Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Baby


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Let’s face it, dating is one of the things in life we prepare for all our lives and never get ready for. Your mum will teach you about birds and bees, but she can never prepare you for all the twists and turns of the dating world. Those ones, you learn on your own and you learn hard way. Traditionally, men make first move and women just sit around and wait to be picked. What then if no one ever picks you? Does it mean that you are a not it? Of cause not!

By giving women the power to make the first move, Bumble evens out the playing field. Now women don’t have to sit around and wait for some guy to make up his mind about her. She can now make the move. Bumble has a feature that allows only the female to start a chat. Because of this, bumble has become quite popular in the dating world. By the end of its first year in the market, Bumble had attracted over two million users!

Because of Bumble’s uniqueness, Whitney got an offer to sell out at 450 million dollars by mismatch, but she declined. She said the app is worth so much more. So what next for bumble? It’s headed to becoming the number one dating site on its own, no partnerships. With its unique features such as the Bumble boost, bumble bff and bumble coins, the app is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest and can easily stand on its own.

The Bumble bff feature is a feature you will find in no other dating site. It allows the girl to find a best friend through the app as well. With Bamblebff, any of the girls can start conversation. Since all conversations in bumble have to be started within 24 hours of the match the female user can get Bumble boost, at a fee, so she can have more than 24 hours to start a conversation with her match. Then there are the Bumble coins, you can use them to tell someone that you are really interested in them.

It’s not a surprise that Whitney Wolfe would come up with an app with a goal to help other people. Whitney helping people goes way back to her days in school. While still at Southern Methodist University she partnered with Patrick, a celebrity stylist, to launch ‘help us’ to sell bamboo toe bags to those affected with BP oil spillage. After that, she was off to help orphanages in South East Asia. With Bamble, apart from making money, she gets to help people every single day.

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George Soros Helps People Realize They Can Have A Better Life


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By donating over 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation, George Soros was making sure he could help people with everything they needed. The foundation was intended for people who needed his help and that’s what George Soros did to give back to them. He knew what it would take and that he’d be willing to give attention to issues people were having on their own. He also knew there would be things that would help him make more sense out of everything he had done with the company. According to the Open Society Foundation, George Soros was one of their biggest contributors.

Since George Soros has made so much money, he has been able to donate most of it. He knows it is meaningless, but he knows helping people is going to give him what he needs in his life. If he’s able to help more people than what he was able to do in the past, he feels confident he’ll be able to do things better and will even be able to feel better about the life he has. It is his way of making sure people know what they can get and how their lives will always turn around to get better in different situations.

Despite some people mocking him for what he does and trying to make him look like the bad guy, George Soros knows he is doing the best job possible. He has spent a lot of time trying to make sure he can help others and can give them what they are looking for. He also spends most of his time finding new ways to help people without just giving into the needs they have. It is his way of showing people what they can do on their own and in different situations.

For George Soros, this means he has to keep pushing forward and helping others with the issues they are having. He also wants to give people the chances they need to try different things and bring more attention to industry that he is a part of. It is his way of providing people with the help he needed when he was younger. It is also what he has been able to do to make sure there are things that will happen in different situations. For George Soros, there are so many different things he can do to truly help those who are able to benefit from what he has to offer.

There have been other times where George Soros was not able to do exactly what people wanted. These times made sense for him because of the things that were going on. They also made it harder for people to push him away. Since George Soros knew what he was able to do and since he was sure he was going to continue helping others out, he felt good about the career he made for himself. He also knew what would happen with that career if he continued making it better.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Give People New Chances


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There are many times when minorities just don’t have a chance to live their lives in the way they deserve to. They are subject to cruel things and that can be hard for them even if they are normal in every other area.

Because Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know what it is like to be a minority, they know how they can help the minorities with the different opportunities they have. They also know there are things they will need to do if they’re going to be able to help them in every way possible. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this means they have to make sure they are doing everything right and they are doing things in a way that makes the most amount of sense to them.

As long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are working together to help the minorities, they know they can do a lot of positive things. They also know they’ll be able to give people the chances they never had without their help.

Doing this allows them to make sure they are positive influences on other people. It is their way of giving the communities they work with just what they need to feel good about the things that are happening around them. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this is how they are going to keep trying other things. It is also how they are going to be able to solve many different problems. For the men to do this, they have to make sure they’re offering the best options possible.

