Highland Capital Management: Fund that almost tripled the S&P 500’s gain last year is now big on health-care Stocks


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Michael Gregory is the man behind helping Highland Capital management Smallcap Fund regain their glory as their stocks almost elapsed during this past year. He now says that the healthcare sector is set to rise for those who choose to invest in it. He also notes that the sector will also come back in a wide range of capabilities that will denote better business. According to the latest investments in the Class A shares, they returned HSZAX 31 percent during this past year. This is an increase when we compare the result with the 2015 result of 12 percent returns. This also means that the Small Cap resells fund also traded at an increase of 0.47 percent during this past year.

Michael Gregory is one of the most prominent investors based in the United States. In fact, he is also the chief investment officer of the Highland Capital Management’s alternative board of investors. This is a unit of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management Company. The alternative investment board of Highland Capital management invests more than $15.4 billion. He is also the man in charge of the Highland Capital Small Cap Healthcare Fund. James Dondero is the CEO and President of the Highland Capital Management Company that invests more than $55 billion.

According to Gregory, Highland Capital Management Company has always helped it make numerous investments in partnership with other companies in the investment industry of the United States. He also says that Highland’s credit’s competency has also worked to reduce the oil prices in the country as a way of promoting better business in the region. Half of the funds that were re-invested during this past year were depicted from the sales. After the fund was used to purchase the shares, none of the selected partnerships would cut down the dividends.

The most interesting part of the investment was the master limited partnerships with the low double-digit returns that have never been seen in this industry. Gregory also assisted James Dondero to lay their focus on the assisted preliminary investment opportunities in the real estate industry. He also notes that insurance companies are showing interest on his investments.

Cardiologist Edward Honig is Turning Heads and Hearts in New York


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One of the most important things in people’s lives is health. There is a saying that one cannot buy health, so it is the most valuable thing in the world. It is important to stay healthy, and the most important part of the human body is the heart. People nowadays lead very stressful and busy lives. There is not enough time to take a break because if you don’t keep up, you miss something important. The human heart can only take a certain amount of stress, so it is important to make sure it is working the way it should be. This is where cardiologists come in with their training and expertise,

Cardiologists are medical professionals who spend time specializing in all matters heart. They are there to find, prevent help people avoid issues with heart and blood vessels in the body. Heart attacks, heart murmurs, and hypertension are just a few of the health problems cardiologists are trained to deal with. Cardiovascular disease has become a well-known cause of death nowadays because of the world and the way people live. Therefore, cardiologist also works with preventative medicine, checking patients’ weight and looking at their lifestyle to avoid any heart issues later in life.

They spend time studying together with other doctors, but after the first tier of studies is finished, they go on to study for at least two more years just specializing in cardiology. Some would say that doctors never really stop learning because medicine and research are also constantly discovering something new. Cardiologists learn everything about the human heart, but they also learn how to work with the devices they use every day. And they are also taught in managing patient files and keeping records.

Some heart defects are genetic and passed down in the family. Sometimes people have a greater risk of heart disease if someone in their family has a history of it. Then a GP would send a patient to a cardiologist to make sure there are no issues at that point. One of the things doctors advise their patients is quitting smoking. It decreases heart disease risks and improves overall health. Becoming more active is also on the same list.

If you are not sure if your heart is working the way it should, your primary care physician can send you to be checked out by a cardiologist if there is a legitimate necessity for it.

Edward Honig in New York at Glen Cove Hospital is a cardiologist who stands out among his esteemed colleagues. He is very passionate about his work and his patients, and he works in close collaboration with colleagues in different areas of medicine and research to help patients and improve their quality of life. He has seen a lot of change in his field but that only fuelled him to work harder and join forces with other professionals.

He educates his patients and colleagues about the importance of monitoring people and their health. He thinks that monitoring lungs and blood vessels can help people avoid heart problems beyond repair.

How Sheldon Lavin Took Over the World


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In the world of food and meat services, Sheldon Lavin is a titan in the industry, acting as the prototype for many young entrepreneurs seeking to leave their mark. While Mr. Lavin’s status in the meat and food services industry is unquestioned today, he entered the business having very little intimate knowledge of the intricacies. Today, Mr. Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, which is one of the preeminent corporations involved in food services. It was in 1970 that Mr. Lavin got his start in food services when he was asked by the bank to locate funding for an up and coming meat processing company called Otto and Son’s. It was due to Mr. Lavin’s knowledge of the banking industry that made him the prime candidate to help close the deal. Upon receiving the funding, Otto and Son’s would create a new meat processing company that would allow them to become the midwestern meat supplier for McDonald’s Corporation. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin click here.

