Waiakea Water- Environmental, Alkaline, Delicious


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Bottled water is being sold by dozens of companies all over the world. In fact, the bottled water industry is worth an estimated 100 billion dollars. Most companies try to make themselves stand out from others, advertising that their water has minerals, or that their water is bottled right from the mountain spring it came from. With all of these different brands trying to advertise pretty much the same thing, it can be hard to differentiate. But, Waiakea water really is different. Here’s why.

Waiakea water is from Hawaii, which makes most things more majestic. The word “Waiakea” means “broad waters”, which just sounds cool. However, the thing that makes this water stand out the most is the rigorous filtering process it goes through. This Hawaiian Volcanic water is actually filtered through 14,000 feet of natural volcanic rock.

Another factor of Waiakea water that makes it unique is the environmental precautions the company takes. Most water bottles are made of plastic, which ends up in the ocean, polluting water and killing marine life. Waiakea, on the other hand, is one of the first bottled water companies that makes almost completely biodegradable water bottles, and all of the bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic. The company also reduces carbon emissions by delivering their products in low carbon emission vehicles.

If you’re looking for a more pure, environmentally friendly way to enjoy your bottled water, Waiakea is a great option!

Waiakea is a Hawaiian Volcanic water company that was founded in 2012. The company is unmatched in environmentally friendly practices.

Waiakea bottles are produced using 100% recycled practice, and in 2018, it will be the first company to make almost completely biodegradable plastic bottles. Waiakea bottles use 85% less energy and 90% less water than other leading bottled water brands.

The water is filtered through around 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, making it pure and delicious. It’s PH levels fall between around 7-8, which make Waiakea’s water some of the most naturally alkaline in the industry.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Top Plastic Surgeon


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Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. She began her career and her practice in New York City. After many years of running her very successful practice in New York, Dr. Walden relocated to Austin, her place of birth. She is the founder and owner of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.

Both of her parents are in the field of medicine, her father as a dentist, and her mother as a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly acclaimed doctor in her field. She has been sought out by the media, including ABC News, Fox News, and E!, to appear as a commentator on the subject of plastic and cosmetic surgery. She was listed in 2014 in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and named as 1 of the top 24 beauty surgeons.

She serves on the editorial board of the Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practices. Dr. Walden has written and co-authored many articles, journals, and books.

She has been featured in numerous magazines and television spots, including appearances on news shows such as 20/20 and the CBS Early Show. She has been written up in Texas monthly. Additionally, she was named as one of The Best Plastic Surgeons in America, as appeared in an article in American Way Magazine.

In February 2018, it was announced that the doctor would be the cover article in Vivez.Here Magazine. Austin Monthly named Dr. Walden as one of the 2018 Best Doctors, and one of the Top Doctors in Austin, by Castle Connolly. She was also featured in Austin Woman Magazine, speaking about motherhood. Jennifer Walden is the mother of twin boys.

Lori Senecals Story Of Leadership


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Lori Senecal was not always in business. Her desire to become involved in business started in during her high school years. She loves gymnastics, but her height stopped her from turned competing so she started coaching. Lori coached in high school then college. It gave her the chance of developing leadership skills since gymnastics isn’t just an individual sport its a team sport. A coach’s duty is helping his or her team succeed, so she quickly learned about setting goals and having consistency. Lori also had to learn how to communicate and not come across as being judgmental, which gave her clear vision which allowed her to enter into the world of business.


Inspiration for her career of advertising is from her coaching days. Lori is well known for a wide range of marketing and advertising knowledge and a robust personality. Lori Senecal is adept at developing advertising methods that are unique and innovative. She concentrates on innovative solutions which solve business problems. Loris credibility in the industry of global advertising industry caused her to become the CEO at Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Lori was a former Executive Chairman at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal. For more details visit Ideamensch.


One thing that people say regarding Lori is that she never wants to stay in the comfort zone, its one of her success ingredients. While Executive Chairman at KBS, Lori had expanded the company’s worldwide vision, her work ethic contributing to the extreme growth of the business. Senecal set a high bar early for herself. Lori grew up in Montreal Canada and is the youngest of four girls.


Lori Senecal got a degree from The University of McGill and was the president of McCann Erickson’s New York office. She was always helping big brands such as Xbox and Coca-Cola have successful ad campaigns. Lori is a fluent French speaker and, likes saying good advertising and great style are the same. Lori is admired for a creative talent, unique style, and a knack for focusing on challenges.



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Richard Dwayne Blair is the Certified Financial Planner that People Need for Financial Planning


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More people are discovering that the best way to become financially independent is to have a financial planner that can help you make the necessary adjustments. Richard Dwayne Blair as one such person that is able to help those that are in great need of financial planning. He has a wealth of advice for those that would like to see their finances grow.

