José AuriemoNeto and the New King of Luxury in Sao Paulo


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JHSF is a real estate public company that is leading in Brazilian high –end real-estate sector. The company was founded in 1972 and is well known for its capacity in identifying new markets where it operates. The company has been presenting sustainable solutions in its developments and projects. They major in residential and commercial incorporation, the development and administration of shopping centers, high-end hotels, luxury retail brands, and an international business airport. The company was listed in the highest corporate Governance segment of the Bovespa in 2007.

When JHSF was growing, they concentrated in capitals such as São Paulo, Salvador, Manaus and internationally in Punta del Este (Uruguay), Miami (USA) and New York (USA). The company has over 5000 employees and they purpose to attend the high income public. The company has 4 business units: Shopping Center, Incorporation, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants and Airport. They own star studded commercial buildings and now rents out most of the current premises as a business strategy.

José AuriemoNeto, is the president and CEO of JHSF, and the new king of luxury in Sao Paulo. He is a graduate of Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo. José is also the Chairman of JHSF’s board of directors. He started working with JHSF in 1993. Jose assumed the position of CEO in JHSF in 2004 after she led development of the largest real estate complex in his country. This high-end complex development was done in an 80,000-square-meter lot on the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. Click here to know more.

José AuriemoNeto has led in overseeing the brand’s interests in office buildings, hotels and public developments and continues working hard to ensure that they going to do malls and open hotels in other Brazillain capitals and in some of the world’s metropolises. He also administers the company’s extensive shopping complex and portfolio. Jose is a busy man that spends most of his time in the office working. He has a family and rarely does he get social time of which he will play golf. José is also the Chairman of JHSF’s board of directors.

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Wessex Quality Journals


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The Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher learning institute that is located in the New Forest National Park in England. However, those that are familiar with the institution simply refer to it as Wessex. Wessex attracts an international crowd to their campus to participate in an exchange of knowledge concerning various scientific research findings and much more. Certainly, this reputation continues to grow strong in scientific research centers. In addition, The Wessex Institute of Technology is heavily involved with publishing high quality journals that are an important part of the exchange of information in academic, industrial, and scientific circles across the globe.

WIT Publishing

The WIT Press at Wessex Institute of Technology publishes the well received journals on a regular basis. Wessex invites people to subscribe to the journals and receive timely news about various industries. The International journals are available in two formats. Those formats include digital and print. Wessex Institute of Technology would like everyone interested in the journals to subscribe. All those that subscribe to the journals of their choice, are provided with access to a digital copy and print copy of their selected journal. However, it is important to note that all journals are available for download, without a subscription.




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About Dr. Scott Rocklage


His life is an all science-based venture company capital investment. Entrepreneur Dr. Scott Rocklage joined 5 AM Ventures in 2003 as a Venture Partner but later assumed the Managing Partner position the following year.Dr. Rocklage is highly experienced with more than thirty years in healthcare management.


This broad experience and strategic responsibility leadership has led him to establish several drugs that even the U.S has approved. These new drug Applications include Teslascan®, Omniscan™, and Cubicin®). Dr. Scott has also partnered with other agencies for multiple clinical drug trials. Dr. Scott has also served as the CEO and Chairman Nycomed Salutar as well as the Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Other organizations that Dr. Rocklage has served include the NASDAQ: RLYP (Relypsa) the former Novira, (now under Johnson Management). He also worked at NASDAQ: EPRS (Epirus), NASDAQ: PULM (Pulmatrix).


Dr. Scott is a highly knowledgeable entrepreneur


Dr. Scott Rocklage has an incredible education background. He studied at the Berkeley California University he achieved a Chemistry B.S and Ph.D. After the Berkeley California University, he went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was involved in Chemistry laboratory research with Richard R. Schrock, the 2005 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner. He is also a medical publisher and has over thirty American reviewed copyrights. Dr. Scott Rocklage is currently based in Boston where his MA offices located.


His week is typically tight scheduled. Some days he works with his company’s portfolio management team, studying new life science perspectives while on some days he is in attendance or preparation of Board meetings. Dr. Scott Rocklage gets new ideas by working with other field specialists like business executives, physicians or scientists who help him to shape his ideas into potential outcome medicines that contribute to curing the unmet medical needs.


What excites Dr. Scott Rocklage is most excited by the current medical trend where there has been an atomic growth in the capabilities of identifying particular genotypes or mutations to cure some forms of cancer. He considers it a potential way of solving and extending the lives of cancer patients.




