Am Invisible Barrier


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Video Visitation App | Posted on 13-04-2018

Securus Technologies is a company located in Dallas, Texas. They have been operating as a company for over a decade and are an interesting company when placed in the perspective of who they serve. Unlike other information technology companies, Securus Technologies supports a rather interesting niche customer base. Instead of relying on the normal American consumer, Securus instead focuses its attention on the American prison inmate and their family members. In the past, they have been responsible for creating such products as an easy to install and use video chat interface so that inmates can freely communicate with their loved ones on the outside. While they have been known to be loyal to their customers And have supported them in any way they can, they still have to remember that they are producing material for prisons and jails, which comes with its own form of challenges.


The main challenge that Securus Technologies faces is the fact that the majority of their customers are inmates who have recently or in the past have broken the law. Electronic devices that can access the internet have the ability to assist criminals in committing further crimes even when they are still in prison. This can be done by forming drug deals with other criminals outside of the prison walls, kidnapping, and even as far as setting up murders. In order to try and combat this, there needs to be a way to stop incoming contraband cellular devices for working. Unfortunately, in the past, the only way to do this was for a corrections officer to physically confiscate the contraband device and dispose of it. Securus Technologies plans on canceling out this old way of doing things by forming with a call the wireless containment system.


The wireless containment system creates an invisible barrier around the jail or prison that is installed into, making it possible for an operator to locate any incoming or outgoing Wireless signals from the compound. Once a signal has been identified the operator that has the ability to either allow it to go through to a destination or stopping at the source. This new in the very capable form of Technology will make it possible for Securus Technologies to stop future crime from taking place within prison walls. The most interesting thing about the wireless containment system is that it has the ability to disable any device caught on it. Once a device is disabled it would require the operator to manually turn the device back on in order for it to work again. This is a wonderful piece of future technology.


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