How does one find ‘Equities First Holdings’ Wikepedia page?


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I’m speaking to those of you out there looking for a challenge. Try finding ‘Equities First Holdings’ Wikepedia page. If you’re anything like me and you actually decide to take up this endevor, the first thing you will probably do is type ‘Equities First Holdings’ into google, only to realize that there is no ‘Equities First Holdings’ Wikepedia page.

This revelation startled me when I experienced it, in that, I had never come across a company without a wikepedia page before; I am a determained individual though. So although I would not fault you for giving up after not finding it on the first few pages of google search; I decided to go a little bit further. I went to wikepedia directly and typed “Equity’s First Holdings’ into its browser, yet still, the only thing I could find was Equity Group Holdings Limited’s page. Someone needs to make a full wikepedia page for that company.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America are fighting to end Prostate Cancer


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Getting a professional screen is the most effective way to prevent prostate cancer. That is the reason why The Cancer Society of America has been pleased to work well with the NFLA and also LabCorp to raise awareness regarding the value of screening. They also show the advancements made in analyzing methods, identification and treatment alternatives (including busy surveillance), in checking for terrible diseases prostate cancer. A PSA test, which will drop out a particular range considered ordinary or irregular, doesn’t necessarily mean cancer and it doesn’t dictate the sort of treatment you get. A second opinion is always necessary. But, a higher PSA level can suggest greater risk of cancer and needs to be discussed promptly by doctor.

Eligible men can dictate their discounted or free PSA screening by seeing Prostate Speaking or Health Testing Centers. The Prostate pep-talk campaign is the main proponent of the professionally administered tests. Testing will be carried out by LabCorp and can be found at any one of LabCorp’s patient service centers around the nation. Men with an increased PSA out of a particular range that is considered normal could be at higher risk for cancer and may talk to their doctor to ascertain the upcoming actions which are most appropriate for their requirements. Elevated PSA levels don’t necessarily indicate prostate cancer. The Cancer Society of America recommends getting a secondary evaluation after you have received your PSA for more accurate results. This service is guaranteed to provide results that will be very beneficial to the men of America.

“LabCorp is very happy to team up using all the NFL’s resources. The Prostate Pep Talk effort helps to enhance health and improve lifestyles for men all over the nation. Finding a PSA screening may help men and their nearest and dearest make more informed treatment and monitoring decisions. This is slated to be an excellent movement.

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Talos Energy Shares in Historic Oil Discovery Off Shores of Mexico


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It’s being called a historic discovery of new oil in the Gulf of Mexico. A well called ZAMA-1 made history recently for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s the first well sunk by private industry and foreign competitors in waters owned by Mexico in some 80 years.

Mexico has not allowed private well-drilling projects since that country nationalized its oil industry more than eight decades ago. But Mexico is determined to jump-start economic development and boost its world standing as a major energy producer. It enacted reforms that opened up its potential oil resources to private exploration.

In May of 2017, three companies were awarded a contract to drill for oil in a location off the coast of the Mexican state of Tobasco. The companies participating in the project are Talos Energy, London’s Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra gas & Oil.

It was expected that this location in the Sureste Basin might hold up to 500 million barrels of crude, but after drilling was completed, the find is almost certainly holding at least one billion barrels of oil, and may be as large as two billion barrels.

Talos Energy LLC is an oil exploration company based in Houston, Texas. The company was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan who raised some $600 million in start-up capital. Talos focuses on the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico in its exploration efforts.

Talos will be the operator of the ZAMA-1 well, and has a 35% share in the project. Sierra Oil holds 40% and Premier Oil is in for a 25% share.

This major discovery of new Gulf oil shows that small, nimble, innovative and efficient oil production companies such as Talos Energy can be significant players in the global quest for energy.

George Soros, the billionaire with a giving heart


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George Soros, the famous philanthropist, and billionaire recently transferred $18 billion of his own wealth to his Open Society Foundations. This now makes him one of the most powerful philanthropists in the history of the United States. Soros began his philanthropy in 1979. Since 1984, the Open Source Foundations has donated $14 billion. He launched a scholarship program that catered for black South Africans. This was aimed at promoting worldwide justice and equality. His recent donation makes him at per with one of the largest charitable foundations in America, that is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was founded by Microsoft Corporation’s billionaires.George Soros is ranked 20th in the Forbes list of 400 wealthy Americans. He has a net worth of about $23 billion. He was born in Hungary and later fled from the country due to the communist regime that was prevalent during that time. Soros studied at the London School of Economics. He managed to pay tuition fees for himself while working as a waiter and a railway porter.

The Open Source Foundations management does not plan on changing its operations even after the new injection of finances. They mention that they will continue focusing on building societies that focus on human rights, justice, and democracy.The transfer of funds has been taking place over a considerable amount of time. This has been done through George Soros’ investment company, Soros Fund Management. The transfer has been estimated to have taken about a year.Soros started Soros Fund Management back in 1969. He has managed to grow the company to one of the most successful investment companies in the world. Soros Fund Management is well known for its speculation of currencies. In 2011, the company converted its investment funds to a family office that is responsible for handling Soros’ and his foundation’s finances. The Open Society Foundations has various offices around the world. Their presence is felt in over 140 countries. The workforce consists of 1,500 employees.