Karl Heideck Is A Powerhouse In The Practice Of Litigation


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Karl Heideck's career

Karl Heideck’s career

If you are involved in a dispute with an individual or business entity, it may become necessary to utilize a court of law to resolve the issues involved. This legal process is called litigation.

Litigation is a process that encompasses coordination of the complex interrelated parts or elements of dispute resolution. Litigation procedures are governed by state statutes and/or federal laws. Litigants (Plaintiff or defendant) must adhere to and properly implement these rules or civil procedure statutes to assert a legal right or remedy related to the dispute throughout the judicial or court process.

A litigator (litigation lawyer) acts on behalf of the client (plaintiff or defendant) utilizing his or her expertise performing the preparatory steps and processes to identify injuries or losses suffered (damages), standing to sue based on the merits of the case (legal rights), appropriate legal remedies (demands), determine and file the appropriate legal documents, trial preparation and courtroom arguments in compliance with the rules or codes of civil procedure.

Karl Heideck is an experienced litigation attorney specializing in corporate risk management and compliance. Managing operational, financial, and enterprise risk management are second nature for him. Karl Heideck proficiently navigates the intricacies of corporate law, employment law, product liability, and commercial litigation. The professional adeptness of Karl Heideck with legal writing and research is impressive.

Currently, Karl Heideck is a litigator at Hire Counsel, a multi-practice firm and the Law Office of Pepper Hamilton, LLP, a general practice firm located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.


The History of Wessex


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Wessex Culture is a term used by the modern archeologists for a Middle Bronze Age Culture. Wessex was a kingdom located in the south of the country Great Britain. The kingdom that Wessex was a part of was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom. In the early 10th century, Wessex was unified by Ethelstan. Wessex later became a kingdom of Christianity when Cenwalh, the ruler of Wessex, was baptized.

It was during the 8th century that Wessex was able to retain its independence and that the system of shires was then established. In 871, Wessex invaded Danes. Alfred then was compelled to ask Wessex to leave. It was in 876 when they returned and were forced to withdraw. A portion of the army settled in Mercia, but those remaining mounted an invasion of Wessex in 878. The Danish that invaded Wessex were able to take over most of the kingdom. Danish settlers in England continued to attack Wessex and Mercia.


A Review of Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy


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Warren Buffett has invested $1 million in an S&P 500 passive index fund, which he believes will have higher profits than investing in hedge funds. Tim Armour believes that Mr. Buffett is right: many expensive funds are not profitable. Armour supports Mr. Buffett’s decision to invest in low cost and simple ventures that pay for a long time. This type of investment has worked for a long time.

Mr. Buffett offers some advice about investment. Consumers should be concerned about the product label. Investors should not be concerned about a company being active or passive. Investors should be concerned about the performance of a company in the long term. He blames poor long-run returns on high management cost and excessive trading. It is important for investors to know that passive index funds are exposed to down markets. Most investors do not know this mainly because of the existence of a bullish market for a long time. Click here to know more.

Lastly, Mr. Buffett observes that a significant number of actively managed funds have not outperformed the market although there are exceptions. He says a $10,000 investment in the top S&P 500 index fund in the past 40 years is now worth over half a million today. However, a similar investment in the best five active funds has earned more. However, Armour believes that there are two factors that can help investors know good fund managers; low expenses and an above average manager. Better performance than the market average is not random.

Timothy Armour’s Education and Work Background

Tim Armour graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in Economics. In 1983, Armour started working for The Capital Group Companies, Inc. as a member in The Associates Program. He has also worked as an Equity Investment Analyst at the company. Currently, he is the Chairman and Equity Portfolio Manager.


People Use Their Skills in Putting Together an Outfit With Fabletics


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Different people put together outfits in different ways. However, there are certain rules and observations of putting together an outfit. One thing that people want to do when they want to look their best is to avoid colors that clash. What this means is the colors and tones of the clothes have to compliment one another. After all, it can be very jarring to go from a very bright color to a very dark color. Instead, one good thing is to put the whites with the grays. This actually brings together a smoother outfit. It also helps communicate an image that one wants to present to others.


One major factor in helping the individual put together a really good outfit is the clothing retailer. Fabletics is one of the companies that make it very easy to put together a good outfit. They always have different items that are of different cuts, styles and colors. This is where things get a little more complex. While some outfits may clash with certain color combinations, these same color combinations might work well with different cuts as it depends on the individual. It is actually amazing what can be done with fashion.


