Dr. David Samadi Health Advice


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Dr. David Samadi is a prominent doctor who advises people around the world. He leverages an active social media platform to help as many people as possible. Over the past few years, he has worked hard to grow practice. He wants to offer people quality health advice that can help them improve in various ways.

Most people in the United States live an unhealthy lifestyle. Few people eat a healthy diet full of both vitamins and minerals. Instead, most people eat processed junk food at almost every meal.

Early Career

Dr. David Samadi knew from an early age that he wanted to become a doctor. He always enjoyed learning about various medical practices, and he also enjoys helping other people. Many people look up to his successful career.

Dr. David Samadi writes a lot of online content related to medical advice. Although medical information should be personal for every individual, there are some things that almost all medical professionals agree about. For example, nearly every doctor believes that people should eat more vegetables and drink more water. Dr. David Samadi has a show where people can ask general medical questions about their current situation.

Helping Others

Dr. David Samadi has focused on helping patients throughout his career. He is excited about all of the changes that he is making in his life and career. He is working on a new book about healthy habits. With some minor changes, most people can achieve a much higher level of fitness than they currently have.

Dr. David Samadi is an excellent example of how one person can make the world a better place. He donates a lot of his extra income to various charitable causes that he firmly believes in. Anyone who wants to become a medical professional should read about his life and career.

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Glen Wakeman Creates Launchpad Holdings With a Purpose


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Glen Wakeman is a former business owner who is now an angel investor. As CEO of Launchpad Holdings, he has the opportunity to help new business owners in his area. He listens to business ideas and decides whether to invest in them or not. Some people enjoy working with Glen Wakeman on various projects.

When Glen Wakeman was young, he received a business degree from a local college. He worked in multiple industries, and he finally decided to start his own company. He realized how difficult it is to start a successful business. Without access to capital, entrepreneurs struggle with various issues.


Early Career

Glen Wakeman has had a great career in the industry. During his time as a business owner, he learned valuable lessons that he still uses. He wants to make a positive impression on others through his work.

Glen Wakeman almost went out of business several times. He was denied various loans from banks, and he always struggled to get the capital he needed. When he received the opportunity to become the CEO of Launchpad Holdings, it was an opportunity he could not refuse.



Launchpad Holdings is a company designed to help entrepreneurs get started with their business ideas. Launchpad Holdings takes a small percentage of each business in exchange for an investment. Many of the companies end up failing. However, there are numerous examples of companies having massive success after working with the company.

Glen Wakeman enjoys inspiring business owners around the world. He generates a lot of content related to starting a company. Starting a successful business is a proven way for people to have more freedom in life. Now is a great time to look at various options when starting a company. Anyone who needs additional capital should consider working with Glen Wakeman.


David McDonald: Helping Make OSI Group A Global Food Processing Giant


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David McDonald, president and COO of the global food processing company the OSI Group, has played a major role in the company’s international expansion. Founded as a family meat market serving the Chicago area, the OSI Group has grown to have about 70 food processing facilities in almost two dozen countries in the 30 years since McDonald was hired. Initially, David McDonald was a project manager, but the Iowa State University graduate possessed such valuable skills that he received a series of promotions that resulted in him taking a more and more prominent role in the company’s operations.

Growing up in Iowa, David McDonald lived on a farm and had an interest in agriculture and biology. By the time he left Iowa State University in 1987, he had a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a reputation for being an excellent student who was involved in a wide array of activities on campus. Those activities enabled David McDonald to develop valuable skills which he used to help the OSI Group to succeed. McDonald’s communications skills led to him playing a major role in company’s growth. McDonald was able to work well with government officials, local producers and customers all over the world.

The OSI Group has grown through building new facilities and acquiring others. For over 20 years, David McDonald has helped the company to acquire the land, raw materials, permits and cooperation of local workers and consumers necessary to build 10 food processing facilities in China. He also worked to secure deals to provide poultry, fish, meat, vegetable and dough products to Western fast food companies doing business in the country. David McDonald also played a major role in the purchase of Dutch convenience foods, deli meats and snacks manufacturer Baho Foods. The company gave the OSI Group customers in 18 European countries.

