A Closer Look into the Life of Trabuco Bradesco


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     Trabuco Bradesco has been serving Bradesco as the Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed to the position in March 2009. He has also served as the bank’s executive vice president from March 1999. He was also in-charge of a department. The banker has also worked in many other organizations. He is a graduate of the University of Sao Paulo. During an interview, he disclosed that there would be changes in the corporate structure where the next president of the bank will not be part of the executive board.

He was shedding some light on the proposed changes in the bank’s board of directors. The firm has a tradition of internal recruitment for the executive posts. The bank has seven vice presidents who are mandated with different tasks. The next president is expected to be appointed from among them. One of the most recent leadership changes includes the resignation of the organization’s chairman, Mr. Brandao.

The chairman has worked for Bradesco for several decades. Trabuco Bradesco is expected to take his position. Until the next president is appointed, he will be holding two positions. According to the firm’s traditions, an individual can only serve in one executive position at a time. The practice is common in other financial institutions in Brazil as it promotes corporate government. According to the law, Brazilian banks are required to forward the name of the next president within 30 days. The normal retirement age for the members of the executive has been 65 years. The outgoing chairman of the board of directors extended the term.

According to Trabuco Bradesco, it would avoid making decisions in a rush. The move led to one of the stakeholders to go to court over the extension. Bradesco acquired HSBC in 2015. The decision was in line with the goal of the bank to expand its operations. There are many changes in the banking sector. According to Trabuco Bradesco, the next president will have an uphill task to improve the literacy levels among the customers on new technology. The organization estimates that about 50% of the bank’s customers transact digitally.

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I have known Bradesco to be a man of creativity and vision. It is no doubt that his board members can confirm that Trabuco Bradesco never discriminate but would work with all members and staffs not minding your position in the firm. A perfect place to read about keeping a good relationship is https://www.relationshipstartersblog.com/ which has to my knowledge provides informative insights to be in a better relationship.
With his appealing qualities and leadership, Trabuco Bradesco, taking over the organization’s chairmanship, after the resignation of Mr. Brandao will continue to stir the organization to a greater heights.

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