A Little About Robert Ivy And Joining A Professional Organization


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Robert Ivy is an architect by trade. He has received many honors for his trade. He studied at Sewanee: the University of the South and Tulane University. While at Sewanee he studied for a bachelor’s degree in English. While at Tulane University he studied for a master’s degree in architecture. Ivy lives and works in the Washington DC area.

Ivy is a member of the alumni association at his universities. He is the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. This is a magazine publication for his trade. He has held the position since 1996.

Robert Ivy believes in joining alumni and other professional organizations once you complete your education. Ivy thinks this is an excellent way to socialize and network with your peers. He believes that education and on-the-job experience will help an employee gain the knowledge and skills necessary to do his or her job. However, it is also necessary to network with your peers.

Joining an alumnus and professional organization will help to boost a person’s resume. Robert Ivy is a member of many professional organizations within the architectural field. He believes this has helped him move through the ranks in the field. Robert Ivy credits his membership in the professional and alumnus associations for the honors he has received in his field.

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Professional organizations offer their members an abundance of educational materials. These educational materials will assist someone in furthering their educational needs to advance their careers. Ivy says when you join a professional organization it will assist you in advancing your career because of how it looks on your resume.

When you are in a professional organization you get to gain essential leadership skills that employers look for in promoting you through the ranks of your position. Ivy encourages all graduates to join an organization that will be for their professions they studied throughout their college careers. He is the CEO of the AIA. This has helped him gain the necessary credentials to advance his career as an architect. There are costs associated with joining a professional organization. This might limit the number of organizations one can join.

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