Dr. Mark McKenna: A Passionate Entrepreneur with a Knack for Self-reinvention


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When the devastating Hurricane Katrina made a windfall in New Orleans, it left its wake a mountain of debris. It destroyed not only properties and infrastructures; it claimed the lives and dreams of many people including real estate investors. One such real estate investor whose fortunes took a serious hit was Dr. Mark McKenna; a trained medical doctor who had successfully ventured into real estate. Undeterred by the loss of his ventures and in a move that is a testimony of his knack for self-reinvention, Dr. McKenna reignited his passion for medicine with an innovative technology-based start-up.

By following in the footsteps of his idols such as Michael Bloomberg, Dr. Mark McKenna studied the healthcare industry with the view of identifying specific product and service gaps in the industry. He saw consumer needs with technology and founded OVME; a company dedicated to offering bespoke elective medical aesthetics services. The company also provides curated elective cosmetic surgery services through collaborative and customer-centric technology-based business environment. By piggybacking their services on technology, Dr. Mark McKenna and his company seeks to improve customer experiences by eliminating constraints to convenient medical aesthetics service delivery. This has seen the company begin the process of developing an app that will allow clients to make appointments conveniently. OVME’s client-focused business model extends beyond innovations. The company boasts of a well-trained, vastly-experienced and dedicated team as well as a diverse service portfolio that targets even male clients.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a board-certified medical practitioner with a medical degree from New Orleans’ Tulane University Medical School. Before successfully venturing into New Orleans’ real estate sector by founding McKenna Venture Investments, he worked as a medical practitioner. He previously worked as a national medical director at Life Time Fitness in addition to working at Uptown Tile and Universal Mortgage Lending in various capacities.

Dr. Mark McKenna is dedicated to giving back to his community. This saw him play an integral role in rebuilding and resettling of families in New Orleans in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. He actively supported the affordable housing initiative that saw hundreds of families resettled. He was a member of New Orleans Jazz Festival’s board too.


The Expert Use of Consumer Insights By Victoria Doramus


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When it comes to marketing, there are multiple approaches that one can choose. One approach involves showing people some of the different items that are available and giving them information about the products. This is especially helpful when it comes to new products. Another approach that businesses can use is figuring out what the customers are buying and marketing more of them. Many of the best businesses would use both of these approaches. The only thing is that it is important for people to know which approach is going to work the best for them. Fortunately, Victoria Doramus has a way of figuring out a good approach.

One of the reasons that Victoria Doramus is very good at finding the right approach to marketing is that she has studied marketing. She has learned many different skills when it comes to analyzing the market. Therefore, she is able to take in a lot of information and form a conclusion based on that information. For instance, when she has worked with Trendera, she has looked at the lifestyle trends and insights from consumers and has used them to come up with a marketing approach that the client can use. This often included product development and brand building. She also has her fashion closet on Tradesy.com.

Marketing is very important for even the most established businesses. After all, businesses that seem to have more events are going to gain more customers than the company that keeps silent and announces no major changes. This is assuming that all things are equal between the companies. Fortunately, people like Victoria Doramus have the skills that can help clients put together a good marketing campaign and send it to the right people so that they will maximize the sales from the campaign. The creative marketer‘s experience in various areas of the entertainment industry is very helpful as well. Learn more about Victoria’s career background on LinkedIn.

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A Closer Look into the Life of Trabuco Bradesco


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     Trabuco Bradesco has been serving Bradesco as the Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed to the position in March 2009. He has also served as the bank’s executive vice president from March 1999. He was also in-charge of a department. The banker has also worked in many other organizations. He is a graduate of the University of Sao Paulo. During an interview, he disclosed that there would be changes in the corporate structure where the next president of the bank will not be part of the executive board.

He was shedding some light on the proposed changes in the bank’s board of directors. The firm has a tradition of internal recruitment for the executive posts. The bank has seven vice presidents who are mandated with different tasks. The next president is expected to be appointed from among them. One of the most recent leadership changes includes the resignation of the organization’s chairman, Mr. Brandao.

The chairman has worked for Bradesco for several decades. Trabuco Bradesco is expected to take his position. Until the next president is appointed, he will be holding two positions. According to the firm’s traditions, an individual can only serve in one executive position at a time. The practice is common in other financial institutions in Brazil as it promotes corporate government. According to the law, Brazilian banks are required to forward the name of the next president within 30 days. The normal retirement age for the members of the executive has been 65 years. The outgoing chairman of the board of directors extended the term.

