Talos Energy: Leaders Shocked by Huge Oil Field Find


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The country of Mexico deregulated its oil industry a few years ago and that started the process of allowing foreign oil exploration companies to explore the floor of the Gulf of Mexico in Mexico territory for oil fields. No huge discoveries have been made until recently and then a small oil exploration company by the name of Talos Energy found a huge find off the coast of Mexico at approximately 500 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in Mexico’s territory.

The find that Talos Energy made is the largest find since Mexico deregulated its oil industry and opened its water to foreign companies. The well has been dubbed as Zama-1 and is currently at a depth of 11,000 feet. The plan at this point is to continue to drill the will until at least 14,000 feet so that the company can get more information about how much oil may be in the underwater field. Initial estimates are that there may be at least 2 billion barrels of oil in the field. One of the best things about the discovery of the Zama-1 well is that it is in shallow water, so later on drilling will be made easier. It looks like initially the company and its partners plan on putting the drilling equipment in place, but to wait until crude prices recover to actually begin to bring the oil to the surface to barrel up and sell in the market.

To say that the leaders of Talos Energy are surprised is an understatement. The company is small and employs less than 200 employees, so this huge find puts their name out there as a true competitor in the oil drilling industry. The Mexican government is also pleased as they now hope that the competition will heat up in their waters, thus bringing them ultimately more income from the country’s oil industry.

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PSI-Pay Services Superior Currency Exchange


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Who Is The PSI-Pay Services Financial Currency Group


The PSI-Pay Group is a popular alternative banking solution that specializes in currency exchange. They proudly operate in over 173 countries and accept over 43 various currencies. If you’re a business that accepts payments from around the world, they offer a superior currency exchange that gets you the money your business depends on to flourish. Their team of professionals are prepared to sit down with you and prepare a comprehensive financial plan for an alternative banking solution. They have a strong executive team that’s committed to your complete customer service satisfaction.


What To Expect From PSI-Pay


You can expect their team of responsible financial experts to use their innovative technology to keep your records on hand at all times. They make sure you can get the funding your business needs with a comprehensive financial model. There are several things you should consider, when choosing alternative banking. Although, they’ve been established since 2007, they have been able to make a name for themselves in the alternative exchange and currency exchange group. Their stockerholders are proud of their growth and expect to strengthen their international ties while proudly continuing to operate from the United Kingdom.


The Latest PSI-Pay News


PSI has been able to partner with MasterCard to offer their customers a secure credit line for their business. Their card still offers you 0 percent fraud liability at no additional cost to your business for unwanted purchases. They can help your business secure a line of credit without huge collateral deals. Enjoy a new alternate line of credit with the professionals. PSI also offers stock market advice to allow you to avoid a major financial risk while investing. Visit the PSI-Pay website for more details on how alternative banking and how superior currency exchange can help you. They know alternate banking is a new industry and their financial experts are standing by to help.

Fortress Investment Group: Leader in Investment Management for Over Two Decades


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Fortress Investment Group has been a trendsetter since its founding two decades ago when it started as a private equity firm. The investment group was founded by Wes Edens (current principal), Randal Nardone (current principal), and Rob Kauffman (partner until 2012). The three founders brought with them a pool of financial expertise and experience from their previous positions at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, BlackRock Financial Management, and UBS.Their main aim was to come up with a whole new investment firm. Theirs was an “alternative-asset” strategy to raise private equity and then invest it into innovative schemes. Fortress Group flourished, and their assets under management grew at a fast rate. In its first five years, it turned $400 million to around $3.9 billion. The valuation of its assets was $32.6 billion by 2007.Among the earliest investments for Fortress Investment Group were in real estate. In this, they focused on New York and Toronto markets.

They quickly expanded their operations into hedge funds and debt securities. Fortress Investment Group’s growth came at a brusque pace. This was evident as its private equity assets grew by almost 40% from 1999 to 2006. To date, Edens and Nardone are still involved in the management affairs of Fortress Investment. Kauffman, however, decided to turn his focus on car racing which was one of his life-long interests. It’s at this stage that he bought 50% of the shares in Michael Waltrip Racing, which participates in the NASCAR circuit. Soon after, he founded RK Motors Charlotte, a firm that deals in restoring vintage “muscle cars.” Fortress Investment Group is currently under the watch of its three principles; Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, based in New York and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco.

