White Shark Media: Choosing A Good Ad Agency For Your PPC Management


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White Shark Media is one of the most recommended advertising agencies in the industry. The company has been rendering great services to organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable PPC management agency, you need to check out White Shark Media Review and its advertising specialists.

One of the most important considerations when choosing an agency, is reputation. White Shark Media has established a great reputation in the industry.

Another difference you will notice about White Shark Media is their commitment not only to ensuring the success of your PPC campaigns, but also to encouraging you to grow your business. White Shark Media understands the hassles you have to go through to establish a business, and they strive to help you get traffic to your site.

White Shark Media has a knowledgeable and experienced team of advertising specialists. These experts will work closely with you to establish your PPC account and have your campaign up and running in no time. They have access to excellent resources, which enable them to render high quality services to their clients.

White Shark Media typically works directly with their client’s marketing department or digital marketing manager. If you are a small business owner, sole proprietor or small organization without a marketing department, they will work with you.

Successful PPC management is a tedious job and requires skilled professionals like those at White Shark Media. PPC is enormously complex and you need to know what you’re doing if you truly want to have profitable campaigns.

White Shark Media has the expertise to help drive massive targeted traffic to your business and generate sales and profit. Contacting White Shark Media to discuss your project and get started right away.

Honey Birdette’s New UK Locations Can’t Open Fast Enough for Fans


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What started as a singular boutique dreamed up by Australian entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006 now appears to be one of the hottest and fastest growing upscale retail concepts. Honey Birdette, Australia’s first high end sensuality boutique is not only thriving in Australia but is stretching its reach across the United Kingdom and into the United States. The only problem that its customers have? The new stores can’t get there fast enough!

Honey Birdette announced in April an aggressive rollout plan that would have 40 physical locations standing in the United Kingdom by the close of 2018. Locations will be rolled out in phases, with phase one spanning into cities live Leeds, Westfield, Liverpool and Newcastle before beginning additional phases. This aggressive rollout is well justified. The first three boutiques outside of Australia opened just last year within the United Kingdom and saw a great deal of success, encouraging a bold growth strategy. It is also noted that Honey B may be quietly looking for additional European cities to continue its growth.

Honey Birdette is also continuing to expand its services to US shoppers, who genuinely can’t get enough of the company and are clamoring for physical locations to be built in the States. However, in the meantime US shoppers will have to “settle” for a stunning new website that was designed to enhance their shopping experience. An expanded product line, faster shipping and the potential to qualify for free shipping once an order crosses a price threshold are just a few things to look forward to on the site.

Honey Birdette offers the finest in lingerie, accessories and more. Guests of the store shop in a fun environment and are catered to by the famous Honeys who provide suggestions and entertainment to visitors. There are currently 55 boutiques in Australia.

Yanni Hufnagel completed his move to Nevada


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Yanni Hufnagel is 34-year-old basketball coach born and raised in Scarsdale in New York. Many recognize him as the most talented recruiter, and this has made him most admired basketball official.

His career path was apparent when he was young. He uses to read every material on basketball that comes his way and matched what he knew with real live players executing it; this honed his skills that later would make him the most sought after coach.

Yanni Hufnagel studied bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University where he graduated in 2006, and four years later, he had earned a Master’s degree in Adult Higher Education with majors in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration from Oklahoma.

His love for basketball emerged when he joined a local television as a sports announcer. This is where his colleague noticed his passion later it turned out to be true. Yanni Hufnagel has worked as both head coach and assistant.

During his year one at Cornell University, he worked as the basketball manager and later got a chance to work with New Jersey Nets as an intern. While there, he met a friend who directed him to Jeff Chapel who was at that time searching for a graduate assistant coach and Yanni Hufnagel had just graduated.

In 2009, due Chapel’s recommendation, Yanni got a job as a volunteer assistant coach at Harvard. He has extensive experience as a coach and assistant coach; he has worked in major schools in his local area.

Yanni’s basketball career

In 2009, Yanni joined Harvard Crimson Men’s basketball as an assistant coach where he helped the team win tournaments such as 2013 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. He also helped players such as Jeremy Lin develop their skills.

In May 2013 he was called to Vanderbilt also as an assistant coach where he earned ESPN and helped the team sign Wade Baldwin IV and other talented players. He left the team after his first season there.

In 2014, Yanni was hired by California Golden Bears to assist their coaching staff. While here, he helped the sign Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb. And later won 2016 NCAA Tournament with the help of two players.

On 8th of April, 2016, Yanni accepted an invitation to join Nevada as their assistant coach.