Mr. Lavin was asked to join Otto and Son’s as an executive to help improve relations between all parties, and although he initially declined, he agreed to become a long-term consultant. In declining to join Otto and Son’s initially, Mr. Lavin was also aware of incredible potential being a part of the company held and negotiated a caveat that stated that he would be able to join at a later date if he became interested. While working as a consultant for Otto and Son’s he became a more integral part in the overseas operations of the company, and eventually decided to take Otto and Son’s up on their initial offer to join the company on a full-time basis. After becoming a full-time executive at Otto and Son’s, which would later become OSI Group, Mr. Lavin launched a campaign that led to a rapid expansion for the company. Under the direction of Mr. Lavin OSI Group quickly became a multinational company, setting up offices in places such as South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, and Japan.

A the ripe age of 81, Sheldon Lavin is still involved in the daily workings of OSI Group, which now employs over 20,000 people in 60 countries around the world. Because of his incredible track record, Mr. Lavin continues to build upon his supreme level of prestige, recently receiving the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy.

Rocketship Education Is Transforming Lives In San Jose


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Rocketship Education, a non-profit charter schools’ network, has been working with parents, educators, and the community to develop an ecosystem of better public schools. Their focus is to prepare San Jose’s English language learners and children from low income families to proceed to college. In a period of ten years, they have grown to 25 high-performing public charter schools. According to Preston Smith, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Rocketship Education, they are working as a team in San Jose to build a powerful movement, as they learn from each other and tap into the region’s innovative strength. Notably, many students have greatly benefited from the noble programs put forth by the institution.

One of the key values of Rocketship Education is gratitude. The leaders, support staff, and teachers are committed to sharing appreciation, a value that has successfully led to a positive culture. Additionally, every Rocketship school has five core values, four of which are shared in their entire network, including responsibility, persistence, respect, and empathy. Every day, members of the network’s members recite these values in the Rocketeer creed and practice them in their community and at school. Through these values, members are able to co-exist in a community that shares a desire to go beyond the expectations.

The fifth core value of every school at Rocketship United Academy is determined by teachers and parents as the value that best demonstrates the school’s unique vision and character. This value may range from bravery to curiosity to service. To help prepare the students to excel at school and beyond, the core values fit within their mission of equipping them with the essential character skills. Moreover, the instructional programs at the schools include socio-emotional skills that are helpful to the students suffering from depression.

Most importantly, parents of Rocketship Education play an important role in the recruitment of teachers. As part of an innovative method of involving parents in developing the academic foundation of the school, the parents interview prospective teachers. This way, Rocketship Education can achieve its mission of filling the achievement gap. In addition, the institution continuously strive to ensure that all students are inspired and engaged to attain excellence in character, critical thinking, academics, and communication.


Matthew Autterson is a philanthropic business man and a leader


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Matthew Autterson is a businessman in Colorado who has made a name for himself over the years. He attended the Michigan State University where he achieved his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance.He later pursued the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver. He started off his career at a subsidiary of Fiserv, First Trust Corporation. In 1982, he left this company to join a smaller team at Integrated Resources Inc. in New York City. Four years later, he became the President of Resource Trust Company, which was later acquired and became SunAmerica Inc.

During the year 1998, 18 billion was used by AIG to acquire SunAmerica. His leadership was held dearly by the companies he worked for and this led to him being retained during the acquisition of Integrated Resources. He is a businessman who uses his leadership to give back to the community. He is involved at Falci Adaptives Biosystems which is a non-profit organization which was formed by Dr. Scott Falci. Matthew works as part of the Board of Directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems. The company is focused on helping the people affected by the disability of neuro motors interact and control the environment around them. His position at the Company was brought about by his vast experience in businesses. He uses his position in this company to assist the disadvantaged members of the society to eliminate human pain through the technology used at Falci Adaptive.

He has been engaged as a Member of the Board for the Denver Zoological Foundation. Furthermore, he has been part of the Directors’ board at Denver Hospice and a board member at the Denver Zoo.He has been very hands on charitable activities for many years. Matthew Autterson is a man of many hats, he has spent over 2 decades in the finance industry and even headed one of the top most chartered institutions in the state as the President of the institution. He has also worked with the world press organization. His skills in the management of wealth have earned him a great name in the business industry. He has consulted for various companies and is still at the disposal of anyone in need of consultation regarding wealth. CNS Bioscience is another company where Matthew has used his leadership to work for the good of the society. This company focuses on developing drugs for neuropathic pain. They are serving lots of people who are suffering chronic diseases.