Fortress has evolved over the years and is now a global investment management firm that is entirely diversified. What’s more, the investment firm directs over $43 billion in assets for over 1,750 investors in private equity, hedge funds, and permanent capital vehicle. It has drawn strength from its strategy of “strong risk-adjusted returns,” mainly for investors who plan for many years ahead. With its headquarters in New York, Fortress Investment Group has now employed over 900 people. Over the two decades of its existence, Fortress Investment Group has established deep expertise in managing acquisitions and mergers. Its employees have a created a rapport with different corporate board members, corporate stakeholders and management professionals, with whom they have built stable business relationships.


Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho- Accomplished Lawyer In Brazil


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The legal profession is one of the high profile careers that many brilliant young people want to pursue. Lawyers are respected professionals due to the nature of work they do. They help people in solving disputes. They are also well-earning members of the society which make the career appealing to many young people. Brazil has one of the highest numbers of lawyers. It is ranked third in the world behind India and the United States. Most of the lawyers in the country are located in Sao Paulo. The process of qualifying as lawyer in Brazil requires one to go through five years in the university and then attended a law school in order to qualify as verified lawyer.

Brazil gained its constitution in 1988. Most of the laws that are practiced in the country have been adopted from the Portuguese, German and French. Portuguese are the former colonial masters of Brazil, and that is the reason there is too much borrowing from them. The country is divided into 29 states which are run independently although the federal law applies to all in the same manner. The constitution is the supreme law and will take precedence over any other law that is practiced in the country.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the best lawyers in country. He has a very clean track record of helping the people achieve success in their cases. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is highly educated and understands the law very well. The services of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are normally sought after by people in the business. His understanding of business law has brought many financial institutions to the law firm he works for. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a reputation of being committed to the cause of helping his clients get justice in the desired time.

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Jeunesse Global Reputable Product Line


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Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global LLC. They produce, distribute, and sell supplements and skin care products. Some of their other products include cosmetics and skin care items. Ray is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the co-founder of the company. Mrs. Lewis is also a co-founder and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the firm. Jeunesse Global deals with the direct selling and distributing of the company’s products. Their mission is to maintain a youthful appearance and a healthy lifestyle. Supplements provide vitamins and energize the body. The company also offers items that detoxify the body system. A blend of fruits and vegetables help with the maintenance of stem cells. The supplements upsurge the energy from the body as well as build muscles. Also, they reduce the carbohydrate intake in the body.


Energy drinks are also item that are produced by the company. The skincare products cater for a youthful appearance of users. Luminesce is a skin care product that has an anti-aging capabilities that clear fine lines and wrinkles. Ageless micro cream removes under eye-bags within two minutes. Due to their reputable order of business, they have succeeded to become a top mark company. The firm has 32 sub-branches all over the world. It also engages in research projects in areas like adult stem cell science, telomere support, DNA repair, fat loss technology, and nutrigenomics.


Randy Ray studied a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The CEO has over four decades of experience in the tech industry. The firm collaborates with over a thousand distributors across the world. Such proper credit has given them the ability to be a top-notch company. Mrs. Wendy Lewis pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. She proceeded to Temple University in 1985 where she graduated with a MED in Educational Psychology, Statistics, and Measurement. Jeunesse Global LLC has been in business for quite some time now. It has also engaged in giving back to the society. The company staff participates in charity organizations, fundraisings, financial aid, and other money lending ventures. Jeunesse Global has recently started a campaign to help the needy domestically and internationally.



Ryan Seacrest: Making Dedication Look Easy


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The evolution of Ryan Seacrest’s professional life and successes feels more like a tornado of opportunity then the gradual progression that guides most careers. The 43-year old is quick to point that he is “only working to eat well and drink wine.” When you glance across the track of his career there is no doubt he has achieved those small comforts and many others besides.

Ryan Seacrest has been in our homes one way or another, almost daily, for over 15 years. The keys to his success, besides hard work, are matcha tea and guilt-free workouts. The matcha is the early morning jumpstart for his body. The workouts took a little longer to become guilt free. For a driven guy like Seacrest, that time away from the office felt like a cheat. He’s since learned to accept his physical fitness as a necessary component of his professional success.

