Jose Borghi Talks About How Disruptive Innovation Affects Brands


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Marketing executive, Jose Borghi, of the Brazilian advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, states that constant innovation is vital for the well being and continuation of a business. He points out to the fact, that out of the top 500 brands and businesses that existed three of four years ago, almost 75% of them are now gone! This is what disruptive innovation can do states Jose Borghi. He continues by saying that businesses that do not innovate and rethink the way they conduct business are at a high risk of being pushed aside. This Brazilian advertising agency has overtaken by more innovative and responsive in businesses.

Disruptive innovation is now a facet of reality of ad businesses says Jose Borghi. Companies that box themselves into a comfort zone and refuse to adapt to the changing market will go out of business. Technology, changing demand from the consumer and new mediums of communication such as the internet can all change the way business is done. If a business does not adapt accordingly, then they will fall behind. The businesses that incorporate these new technologies in their operations will often end up on top.

Jose Borghi describes how businesses, including large corporations are attuning to the disruptive innovation in the economy right now. Innovation and review of development used to occur once or twice per decade for the major firms. Now it occurs several times in a decade or every couple of years. A trend that we are seeing says Jose Borghi, is that some companies are now innovating and reviewing developing procedures every year due to the quickening pace of disruptive innovation and breakthroughs in technology.Eventually, Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brazil states, we may see development reviews and innovation take place yearly, quarterly or even monthly. This is all in response to the rapidly changing marketplace. Businesses must adapt, and the faster market changes, the quicker they need to be able to adapt to stay relevant and remain in existence.

Communication and marketing will be at the front and center of meeting the disruptive innovation and changing marketplace believes Jose Borghi. Companies that maintain a strong and personal link with their consumers and audience will be the best positioned to meet the needs of increasing disruptive innovation and a changing market. Consumer feedback for products, reviews for services and interaction on social media will all play a big role in this communication. Marketing that targets consumer needs and wants will also help a firm stay relevant and maintain sales in the markets.


Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Testmonials Released


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Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s leading correctional facility communication service providers, and is one of the leading developers in data analysis and crime prevention technology. The company uses voice recognition software, behavior and association recognition in their surveillance packages, database integration, network management systems, and predictive analytics and advanced biometric monitoring systems. These tools help ease the burden on prison staff and can access pertinent information for incident response and assist law enforcement with ongoing investigations. The system has also prevented numerous crimes from happening across the country, and several customers even have given testimonials about the crime prevention in letters thanking Securus.


Some of the crimes that were uncovered or prevented included cases of corrupt prison guards aiding inmates in contraband smuggling or escapes. There were also cases of drug operations going on between staff and inmates and even information regarding illicit prescription drug sales by outsiders. Information was even uncovered about a local shooting that a visiting family had information about, detected in a conversation in the background of an inmate-to-inmate call. Those are only a few cases that have been picked up in Securus Technologies’ systems.


Securus Technologies was founded in Dallas, TX back in 1986 and is currently managed by CEO Rick Smith. Securus has partnered with local telecommunications companies to build one of the most elaborate inmate communications systems that services thousands of facilities and millions of inmates across the nation. They have advanced phone billing systems that include prepaid phone cards and even voice mail to keep inmates and families connected. Messaging has become easier through Securus’s instant mail platform, and financial transactions and special purchases can be made through their self-serve kiosks. Visitation is now easier as well through their video visitation platform which allows families to visit using the internet and a webcam.


How Equity First Holdings is Benefitting SME’s


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Equity First Holdings was founded in 2002 with the objective of providing alternative lending solutions to businesses and individual investors. The company’s lending services are based on the security status of the borrowers. When clients apply for a loan, EFH employees first carry out a future performance and risk evaluation before approving or rejecting the application.

EFH has established itself as the go-to alternative lender by offering flexible financial solutions at affordable rates. It mainly offers marginal loans and stock based loans. EFH’s success has coincided with the imposition of strict lending rules by traditional lenders such as commercial banks. This has forced many borrowers to seek alternatives such as marginal loans, which EFH readily provides. Its services and products particularly target borrowers who are seeking urgent funding but nonetheless, do not meet strict lending criteria imposed by banks.

Association With Upstart Entrepreneurs

Starting a business without a steady source of funding can be quite difficult. Most entrepreneurs give up along the way due to this reason. Equity First Holdings has continued benefiting such individuals by providing them with finances to establish their enterprises. Its stock-collateralize loans have particularly gained prominence due to their notably larger loan value ratio. The company’s loans also have a fixed interest rate, something that makes them appealing to upcoming entrepreneurs.

