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Human beings have always played sports for ages. It’s the most common form of human activity today; everywhere you go you’ll find people playing some kind of sport either soccer, polo, golf or such. Basketball is a game that has earned a worldwide audience from fans all across the world, and like most sports, ‘nobody said it was going to be easy’. Basketball isn’t just a sports, though, it’s a lifestyle, and the most outstanding players always stand out from the rest.
Bruce Levenson is someone who knows a thing or two about basketball. Levenson is an American business person that has earned a wide appeal in the world of sports for his efforts with the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson is a former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Apart from the NBA, Levenson has accomplished a lot through his career that has helped progress his career.
Bruce started out his career very early which gave him the necessary skills he needed to succeed in his endeavors. Levenson was brought up in a Jewish family and grew up in Maryland, Chevy Chase. He graduated from law school at the American University and while he was still at school, Levenson sparked off his career in journalism at the Washington Star. Levenson later on coupled up with his longtime associate Ed Peskowitz to start up their own company in Levenson’s own apartment. The company, founded in 1977, was named the United Communications Group (UCG) by Bruce Levenson. The company dealt with publishing of Oil Express, newsletters that mainly focused on expansions in the oil industry.
The company grew to procure other newsletters and even launched its own database that includes oil pricing information services. UCG specializes in data analysis and news for energy, healthcare, technology, mortgages and other industries UCG also maintains and runs a mobile app known as GasBuddy that aids drivers find the nearest available low priced gas spots.
Levenson was also part of a larger group of business gurus, Atlanta Hawks LLC, which own the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson was the team’s managing partner and also served as a member of the board of governors of the NBA. Levenson’s tenet at the team brought a lot of advancements in the team including bringing in Danny Ferry, the former Cleveland Cavaliers pro player. Danny Ferry was brought in as the team’s president of basketball operations and the general manager. In 2014, Levenson announced his plans to do away with his share of the Hawks
Apart from this Levenson holds a lot of other positions namely a board member of TechTarget, and advisor for the BIA Digital Partners, and was on NEPA (Newsletter and Electronics Publishers Association) board of directors. In 1997, Levenson was inaugurated into the Software and information industry association hall of fame along with Ed Peskowitz for their outstanding work at UCG. Levenson has earned a lot of worthwhile respect for his outstanding efforts in his works. He has mapped out his success plan for where he wanted to be very early and had already achieved what most haven’t in their entire lifetime at such an early age. Levenson’s story goes to show that if you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

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