Talk Fusion provides the best communications and marketing solutions


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Talk Fusion is a company dedicated to helping businesses to stand out from competition, retain customers as well as increase sales and profits. Talk Fusion which was founded in 2007, is the first company in the world to provide a product that incorporates all-in-one video marketing solutions as the major product. This world’s wonderful product combines video email, video newsletters, video chats, online meeting, live broadcasting and signup forms into a single technologically packed solution/product. This enables one to stay in touch with their friends as well as facilitate business marketing operations.

Are you after a means to share your videos with the members of the family? Talk Fusion is the solution. The all-in-one, video marketing solutions simplify how we share our daily activities and provides solutions to the challenge of sharing videos due to their large sizes. The technology sends videos as an email and therefore is a very reliable and convenient tool. The product is very user-friendly and affordable at a cost of $25 per month only making it suitable for all types of businesses. With Talk Fusion’s products been globalized, they can be easy customized to meet the needs of any business or business product. In addition, Talk Fusion team helps business customize the tools as well as providing graphics support to facilitate its usage. The amazing feature of video chat product enabled Talk Fusion to receive the 2016 communications solutions product of the year award.

Talk Fusion is dedicated to improving your experiences as well helping businesses market themselves. Other amazing products are on the way. Currently, the company is providing a one month’s trial period for all their products at absolutely no cost. Anybody or any business can try out these products because they have no restriction. Talk Fusion cares for humanity, and for that reason, the company provides their products for free to charitable and non-profit making organizations. Bob Reina, the founder and the CEO of this company, believes that great success comes with it significant responsibilities, and thus the need to give back to the society.



Lime Crime Provides The Solution For People Who Want A Different Hair Color


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A lot of people are not happy with their hair color. Even some of the people that accept their hair color want to experiment with other hair colors in order to see what they look like. However, one thing that could be said about hair dye is that it is very costly in many cases. However, people who want to save money will have a hard time finding hair dye that is high in quality. Often times, the cheaper dye provides lackluster results. Also, it could bring a lot of damage to the hair of the individual. This is why she has to be careful with the type of hair dye that she uses.


Fortunately, Lime Crime has something that is good for people who are looking for high quality hair care at a low price. Lime Crime has introduced the new unicorn line of hair dye for women that are willing to experiment with their hair as a way to express themselves. There are many different colors that people can choose from. The results tend to be awe inspiring. Women will get solid colors from Lime Crime products. To make things even better, the hair dye has been made from natural and vegan ingredients.


People can use Lime Crime products on their hair and not worry about it breaking their hair apart because everything that is used to make these products is natural. This gives it a higher quality that is missing in even the more expensive brands of hair dye and make up.


Women who are interested in this product can rest assured that it is going to be available for them to use. They can bring forth their unicorn inspired looks. For one thing, they will see themselves as unique and precious among the crowd of people who are afraid to stand out.

Felipe Montoro Jens Interviews Edison Carlos


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Recently, the Brazilian government announced that via a partnership with the National Bank of Economic and Social Development, that it would be making concessions. Felipe Montoro Jens, who is an expert in infrastructure projects, discussed this with Edison Carlos.


Jens interviewed the president of the Trata Brasil Institute, Edison Carlos, who said that BNDES will create plans for the states it serves and they will adapt the project to the needs of each location. He pointed out that sanitation in Brazil has 90% of its services conduced by public power, while 70% of the users are served by various state organizations.


Karl Heideck: The Ultimate Attorney Making Litigation Simpler


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Karl Heideck: The Ultimate Attorney Making Litigation SimplerLitigation is also known as dispute resolution. The branch of law involves help with disputes or claims that occur during commercial deals or transactions. Conflict resolution mostly arises between various companies or even between individuals and enterprises.

Issues that commonly fall under litigation include contractual matters, banking transaction or fraud, mergers and acquisition, competition mechanism, restructuring problems and corporate management. A litigator is an attorney who guides such parties through the process of litigation.

Litigators can work for their own or other law firms, government agencies. They may also be supervisors to paralegals or legal assistants. Litigators work in close collaboration with colleagues from other fields which include banking and finance, corporate, commercial, real estate and others.

Steps to Becoming A Litigator

•Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

•Take the Law School Admission Test

•Obtain a Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree

•Pass the Bar Exam

Heideck has been working as an attorney for more than a decade. Due to this experience, he has honed his skills as a lawyer and good reputation for his competence. Through his ten years practicing law, Karl Heideck is highly reliable and trustworthy.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a renowned litigator in Philadelphia. He is a reputable lawyer with a wealth of experience in litigation, compliance, and risk management for that area for several years now. He presently works as a contract attorney for Grant & Eisenhofer where his responsibilities include for reviewing discovery materials for intricate securities fraud and banking litigation.