David McDonald also helped the OSI Group to enhance their operations in Europe with the acquisition of UK based maker of pies, fillings, sauces, dressings, dips and condiments, Flagship Europe. To give the company access to even more customers, expand the global market for their products and offer even better service, McDonald worked to acquire and expand facilities in Spain as well as the Philippines for processing chicken, beef and pork products. Through building new facilities, acquisition and innovation, David McDonald has helped the OSI Group become a leader in the global food processing industry.

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OSI Industries Assimilate Baho Foods


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OSI group is the leading privately owned food production company in the world. Currently, they have productions firms in every continent in the world and have dominated the food market in almost every country. OSI Industries specializes in selling value added proteins to food service and retail brands. They have a unique ability to cater for the needs of their clients. This is one of the qualities that have enabled them to penetrate markets in different continents.

In expanding their markets, OSI Industries banked on the locals. Instead of importing employees from head office, they employ the locals. This gives the company an approachable face since locals are able to identify with the company’s representatives. This is a big part of the reason why OSI has had an easy time moving to new markets and overtaking already existing companies. It is also a way for OSI groups to positively impact the local economy.

Apart from setting up their own firms, OSI expands through acquisitions. In the recent past, they acquired Baho Foods and Tyson food plant. When they acquired these firms, OSI group did not do away with the management or the food products they already had. Instead, they incorporated the firms’ products into their product line. This was is a big advantage to OSI. Apart from gaining a new market, their product line grew.

The biggest achievement of OSI in expanding and becoming a world leader is that they have managed to hold on to their basics. Right from its foundation, OSI Industries main goal has been to take care of its customers’ needs. Their presence in different markets across the globe means that they have to adjust according to the needs of every market. They have been able to take care of each market’s need by taking advantage of local employees. They have been able to speak the market’s language, put the market’s needs first and incorporate the local culture in their marketing schemes.

OSI Industries presence is felt in every continent in the world. However, their successful expansion is not what makes them a people’s favorite. It’s their ability to maintain quality productions in every firm they own across the globe. The fact that their clients in Africa are able to get the same quality as their clients in the UK has made them a people’s favorite. This is the basis of their expansion. Since people love their products, penetrating new markets is easy. Their reputation precedes them.

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The Contribution of Kamil Idris to Intellectual Property Law


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With the increase in the advancement in science and technology, the introduction of intangible assets, digital evolution and the interdependence nature of countries in driving for the economy, there has been a great need for intellectual rights. Many smart people have risen with great knowledge, innovations, and information which the role being played by Dr. Kamil Idris who is the Director General in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is very crucial to actualizing their future.

According to the Secretary-General of International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV), Dr. Kamil, the difference between why some countries are continuously developing while others are still struggling in their way up lies in the gem called intellectual property rights. Most of the developed countries have taken up ideas and innovations, registered them with WIPO so as to give them value and turned them into tangible economic assets.

Intellectual property is one way of empowering various organizations, companies, research institutions, universities, individuals and companies in competing effectively in the world market today. In other words, intellectual property rights is an effective and well-recognized power tool in building a sustainable economy both at individual or state level. With the increased popularity of intellectual property, Dr. Kamil Idris and his intellectual property law organization have been forced to re-align their underlying operational strategies.

Dr. Kamil being at the center of this powerful propelling force is constantly coming up with new ideas and more complex approaches that are crucial in ensuring that this system of intellectual property rights is not hindered by any barricade in its growth. This will ensure innovations and creative minds are benefiting from their discoveries even in our modern millennial society which is characterized by high technological growth.

In celebrating human creativity channeled by intellectual property rights, WIPO usually has a World Intellectual Property Day in which Dr. Kamil Idris is the head. Dr. Kamil has a Master Degree in International Law and International Affairs from the University of Ohio, USA, Bachelor of Law and Arts in Philosophy, political science from the University of Khartoum and the University of Cairo respectively.

Dr. Idris served as an Advocate, Attorney-at-Law, and Commissioner for Oaths prior to joining WIPO. He has been a Professor of International Law and served in United Nations in Geneva.