EFH has also been steadfast in its dedication to the highest ethical practices. This has seen it abide by all regulations. The company’s objective has been to provide financial solutions that help clients to attain their financial goals. Its incomparable success is attested to by the fact that it has facilitated more than 650 financial transactions since its inception. These transactions are estimated to be worth over $1.4 billion. This has helped to establish EFH as a force to reckon within the financial markets.

Future Plans

The company has expanded remarkably since its incorporation. This is attributed to its founder, Al Christy’s far-sighted leadership. EFH has equally been making inroads into the international money markets. The implementation of its ambitious expansion strategy has led to the opening of offices in Hong Kong, London, Australia, and Singapore.

Christy points out that the company will continue offering global-scale products and services. The corporate honcho similarly hopes that his company will partner with other financial institutions to fund loans via a delivery verses payment model. All in all, the company’s exclusive approach to security-based funding means that it will allow clients to have more financial flexibility for years to come.


The Life of Maggie Gill in the Health Sector


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Maggie Gill is the president and the chief executive officer of Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia from 2011. In 2004, she was appointed as the Vice President of Finance and Managed Care at Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). In 2005, she successfully became the Chief operating officer at the same institution. Her ability to multi-task has enabled her to serve in several positions in Memorial University Medical Center. She serves as the all vice presidents and the supreme leader of all the physicians in the institution. Gill is also directly responsible for internal auditing affairs of the institute, government policy relations, physicians welfare, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, operations of the Heart and Vascular Institute, financial assistance affairs, corporate communication management, and also trauma services.

Maggie Gill graduated with a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature from Florida State University in 1993. In 1998, she got her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Saint Leo University of Florida. Gill is also a beneficially of Wharton School where she successfully finished her coursework on strategic planning and thinking. Her career life has seen a shift from teaching to a health practitioner services.

She is an ex- official member of the Board of Directors of Memorial Health. In 2004, Maggie became the President of Finance of Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). Before her appointment at Memorial University Medical Center, she was the chief financial officer at Tenet South Florida Health System. Out of her voluntary nature, Maggie is an ex- official board member of the following organizations; Georgia Hospital Association, the University of Mercer, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and also the Union Mission.

Her industrious nature has earned her several awards in her long career. For instance, she has received three times the Tenet Outstanding CFO Award.She is a woman with character and never gives up on any challenge.

Developer Sam Boraie Reinvents Jersey Real Estate


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Before Omar Boraie, New Brunswick was fading fast. Once a hub of commerce, the city could barely lay claim to its former glory. As many lost American gems before it, crumbling infrastructure, unemployed masses, and hindered hope spoke for countless dejected denizens. Luckily, the developer had a vision for the city. Boraie brought financial backing, as well as spirit, to support New Brunswick, reveals Yahoo. Now, symbols such as the aptly named “Aspire”, “The Beach at South Inlet” and “One Spring Street” have brought New Brunswick to the forefront of elegance through infrastructure.

Sam Boraie takes a streamlined approach to his real estate business; as his company not only develops stunning properties, it handles management and marketing. According to the New York Times, this dedicated approach allows his company to extend its reach into every nuance of its brand. Through this intricate handling of the “pillars” of New Brunswick, Boraie Development instills confidence in its image. Now that New Brunswick ( is known for its trendy towers (which are a stunning contrast to the greasy scene of the city back before 1972), young professionals flock to the city en masse. Night life in the city is burgeoning, and Rutgers students proudly party in classy conditions. For the more mature populous, the New Jersey State Theater is a great venue. From epic Bach performances to Chinese New Year and Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, the theater offers something for everyone.

Boraie has been in the city throughout the decades, continuing to cater to the trends of development. Along the way, he has brought class A office space to the city. This was a much needed construction to consolidate New Brunswick’s role in business facilitation. He is invested in the spirit of the city as well, as exemplified by his non-profit, Elijah’s Promise. The all-inclusive charity organization has a broad range of projects targeted towards the betterment of New Brunswick. The organization offers everything from soup-kitchens, to social enterprise, and even education and employment. Not every city has a Sam Boraie to look out for it. But in the case of New Brunswick, citizens can rest assured knowing a that their best interests are being looked after. Now, as Boraie Development seeks to rejuvenate Atlantic City, Sam Boraie’s umbrella will soon sweep across the best of New Jersey.


Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny: Working To Cure Cancer And Aging Related Diseases


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Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny has spent many years of his life studying cancer and aging. A graduate of St. Petersburg’s the First Pavlov State Medical University, he earned both an M.D. in internal medicine as well as a PhD in cardiology and experimental medicine. A well-respected researcher and scientist on, Blagosklonny is a professor at New York’s the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he teaches oncology. Prior to that he was a New York Medical College, Valhalla assistant professor where he taught medicine from 2002 until 2009.