According to Trabuco Bradesco, it would avoid making decisions in a rush. The move led to one of the stakeholders to go to court over the extension. Bradesco acquired HSBC in 2015. The decision was in line with the goal of the bank to expand its operations. There are many changes in the banking sector. According to Trabuco Bradesco, the next president will have an uphill task to improve the literacy levels among the customers on new technology. The organization estimates that about 50% of the bank’s customers transact digitally.

The New Corporate Leadership of MB2 Dental That Boosts Its Bottom Line


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There are numerous factual articles online that people can easily read to learn more about what MB2 Dental offers to its clientele and to the public in general. However, what most people don’t seem to appreciate yet about what MB2 Dental does today are its active engagements and activities that both improve the specialists working in the company, as well as strengthen the foundation of the company itself. This article will attempt to enlighten those people. This article will remind everyone some of the recent activities in the line-up of MB2 Dental in giving people the most advanced and cutting-edge technology today in the dental industry. In the Crunchbase website, people may be able to read that MB2 Dental Solutions is now hiring a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As the dental support network is increasing its commercial reach, the election of Jackson Hildebrand as the company’s new CFO is an indication that there’s more to expect in the dynamic, cultivating culture of MB2 Dental.

This new CFO will also oversee how the dental company will structure its management system that includes the 91 practices that are part of its expansive dentist-centered organization. The good thing about the new decision of MB2 Dental to hire Hildebrand is that there’s already a solid background in him in the field of private equity and finance. His leadership can bring a more commercially centered guidance to the company without taking up so much of the time from the doctors working in MB2 Dental. There are a lot of practices still to be established in MB2 Dental and there’s a need for a kind of excellent leadership that people like Hildebrand are easily able to employ. Other areas that Hildebrand will oversee include MB2’s end-to-end financial engagements, financial reporting, accounting documents and other sectors that maximize the bottom line of MB2’s operations.

About MB2 Dental

It’s easy to say that the MB2 Dental Solutions is already a recognized Dental Support Organization that offers partnerships and networks with affiliated dentists and practice owners almost everywhere in the country. The offerings of MB2 Dental include an assortment of services and tools for the practitioners to engage with their craft in the smoothest way possible. It is the hope of MB2 Dental to offer exceptional patient care to anyone who needs assistance. It is also an added mission of MB2 Dental to allow all the dentists to work together and achieve commercial goals while still allowing a lot of individuality among them.

Professional Work And Lifetime Achievements Of Architect Robert Ivy


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The world’s famous architectural journal, Architectural Record can boast of its success thanks to the efforts of Robert Ivy who became its CEO in 1996. He also served in the McGraw-Hill Construction media as Vice President and as its editorial managing director. His exemplary work bore fruit and has been awarded with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

If you are one of the people who have ever been at the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, you can not help but ask how and who came up with the architectural plans. Well, one of those people responsible for selecting Frank Gehry as the architect to design the breathtaking site was Robert Ivy. He was a juror in the selection panel. He served also as a principal at Dean&Ivy where he was a serious critic to numerous national publications.

The lifetime achievement award given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is only given to the current active Mississippi based artists, and Ivy happens to be the first architect to be honored by the Polk Award. Other people privileged to receive such an award include Morgan Freeman in 2007, writer Eudora Welly in 2001, writer Shelby Foote in 2004, singer Leontyne Price in 2000, and the late Walter Anderson in 1989.

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Robert Ivy’s leadership at Architect Record as editor in chief helped the company earn many honors in the publishing industry. These honors include, Premier Magazine Journalism Award, American Society of Magazine Editors Award, and the National Magazine General Excellence Award. These were not the only achievements as Ivy helped Architectural Record earn the prestigious 26 Jesse Neal Awards. Additionally, the company was also honored with Folio Design Awards, and MPA Digital Award in 2008 for the website of the year.

It is quite impressive for one man to have a rich history of awards on his resume. He emerged as the Crain Award winner, an honor that is known to be American Business Media’s highly ranked recognition for a single individual. Having served as an excellent manager, Robert Ivy emerged as the winner for McGraw-Hill’s best Management Excellence Award in 1998.

He was voted unanimously in 2010 as Master Architect by the architectural fraternity countrywide due to his impeccable skills in outlining the value of architectural design. He enjoys the honor as the only architect to receive the award in the 21st century and also among seven others throughout the 100 years of the fraternity’s history.

Visit zdnet.com for more details about Robert Ivy.

David McDonald: Source Foods For OSI Group, LLC.


