5 Tips to Raising Your Puppies


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Puppies are loving, caring, playful, and are just all around a perfect animal to vent to- most of the time. Between getting your pup potty trained to teaching them tricks, raising them can become a major pain in the you-know-what. This is why we have put together a list of tips and tricks to raising your pup.

Time Is Key
Give your puppy some time to get adjusted to their new surroundings. Let your puppy roam their new home so that they can get to know where they will spend their life. The first few days you and your family have with your new pet are exciting. Everyone is getting to know the new “family member” and the “family member” is also getting to know them. Their interactions to certain things may feel like fun, but the puppy is learning right from wrong, whether you see it or not.

Get a Crate
A crate will be a place for your new puppy to go for protection, comfort, and solitude. This crate, however, should never be used for a punishment/time outs, but is a good source to protect your home from puppy-created mayhem while your away. Puppies any younger than 6 months should never be crated for under 2-3 hours, except at night.

Potty Training
Calmness and realistic expectations are key when it comes to potty training. You can not expect your new puppy to not potty on the floor- if it is an inside pet, it will happen, more than likely it will happen a few times. The more time you spend with your puppy, the more time you will have to praise him/her when it potties in the correct place. It is also important to never punish your puppy for accidents. Your puppy wishes to please you, but do not try to make it look like a furry and 4-legged human as it is unfair to the dog, only because they do not process information quite like a person would.

Biting Is a No-no
Teaching a dog not to bite is one of the main important lessons that need to be taught while they are in the start of their life. Behavioral issues, especially biting, is the number 1 reason why dogs are put down or even taken from their owners and put in shelters. Making your puppy understand that your place is the pack leader will help it to remember that he/she must obey you and earn your respect, which will help to shape its behavior with Beneful.

Exercise Is Significant In Development
New experiences are important in the development of your puppy. Help your puppy to stimulate its mind with new puzzle toys and appropriate things to play with, as well as giving them plenty of outdoor exercise.

Remember that bored puppies are more likely to engage in inappropriate or aggressive behaviors. Also remember that what you feed your pup will majorly affect its attitude and well-being. I highly recommend any flavor of Beneful. It is important that your dog knows its place in your home, but this can only be accomplished with a firm but loving hand. Only then will your puppy learn and grow to be the best dog possible.

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