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Beneful incredibites is a fantastic taste sensation for your small, adult dog! What makes Beneful incredibites so tasty? Real farm raised beef is one of the magic ingredient. But, it gets even better! Peas and carrots are in the mix. Add to that a blending of grains and your dog just got 100% nutrition along with fantastic taste. Does your dog prefer chicken? Beneful incredibites available with real chicken, sweet potatoes and spinach is also fortified with the same great nutrients as the beef recipe. For a tsste of Italy, your dog will also love Beneful Incredibites in Romana flavor that features real meat, pasts, carrots and spinach.

Your dog never knew how good Vitamin E could taste! Or the B vitamins! All for giving your dog great muscle tone! Vitamin D is added, along with minerals, for a super shiny coat! All this is part of a healthy life style for your Beneful Dog. Beneful is formulated for adult small dogs, and it meets the nutritional values set forth by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Each serving of beef Beneful Incredibites contains 3623 kcal/kg and provides the adult small dog with caloric intake for his size and age. Beneful is available in small 3.5 lb bags, 6.3 lb medium bags,to large 15 lb bags, and the costs are affordable. A 15 lb bag of Beneful Incredibites is just about $14.00, and it is even less with the coupons offered on the company website. All this is great news for your small, adult dog and you! Let’s face it, dinner time is the highlight of your dog’s day. Make sure that you give him the most nutrition with the best taste for the best of his life.




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Just who is the real James Dondero? Well, to personally know that answer for yourself, you would have to run with a pretty heady crowd of board members and directors spanning dozens of establishments. However, to get an idea of what he does and what his interest are about, all it takes is a look into his work background and experience.


It all starts with graduating from the University of Virginia’s Mcintire School of Commerce with degrees in accounting and finance. It really helps that these degrees come with the honors of Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Those good deeds coincide with his being accepted into the Morgan Guaranty training program. Together, they make an excellent start to a career that owes its beginnings to a young Corporate Bond Analysis. Anyone who has any experience with pleasing corporations can testify that it is loads of fun, flexible hours and never stressful.


But, it is trials by fire such as these that prepare professional champions for their next evolution, which is to shake off the chains of by-the-hour pay and a reach the top tier within the commerce hierarchy. And, when they reach this point they do what pioneers do and establish their own organization to sit on boards. Of course, this is usually after years of paying dues and dedication affords the real opportunity to leave a name for yourself in the history books.


For the record, James Dondero is a seasoned professional with decades of professional service for other under his belt. These days, he is best known for being the founder of Highland Capital Management. His organization provides services to other investors. For these people, the phrase knowledge is power stands as a serious understatement. What it comes down to is knowing what products and innovations are worth investing in at the time and knowing how much to invest before expecting to see returns. James and his people make sure things of that nature go off without a hitch.

The Life And Accomplishments Of Jennifer Walden


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Dr. Jennifer Walden is an amazing woman who has dominated the plastic surgery field for years. Jennifer Lee Walden was born in Austin, Texas, and she went on to get her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas. Walden studied biology, and she went on to medical school at the University Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden decided that she would obtain her fellowship in New York, and she was able to assist in aesthetic surgery. Walden went on to work at the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital. Walden stayed in New York for seven years and she got into breast implant surgery.


In 2011, Jennifer Walden decided that she wanted to raise her two boys close to family in Austin, Texas, so she opened up a satellite office in Texas and she began to practice there. Dr. Walden is a woman who has received many accolades from magazines and individuals all around the world. Walden is a media commenter, and she is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable doctors when it comes to advanced technologies in plastic surgery. Walden uses Vectra, which is a 3D imaging technology. Vectra is used to help a person see how they are going to look after their plastic surgery. Walden also is known for the following technological advances: ThermiVa, vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, and scientific surgical instruments. Dr. Walden is a consultant for many aesthetics companies, and she is a woman who has been able to reach all of her academic goals while still maintaining a work-family balance.


The Impressive Track Record of Eric Pulier


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Eric Pulier is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and technologists in the United States. For him, business is what defines people and art. For this reason, he has worked hard to achieve better business through technological innovations and sound mind decisions. He is also the mastermind behind the success of the Danie Bodski podcast in the United States. He is also a well-known public speaker with the ability to speak utterly and fluently before the general masses. He has also given business people and entrepreneurs tricks and tips from elevating their startups to profitability and success. He is also one of the most prominent technology innovators in the country.

Eric Pulier has a track record of innovation (Visit This Page). He is also a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist. During his fast years of success, he thought about giving back to the community. For this reason, he went forth to develop the most sophisticated X-Prize foundation that would see most of the low-income children suffering from chronic illnesses get treatment. He always has a modest beginning. Computer programming is one of his primary interests. When he was still in primary school, he used to program computers to perform certain user-defined functions as a genius. In school, he was also considered as a computer genius.


His interest in computers and technology commenced when he was still a child. For this reason, he has made a point to include computer technology part of his lifestyle. He is also one of the most prominent business entities in the region. When he was still a teenager, he founded his first computer technology startup. This was a company dealing in database management for other companies in New Jersey. He graduated from high school with a qualification to join the Harvard University of Technology and Innovation. He studied English and became a better person in identity.