It is very valuable to have someone like him that can help with long-term plans for finances. He has been able to help many people get their financial matters on track when it comes to choosing insurance plans and continuing to expand their portfolios. More people are going to be able to create the life that they want to live if they do not have any type of concrete blueprint for investing.

The thing that Richard Dwayne Blair is doing is helping other people see that he is able to create change. It is evident that his endeavors in financial planning helps his client base with Wealth Solutions grow. This is a company that he has founded, and lots of clients are fond of the three pillars of investing. This is where he has been able to help those people that may have never considered how 3 tips for investing can change their entire outlook on what they are doing. He has a wealth of knowledge that is utilized for estate planning, financial planning, stock market investing and annuities.

It definitely makes sense to stay connected to all of the possibilities that exist when you have a financial planner by your side. These are the people that are naturally going to help you build a better plan based on the large amount of experience that they have in this field.

Richard Dwayne Blair is someone that has a wealth of experience when it comes to financial planning. He has a degree in finance, and he has been doing this for more than two decades. That makes him a reliable source for clients that have financial planning needs. He is also certified in several areas of financial advisement.

The Determined Vijay Eswaran


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As a son of parents who were of the working class, Vijay Eswaran rose above the standards. London School of Economics was the institution where Vijay Eswaran clinched his first degree in socio-economics before joining South Illinois University for master’s degree in Arts. After completing his degree program, Vijay looked for hustle in Europe for a year where he got casual jobs in Belgium and France. Not until when the United Kingdom familiarized with binary marketing when Vijay joined the Chartered Institute of management accounts.

While pursuing his master’s program, Vijay Eswaran attained multilevel marketing. Upon his return to his native country, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran founded multilevel marketing company that thrived to a global corporation. QI group of companies developed under the leadership and management of Vijay Eswaran. Electronic marketing was the basis of QI Company. Telecommunications, mining were some of the fields where it ventured .QI group of companies grew to become an international corporation and spread to other Asian countries.

From a casual laborer to an executive chairman, Vijay Eswaran portrayed his unwavering determination in life. Some of the things that guided Vijay is his stern philosophies which governed his healthy behaviour and habits. In his book `Two minutes from the abyss’ he highlighted time as an essential resource utilizable by taking each second to be of help. No one had the certainty of seeing the next day, and so its always good to work at the current time.

Being a servant leader was also another principle that propelled Vijay Eswaran’s success. Serving others was an attribute that a good leader should possess. Leaders should be transparent, humble, patient, and with goals, as per Vijay Eswaran. Success came through teamwork, and this made Eswaran criticize dictatorship by all means. As an author and a motivational speaker, Vijay Eswaran is also a renown philanthropist in Asia.



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     Robert Ivy, the CEO and Vice President of the American Institute of Architects since 2011, is a passionate architect and has been vocal on matters affecting the industry in both social and environmental areas. His appointment as the CEO has helped in shaping and publicizing the role and meaning of architect and design in our day to day lives. He has contributed tremendously in expanding architectural skills beyond traditional building designs to supplemental services thus architects have become creative consultants in a number of industries.

Robert Ivy believes in embracing sustainability and embedding this in architectural designs. With the growing world’s population, there has emerged environmental issues and architectural designs should be sustainable to face and address these environmental challenges. Ivy also believes sustainable designs can help reduce losses of life caused by climatic change factors such as earthquakes and disastrous weather changes by designing safe buildings. He challenges designers to help accomplish goals which are related to mitigating and adapting to climate change by using their unique knowledge and ability to control or manipulate the physical world.

Robert Ivy has strengthened the voice and influence of the AIA on issues shaping the architectural profession. He is noted as a visionary of the future as he and other architects are not only tasked with innovating the aesthetics of a building but look for creative ways to solve existing issues and problems. With the increasing rural to urban migration, he highly insists on designing of effective residential and business areas. In a recent interview he said that people should be aware of the direction that the infrastructure in the city is taking now and in the future. He also pointed out that urbanism will lead to low carbon societies but again people should be concerned on the quality of life in future and architects should focus on providing infrastructure for these growing cities.

He has also asked architects to focus on designing for health stating that there are a number of needs that have to be addressed in ensuring quality public health. According to him the US government has commissioned a major research project on the quantified benefits of more healthy designs as built environments enhance the human well-being.


SteelSeries Is Excited About NewsWatch TV Coverage


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Tori Pugliese, an executive representative of SteelSeries, recently gave stellar accolades to NewsWatch TV. Her company, which is an international seller of popular headphone and gaming gear accessories, has partnered with NewsWatch TV to distribute pertinent information about their new consumer products to a world audience.

