Steve Ritchie Has Apologized For Recent Events At Papa John’s


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Steve Ritchie is acting as the new face for Papa John’s and he has a big list of goals to go through to improve the company over the next several years. One of Steve’s first accomplishments at Papa John’s was to address the customers and employees through an important company letter. In this letter, Steve let out an apology to all customers and employees of Papa John’s and has assured everyone that the proper measures are being taken to help Papa John’s move forward in the right direction. Not only will Papa John’s be on a mission to get feedback from thousands of employees around the nation, but they are hiring professionals to help the company improve their standards and maintain a higher level of excellence when it comes to company presentation and staff behavior. Papa John’s is going to maintain their transparency and keep the public informed of how they are taking action in moving forward.

According to Wikipedia, Steve Ritchie has been working at Papa John’s for more than two decades, but it was only just recently that he took over the company as CEO. It is now his mission bring the company up to par with the public’s expectation as well as find new avenues for Papa John’s growth. Steve Ritchie was chosen as the man for the job because he has not only contributed to the company’s growth for years already, but he has always shown a desire to see his fellow teammates succeed as well. By creating a more positive and inviting work environment, Steve is helping employees enjoy their work and be more productive for the company. Steve has always taken advantage of the opportunities presented to him, which is precisely how he managed to become Papa John’s CEO today, and he is always looking out to help others find their opportunities to do better.

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Jim Larkin


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Born in Liverpool, England, on Jan. 21, 1876, Jim “Big Jim” Larkin became a prominent figure during the modern industrial movement in Ireland. His parents had emigrated to England from Ireland before he born. He was the second eldest son in his working-class family and they all had lived in a very poor section of Liverpool. For most of his youth, Jim Larkin had to find work at various odd jobs to help support his family. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

During that time, child labour was a normalcy for working-class families throughout England, Scotland and the Repuclic of Ireland. In 1903, Larkin became a dock foreman after years of working as a docker and sailor in Liverpool. He joined his first union, the National Union of Dock Labourers in 1905.

After moving to Dublin, Ireland in 1908, Jim Larkin established the popular weekly newspaper entitled, the Irish Worker and People’s Advocate, and founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, ITGWU. In his late teens, he became very interested in socialism and joined the Independent Labour Party, a left-wing English political party established in 1893.

The Irish Worker was an alternative pro-labour paper that challenged the capitalist-owned print operations, as well as many disreputable industrial employers in Ireland. He was an advocate of unionism and desired for all of Ireland’s skilled and unskilled industrial workers to gain fairer wages and employment.

In 1912, Jim Larkin formed the Irish Labour Party along with his friends, James Connolly and William X. O’Brien. His career as a trade union leader was in full effect. More and more workers were joining the ITGWU and participating in sympathetic strikes and fighting for workers’ rights more than ever before.

Two of Dublin’s largest industrial employers feared what Larkin was fighting for. In 1913, the ITWGU workers were locked out of employment unless they remove themselves from the union. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Wikipedia

This led to the notorious seven-month-long “1913 Dublin Lockout.” Over 100,000 workers boycotted commercial businesses and went on strike against 300 employers. Many shops had to declare bankruptcy, and family members of both the employers and workers were deeply affected.



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Southridge Capital has been a provider for finance, both advisory and structured to public companies for a while now. With the innovative financial solutions that it has been providing, its clients have been able to meet their needs with more ease. Since 1996, Southridge has injected about $1.8 billion to companies that are still growing around the globe. It has a wide base of experts who understand the market well who help the company provide financing plans for their clients. The team that Southridge has is experienced enough to be consulted on corporate issues. The issues include making a company public and using financial techniques that are individual to each client. In addition, Southridge manages balance sheets optimized for each client.

Southridge Capital provides a myriad of financial services to everyone who chooses to work with them. For instance, they provide advisory services, which entails Financial Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlement Services. Each of these services is structured by the experts at Southridge to suit every client’s specifications. Additionally, Southridge Capital has structured services, which consists of Credit Enhancing, Securitization, and Financing Solutions. The five managers of the company oversee the proper provision of all these services in accordance with each client’s needs. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Southridge Capital’s success can be credited to its CEO and founder Steven Hicks. He founded the company in 1996 after he got the idea while filling in for a principal at a hedge fund in New York. He started his own hedge fund with the permission of the principal while still working at the company. Steven brought his knowledge from the schooling he did at King’s College and Fordham University, both located in New York. He got a BSc. in Business Administration and an MBA from these institutions respectively.

Steven Hicks brings his three decades of experience to his everyday routine to look for new opportunities and come up with items to do for him and his staff at Southridge Capital. With the experience of the company’s staff and collaborations with people in Wall Street, Steven Hick is able to provide financing to people who come to him through Southridge. You can follow their Twitter account.



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Steve Ritchie Achieves Meteoric Rise At Papa John’s


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Since December 21, 2017, Steve Ritchie has been the chief executive officer of the pizza chain Papa John’s. He came into this role having been with Papa John’s since 1996. When he first started at this company, the third-biggest pizza delivery company in the world, he was a customer service representative who was getting paid $6 an hour. 10 years later he was able to open a Papa John’s franchise location which he managed for four years.