3 Top Advocacy Groups that Strive to Make the World a Better Place


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Human rights activists, advocacy groups, and other civil society organizations play an important role in promoting migrant rights, addressing the needs of vulnerable groups, and working in close collaboration with governments to solve the refugee crisis. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Therefore, these advocacy groups deserve critical support and funding for them to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. Due to the increased flows of migrants, such as asylum-seekers and refugees, governments across the globe must uphold their universal human rights.

They should also show a keen interest to partner with all stakeholders that champion for human rights. However, many governments have demonstrated an unwillingness to work towards accomplishing their obligations. Others have put in place strict restrictions on human rights advocates and entities that focus on defending migrants’ rights.

  1. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

ACLU is a leading nonpartisan non-profit entity that seeks to defend and protect the rights and liberties of every individual as guaranteed by the laws and constitution of the U.S. This organization operates through lobbying and litigation.

It has more than 1,000,000 members and a yearly budget of not less than $100 million. ACLU’s local subsidiaries operate in about 50 states, the Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. ACLU offers legal support in cases that threaten civil liberties. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

  1. Border Angels

This nonprofit organization champions for social justice and immigration reforms that target the U.S.-Mexico border. It provides migrant outreach and educational programs to immigrant population residing in the San Diego County.

  1. The Amazon Watch

This advocacy group is located in Sans Francisco and operates in the Amazon base. It works in close cooperation with indigenous people and environmental groups towards the protection and preservation of the rights of indigenous individuals. This organization understands that the constant growth of big development projects, such as oil and gas pipeline, affects the indigenous people.

Brief details on Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are human rights defenders of high repute. They are the brains behind the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They have committed settlement funds that came from their illegal arrest by Sheriff Joe to finance organizations that support migrant rights in Arizona.

The two journalists received $3.75 million as compensation for their unwarranted arrest. Police stormed the homes of Lacey and Larkin late in the night, arrested, and jailed them for unearthing the presence of jury proceedings, which required reporters to hand over notes on articles that covered the Sheriff.

The grand Jury subpoenas also needed to know the identity of online readers of New Times stories. Lacey and Larkin leveraged their extensive experience of asserting and protecting their First Amendment rights to emerge victorious in the case they had filed against the county in the U.S. Court of Appeals.

The two journalists used the funds they had obtained from the settlement to form the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This foundation supports organizations that champion for migrant, human, and civil rights. It also encourages civic participation and freedom of expression across Arizona.

195 Countries Use Avaaz As a Vehicle for Change


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There’s an interesting section on Avaaz, the social network that brings people together to focus on changing society for the better. It’s called “Avaaz by the numbers,” and it’s an enlightening little tidbit that shows you just how much Avaaz has impacted the world since 2007. There are 195 countries where Avaaz petitions are active. Over 45 million members have joined since 2007. Even more enlightening is the over 345 MILLION actions that have been taken by Avaaz members over the course of just 10 years. This is an active community of change seekers who want to make the world a better place. If the numbers are any indication, they’re succeeding.

Avaaz is open to all categories of campaign. Some members are focused on animal rights, others on human rights, and still others on smaller issues that might not have bubbled to the surface of the public eye just yet. Members don’t have to depend on sponsors from the government or private corporations, either. They’re entirely self-funded and so they don’t have to hold anything back when it comes to unleashing a campaign that might call attention to some injustice in the world. To know more about Avaaz click here.

So far people in 195 countries have joined together to let their voices be heard online. Technology that didn’t exist 10 years ago has made it possible. Some people prefer social networks that let them socialize. Avaaz members prefer social networks that allow them to join together to work for a common cause. It’s impossible to measure just how much Avaaz has positively impacted the world for now, but as the years go by, it will become clearer by the number of actions taken by this very hardworking, devoted group of people who just want to make the world a much better place for themselves and for people in the future.

Their Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/avaaz

Tony Petrello’s Breathtaking Success Story


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Although Tony Petrello does not appear on most television networks or make captivating speeches like other politicians, he is one of the most significant persons in the United States. Mr. Tony Petrello was once the most paid CEO in United States. In the year 2014, he was approximated to earn around $68.2 million through working in Nabor Industries.