Todd Lubar talks about what keeps him successful and organized


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The real estate market can be a lucrative industry if you know what you’re doing. If you want to be successful in this business you have to stand out. Todd Lubar has been working the real estate business for over two decades and is going strong. As the President at TDL Global Ventures and Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments he knows a thing or two about what makes a business tick, and how to succeed at the whole thing. He also has a passion in helping others succeed. That is why he started TDL Global Ventures. He wanted help people receive loans that they desperately needed, but could not get with other businesses.

When it comes to technology remote functions for homes really excite him. The ability to control things in his home with a touch of a button fascinated Todd. He also likes to stay hyper organized with his business. If he is aware and involved with every aspect of the business, it has a better chance of succeeding. It’s also very important what people you surround yourself with. You need to be able to trust them. They need to challenge you and help you grow as a person. Todd recommends if you are a entrepreneur or business person that you have to work very hard to achieve success. When you are tired, keep working. That separates those who succeed from the rest. For more details visit LinkedIn to know more.

When asked what was the best $100 he spent recently he said on his Fitbit. It tracks everything including sleep, exercise, etc. He loves it because it satisfies his competitive spirit. As for books Todd recommends that everyone reads “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. It teaches people to think big and dream big.

Todd Lubar is a very successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is the President at TDL Global Ventures LLC and the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. Todd has been in the real estate industry for 20 years and counting.

He attended Syracuse University and majored in speech communication. Todd Lubar received his Bachelor of Arts in 1995. Todd has previously worked at Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

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Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler: Making Shopping Fun For Every Women


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Entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are both successful businessmen in their own right. But what happens when two great minds use their business acumen to create an amazing product? Fabletics happens. Fabletics was co-founded by Don, Adam and actress Kate Hudson to fill a void in the fitness apparel niche. Kate is the spokesperson for women around the world who want to get fit, and look stylish while doing it. Don and Adam picked Kate to represent the line because of her personal philosophy that every woman has her own style, no matter what size or shape.


Fabletics offers top of the line products that are fashion forward, appealing and come in a variety of sizes and colors. A key to the success behind the line is that Fabletics offers membership bonuses such as exclusive discounts and personalized style suggestions. The marketing strategy in relation to their models is also key – the women that Adam and Don use on the Fabletics website are diverse in body style, and this is the message that the partners want to send to their customers.


The story of how Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler reads a little like a Hollywood script. Both entrepreneurs were business minded at an early age. When Adam was 15, he developed and later sold his site Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media. Although he sold his site to Intermix Media, he continued his involvement with them, later becoming the Chief Operating Officer at age 20. Adam and Don met at Intermix Media, as Don also had a business relationship with the company.


The young entrepreneurs put their ideas together, finding where the clothing market was lacking and what consumers were frustrated by. Their research found that shopping for women’s clothing online or at a retail shop was difficult for women who had different body styles. There was also a lack of choice when it came to styles and colors. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler created Techstyle and JustFab based on their findings, which eventually led to the founding of Fabletics. They found that by offering consumers a choice of styles,sizes and membership opportunities, women would have a great shopping experience. To make shopping at the Fabletics retail store easier, customers are scanned when they walk through the door, prompting style recommendations for the individual. Fabletics is revolutionizing the world of fitness fashion. https://onmogul.com/adam-goldenberg

The Markets of Cancer Treatment Centers of America


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America has made it big. Therefore, it has expanded to major markets so that people will be able to visit it more easily. One good thing about this is that it is easier for people to access the equipment they need so that they can run some tests and catch the cancer at an earlier stage before it becomes too much to treat. Cancer Treatment Centers for America wants people throughout the world to be able to have this advantage. They do not want to be limited in what they can do to make sure that people get adequate treatment for their cancer.

There are five locations for Cancer Treatment Centers for America. Each facility is located in Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Tulsa. This makes it easier for people to get the treatment they need and the tests they need to get done than it would be if everything was in one location. After all, this is a cancer facility. It is going to know more about cancer than any other healthcare facility. This is one of the reasons that people want to go there to get checked for any sign of cancer so that they can get the right kind of treatment and even catch it before it becomes too advanced.

One of the best things about the treatment is that they have a series of treatments that people could take so that they can take care of or even prevent any side effects. While a lot of those treatments are medicine based, there are also some treatments that are available for people such as assistance and counseling. One good thing is that people will get the treatment they need and recover a lot better because of Cancer Treatment Centers for America and the knowledge of all of the different types of cancer that can affect people.