When he was still in college, he got a rare opportunity to publish his articles in the Harvard Business journals. His article was widely adopted. For this reason, he was incepted into the Harvard group of writers. He also published the Harvard Crimson as one of his best journals.

Bruce Levenson’s and Do Good Institute Fostering Interest in Nonprofit Activity


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When Bruce Levenson ( took the Do Good idea to the University of Maryland, his mission was to reshape the curriculum of higher education to adapt to growing need of exceptional leaders in the nonprofit world. Seven years later, the Do Good Institute is experiencing unprecedented success, having already created a crop of young visionary leaders who are running nonprofit organizations making a difference in the world.

According to PR News, the Do Good Institute aims to accomplish two missions. Firstly, the initiative hopes to transform the campus into a Do Good campus where every student is equipped with the information and drive to give back to the society. Secondly, the program wants to produce a generation of leaders with the necessary skills to compete with other leaders in the private sector. Since 2010, the initiative has generated impressive interest from students at the campus. Starting fall this year, students will have the option to major in the field.

Bruce Levenson hopes that the initiative will spread to other campuses. So far, the Do Good program has been instrumental in revealing ways through which people can accomplish great things using their time and ingenuity. One of the former students of the program, Ben Simon, has gone on to found Imperfect Produce, a nonprofit organization that supports the reduction of the billions of produce wasted each year for being deemed unfit for retail.

Born in Washington, D.C., Levenson attended Washington University before enrolling for a course in law at the American University. He later worked as a journalist with the Washington Star. Besides his stake in the Atlanta Hawks, which he sold in 2014, Levenson has interests in other investments UCG and TechTarget. He also supports charitable activities such as the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson and his wife Karen live in Atlanta and Potomac.

Clay Siegall: A Top Cancer Researcher


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Many researchers have taken part in the advancement of cancer therapy, and one of them is Clay Siegall. Clay is the President and the CEO of Seattle Genetics, a firm that focuses on cancer research and treatment. The desire to help cancer patients has made Siegall work tirelessly over the years in search of effective cancer therapy. He has seen Seattle Genetics grow from a small entity into a giant research firm that is recognized worldwide. Having the extensive experience of more than 20 years in cancer research and drug development, Clay has numerous achievements under his sleeve.


His journey began when he decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology and later a Ph. D in Genetics at George Washington University. After graduating, Clay Siegall secured a job with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a Senior Research Investigator and later as a Principal Scientist. Clay has also worked for National Cancer Institute, National Health Institutes, Alder Bio-pharmaceutical and Mirna Therapeutics.


Later, he shifted to private research and launched the famed Seattle Genetics in 1998.

Seattle Genetics is a global leader in cancer therapy technologies, and it is known in the pharmaceutical industry for its antibody-drug conjugate, ADCETRIS. It was the first ADC product to be approved by FDA in 2011. Through the collaboration between Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and Seattle Genetics, the drug has been approved in more than 65 countries.


Despite these achievements, Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics have not shown any signs of slowing down in their journey to fight cancer. For instance, Seattle has entered into multiple agreements with Genentech (Roche), Pfizer, AbbVie and GlaxoSmithKline to advance its ADC technology. Through the agreements, partnerships, and licenses, the company has generated more than $300 million to date. In addition, Clay Siegall has led fund-raising activities where he managed to secure more than $675 million through public and private financing.


The medical and scientific community has greatly benefited from the knowledge and experience of Clay Siegall. He has shared it in more than 70 scientific articles, research papers and book chapters regarding cancer research. Moreover, he serves as a member of the editorial board of several reputable scientific journals.



How Kenneth Goodrich Turned Goettl Around


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Goettl is one of the leading cooling and heating contractor in the US. The company is owned by Kenneth Goodrich. Kenneth and the company have a very long history. When he was only ten years, his father who owned an air conditioning company, he had the opportunity to see his first Goettl air conditioner, up close. At that point, his father had given him a flashlight to illuminate while he worked on an air conditioner. At that time, his father was an expert on Goettl air conditioning systems. Fast forward, 15 years later, his father passed on and left him in charge of the family business. At that point it was only Goettl that came to his rescue. It was the only company that believed in him and extended credit to him.


Goettl gave Goodrich a chance to stabilize and be successful and for that he was forever grateful. Years later, Goodrich decided to venture into the business of buying and rehabilitating companies. It was then that he came across Goettl. At that point he had already bought 15 companies and rehabilitated them.


When he first came across the offer to buy Goettl, the company was undergoing some major issues. But even then, he knew that he was destined to save the company and lead it to greatness. So, he bought the company even though it was making huge losses and the employees had lost their morale. Aside from this, the he had to deal with some compliance and legal issues. But even then, he went ahead to buy the company.


Now, four years down the line, the company is making up to $50 million in profits, every other years. This is all due to dedication to customer satisfaction. He started by taking the company back to basics, concentering on the clients instead of dollars. And in the process he ended up motivating the employees to be all about their clients.