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NGP VAN Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Political Canvassing Operations


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Canvassing is a critical component of any political campaign. Canvassing’s purpose is to acquaint the voting community with persons running for political office, and it involves going door-to-door to get the message out or making cold calls to those on the voter rolls. Years ago, according to Haley Thompson in her April 16, 2018, article in Chronicle of the Week, there were many voters in the voting middle identified as voters who, depending on the candidate, would switch their votes to one or the other political party. There was little allegiance to a particular party. That is no longer the case according to Thompson who indicated only 39% of voters are in the political middle.

The current political climate is so deeply partisan that the chance of swaying a voter with an entrenched ideology is about 1:800 according to a 2017 study by two UC Berkeley professors. In the study, the two professors contacted candidates two months prior to an election, and only one out of 800 participants switched from one candidate to another, a stat provided by Thompson in her recent article. The article also detailed that the combined dollars spent by candidates running for federal office during the 2016 campaign were $6.4 billion.

With the rising costs associated with running a political campaign, politicians need to run “smarter” campaigns. A company answering that clarion call is NGP VAN, a company that develops digitized applications to maximize canvassing operations. NGP VAN prides itself on providing digital “campaign and organizing tools for candidates.” Instead of trying to sway the opinions of the ideological voter, the focus of any political campaign should be getting voters to the polls, and NGP VAN has developed “digital tools” to alleviate some of the cost and stress associated with political canvassing.

MiniVAN, developed by NGP VAN, is an app that can run on iOS or Android devices that helps campaigns in two ways. All the information the canvasser needs including routes, talking points, and voter contact information is accessible through the app. Additionally, the NGP VAN MiniVAN app has a feature called Distributed Canvassing that effortlessly creates lists and maps for canvassers.

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Stansberry Research Offers Insight into Commodity Markets


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Having current knowledge about what is going on in the world and financial markets can give you a competitive advantage when it comes to investing in the markets. One of the best ways to stay current with what is going on in the world is to read about current events. One organization that has continued to provide readers with great insight and analysis is Stansberry Research.

Today, Stansberry Research is one of the leading online publishers of information and articles about a variety of subjects. The organization will often focus on the investment industry as well as global politics. This includes articles that are well-researched and include some very interesting insight. Overall, Stansberry Research is considered one of the top sources for current information and analysis. Recently, Stansberry Research published and article that discussed investing in commodities (Glassdoor).

Investing in commodities has been a very common form of investments for a long period of time. When you invest in a commodity, you typically will be investing in the value of an underlying product including oil, precious metals, corn, coffee beans, or a variety of other items that are traded on public markets. While there are plenty of advantages that can come with this type of investing there are some risks that need to be considered as well.

Similar to other types of investments, commodities trade based on supply and demand. For example, when the price of a stock goes up, it is normally due to more people wanting to own it. While the price of commodities is similar to this, there is more manipulation that can take place to control the price of the underlying commodity, refer to Stansberry Research.

For example, if the producer of oil sees that the price of oil is beginning the decline, the producers will have the ability to start to slow production. This will then decrease supply over time and will then lead to an increase in price. While this can provide risk to investors, it can also provide opportunities to those that are able to foresee these changes in price and are able to react to the changes.


Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert and The Elements That Bolstered His Business Success


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The world of business is full of challenges that if handled by the weaker and inferior ones could leave them resigned to failure with no available palliative to make them feel better. Some of the challenges that one face in running a business could be so much that if an entrepreneur is faint-hearted, the damage would be ruinous. Fortunately, Louis R. Chenevert, the former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), was able to withstand any challenges in the business world. Right now, he’s finally retired but when he held the position as the CEO and Director of United Technologies since March, 2006, he’s been able to placate all the impossible challenges in running a business and inspire benevolence in his company’s workforce.

The Experience in General Motors

We might also be able to include the fact here that Louis Chenevert was also the General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese Operation, and was a part of Pratt and Whitney in 1993. The 14 years, too, of work experience that he did with General Motors means that he had the excellent leadership, modules, techniques and understanding of the business world to make sure that the company ran to where it should be.