Karl Heideck was previously employed by Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien. With a solid educational background, he got his JD in law degree in 2009 from the Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck also went to Swarthmore College where he studied English and Literature.

Kark Heideck primarily focuses on acquisitions, transactions, risk managements, as well as liquidity positions. His weekly conference attendances with co-counsel to verify and frequently improve the review protocol.

Follow @karl_heideck.

Buying Beneful at Target


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If you and your dog are a fan of Beneful dog food, you will be relieved to find out that Target carries a wide variety of Beneful dog food types. This means that you do not have to go to different stores to find your dog’s favorite flavor of Beneful dog food.

How Much is Beneful at Target?

If you are looking to purchase Beneful dog food products at target, the amount you spend will depend on the size of bag you purchase. You can expect the price of Beneful wet dog food to be the same as any other store. Dry dog food in small bags starts at $5 each, and large bags can cost as much as $26.While the large bag may seem expensive initially, but there are many lower quality brands that charge the same amount for sub-standard product. With Beneful, you can be sure that your dog is getting nutritious food at every meal.

Does Target Carry Beneful Wet Food?

If you like giving your dog wet food mixed in with their dry morsels, you will love the fact that Target sells Beneful wet food too. By shopping at Target, you are guaranteed to save money, and get your dog the best food money can buy. While you are there, check out the amazing Beneful best dog treats, available in the dog food isle at Target.

Where Can I Find Beneful Coupons for Target?

If you are looking to save a little bit of money, you can find Beneful coupons with ease. You can clip Target sales ad coupons, print target coupons offline, or go directly to the Beneful website and print manufacturers coupons.If you choose to shop online, Target always has coupon codes available. Simply google coupons for Target online, and you will find major discounts, including the option for free shipping. Dog food from Amazon: Click here.

Wengie’s DIY school writing utensil ideas


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Wengie has a number of do it yourself school supply ideas including how one can construct rainbow highlighters, designer pencils, and pens. Wengie uses rainbow highlighters to remember important points in her school work by combining yellow, pink, and blue markers. Simply take a yellow highlighter and color the left edge with a blue marker and the right edge with a pink. By doing so, the marker will highlight your sentences in rainbow colors versus just one color. If one seeks a lighter shade of highlight, dip the marker in a glass of water for a few seconds, and then apply to the page which will result in a lighter version of the original color.


Pencils get mistakenly taken so Wengie wants hers to stand out. She uses various options of washi tape to roll her pencils into in order to create a unique design. Pens can be changed up using Elmer’s glue and a number of different colors of glitter. Start by pulling out the pen from the holder and pour in a diluted mixture of the glue into the holder. After a couple of minutes of letting the glue set, dump in some glitter to the holder which will bond to the glue. After 30 minutes or so, it is safe to put the pen back into the holder. The end result is a pen designed like no other. Wengie suggests trying a quill pen like our ancestors used in the 1700s. Just find a feather and some water color paint. Paint the feather anyway your heart desires and then cut off the end of the pen one chooses to attach to the quill. If the pen does not attach firmly, try a bit of glue to make certain it will not come detached. The quill is now ready for use on your homework.

A Look At How Highland Capital Management Emerged As A Top Alternative Investment Company


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Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an alternative investing advisory company that operates out of Dallas, Texas. The company, which is an SEC-registered investment adviser, specializes in alternative investments such as real estate, hedge funds, private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. Other investments it offers are emerging markets, natural resources, and long/short equities. Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada.

Dondero and Okada have developed Highland Capital Management in the intervening year into a company that, including its affiliates, has almost $15 billion in assets under management. James Dondero continues to serve as the President of Highland Capital Management while Mark Okada is the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry and in particular in alternative investing. In addition to his role at Highland Capital Management, he serves as the Chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also engaged in charitable efforts and in particular focuses on nonprofits that are involved in education, public policy, and veteran affairs.

Mark Okada also has decades of experience in the financial industry. He is responsible for overseeing Highland Capital Management’s investment strategies. During his career, he won the Lipper Fund Award for “Best Loan Participation Fund” two years in a row. He is a Director of NexBank and also serves the Grow South Fund Advisory Board as a member. His charitable activities include serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Common Grace Ministries, Inc. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Education is Freedom.

Under the leadership of Mark Okada and James Dondero, Highland Capital Management is also heavily involved in charitable giving. In 2016 the company brought in long-time Dallas civic leader Linda Owen to head the company’s expanding charitable giving arm. Among Linda Owen’s work in the nonprofit field is her heading up The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. In a statement about hiring Linda Owens, James Dondero said that as Highland Capital Management expands its charitable giving they recognized that they needed to bring in a professional experienced in the field in order to head it.