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David McDonald currently serves as President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) for OSI Group, LLC. He spent his formative years in Iowa with an ever growing interest in agriculture and biology. He earned his higher education degree, a Baccalaureate of Sciences, from Iowa State University with a concentration in Animal Science. His first career position was Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, a capacity he still fulfills. He joined what is now known as OSI Group, LLC. more than 30 years ago starting as a Project Manager. He has received and accepted each progressively augmented role and their concurrent responsibilities and thus reached the status of President and COO.


The Company started out as Otto & Sons, a venture of European immigrants to the USA that started out as a local butcher shoppe desiring to regain meat quality and flavors from home. In the mid-20th century, it gained the confidence of Ray Kroc to become McDonald’s Restaurants’ sole source of fresh beef. In 1975, the Company’s name became what it is today. Since then, David McDonald and his management team has expanded the business to great scale both national and internationally. Its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Some of its national and international operational names include Baho Foods, DaOSI, GenOSI and TurOSI.

OSI Group helps the economy in the USA also with plant locations in Chicago, West Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, in addition to several meat processing locations in California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin. Their international plant locations and partnerships are concentrated in Europe, Asia-Pacific and China providing meat products to such popular eatery chains as Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Saizeriya, Starbucks, McDonald’s Restaurants, Burger King and Yum.


David McDonald promotes simplicity and diligence. He shares how OSI Group is a private enterprise that has always maintained its far-reaching aim to provide the best to the most while exceeding clients’ expectations. Its status as a private entity affords them the opportunity to consistently meet this simple yet comprehensive objective. Dave and his management team achieve this on a global scale by securing partnerships with local establishments worldwide that agree to assume this same attitudinal and behavioral mission. He emphasizes how they take their time building relationships of trust. He is especially grateful for OSI Group’s developments in China, a partnership spanning more than 26 years.

David McDonald further explains how imperative it is to encourage communication from local management because they know best their mutual clients’ tastes and logistical expectations. When a customer anywhere in the world has a need for a new menu item, Dave summons his culinary artists at OSI Group to dedicate time to meeting that need. Thus their global dominance with such consistently glowing accolades. The British Safety Council (BSC) awarded OSI Group the 2016 Globe of Honor. That same year, Forbes ranked OSI Group #58 on its list of largest, private companies at $6.1 billion USD. It has also won BSC’s 2018 International Safety Award. Locally, OSI Group received an award as the Safest Company in Iowa with Distinction for 22 years and counting by the National Safety Council of Nebraska.

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Consistent Innovation Aided Fortress Investment Group into Global Financial Power


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Fortress Investment Group has become a pioneer in the investment industry. Since its inception, the group has seen many successes making great leaps that influenced its sphere of industry. It has one of the largest asset bases with history made when they issued a public IPO and took over hedge funds international management through Softbank. This was possible for Fortress Investment Group because of a strong foundation. The group is basically set on five financial giants. Together they set the foot forward to come up with various departments including acquisition, credit management, mergers, capital markets, and asset-based investing based on their strengths. The company’s booster to becoming a pioneer in the market is derived from the experiences of the Group and specialization in handling various departments.

Fortress Investments Ability to Stay Afloat

Our world is so dynamic, and so is the investment and finance world. For many companies, staying afloat has been a daunting task, and for most, they barely stay in operation for more than five years. That said, Fortress Investment Group has earned its reputation as one of the world’s biggest private equity management firm in the world and passed through all challenges related to the industry. This is evidently because of the group’s progressive innovative efforts that they undertake in all their operations. During the 2007/8 economic depression, Fortress Investment overturned their focus on the most viable option for investing. Their innovation in managing distressed debts was a plus during this time when other companies were holding on to real estate and credit investment, a bad venture in bad times. This made huge returns for the company and won huge profits.

Major Milestones for FIG

After Fortress issued the public IPO, there were many other funds that followed suit. Fortress Investment Group was on the way to set up a global existence by working closely with a leading investment bank in the world, Softbank. This meant that Fortress Investment would be in a position of selling their portion of shares to a Japanese Investor. This move inspired the share value of Fortress Investment as well as curving out the position of the company in the global list of well-managed Finances.

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Sightsavers: Promoting the Rights of those with Disabilities


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Sightsavers as an organization has helped millions of lives across the globe especially people with disabilities more so the visually impaired, and with this they have created many more opportunities for help.

On the 3rd of July 2018, the organization’s Uganda office participated in a summit prepared by the Government of Uganda, through the Gender, Labour, and Social Development Minister; Hon. Janat Mukwaya, on National Disability Dialogue. The summit was being held in preparation for the Global Disability Summit that shall be taking place on the 24th of July.

With an estimated one billion people across the world living with disabilities, the Ugandan Government sought to find out ways of achieving Sustainable Development Goals that benefits even those with disabilities, and Sightsavers Uganda was there to have an input in the discussions.