According to Forbes.com, the balance has carried over into his career, where he has learned that sometimes it is ok to say no. Taking time away from business decisions is vital, and this includes closing down his phone for mental breaks and meditation. This zen-like approach to the job carries through in the advice his idol once shared. Dick Clark is the man Seacrest is often compared to, and who’s career he unabashedly set out to emulate. Clark’s advice was simple: “If every person who watches it thinks you make the job look easy and that it’s not that big of a deal to do it, then you’re doing it well.”

The career that began with American Idol, one of the largest pop culture phenomenons of the new century, has come full circle. Seacrest has returned to host the updated version of the show that made him a household name. Along the way he has continued his popular syndicated radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, and has joined Kelly Ripa on the renamed Live With Kelly And Ryan.

That he is anytime left at all is shocking, yet he runs a production company, manages his charitable Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and oversees a men’s skincare line Polished, alongside his clothing line Distinction. Yet, just as his idol advised, he does make it all look really easy.

Ryan on Intagram: instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

Rodrigo Terpins: Encouraging Racers to Win


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Racers and rally drivers are looking forward to the annual Sertoes Rally event that is being held in Brazil. One of the avid fans of the event is Rodrigo Terpins, a well-known Brazilian rally driver. Because of his fondness for the event, he even created a group and called it the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and it initially consisted of his younger brother and his friends who are racing enthusiasts. Through the years, his team added more members, and now that the group has a lot of members, Rodrigo Terpins chooses who will be trained for the upcoming rally driving events. For this year, his brother, Michel Terpins, stated that he wanted to join the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. His brother allowed him to enter and told him to practice and do everything to reach the top.



Rodrigo Terpins is known for his disciplinary approach when it comes to training rally drivers and racers. He wanted them to have a clear focus on what they are doing and teaches them how not to be distracted. The 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally is crucial for Rodrigo Terpins and his team because if they win the event, it will be added to their long list of achievements. Rodrigo Terpins told his younger brother they would have to practice in unpredictable terrain. He has the idea that the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally will be held in the mountainous areas of mid-western Brazil, and drivers would have to make it to until the end of the race, and if they are the first in line, they will be the champion. For more details visit LinkedIn.



The Bull Sertoes Rally team received an invitation to participate at the 25th Sertoes Rally, but he clarified that he would look at the background and they will be cheering for Michel Terpins. When the day of the event arrived, Rodrigo Terpins relayed empowering messages to his brother, saying that whatever the outcome would be, their family would still welcome him with a blast. After the race, Michel Terpins became the 4th place in the category that he joined, and he was the 10th place overall.


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Larkin and Lacey Take on What Happened to Joe Arpaio


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Lately, there have been many controversial and unusual presidential pardons in the US history. One of the latest incidents being the pardon issued to Joe Arpaio, one of the toughest sheriffs in Maricopa county Arizona by President Donald Trump. Although he holds a record of various notorious acts, one of his most heinous acts entails unlawful imprisonment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the owners of village voice.

The Backstory of Arpaio

About ten years ago, the Maricopa county selective prosecution unit agent, arrested Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from their homes in Phoenix Arizona under cover of darkness. This followed an order by Joe Arpaio. These agents detained the two men and charged them with the disclosure of details concerning the grand-jury investigation. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The two worked with village voice media lacey being the executive editor while Larkin was the CEO. Before they were arrested, they had published an article in the village voice media earlier in the day. This publication addressed the grand jury probe. Unfortunately, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey did not know that they were being investigated by the grand jury.

Arpaio had always been aggressive to ensure that law was enforced. This tactic had continuously defined various sheriffs’ departments since his assumption to office in 1992. However, the increasing coverage of his work concerning enforcement was frustrating him.

Multiple publishers had brought such coverage up many times. Since he took office, Mr. Arpaio had encountered several cases directing him on what was admissible to publish and what was not.

Most of these cases took place behind closed doors. Controversially, finally what had always been hidden rose to the surface. This file exposed the various challenges encountered by the inmates especially in Tent city under his authority.

