American Star?


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American Pharoah is actually misspelled, but it is so right. After 37 years, this horse finally broke the Triple Crown drought. The race is actually rigged against owners of less means. It has been heading in that direction lately because a proliferation of less than blue blood breeders. More things than simply owning a fast horse brings the Triple Crown. If the potential Triple Crown winner is owned by a common owner, the other owners simply run fresh horses in the Belmont. Sometimes if the threat is dire, they will rest a horse for the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Flickr users pointed out that this is the beef that California Chrome’s owner so eloquently raised after Chrome was defeated in the Belmont by fresh horses that were inserted in anticipation of a commoner winning the vaunted title.

To this end, they have also increased the qualifying races that are necessary to enter the Derby. The advantage goes to those with the resources to afford medical trainers that can rest a horse better than those without the financial resources. Athletes that are a part of the best camps will receive the best trainers. Increasing the qualifying races also gives an advantage to those that are able to taxi their animals effectively.

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