Goettl Air Conditioning Continues Growing in Las Vegas


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Goettl Air Conditioning has announced that they have merged with two smaller HVAC companies in Las Vegas, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. They are excited about the merger because it will add 20 new employees to their company while assuming the residential clients from Las Vegas Air and the rentals from Paradise Air.

By combining companies, they will be able to diversify their skills and services. Goettle will add plumbing services to Paradise and Las Vegas Air, and, before the merger, these two offered only HVAC. Goettl will also pick up commercial properties and will benefit by taking multi-family properties, rental homes and strip malls.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business for over 75 years. They opened in 1939 in Phoenix, Arizona where temperatures skyrocket in the summer. The two Goettl brothers, Gust and Adam, developed the first evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC unit to battle the severe desert heat.

Goettl spent several years in Phoenix, and in the 1950s, air conditioning became popular nationwide as the business boomed. It was then they expanded to Las Vegas.

Today, Goettl Air has dozens of offices across the southwestern United States, and they are one of the most trusted names in HVAC, residential and commercial. Ken Goodrich is now president, and he is proud of the excellent services the company offers.

Goettl is known for its experienced and highly skilled technicians who are proud to complete the service perfectly for you. Goettl only uses top brand products and the technicians are well-trained, so you get a lot for your dollar.


As a family-owned company, they excel in traits such as quality, honesty, reliability and innovation. Their personnel pay attention to details and always clean up. The excellent service is provided to stand behind the name.


Redefing the Work Space Marc Sparks Style


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While researching for a piece I was writing about the change in the modern workplace environment and the resulting changes it has caused within the workforce in terms of desired environments and what the average worker will no longer accept, I came across one name quite often every time a mention of redefined workspace environments came up, Marc Sparks.

At first as with most research, you take notice of the trend and keep digging deeper but the name kept appearing so curiosity got the better of me and I had looked into how one man would become so synonymous with redefining your workplace environment to create the best space for productivity and success.

A quick search in my favorite search engine answered my question.

It appeared that Marc Sparks had long been a proponent of not cutting corners when it comes to choosing the perfect environment to house your business.

According to Good Reads, article after article purported how Marc Sparks had used a recent move to a new location as a jumping point to put that philosophy to work. His company, Timber Creek LP, chose to occupy an open space that is easily described as having more in common with the fantastic work spaces littering Silicon Valley.

The space was able to accommodate several companies in an open floor plan that as Marc Sparks best put it, is necessary as that “a quality, conducive and collaborative work environment is no less than 25% of the overall ingredients necessary to succeed.”

It became immediately obvious as to why Marc Sparks would be synonmous with redifend work spaces created to foster creativity and success, outside of the upstart start-ups of famed Silicon Valley, warehouse spaces across Los Angeles, and of course the work spaces of New York City, not many companies put that much thought into creating an environment that their employs will want to be in day in and day out.

My research into how creating a better work environment for employees leads to not only more productive and successful workers but also increases the potential for the company to attract even more talented individuals in the field caused me to realize why Marc Sparks and men like him would put so much effort into building quality spaces for their companies to exist in, the companies like a person, plant, or any other living entity need a correct space to fully thrive.

That question answered, on to my next.

Protect Your Reputation By Taking Control Of Your Image


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Are you worried about what impression you make online? Do you want to project a good image about you or your brand? Want to instill confidence in your potential customers and clients, and encourage them to patronize your business? Entrepreneurs and executives need to ensure an impressive image and reputation.

The importance of online reputation management cannot be ignored or disputed and it certainly increased immensely with the popularity of social media networks, wherein people can communicate their opinions and views on products, companies and organizations. It is not an issue that can be handled by a business owner or entrepreneur while trying to run a business. It has to be assigned to professionals who have the expertise to render top notch services to clients.

Nowadays, any company or entrepreneur that does not take the steps to maintain a good reviews online, will definitely find it difficult to convince people to trust them. It is imperative that you take proactive steps in establishing a great reputation.

There are many ways to go about managing your credibility and building an admirable image. Successful online reputation management often involves having sufficient links to articles, blogs, press stories and articles so that when someone performs a search for your name or your company, all of the content you have positioned shows up. The problem begins when a negative blog post or press story about you or your company is presented, and it suppresses and overshadows the positive content you have uploaded.

A negative video or post on social sites or discussion forums can ruin the credibility or reputation of an organization. If you want to take control of your reputation on the Internet, you need to get in touch with a well established team of professionals. A reliable online reputation management professionals can provide the advise and guidance you need to manage your credibility and build an impressive image.

Handling reputation management can be time consuming, and requires tremendous skills. Professionals can save you a great deal of time and enable you to focus on your business and projects.