Not only is the Ugandan Government seeking for those with disabilities to be on the receiving end of sustainable development, but to also be part of the plans and strategies put in place to achieve it.

The Ugandan Government has also a set of commitment that seeks to align with those of the global disability summit which include, tackling stigma and discrimination, inclusion in education, economic empowerment, and the harnessing of technology and innovation.

Sightsavers was represented in the summit by its Uganda office Country Director, Dr. Johnson Ngorok who lauded the summit as he felt it gave those with disabilities an opportunity to interact with policymakers in the process of formulating policies that touched directly on them.

Other than participating in government forums, Sightsavers does take an active role in ensuring that people with disabilities get to live as normal and happy lives as possible. In one of their YouTube videos, the organization highlights the story of a Malawian boy by the name of Peter aged eight, and who was born with hydrocephalus which is a condition that causes fluid on the brain.

In Peter’s early years, he suffered stigmatization as his teacher, Emma Magaso, says that no one wanted to associate with him including children his own age. However, through the help of Sightsavers, which helps run early childhood development in Malawi, Peter was enrolled in a pre-school and the act helped him greatly, in that he was able to learn, improve physically and most importantly, made some friends.

Through all that, Peter has now joined Primary School, and Ben Chikaipa, who works for Sightsavers, says the perception towards Peter from others has also changed gradually.

Jacob Gottlieb and His Work with Visium


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Jacob Gottlieb is native to the greater New York City area and has worked in the investment management industry for well over two decades. He is currently CEO of Visium Capital Management, which helps high net worth individuals and corporations with their investment and capital needs. Jacob Gottlieb specializes in hedge fund investment and management, making him one of the leaders in the hedge fund industry. Recently, he also become the CEO of Altium Capital, which is a company that opened its doors in June 2018.

His other company, Visium, has been around since 2005. The company is an asset management firm that allows people to relax while their finances are managed and maintained for them. Because Jacob Gottlieb has been working as the CEO of the company for so many years, he has learned how to work with a wide number of different clients, all who have had great success working with both Jacob Gottlieb and his company, Visium.

His very first job was wth Buyside Resiearch, a company that specializes in financial assistance and management. He realized there was a need in the market for a high-quality asset management firm, and that is why he launched Visium and began to benefit those who were looking for this type of service. Jacob Gottlieb attended Brown University and studied Economics. This gave him the education that he needed to work in the financial industry and help people of all needs and types.

While Jacob Gottlieb works in the financial field, he also attended New York School of Medicine and received his doctorate in medicine. When Jacob Gottlieb isn’t working with a wide number of different clients, he is continually spending time with his family and two children. He is an avid lover of sports and you can often find him attending a wide range of different sporting events in the New York City area. He has worked with lots of different people and is in charge of over 100 employees who work for both of his current companies. Jacob Gottlieb is a wonderful asset manager with years of experience in the financial field.


Ryan Seacrest Has No Free Time


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With a morning radio program, co-hosting the show “Live! With Kelly and Ryan”, his duties on American Idol and his production company, one might wonder just how Ryan Seacrest manages his time. the answer is very carefully.

Up around six in the morning Seacrest starts his day with “him time” by showering, drinking his morning coffee and tea and then hitting the gym. Using a personal fitness trainer and a boxing coach he keeps himself in shape to help him deal with his heavy workload. He like running outside in addition to his gym routine. Fitness helps him reduce stress and keep his energy level up. He even takes his trainer on the road when he does remote broadcasts, such as one done from the Bahamas for “Live!” Host Ryan Seacrest then moves on to consume the prior days media. As a broadcaster he must stay current with news, celebrity happenings and the latest projects. He spends some time each day reading articles and catching up on TV shows to be better informed about his profession and anything he may need ti talk about on television or the radio.

There is still so much to be done. Seacrest, who’s also an executive producer, has learned, at 43, to be better about picking his projects and what he will say yes to. He says that when he was younger he had issues saying no and that he overextended himself as a result. He says he has learned self-discipline and it has helped him manage his time better. His go-to response these days is “got it!” He enjoys saying that instead of “no”, and finds it more productive than a “yes.”

A big fan of big meals, Seacrest describes himself as “mostly vegan.” One of his favorite things in life, which he only has time for on weekends, is a big, multi-course family style meal with a good bottle of wine. He also avoids distraction by knowing when to turn his phone off and focus on what is in front of him.

On advice from Dick Clark, Seacrest tries to make it look easy for his fans. Read this to know about Seacrest’s thoughts about Mens Journal.

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