They also have to make sure people understand what they are doing so they don’t have to wait on the different things that are happening around them. It all goes back to the right way to do business and how it is going to continue helping people.

As long as there are other things for people to rely on, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know what they need to do. They aren’t afraid to give people the advice they need and they certainly aren’t afraid to make sure people are getting the positive help that will allow them to keep working toward more options in the future.

It all goes back to the way they are doing things and the way they are going to keep having a positive time with others. The men know what they need to do and keep doing it with the Frontera Fund.

All of the things that have happened since they started the Frontera Fund are thanks to Joe Arpaio. While he is one of the biggest enemies of minorities, he actually helped them get the Frontera Fund.

By illegally arresting the men and making things harder on them, he had to pay them a lot of money. The money went directly toward the fund. Without it, it would have taken Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin years to get to where they are at with the options they have in their own business.

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Firing The Boss With Market America


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Many people have that dream of being able to walk out of their job and still be able to support themselves. However, it is often written off as a pipe dream given that living expenses can and often do eat up all of the income. In fact, many people live one paycheck away from losing everything. This is one of the reasons that it is important to find alternative sources of income and to build it. While many people may be intimidated at the idea of building alternative income sources, Market America has made it easy on a lot of people.

The best thing about Market America is that it has experimented with many different methods for marketing and selling so that it can maximize its reach in the market. It has also partnered with some of the best brands so that selling can be very easy. One of the goals of Market America is to bring forth a new economy. As a matter of fact, business owners are trying to bring forth what is known as the economy of the future. This is the type of economy that is based on the individual. As people are moving away from the team based economy to a more independent lifestyle, businesses are setting things up so that it can be easier for people to achieve.

The best thing about finding an alternate source of income with Market America is that even if someone has another job, they don’t have to worry about losing their job with their employer because of the extra income they are getting from their company. As a matter of fact, once they build their company so that it surpasses the income of their employer, then they will have no reason to continue working for their employer. They’d have to resign and leave the position open for others.

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Leadership Qualities That Jeffry Schneider Implements While Leading His Company


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Being a leader to a company isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and more importantly, the drive to lead people. Good leaders aren’t born, they are made. No matter where the leader is working, be it in a big multinational corporation, or a department head for a smaller firm, they all share specific characteristics that make them who they are.

Jeffry Schneider is someone who has incorporated the qualities of a leader into the work that he does, enabling him to guide the company that he founded. Just like most good leaders, he too believes that there are certain aspects and qualities that one must adopt when trying to guide their employees.

Have Good Communication Abilities

One of the first essential aspects that Jeffry Schneider believes good leaders should possess is excellent communication skills. The leader needs to be able to communicate what thoughts and ideas he wants to execute efficiently. But even if you are fluent in the subject, there are always going to be times where the people listening might not fully grasp what you are trying to say. Therefore, it is essential for a leader not only to communicate well but also make sure that the communication has gotten across and the employees have understood exactly what the leader is trying to say.

A True Motivator

One of the things that Jeffry Schneider has always tried to do at his company is motivate his employees to put their best foot forward. It is up to the leaders of the company to boost overall morale, and motivate them so that they perform to their highest ability. Motivation from a superior is always better as compared to receiving motivation from a colleague, which is why efficiency leaders should always try to incorporate this into the work that they do and the way that they run their company.

Have the Right Objectives in Mind

If a leader has a clear goal in mind, he can communicate that with his employees to help them achieve that goal. This is one aspect that Jeffry Schneider has always tried to incorporate while he guides his employees at the workplace. Things like meetings and conferences will only go in a good direction if the leader has a clear-cut objective in mind that he would like achieve. It also helps prevent the leader from wandering off topic when they are trying to communicate something with their employees.

Focused on Growth

Jeffry Schneider has always been focused on the growth of his company since the very beginning. It begins with the approach that he took for the programs that he has implemented to make his workplace better. Focusing on growth is an essential point for leaders who want to be efficient at what they do. Being a good leader means that you must make decisions that are always geared towards the benefit of the company

A Creative Worker

A good leader should always be creative in leading a company. For Jeffry Schneider, this started in the very concept that his firm was founded on. Being in a highly competitive industry, he took the path less traveled, adopting a more creative approach to business. A good leader should always be able to think outside the box to come up with innovative ways to work and lead the employees.