Nabor Industries is a company which is the world’s largest oil and gas drilling company. It owns the largest rig fleet and leads in offshore drilling rigs in not only the United States but also in other global markets. Among other services offered by the company include directional drilling services, innovative technologies and performance tools. Under the governance of Tony Petrello who is the CEO of the company, the workforce of Nabor Industries continues to set new standards which help in the transformation of the industry and ensure operational excellence. The level of success held by Mr. Tony Petrello evokes both envy and admiration from different people. However, based on his success story, it is evident that being humble and such an honest individual, he is worth what he earns.

Mr. Tony Petrello maintains good moral code in managing this company. As such, respect and fairness are highly upheld in Petrello’s management operations. He is a business strategist and a brilliant manager. However, his success is attributed to by the way he treats other people. Based on his conduct, thousands of jobs have been created in the US. His significance in America is depicted on how he helps the Americans obtain a way of enjoying life.

The education background of Tony Petrello traces back to Yale University. Although he faced stiff competition from the best undergraduates scholars globally, he proved to be outstanding and a genius. The Newark community thought that he was a genius which he proved by out-shining others while in the University. As a Mathematics scholar, theorist Serge Lang recognized his brilliance in this field. Together, the two solved complicated proofs and theorems which other students found complex to understand. Tony Petrello later lost interest in Mathematics and switched his career path. He pursued his education at Harvard Law School where studied human sciences. This is where he learned concerning ethics and passion for other people.

The achievements of Tony Petrello demonstrate that leaders can overcome overwhelming situations if they portray intelligence and good work ethics. One of the instances that portray his passion and good ethics was expressing distaste for leaders in business domain who earn high incomes at the cost of ordinary workers. The contract he signed with Nabor Industries states that eighty percent of the income he receives is based on the revenue of the company only.

Respecting Tony Petrello : executives.findthecompany.com/l/18290/Anthony-G-Petrello

Robert A. Ivy Is Designing And Building A Healthy World


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In 2011 Robert A. Ivy, was named the chief executive officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (‘AIA’). Robert Ivy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English degree from the University of the South. He also graduated as cum laude from the same school. His interest in architect stemmed from his higher learning studies as a student at the Tulane University where he earned a Master of Architecture.

Robert Ivy began his career as the vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction, as well as the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record Magazine. Under his leadership Architectural Record was honored with many distinguished journalistic and trade magazine awards. Top awards included the Jesse H. Neal Awards and the National Magazine Award for General Excellence presented by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

In his work at the AIA, Mr. Ivy set a goal for its purpose, which is to make architecture an impetus for improving public health through research, digital platforms, community planning, and the whole future of architecture planning and design. Robert Ivy is also a member of the International Circle of Architecture Critics whose members believe in bringing the art of architecture, its social, economic, and creative relevance into the future.

Follow Robert Ivy on LinkedIn

Robert Ivy is an accomplished orator who has given many keynote speeches at U.S. and international architectural events. He is an avid spokesman on the effect of architecture on climate, social, and political questions on the environment of structures. He authored a book, called “Fay Jones: Architect,” which received great acclaim. He has also served several terms as the U.S. Commissioner at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Other honorable mentions for Robert Ivy has included the G.D. Crain Award in 2009, for his lifetime contributions to editorial excellence in business media. In 2010, he received the Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity, where they dubbed him “Master Architect,” for his contributions in mentoring architectural students and alumni.

Intimates Company, Honey Birdette Release Plans For Company Expansion


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A lot of people in Australia have heard of Honey Birdette due to its ever increasing popularity since the company’s inception in 2006 at Brisbane where it was first organized by the well known business woman, Eloise Monaghan. Since the woman’s intimates company has seen such a meteoric rise they have decided to expand into foreign markets, the two primary ones being those of the United States of America and of the United Kingdom.

For the UK, company officials have publicly stated that they wish to increase their current three brick and mortar storefronts to around forty by the end of the year 2018. Areas where new boutiques will be created include Leeds, White City and Covent Garden London. This is, needless to say, a extremely ambitious move by the company as they already control 55 real world stores in Australia, which would make the total boutique store count 95 worldwide. If this expansion is successful, it would doubtless showcase Honey Birdette’s considerable powers of planning and organization which have lent it so much popularity thus far.

Though the company is based out of Australia, they received a nearly 374 % sales increase from the US which was such a sudden and profitable boost that they decided to open up a online storefront which specifically catered to the American lingerie buyer. The US online Honey Birdette store offers a whole host of features which their original Australian online website did not, such as increased delivery times and free shipping for any purchases of any combinations of items whose price totals $ 50 US dollars or more.