As a researcher Blagosklonny focuses on the mechanisms underlying aging and effective anti-aging drugs as well as cancer and targeted therapies designed to prevent healthy cells from becoming damaged due to cancer treatment. Mikhail Blagosklonny has also come up with a theory that TOR signaling can play a role in working with issues related to aging and cancer. Blagosklonny has proposed using the popular cancer drug rapamycin to aid in extending life for the elderly. In fact he’s among the most passionate advocates of the use of rapamycin in longevity research.

Blagosklonny has published extensively. He’s had more than 270 papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Add his 25,000 citations and it gives him a h-index of 83. Blagosklonny is also editor-in-chief of Oncotarget, Aging and Cell Cycle on He’s also Cancer Biology & Therapy’s associate editor as well as a Cell Death & Differentiation editorial board member. Blagosklonny is also known as one of the hyperfunction theory’s major proponents. Hyperfunction theory holds that life is governed by a developmental genetic program and that the aging related diseases are a result of the running on inertia of growth signaling pathways.

According to Blagosklonny aging is not caused by oxidative damage. Instead it’s collateral damage caused by mTOR-driven inflammatory processes like dementia, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, atherosclerosis and cancer that underlying aging processes. According to the theory people’s lifespan can be lengthened by calming the mTOR pathway as people age. The theory on holds that this can be done using drug compounds like rapamycin or metformin, using dietary protein restrictions, intermittent fasting and regular exercise.

Dr. Blagosklonny is also doing very meaningful work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute at There he is part of the team working to understand, prevent and find ways to cure cancer. The center was founded in 1898. It is a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and partners with national and international collaborative programs.

How Businesses Can Use Feedback To Its Benefit


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A lot of people in all walks of life are afraid of a negative review. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life. Every business that is open long enough is going to get negative reviews. This is something that can’t be avoided. Seeing how people are different, no one is going to be able to satisfy everyone he encounters. Also, the anonymity that comes with the internet enables people to post a lot of negative reviews. Therefore, negative reviews don’t have to be a devastating affair. However, many people take it as such.

People react to negative feedback in different ways. One common way that people react to negative feedback is by ignoring it. According to, this is not always a good idea. While some forms of negative comments are left by users that have nothing better to do than to stir up trouble, there are reviews that are worth looking at because they go into detail and express a legitimate concern. Therefore, instead of ignoring the negative comment, the person could take this opportunity to reach out to customers so that he could learn what he could do to improve the business relationship. This could not only strengthen the relationship of a business with its customers but also improve the online reputation of the company.

When people go into business, one of the most important concerns should be the customers. After all, it is the customer that decides whether a business succeeds or fails. If the customer does not deem the company worthy, then the company is going to struggle and ultimately close down. Therefore, it is important to do more than just provide good products and services. Business owners must also get involved in activities that are positive. After all, customers do have a desire to be a part of something that is positive.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: An Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon


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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon based out of Austin, TX. Not only has she been practicing for many years and not only does she have a strong educational background in the field, but she has also proven her skill by winning a wide variety of industry awards.


Many of these awards are very prestigious, highly competitive, and difficult to earn, and the fact that she has been honored with so many of them should give potential patients great faith in this doctor and her abilities, as well as peace of mind about choosing her for their cosmetic surgery procedures.


One major award/recognition that Dr. Jennifer Walden has to her name is that, in 2014, she was first recognized as a “Texas Super Doctor,” a distinction publicized by Texas Monthly magazine. What’s more is that Dr. Walden has remained on this prestigious list since her first inclusion on it.


Yet another distinction of Dr. Walden is that she was featured in American Airlines Magazine as well. She was part of its list of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America.” Doctors who made the list were nominated by their peers and then chosen by industry experts and leaders.


No stranger to magazines, Dr. Walden has also been recognized in the popular, world-known magazine, Harper’s Bazaar. In 2014, she made the magazine’s list of the “24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States.”


It’s easy to see that Dr. Walden has won her fair share of well-deserved industry awards. Some other honors include:



  • Being named one of Austin’s leading plastic surgeons
  • Being selected as American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Traveling Professor
  • Being named a Austin Business Journal Women of Influence Power & Rising Star Nominee



It’s easy to see that Dr. Jennifer Walden has definitely won her fair share of awards. This fact, plus her incredible educational background, prove that she is one of the best plastic surgeons currently practicing today, which is why she should be strongly considered by anyone thinking about having a surgical cosmetic procedure done.