In 2010, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s joined the corporate headquarters of Papa John’s where he was involved in the overall operations of the company. Four years later he became this company’s chief operating officer and in 2015 he was named as its new president. When he assumed the duties of being the president it was clear that he was destined to one day becoming Papa John’s new CEO.

According to Investopedia, the senior management team of Papa John’s has said that every time Steve Ritchie was afforded a new opportunity he took full advantage of it and displayed his excellent business skills. Throughout his career at this company, Steve Ritchie had made sure that the focus was always on the pizza they serve as well as the best ingredient Papa John’s offers which is their employees.

Since taking over as the CEO Steve Ritchie has focused on developing its global brand. They are opening new locations around the world which he has helped facilitate. They are also evolving their marketing, digital efforts, and what customers experience both when picking up a pizza or having it delivered. After becoming the CEO he brought in new senior executives to help lead this company into the future. Some of these are Brandon Rhoten who is the new chief marketing officer and Mike Nettles who was hired as the chief information and digital officer. Read more on their website.

Papa John’s has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded in 1984 and quickly caught on as a pizza chain offering take-out and delivery pizza. It took on the slogan of “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s” early on in the life of this company which now has well over 3,500 locations around the world.


Ryan Seacrest Has Many Irons In The Fire


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Atlanta born and raised Ryan Seacrest has been in the spotlight for many years. While he rose to super-stardom while hosting American Idol in 2002, he actually got his start on television in 1994 as host of the kids show Gladiator 2000. He went on to host Wild Animal Games on Fox Family Channel and Click in 1997.

After making a move to Los Angeles, he found his voice in radio, hosting the popular “Ryan Seacrest For The Ride Home” on Los Angeles 98.7 FM.

In 2004, Seacrest took over American Top 40 announcing duties for Casey Kasem. He then went on to host a different version of the show that same year.

In 2005, he hosted ABC’s New Year’s Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve. He took over for Clark, who had a recent stroke and was unable to fulfill his duties. Seacrest says he considered Clark, who died in 2012, a mentor. Seacrest has also filled in as a guest host for The Larry King Show on CNN.

Ryan Seacrest Productions was launched in 2008. The company has produced a variety of shows including E! News, which covers red carpet interviews and news. He also produces Keeping Up With the Kardashians and other spinoffs that include the Kardashian family. Additionally, his company produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and The Shah’s of Sunset on Bravo.

Seacrest is also dabbling in fashion. He is currently working on a line suits and accessories with Burberry’s Christopher Bailey.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit that has centers at children’s hospitals in Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orange County, Boston, Colorado and Cincinnatti. The foundation partnered with the Atlanta Braves organization to promote Sun Trust Park in 2017. Selena Gomez serves as the foundation’s ambassador.

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Nick Vertucci Shapes the Course of His Real Estate Career Through Memoir


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Nick Vertucci has been able to create a successful real estate academy where he helps other people engage in the process of making money through real estate. He has become the type of investor that knows a lot about the process of making money through real estate because he is an expert due to his curiosity about this field.


Vertucci would write about real estate and his path to finding his niche with fixing and selling homes. In his autobiography Nick Vertucci would also explain all of the highs and lows in his life that came before he reached a peak of success in real estate.


He has become quite successful in the real estate industry, and he made a decision to publish his memoir to let others know that there is light at the end of the tunnel even if they face big obstacles.


Nick Vertucci even made a conscious decision to start the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He knew that this would be a lifeline that would give him the ability to talk about what he was passionate about. He knew that he had the opportunity to spread a message of encouragement to those that were new to real estate investing. The experience that he has in this industry is invaluable. It allows people that may have never thought that they could handle real estate investing to see the potential for selling properties.


Nick Vertucci chose to highlight many of these things in his book, and he also wanted to share the dark moments of his life in order to provide a sense of balance to his story. He was successful in the computer parts industry, but the .com era caused a disruption in his career. Real estate would be the area where he rebuilt his career.

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Sameer Jejurikar Is Eradicating Negative Health Consequences In Cosmetic Surgery


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There is nothing worse than someone suffering negative health consequences from an elective surgical procedure. They have gone out of their way to spend their own money on a procedure that they thought was safe. But, as it turns out, many cosmetic procedures can leave you injured, mangled or dead.

Doctor Sameer Jejurikar has been performing cosmetic surgery procedures for more than 21 years. His Dallas, Texas, office specializes in the Brazilian butt lift procedure. The Brazilian butt lift gives more volume to a woman’s backside by grafting fat just under the skin. But this fat grafting comes with risks.

That’s why Sameer Jejurikar has put together the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This group of highly intelligent doctors performs all sorts of experiments in order to come up with the safest protocol. The experiments get incredibly granular. They focus on things like the initial incision for the fat grafting procedure. They also look at the angle at which the fat is grafted and the planes of grafting.

The doctors in the task force have decades upon decades of experience. They pool their experiences in order to come up with educational programs for doctors worldwide. The task force then hits the road in order to educate doctors all over the world about the Brazilian but lift’s safest practices.

They also provide doctors with an incredible wealth of experience by proxy. Everyone gets better and more proficient at a skill when they practice. The Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force allows doctors to gain valuable experience That they can then use in their own practices.

The efforts of Sameer Jejurikar and the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force are increasing patient safety outcomes all over the world. Hopefully, one day, we will arrive at a time when nobody suffers negative health consequences during an elective procedure.

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