Mighty Fortress Church Is Transforming Lives Through Worship


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Minnesota’s rich history, amazing scenery and social diversity can be acknowledged by taking a look at some of the city’s most beautiful churches.

From hand-painted stained glass windows to one of a kind architectural features, all the churches will leave a lasting impact.

A Minnesota landmark Basilica, Basilica of St. Mary in Minnesota, is the first Basilica in the country. A gathering place for all faiths the historic site is a community dedicated to the expansion and interests of the city.

With a magnificently in depth interior, the Basilica of St. Mary aims to be a place where all can cultivate and promote their faith. With more than 6,700 families, the Basilica also features an art gallery that highlights local, national and international artists work. A music festival is also held annually as a fundraiser.

Built in the early 1900s, the Cathedral of St. Paul is not only a place of worship for its parishioners but is also a civic landmark. The exterior walls of the third largest church in the United States are Saint Cloud granite while the interior walls are American Travertine.

The Cathedral is the foundation of a Catholic Community of Faith.

Stella Marie Chapel, St. John’s University in Collegeville, is only accessible by either hiking a mile or canoeing across Lake Sagatagan. In the early 1900’s the Gothic-style chapel burned down by a lightening strike and a group of Benedictine monks completed a new chapel on the same site in 1915.

New stained glass windows, a stuccoed exterior and Mexican tile on the floor are featured in the new Romanesque-style chapel.

Built with great architecture, Minneapolis-based Mighty Fortress International focuses on God and what He has done in and through lives.

Senior pastor and founder, Bishop Thomas Williams is a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma. Through his more than 30 years of preaching the word of God, Bishop Williams calls attention to wisdom and knowledge through worship and Bible teachings.

The church offers a dependable and genuine approach to worship services and would like church to be an enjoyable experience and not an irrelevant ceremony.

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The Career of Anthony Petrello in Nabor Industries.


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Anthony G Petrello is an employee of Nabors Industries, which is the world’s largest drilling company located on land. Nabors Industries is based in Hamilton, Bermuda and operates in the United States, Far East, Middle East and Africa. Anthony Petrello holds two mathematics degrees from Harvard Law School and Yale University. He is a native of Nerwak who moved to Houston to pursue his career. He adjusted his life quickly to coup up the new city by working longer hours and even during weekends for the first five years.

Anthony Petrello started his career at Baker and McKenzie law firm in 1979, serving a junior employee. He was later promoted to become the managing partner of the company’s branch in New York for five years until 1991. He left the company to join Nabors Industries. Nabor Industries specializes in geothermal and natural gas drilling. The company founded in 1968 was previously known as Anglo Energy Limited. Anthony rose to the rank in 2003 and was appointed as the deputy chairman, serving the position until 2012. His position as the current chief executive officer began in 2011 as well as the director of Stewart and Stevenson LLC. Anthony Petrello is the chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries from 2012 to date alongside being the director of Hilcorp Energy Company.

Since Anthony appointment as the chief executive officer, the share price of the firm was increased by 180 percent. Anthony Petrello receives a competitive salary that makes him be the highest paid chief executive officer in America. According to the financial year of 2015, his total calculated compensation was $27,512,939 that earned him a salary $1,580,077 a bonus of $7,727,000 a stock of $16,863,656 and different kinds of compensation that amounted to $1,342,206.

Petrello is greatly influenced by his daughter’s neurological disorder to sponsor brain research for children. Birth of his daughter Carena changed his focus, making him revise his priorities to seek medical attention for her. Anthony is encouraged that Carena has a greater purpose in life than other children who have fewer challenges. His hope for researching children neurological disorders came through Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony Petrello became the director the firm and supported the hospital’s project of exploring the causes of neurological disorders by donating seven million dollars. Petrello has also established an award prize for the beloved professor in math, which has a monetary value of 450,000 dollars.

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Michel Terpins: A Brazilian Rallying Superstar


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The Brazilian Rallying industry has produced many superstars in the past few years, and Michel Terpins is one of the most famous names in the game. Michel was born close to four decades ago and has made himself a name as a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He has been a regular participant in the Sertoes Rally, having participated in the competition more times that his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins.

Records indicate that Michel Terpins has competed in the last nine editions of the Sertoes Rally, four times more than his elder brother. Having grown up in a sporting family, it was quite natural that Michel would perform well in the sporting world. Michel formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team together with Rodrigo as they are very passionate about speed and off-road driving. Also, the two brothers have made major appearances in the last four editions of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

Michel is expected to participate in this year’s Sertoes Rally to mark his 10th participation in this particular competition. As usual, Michel will race in the T-Rex, which has been his car of choice when it comes to racing. Michel’s journey in rallying has been kind of interesting because he began in the motorcycle category when he made his debut in 2002.

He then joined the cars category as a sailor for his brother Rodrigo Terpins. Michel has been working hard in the four years to improve his piloting skills with T-Rex. It is always important for a rally driver to have a skilled and experienced navigator to succeed. Maykel Justo has been his reliable navigator in the last four years and is the reason why Michel has experienced significant evolution in his piloting.

By providing him with the much-needed safety, Justo has made it possible for him to make significant improvements when it comes to turning. Apart from participating the Sertoes Rally for over ten times, Michel’s navigator has four titles. The Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship is one of the most competitive rallies in the country, and Michel is the current leader in prototype T1.

Sahm Adrangi Raises $100 Million For His “Co-Investment” Fund


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Mostly, hedge fund managers raise funds from investors to focus on a specific investment agenda like residential mortgaged-backed securities. Sahm Adrangi, the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, has taken a totally different approach. Sahm has raised $100 million for Kerrisdale “co-investment” fund that will bet against a single of a soon-to-be disclosed company. According to the information provided by an anonymous source, the new fund is already buying shares from the unveiled company. Adrangi said that they have raised a significant amount of money within a short period and aim to share their insights with their investors. He, alongside Kerrisdale’s analyst Shane Wilson, will sell their thesis to others in an upcoming campaign through a report, video and website. Kerrisdale has an impressive record of shorting stocks and taking their case public.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi established Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 with less than $1 million. Serving as the chief investment officer of the company, Sahm has been actively involved in all processes of the same. The company managed $150 million as of July 2017. The experienced short seller and research publisher shares his opinions on stocks through the company’s website, third-party investing-related sites or social media. He rose to prominence in 2010 and 2011 after he short and exposed Chinese fraudulent companies. Various targets, including ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Alliance became SEC’s law enforcement targets. Sahm has published research on the biotechnology sector, focusing on companies that in the development stage like Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences and Unilife.

Sahm has also focused on the mining sector where he has questioned the mining prospects and market valuations of various companies. In 2004, Sahm Adrangi exposed the illegalities in the proposed Terrestrial Low Power (TLPS) by Globalstar through a webcast, live stream and other mediums while focusing on the telecommunication sector. Sahm started his career in finance by rendering his services for Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. While building his career in investment banking, Sahm accepted to work for Longacre Management, a major distressed debt hedge fund. He is a proud alumnus of Yale University where he graduated with his degree in economics. Sahm has spoken at various conferences and featured on channels like CNBC and Bloomberg.

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Organo Gold is Bringing Earth’s Treasure to The Word


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According to two recent studies published in an academic medical journal called Annals of Internal Medicine, drinking coffee can be connected to a decreased risk of dying from plenty of diseases including stroke and heart disease. Coffee’s health benefits and limitations have been long studied; this is not the first time that drinkers of coffee have seen headlines that claim their morning habit could increase their lifespan.

One of these studies examined approximately 185,000 Americans and discovered that whether people took decaffeinated or caffeinated, coffee was connected with a reduced risk of death caused by kidney disease, diabetes, diabetes, stroke, stroke, and heart disease in whites, Latinos, Japanese Americans, and African-Americans.

Veronica W. Setiawan, who is the head author of the study as well as a preventive medicine associate professor at Keck School of Medicine of USC. She said that seeing the same pattern across different populations is giving stronger biological support to the debate that coffee is great for you whether you’re Asian, Latino, African-American, or white. According to the study, the people that reported they took 2-3 cups of coffee every day had an 18 percent reduced chance of dying compared to those who didn’t take over the 16 years of the test period.

Organo Gold was founded in the year 2008, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The company is a global network marketing, and its mission is changing lives by helping people in reaching new levels of well-being, freedom, and balance through their premium products plus business opportunity. The company specializes in premium coffees as well as tea that contains Ganoderma mushroom.

Organo Gold has a unique, exclusive collaborative association with the popular Napoleon Hill Foundation. The book entitled Think and Grow Rich has sold more than 100 million copies globally and is recognized for helping millions of individuals become successful entrepreneurs as well as achieve financial success.

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