California’s Housing Market And What Nick Vertucci Says Home Buyers And Investors Can Do With It


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California’s housing prices continue to go up despite the fact that sales are not really increasing. In fact, they’ve been on a slight decline that has investment experts wondering if a bubble may be about to burst. What does still remain promising is that the economy in the state remains very diverse, and there are certain sectors of the housing market where demand is outweighing the supply, and as a result the prices have climbed. Nick Vertucci believes that with these high prices come opportunities for those who want to invest in and flip homes, and he shows people how to do the right research in this profession at his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

People who feel their life may be a struggle and don’t know how to get it back on track may find inspiration in Nick Vertucci’s story. He certainly loves the family he was born in, but growing up with them included facing hardship after hardship including losing his father while he was still young, and eventually having little money that he was forced to live out of a car by age 18. A little later it seemed like things were starting to turn around for Nick Vertucci when he found he excelled in computer hardware sales and was making profits off of this business. He even bought a home and raised a family of his own, but unfortunately his business went under when the dot-com crash hit and once again hardships overtook him.

It was over a year after falling into debt and barely hanging on to his home that Vertucci learned about a conference in real estate investing. He thought it wasn’t likely for him since he had no background in the subject, but he went anyway and soon found that he could do it. He taught himself how to buy homes, began flipping them and before long he was making money again. He eventually made so much money that he decided to start the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to help others learn how they could do it, and many people have thanked him because of how it’s genuinely worked for them.

The Power of Fabletics’ Crowd


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The power of the crowd is something that’s swept over the economy and left changed in its path. Things are far different than they used to be. Companies used to use simple promotions to get new customers through the doors. In fact, all companies need back then were quality goods or services at fair prices.

These days, consumers have all the power, and they use it. Over the years, the number of online review sites has grown exponentially. Yelp and Trustpilot are amongst the most popular. Trustpilot is the largest review site in the world with over 30 million reviews about over 160,000 businesses worldwide.

Online reviews are the opinions of average people just sharing their opinions. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, these reviews are based on honesty and reality. People no longer trust traditional advertising because its company sponsored. Online reviews offer genuine information based on personal experience.

There’s another benefit to online reviews: it forces companies to be transparent and customer focused. Companies should behave like that anyway, but it helps if they have encouragement. Companies can benefit from this trend as well. Savvy brands like Fabletics have capitalized on this consumer behavior in a big way.

Fabletics is an activewear that was founded in 2013. Since 2013, the company’s grown over 200 percent because of online reviews. Most companies had to slow down to adjust, but part of Fabletics’ premise was customer focused. By building strong relationships with their members, it allowed the company to succeed in a market already dominated by powerhouses.

Activewear is nothing new, and it’s growing in popularity. Before Fabletics, most activewear brands were either expensive or unfashionable. Fabletics combined on-trend fashion and affordable prices with personalized service and a friendly atmosphere. This proved a winning combination for co-founder Kate Hudson.

When Kate first crafted the idea, she wanted her company to be for all women. Not a lot of brands make clothing for plus-size women, so it was important to Kate Hudson that Fabletics does. Recently, that dream was recognized, as Fabletics launched its first plus-size lines early this year.

She wanted her brand to be for all women because it’s about inspiring women. She doesn’t just want women to look their best; she wants them to feel their best as well. It’s her way of helping Americans fight against the country’s health issues.

George Soros On The West’s Failure After The Collapse Of Communism


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When you hear people talking about George Soros, his recent mega donation is bound to come up. It was just so outstanding and unusual. He donated eighteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations, which was four fifths of his wealth. That is just so much money and is one of the largest donations in history.

However, you will hear some people whining about it, especially if you are talking to people who tend to believe right wing conspiracy theories. According to The Atlantic, philanthropists have always been the target of abuse from certain kinds of people who tend to be jealous of how they are helping society. These negative people can not stand the fact that the philanthropists are changing society for the better. Maybe they can not begrudge the fact that others will soon start to enjoy the same freedoms that they did.

This is really sad. If everyone would support philanthropists, then society would be at a much better place. If everyone would support change, then we would not be stuck in the past so many times. It seems that people are in their comfort zone and do not want to get out. George Soros is one of the few people who are actually talking about and doing something about the problems in our society, so we should applaud his efforts.

When George Soros started the Open Society Foundations, communism was still ruling a lot of countries. That is why he made communism the focus of his foundation. He supported groups that were opposing communism and fighting against their local communist governments.