Kate Hudson has understood a lot of the different aspects of fashion. This is why she wanted to make sure that there is as much variety as possible with Fabletics. This is to gain as many customers as possible. At the same time, this is to give people the opportunity to experiment with different styles as they please. Fashion is about growth change and self knowledge. As a matter of fact, fashion can be used to help people know themselves.


Fabletics is one of the best places to go for people who really want to open up their world of fashion. This retail company is very educational to people who want to know about putting together an outfit. While they have examples of outfits on the website, they encourage people to create their own outfits with creativity. Those who take an artistic approach to fashion are going to have the most fun with Fabletics. You can also check here for some ideas.

Value of a Local Bank


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Do you hate going into a big bank to get help? A lot of people today would rather go online and have all of their needs solved in this area. However, there are some people who still prefer the human tough that banking had many years ago. There are a lot of people in the Dallas area who love working with Nexbank. This is a company that is dedicated to helping others in a variety of areas. Not only that, but they are ready and willing to take things to a new level in their local community as well. Nexbank is the type of company that a lot of people are excited about.




From the time that Nexbank was started,they have grown rapidly. If you value customer service, this is the type of company that you want to work with. Over the years, they have continuously added value to customers through the products and services that they offer. Not only that, but they are excited about all of the things that they are working on for the future. If you are ready and willing to work hard on your goals and dreams, this is the type of company that can benefit you over time.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Nexbank is the type of local company where everyone knows your name and appreciates your business. During this time, they have figured out a way to help others in a number of areas.


Orthopedic Procedures: How and Why They Are Performed


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Orthopedic surgeons perform orthopedic procedures on patients who suffer from ailments, such as joint deformities, sports injuries, and arthritic conditions. These procedures evolve from time to time as technology keeps evolving, with traditional procedures being overtaken by more modern procedures. The top three modern orthopedic procedures include arthroscopic procedures, surgical fusions, and joint replacements.


Arthroscopic procedures


Arthroscopic procedures involve an extensive camera use, minimizing the magnitude of cuts; the minimal the cutting, the faster the healing process. The method was developed in the recent years with the aim of having as few incisions as possible performed on a patient. The process works perfectly well with the repair of damaged tendons and ligaments, as well as tissue tears in joints such as knees, shoulders, and hips.


Surgical fusions


Surgical fusions is an orthopedic procedure performed on a patient so as to stabilize a damaged joint. As the name suggests, stabilizing a joint through this process involves fusing or joining multiple vertebrae. Knee joints and spines are the body parts to which surgical fusions are commonly done. During the procedure, orthopedic surgeons join the vertebrae using pins and screws around the damaged part to facilitate speedy healing.


Joint replacement procedures


Joint replacement procedures are most commonly performed on the knees and the hips. A joint can either be replaced partially or entirely depending on the magnitude of the damage. For a complete knee joint replacement, for example, a prosthetic device is implanted in place of the injured knee joint.


Greg Finch


Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, cervical spine surgery, and adult deformity. Finch has been in the practice since he graduated from the University of Auckland 26 years ago. Currently, Finch plies his trade under Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.


Apart from Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Finch has practiced under several other healthcare facilities like Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Sunshine Coast Hospital, and Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.




How Dr. Avi Weisfogel is helping to Fight Sleep Apnea


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Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, which is an organization that is dedicated to fighting and finding a solution to sleep apnea. Other than practicing dentistry, Avi has a passion for exploring the sleep world, particularly the sleep disorder.

He graduated with a B.A. in Biology from the Rutgers University before joining the New York University; College of Dentistry and graduated with a DDS in Dentistry. In 1996, he established Old Bridge Dental Care where he practiced his dental profession for more than fifteen years.

His passion and extensive background in sleep disorder and sleep treatment, he opened the Healthy Heart Sleep. The company was aimed at educating physicians and dentists on how to manage and establish sleep labs.

Due to the success of Healthy Heart Sleep, in 2012 he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he lectured dentists on the best methods of serving sleep patients. He believed that oral appliances could be used to treat sleep disorders and in 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel believes that sleep apnea has a correlation to serious conditions like diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Avi Weisfogel draws from an extensive study of the sleep disorder. In an interview with Ideameansch, he mentioned that he was fascinated by the sleep world and found that only a few people showed interest in this field. This revelation led him to conduct further research in this field, and that’s how Dental Sleep Masters was born.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel believes that sleep disorder, once contained, can help patients avoid serious conditions like diabetes, which has recently been closely related to sleep apnea. He believes that over 905 per cent of people who exhibit the sleep apnea disorder don’t receive the professional care that is required. He believes that Dental Sleep Masters will usher in a new dawn where more people will follow suit and establish more sleep disorder treatment centers.