Ms. Pugliese states that NewsWatch TV is excellent at bundling information about her company in media packages that are filled with important information, yet highly accessible to a broad audience. This is absolutely imperative when it comes to promoting cutting-edge technological products on a mass level. Her team has been pleased to work with NewsWatch TV because their teams are thorough and professional throughout the marketing process. This includes every detail from script formation, to formatting final product media distribution.

NewsWatch TV is a partner of large media groups like the ION and AMC networks. This group’s main goal is to distribute accurate and timely information about technological innovation and entertainment to a global audience. This media group has produced more than 10,000 individual stories on the people and products making headway in international markets.

More than 1,000 original episodes of NewsWatch TV have aired on television, and have been featured on internet channels since it’s founding in 1990. Medical innovations, automotive recommendations, financial advice, and entertainment news only address a fraction of the subjects covered by NewsWatch TV commentators and journalists. More than 650 Hollywood notables have appeared on NewsWatch TV interviews. These interviews have reached an estimated 700 million viewers worldwide in the network’s three decades of broadcast and investigative excellence.




Shop Up At Pop-Up The RealReal


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Pop-up shops are a new trend nowadays where consumers get a chance to experience an ecommerce retailer in a brick and mortar environment. Jane Wainwright’s growing fashion empire is growing from their online roots to a booming brick and mortar mega house.

The RealReal is investing in in-store experiences for their customers, making 2018 a year of mega pop-up success. The company’s CEO and founder has the statistics to prove that her fashion company is not only going to be here while the trend last. The company has receive over one hundred million dollars in funding. Just last year, the company did about one hundred million dollars in watches and fine jewelry. The company has plans of launching more retail locations and setting up valuation offices. The company owner states that these valuation offices The RealReal has been launching over the past eighteen months to ease the discomfort in jewelry consignment.

The company is expanding into newer markets like Las Vegas and revitalizing their flagship shop in New York City. The company’s director of marketing, Allison Soommer believes The RealReal gives online retailers a street level presence. She states that the shopping environment The RealReal has created causes customers to become sucked in and loyal to the company. This customer loyalty has garnered the fashion company two million dollars in 2016 just from their New York City location.

With a café and flower shop, the New York City store is more than just a cosignment clothing store. Private shopping events and educational workshops are held at this location. This is a premium store with authentication specialists and gemologists.

The RealReal is feeding the customer hunger and demand for in-store consignment retail. Expanding into markets like San Francisco and Las Vegas, the company is committed to bringing a SoHo style and cutting-edge feel to these markets as they have done in their flagship store. They will continue to feed the customer’s demands by hiring sales staff that only posses the knowledge of luxury and retail. The RealReal location’s may only pop up for a season but its effect and style remains.

Academy of Art University Shines on Stage


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The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University had it’s twenty first runway showcase on September 9th, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Square. In this runway showcase, recent BFA and MFA graduates debuted five womenswear and two menswear collections and they had two collaborations among themselves.

The backgrounds of the designers is extremely diverse and they come from all over the world. With this in mind, they had so many ideas, techniques and styles that impressed the live audience. These recognizable faces included J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model.

All of the classes, workshops, internships, and hard work these students have put into all of these collections came down to fifteen minutes on the runway. These amazingly talented students presented these styles in front of peers, potential employers, their teachers as well as the rest of the fashion world (via livestream).

Among these designers there was fashion inspired by the passing of loved ones (Dina Marie Lam MFA Fashion Design), Designs pertaining to a certain culture growing up from a different area (Carlos Rodriguez, BFA Fashion Design), nature inspired pieces (Say Shen, MFA Fashion Design), strength of ancestors past (Joanna Jadalla, MFA Menswear Design), Japanese Samurais and Castles (Cana Klebanoff, BFA Knitwear Design), light leading us away from darkness (Ryan Yu, MFA Fashion Design), and recent trips abroad (Jelly Shan, MFA Fashion Design).

All of these designers are extremely talented and are proud of all of the work they have accomplished and they feel it is an amazing experience to see all of their hard work unfold on stage in front of their eyes.

The Academy of Art University is a privately owned art school in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. The school had 283 full-time teachers and 1154 part time teaching staff. The school also has about 12,000 students. This university claims the title of largest art and design school in the United States.

The university also owns and operates an Automobile Museum which has about 200 vintage cars in its collection, valued at over $70 million.

The athletic teams at the university compete in NCAA Division II. AMong the sports teams, cross country and field and track are the best in the school.