At a certain point, the Soviet Union shut down. Many other communist countries followed suit. At that point, George Soros knew that he had to shift the focus of the Open Society Foundations. He realized that the difference between an open society and a closed society is that in a closed society, there is one blueprint that is forced on the citizens, while in an open society, everyone can think for themselves and a plethora of ideas is allowed. After the Soviet Union collapsed, George Soros realized that people who lived in Russia and other communist countries were simply not used to thinking for themselves and being creative.

Unfortunately, as George Soros writes in The Capitalist Threat, other countries were not so willing to help out the people who suffered under communist regimes. They did not want to help them build a better government. That is why the governments that we are now seeing in Russia, Yugoslavia, and other former communist countries are just so far from the kind of democracy we have in the West. George Soros believes it was a failure of the Western countries to rise up to the occasion. The end result was that even though communism collapsed, the regimes that replaced them were not fully democratic and were somewhat authoritarian in nature. Changing this is also something George Soros focuses on.

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The Trabuco Was A Fearsome Weapon In Ancient Times


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It is said that the Trabuco was invented around 400 BC by the Chinese. It was a weapon used in warfare, similar to the catapult and trebuchet. It could throw large stones, burning metals, and diseased animals upon an enemy from a far distance.

According to youtube.com, the principle of the mechanism uses a combination of gravity and kinetic energy to propel a load of up to 100 to 150 pounds a distance of up to 400 meters and was devastating to castle walls and fortifications. The framework that held the mechanism was a tall wooden frame that held a counterweight weighing as much as a peasant’s house. It would be raised straight up to the top of the frame by racheting. Then a long beam, or log would stretch way behind the frame.

The beam would have a loose canopy on the end tied with heavy ropes. The projectile, stone or fireball would be in the canopy. The counterweight would then be dropped straight down to the ground by cutting its support ropes, which would then launch the beam upward on a swivel with the end traveling towards the target. This would launch the projectile towards the target according to dicio.com.br.

The heavy counterweight would give the kinetic energy to the end of the beam so that the projectile would travel at a speed much higher than that of a catapult or other similar weapon. The Trabuco was a fearsome weapon because there was nothing an enemy could do to stop it, and it was unknown where the projectiles would land. Sometimes it would take a few launches to pinpoint the exact spot where the projectile would land. Once that was determined, the target would be totally smashed.

The Trabuco and similar weapons were used during the middle ages in wars between countries, as well as in the Crusades when Christian forces waged war against the Islamic countries. The Trabuco and similar weapons went out of favor with the invention of gunpowder which powered the use of cannons which were much more efficient than the bulky frames of the Trabuco. Nevertheless, its use was a dramatic factor in tipping the result of a battle towards the side that made the most effective use of this ancient weapon according to trabucovapors.com.

Learn more about Trabuco: https://pt.wiktionary.org/wiki/trabuco

Todd Lubar works hard at helping people achieve their dreams


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You may be surprise to find out that Todd Lubar has worked in a variety of fields and owned multiple companies during his career. Some of these include the real estate development industry, the nightclub industry, the demolition industry, and have even owned a recycling business. There is not much that this thriving businessman and entrepreneur hasn’t done. In his current position of founder and CEO at TDL Global Ventures LLC, he helps people achieve their dreams by getting the financial help they so desperately need. There can be so many roadblocks when it comes to getting a loan, and for some people that can destroy them from achieving their goals. Mr. Lubar helps folks get approved for loans that they may not get anywhere else. This takes work on both ends and Todd Lubar looks for hard working motivated individuals who are willing to put the hours in needed.

Mr. Lubar says that is takes persistence to become a successful business person. If you fail, get up and try again. Just keep trying and eventually you will succeed. One of his mantras is to pay attention. He believe through awareness he can make better decisions. Being knowledgeable about every part of his business is a sure fire way to excel. The last factor of success is hard work. If you don’t put in the time, then you will get nowhere in life. This can be challenging on the other hand. For Todd he has to make the very difficult decision between spending more time working to get forward, or enjoying time with his family. Check out angel.co to see more

Todd Lubar has had a long successful career in the real estate and financial industry. He started his career in the mid nineties and hasn’t looked back since. Todd first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. From there he moved into mortgage banking, where he excelled. He also worked at Legacy Financial Corporation. You can visit his website toddlubar.com

Stepping in the realm of entrepreneurship, he opened up multiple businesses and now is CEO and founder of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Todd Lubar lives in New Jersey and went to Syracuse University. Todd got his Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication.