has perfected his technique for profiting from successful startups. His business endeavors do not end their however, as he has investments in other things as well, including a night club and restaurant located in California.

Eric has taken to lectures and public speaking as well as writing in his spare time today, as a way of sharing his knowledge and giving back to others to help them be more successful and be informed when making business decisions. When he is not busy with philanthropic work, he is working on his next idea for business, which following his impressive track record, is sure to be a success.

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