About Goettl

Goettl was founded back in the year 1939 by the brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. Through the years, the company has changed ownership several times. Prior to being bought by Kenneth Goodrich, the company was under the ownership of Phoenix Peach.


Today Goodrich is the president of the company. Under his leadership, the company has grown to over $50 million annual profits in just three short years. It has also grown to offer services in three more areas including Tucson, Sothern California, and Las Vegas.




Andrea McWilliams – Powerful And Influential Lobbyist And Strategist In Texas


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Andrea McWilliams is the name to reckon within the political sphere of not only Texas but all over the country. She is the co-owner and founder of McWilliams Political Affairs Consultant Agency, which is a governmental affair consultant agency offering services to both the Democratic as well as the Republican party.


Dean McWilliams’, co-owner and co-founder of the consultancy mentioned above and the husband of Andrea McWilliams helps with running the organization, and is also an expert on the political affairs. Andrea McWilliams is known as one of the most powerful and influential political strategists and lobbyists in the state of Texas.


Her vast network among the wealthy, influential and affluent society in the state of Texas and other parts of the country has helped Andrea McWilliams gain the status of a great fundraiser. Over the years, Andrea has featured in many print publications and media networks, including Newsweek, USA Today, BBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and more. She is the only non-political women to be featured in the Texas Monthly’s feature “Power,” along with the Governor, Speaker of the House, and the Lieutenant Governor.


Andrea McWilliams has won many different awards for her contribution to the politics and the state welfare in Texas. Few of the awards she received includes being named “Austin Under 40” a few years ago, named “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the year finalist” by Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and even received the “Style Setter” award at the highly reputed Austin Fashion Week. When she was working at a PR firm named Public Strategies Inc, she was given the position of chief of staff at the age of 21, which clearly showcases her acumen as a leader and a strategist.


Andrea McWilliams is also an active philanthropist and is associated with some charitable organizations and non-profit institutions, such as Texas Lyceum, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Austin Children in Crisis, Ann Seton Hospital, and more.

Swanky, Elite, High-end, Lavish Are Some Of The Few Terms That Can Be Used To Describe Honey Birdette’s New UK Boutiques


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When it comes to the specialty of lingerie one brand cannot go unnoticed. The brand is Honey Birdette. Birdette is one of the best retailers in lingerie. With more people embracing the art of bedroom expression, Honey Birdette has seen tremendous growth to the extent that it has spread its wings to the UK market. The company opened its second store in the neighborhood of Leeds last year.

This year the company has been embarked on an intensive expansion plan. Honey Birdette is not only targeting brick and mortar presence, but it’s also occupying the online space. Early in the month of April 2017, the company launched its online presence through a US e-commerce site. The company also unveiled its ambitious expansion plan in the UK. The enterprise will up its retail presence from a modest three stores to a massive 40 stores over a period of two years.

The household name that is Honey Birdette was started in the year 2006. Eloise Monaghan, its founder, had the conviction that the lingerie market had great business opportunities that hadn’t been fully exploited. From an idea to the brand that Honey Birdette has become, it has taken a lot of innovation. Its recent creation, the US e-commerce site is aimed at providing its customers with a unique shopping experience. Orders above $50 are delivered for free; The new product has seen the company’s sales rise by 374%.

When Eloise Monaghan set out to dominate the lingerie market, he had in mind the resolution of sparking more sensuality into the Australian bedroom. True to himself he has brought sensuality to more than the Australian bedroom. Birdette’s boutiques are sexually expressive, playful and sensual. With special treats to customers such as champagne servings and exquisite décor, the stores can attract customers into exploring the height of their sexuality.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Talk Fusion provides the best communications and marketing solutions


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Talk Fusion is a company dedicated to helping businesses to stand out from competition, retain customers as well as increase sales and profits. Talk Fusion which was founded in 2007, is the first company in the world to provide a product that incorporates all-in-one video marketing solutions as the major product. This world’s wonderful product combines video email, video newsletters, video chats, online meeting, live broadcasting and signup forms into a single technologically packed solution/product. This enables one to stay in touch with their friends as well as facilitate business marketing operations.

Are you after a means to share your videos with the members of the family? Talk Fusion is the solution. The all-in-one, video marketing solutions simplify how we share our daily activities and provides solutions to the challenge of sharing videos due to their large sizes. The technology sends videos as an email and therefore is a very reliable and convenient tool. The product is very user-friendly and affordable at a cost of $25 per month only making it suitable for all types of businesses. With Talk Fusion’s products been globalized, they can be easy customized to meet the needs of any business or business product. In addition, Talk Fusion team helps business customize the tools as well as providing graphics support to facilitate its usage. The amazing feature of video chat product enabled Talk Fusion to receive the 2016 communications solutions product of the year award.

Talk Fusion is dedicated to improving your experiences as well helping businesses market themselves. Other amazing products are on the way. Currently, the company is providing a one month’s trial period for all their products at absolutely no cost. Anybody or any business can try out these products because they have no restriction. Talk Fusion cares for humanity, and for that reason, the company provides their products for free to charitable and non-profit making organizations. Bob Reina, the founder and the CEO of this company, believes that great success comes with it significant responsibilities, and thus the need to give back to the society.