The foundation operates with a budget of $940 million. The largest chunk of the foundation’s money goes towards human rights and democratic practices. Another considerable chunk goes towards supporting other regional and national foundations that are operated by local boards. These local boards help in ensuring proper distribution of the Open Society’s grants takes place.George Soros is also known for his support towards American Democratic candidates as well as progressive causes. This has made him become a common target for political conservatives. He supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. Soros also supported several nonprofit organizations that had opposed Donald Trump during president George W. Bush’s campaign.George Soros has now given away over $32 billion. He is the founder of Central European University that is in Budapest. The university is well known around the region for the social sciences courses that are offered. Under George Soros’ leadership, the Open Society Foundation has offered thousands of promising students a chance to education. The foundation has catered to both their school and university fees. These students would have been excluded from this chance because of to their individuality or origin.

How Sheldon Lavin has Transformed OSI Group


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Sheldon Lavin is the talented CEO and Chairman of the renowned food processing industry: OSI Group. He also serves as OSI International Foods Ltd.’s avid president. Sheldon achieved his current top position through years of struggle. Previously, Sheldon had a fruitful career in the banking industry where he was an executive and investor. In 1970, Sheldon organized financing for Otto & Sons, the former name of OSI Industries, LLC. The company wanted funds to establish a meat processing facility to become the major Midwest provider of hamburger to the famous Corporation of McDonald.

Sheldon’s bank requested him to claim a proprietorship position in the company. He denied the proposal because the meat processing industries dealings were not related to his consulting practice. Nevertheless, Sheldon accepted to be the company’s consultant and proposed that Otto & Sons should handle his financial investment like their assets if he became their partner.

Sheldon became significantly involved in the company’s operations and supervised foreign investments. When the owner of Otto & Sons retired, Sheldon became an associate with the owner’s sons. He decided to dedicate his time to grow the company by working on a full-time basis in the late 1970s. Sheldon’s efforts led to an expansion of the company’s operations across Europe and North America. He took half of the controlling interest in OSI Group when one of the associates sold his shares. Later, Sheldon became the sole owner of OSI Group when the other partner retired.

OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has contributed towards the prosperity of OSI Group. For instance, the company has acquired several environmental and sustainability awards. The company provides excellent food safety and quality guarantee services. The British Safety Council awarded OSI Group with the Globe of Honor for implementing strategies in risk management.

Sheldon has also developed the company from a local food processing company to a global leader. Currently, OSI Group exists in over 60 locations globally, for instance, China, India, Philippines, and South Africa. OSI Group specializes in providing beef, bacon, snack processing, and sausage. Regardless of Sheldon’s tremendous successes, he aims to motivate corporate leaders to be committed to developing their companies and contributing towards the expansion of international commerce. To know more about him click here.

Accomplishments of Sheldon

Sheldon Lavin is an active philanthropist in many charities including Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He is also a winner of several awards including the Global Visionary Award due to his devoted efforts of positioning OSI Group at an international level.

The History And Mission Of Fabletics Through The Eyes Of The Founders


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Kate Hudson’s recent appearance at an event was to commemorate Fabletics global campaign launch, the Fashion Centre Mall Fabletics store, and the FTBC or Fashion Designers of America for breast cancer. Her promotion of breast cancer awareness holds significance for her. She believes their mission is to spread awareness, and propel research to ultimately eradicate breast cancer. The items available at the accredited Fabletics stores and will benefit FTBC global.

Kate Hudson believes individual preferences should determine the outfit choice, although many individuals purchase and invest in meaningful items. The main focus of her firm remains on health, and this encompasses a society working to support breast cancer. Women all over the world are being affected by breast cancer. Kate Hudson keeps a healthy mind and body, and her motivation is living positively and optimistically. This is what her brand and her company stand for.

According to Kate Hudson, she wants to continue pursuing the expansion of the brand. This does involve risks, including the accessories worn by girls around the world every day. The brand continues to experiment with new ideas and concepts as they evaluate the response they receive from their target market. Kate Hudson finds this both fun and interesting, especially in regard to a fashion firm. This enables them to explore various systems and styles more frequently.

Kate Hudson is the ambassador to the Fabletics brand. The brand was launched and founded by Adam Goldenburg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson back in 2013. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenburg made the decision to launch the brand when they identified a big gap in the activewear industry. The industry was comprised of a lot of luxury brands, but none of them offered an affordable price for the stylish or premium gear.

Although Adam Goldenburg has established himself as a global entrepreneur, his original debut in the world of business occurred when he was only fifteen. This began with the creation of Gaming Alliance advertising, and led to his becoming the CEO of the company that bought the firm. He was only 20 when Intermix purchased his company.

Don Ressler’s career in business also began early, and his experience with Intermix was similar as they purchased his website. His interest in fashion developed through his work, and online projects with Intermix. These two men developed a working relationship during their time at Intermix. This first led to Intelligence Beauty in 2006, and eventually the creation of Fabletics with Kate Hudson.

Empowering Girls and Women in Texas


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NexBank SSB is a regional bank with headquarters in Dallas. The company is a proud sponsor of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. The major announcement was made at the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. The regional bank funded the foundation with $100,000 and will continue assisting the foundation in promoting the security and leadership of women. The luncheon was graced with influential people. Dr. Hope Jahren, a best-selling author, an award-winning scientist addressed the audience. Jahren is also among the top 100 influential people according to TIME Magazine. The speech was streamed live in 20 schools with more than 10,000 students in North Texas.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation often holds the luncheon annually. The event receives at least 1,300 business and community leaders as well as civic leaders. Dallas Women’s Foundation is the leading regional women’s fund in the world. It is also a leader championing for constructive economic and social changes for both girls and women.

NexBank has assets worth $6.4 billion. It received its charter in 1992. The regional bank specializes in the provision of mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services to its customers. NexBank is a member of the NexBank Capital Incorporation which is a financial service company. NexBank is the number twelve among the largest banks in Texas. It is also among the top two hundred banks in the United States.

NexBank was founded in 1934. It has grown over the years and is currently located in three locations. It has employed more than 87 employees countywide and is still growing. The bank is also an active member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). FDIC was established by the United States Congress.

Through its commercial banking services, the regional bank supports not only institutions but also business enterprise with solutions and quick service delivery. The bank provides commercial and SBA loan to its clients to fund their operation and grow their wealth. NexBank also provides commercial lending services to entities in the real estate industry. The bank offers agency and treasury management services too. The mortgage banking services availed by NexBank include warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending.

Learn More About The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America


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Allscripts and Nanthealth have partnered with Cancer Treatment Centers Of America to expand their already successful oncology department says, PRN Newswire. Thousands of cancer patients reach out to their network as a caring medical alternative to traditional cancer treatment. Their oncologists have been able to find evidence based treatment programs. Their new workflow program through their partnership with Nanthealth will help more patients get personalized care through a seamless method. You have a professional team of associates work diligently towards you getting better and live a better life when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Get appropriate treatment options for your needs. They offer their clients safe and efficient treatment. You can leave a healthy longer life with accurate oncology reports that tell physicians exactly what you need. Choose to live a full life and go through the remission of cancEr with less worries of the cancer coming back. Their nontraditional method of treating cancer has been a preferred method for thousands of patients nationwide. They give you a comparison for other sources of cancer treatment. Their team of dedicated professionals is there to put the life of their patients first. Get the life you should be living with your battle with cancer.

You’re invited to visit one of their locations nationwide to find out your options for treatment. They also offer a unique website with more details and information on their success stories at Cancer Treatment Centers Of America. Live well with the top traditional cancer treatment alternative nationwide.

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Agora Financial Sharing Crucial Financial News with its Subscribers


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Creating wealth on today’s date is a challenge considering the volatile financial markets. The financial markets have become highly unpredictable, and it is crucial for the people to keep investing to protect themselves during difficult times. It also helps in achieving economic freedom post-retirement and lives a financially secured life. Investments help in multiplying income and adding to it and thus, should be a priority of every working professional. If you are not too sure about where to invest or which financial product to choose when investing, following the guidance offered in the publications of Agora Financial is a good idea. It would help clear doubts and ensure that you are taking the right decisions regarding financial investments.

Agora Financial provides finance and investment based commentary, ideas, tips, and information in the form of books, emails, newsletters, and more. It helps the readers to know which industry is going to face tough times ahead and which sector is going to be booming shortly. The company does extensive financial research that helps Agora Financial to get this news. Moreover, the reporters at Agora Financial travel across the globe. It helps them stay updated about what is going on in different sectors and if there are any unusual or significant movements going to happen that can shake the financial markets considerably. Agora Financial shares their research with their readers so that they can make sound investment decisions.

Agora Financial has over a million subscribers at the moment, and the count is increasing rapidly. The company takes pride in the fact that they do not take money from any financial institutions to report falsely to the target audience. Thus, the readers can be sure that what they are reading at the publications of Agora Financial is entirely unbiased and accurate. There are no discrepancies or manipulations in the information Agora Financial shares with its readers.

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White Shark Media Is Always Updated


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Technology is moving at a very fast pace. Hence people, as well as organizations, need to keep themselves updated all the time. This is the only way to ensure that they are effective and able to make a difference.

White Shark Media is one such company. It is an expert in digital marketing. One reason behind this is that they are always updated with the latest knowledge on any advancement in technology. Due to this reason, they are able to provide the latest services to their clients and make an impact on their business too.

The fact remains that technology is advancing in order to give better returns. This would mean becoming more affordable, efficient as well as impactful. But these benefits can be availed of only when the organization is aware of the latest advancements.

White Shark Media believes in keeping its knowledge updated. Hence it has happy clients. These clients know that once they are working with White Shark Media, they would be getting access to the latest services in terms of technological advances. Hence no matter which service or services are being used, the latest will be offered by White Shark Media.

It is important for any digital marketing company to be responsive. They need to know how their campaign is doing. This would tell them where they are doing well and which areas need improvement. Once such kind of analysis is done, it will make any digital marketing campaign highly effective and beneficial for the client.