Time at UTC

Mr. Chenevert’s contribution for UTC has been phenomenal. In fact, it may be fair to say that with his help, UTC grew to the global force that it is right now. His alacrity and sagacious skills have impressed upon UTC the needed abilities and defense mechanisms needed for the business operations to withstand the challenges of running a business. It is hard to see the business growth and complete progress of UTC without considering the ominous contribution of Mr. Chenevert.

It may also be because Mr. Chenevert is a curious man and won’t stop looking for solutions for the company’s problems that he was able to sustain his leadership success. Or it could also be because Mr. Chenevert took up a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Production Management from the University de Montreal that he was able to churn out fascinatingly useful ideas for UTC.


Dr. Jorge Moll Talks About Healthcare And Technology Intersecting


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Dr. Jorge Moll is a distinguished scientist who studies the brain. He earned his neurological medicine degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1997. In 2003 he graduated from The University of Sao Paulo with his Ph.D. in experimental physiopathology. He now operates his own outfit called the D’Or Institute for Research and Education which is located in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Jorge Moll is the president-director of this firm and also has a seat on its governing board. He heads its research and education departments including both the Neuroinformatics Workgroup and the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit.

In an interview he conducted in December 2017, Dr. Jorge Moll said that he grew up wanting to help people who have mental conditions which prevent them from enjoying the life they want to lead. He said he wanted to develop an organization which performed world-class research and did educational outreach to his fellow Brazilian citizens. He says his workdays are mostly spent in meetings where he talks with his peers, students, and associates. He also works with entrepreneurs in other organizations in order to have his business partner with organizations to complete his company’s objectives.

One modern topic which is very interesting to Dr. Jorge Moll is artificial intelligence. He says that he is excited about how machines and brains will likely one day in the future be able to work closely with one another. He is also very interested in both regenerative medicine and gene therapy which is finding increasingly effective ways of treating diseases in far better ways than conventional methods have done. Dr. Jorge Moll says that he keeps close tabs on both the field of healthcare and that of technology and increasingly sees them merging together to improve people’s lives.

If he could give any advice to his younger self, Dr. Jorge Moll says that he would tell himself to not be afraid to give up on ideas that aren’t panning out. It is best to either run with a great idea or, if the idea really isn’t so great, quickly abandon it and move on to something else.

Sheldon Lavin Taking OSI Group Globally


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Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a leading company in the supply of protein products globally, OSI Group. The firm currently prides on having more than 50 facilities in about 17 countries in the world. OSI has fostered good relationships with their over 20,000 employees whom the company treats as a family beyond their work relations. The company has a culture where both juniors and seniors refer to each other by their first name as opposed to the norm where a senior would have a title, for example, Sir or Boss. This culture has strengthened the mutual respect between seniors and juniors and has ensured there is sustainability in productivity hence the success of the multi-billion company.

Before OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was in the financial and accounting industry where he owned a financial consulting firm. He was approached to fund Otto & Sons the then OSI Group and this sparked his interest in the food industry. The company was then owned by two sons who needed funds to establish a meat processing branch that would become the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation. After the retirement of their father from the company, Sheldon was named partner to the company. This was a significant move for the global entity since it strengthened relations between OSI and McDonald’s firm. Later, the hard-working entrepreneur gained 100% voting control and ascended to the position of the president and chairman of OSI industries.

Under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group established branches in South America, Taiwan, North America and Europe. Today the co-operation has expanded to Australia, India, Japan, South Africa, and the Philippines. Each of these branches operates according to the regulations, taste, and culture of the people they serve. This tradition has enabled the private entity to dominate the market of supplying protein products as a result of continued good relations between OSI and the respective countries. The global company has been a recipient of several awards for their outstanding dedication and commitment to providing better services in the food industry. For example, the British Safety Council awarded OSI industries the 2016 Globe of Honour for creating jobs and establishing their presence globally. The CEO, Lavin has also received several awards such as Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities, President, and Director of the Sheba Foundation, Board member of Rush University Medical Center and Board Member of the Goodman Theatre.