Based on this information, Mr. Arpaio was accused and later charged with defilement of the Latinos rights as well as other immigrants. From this point, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started exposing Arpaio to the American public. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Village_Voice_Media

Notably, by the time these two men started exposing Arpaio most of the publications were not talking about him at all. However, as the publication from articles derived from Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey work gained momentum, this scandal attracted more attention to the point of receiving a nationwide coverage.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Continued Fight for Latino Rights after Pardoning of Joe Arpaio

Later on, Maricopa County paid Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey a sum of 3.75 million dollars to resolve their lawsuit with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

With this amount, the two formed the Lacey and Larkin Fonterra fund, which offers a grant to various migrants’ organizations throughout Arizona. This organization works actively in support of the rights of the Latinos and Hispanics.

For instance, this organization has helped many Hispanics and Latinos who have faced various discriminations especially from the law enforcement and public officers.

Since Mr. Arpaio has been pardoned by president Trump, the role of ensuring that his unique legacy is no longer active lies in the efforts of organizations like Fontera Fund by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Doctor Chris Villlanueva, A Dedicated Dental Practitioner At MB2 Dental.


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MB2 Dental was established by Villanueva Chris, a dedicated professional with a dream of advancing both the side of corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner in the business. Chris has invested energy in the two sections of a provider-business equation, Villanueva began his organization with coordinated information outfit with necessary assistance without trading off the reputation of the profession he was undertaking. Realizing dental expert’s required special aid which did not necessarily need any strings attached, Dr. Chris came up with MB2 Dental. From that point forward, the company has offered support to practitioners in various areas crosswise over six states. The company has five hundred and thirty-three workers, and its administration is anticipating on proceeding with the pattern of brilliance.

When Chris Villanueva completed his dental studies, there was two alternative for dentists, either to begin private practice which incorporates less bureaucracy, ownership, and full clinical autonomy or be a part of an exercise involving large group which contains sharing of best practice, economies of scale, and technology of the art state. Chris had a plan of creating an accommodation of both methods. Villanueva makes ideas come to life by surrounding himself in his personal life and at work with extremely brilliant individuals who assist revive incredible thoughts. He believes in teamwork rather than working alone. Chris ideas originate from out-of-the-box areas like during lunch time or when playing a computer game with his children’s. He is fascinated by the work technology is doing, and particularly in the industry, he operates in. He is excited about the technological innovations that are generated every year and the way they upgrade experiences of patients.

Chris Villanueva trusts that it is always important to have unique culture or fun in the workplace which can make individuals honest with each other. Villanueva likes his place of work to be conducive for everyone. Chris found out at an opportune time that his organization is made up of diverse individuals and utilizing their strong bases is the best strategy for success. However, it is good to know that having an ideal individual for the job is the most important thing for the dental community-based practice. MB2 is based on a principle that practitioners operating in collaboration can assist one another become more profitable. MB2 is one of a kind facility that makes adjustments which provide positive results to patients and on a broader scale it enhances the organic development of the business.

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Milan Kordestani’s Achievements at Milan Farms and in Horse Riding


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Milan Kordestani was born and brought up in Stanford, California. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school in California before they moved to London, England back in 2009 when his parents divorced, he later attended Eaton Square School. In 2010, Kordestani returned to the Bay Area where he studied at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton and then in 2017 graduated High school.

Milan Kordestani started horses riding when he was at the age of 10. At one point he was thrown off of a runway by his horse. Omid Kordestani, being interviewed by The National Horsemen, he wrote that the most rememberable moment of that time when Kordestani fell was that he got back on the horse and started riding it back to the camp. What he did surprise many people considering that in many instances, most of the children would not have gone back to that horse because it was risky.

Riding lesson horses in Atherton is where Milan started, and within a short time, he began competing on world champion horses where he did very well and accomplished a lot. For example, he was ranked at the fourth position at the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

Currently, Milan Kordestani serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms; he is also the founder of the same firm. He founded Milan Farms at the beginning of 2015 as a starting point of his journey on creating an organic system and humane to raise poultry, which is 100 percent pure saffron. Milan farms targets to offer the best option to the consumer. In raising animals, they use transparency and purely using organic for the plants. Milan Kordestani argument is that when the consumer is selecting the product and is aware of what he or she wants, a pure and genuine alternative should be available without keeping any secret.

In 2016 is when the Milan Farms logo and brand became a trademarked company. The company has expanded and currently distributing eggs around the west coast. Apart from using the tradition and the honest way of production, Milan Farms trust in innovation, that is why Milan is still conducting more researches and experiments in Hydroponic and aquaponic systems with growing saffron.