Impacts of Sub-standard Financial advice to Investors


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The Globe and Mail is Canada’s number one national newspaper and has been in the market for the past 172 years. It prides itself in its award winning journalism. Its personal finance writer is known as Rob Carrick; he offers sound advice and has done commendable job in his newspaper financial column. On August 26, 2016 The Globe and Mail succumbed to financial pressure and published a story that featured “three stock picks” from Paul Harris. The article is an example of wide spread bad investment advice as the stock pickers may give advice that may lead to a great financial loss to investors.

About Laidlaw Company
Laidlaw and Company is firm that offers personalized banking and brokerage advice to public and private institutions, and the investors with a relatively high net worth. It also offers and executes financial management services to them as well. It operates mainly in the United States of America and in The United Kingdom. Individuals have complained of this since the middle and low class are not of any importance to LaidLaw and Company. They have complained of rude and sub-standard customer service from the company’s sales representatives. There are individuals who have also complained of being forced to provide information that belongs to their partners unwillingly. The company has also witnessed another complain from an individual who claimed that they never accept responsibilities and only focus on getting their commission after the client is dumped and left with nothing.

On 15th Dec 2015 Relmada Therapeutics Inc., filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company after it and its two principals had served them as an investment banker. Laidlaw and company was accuse of failing to comply with the regulations provided by Securities and Exchange Commission. That is another case where it is accused of sharing confidential information as well as providing misleading financial advice to its clients.

Chasing the Wealth in the Stock Market: A Guide by VTA Publications and Jim Hunt


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When most ponder the stock market, they grow fairly uneasy in emotions. The stock market is undoubtedly confusing, worrisome, and often thought to be only for the affluent who can afford to lose close to a million dollars or more. What if all of these feelings and preconceived notions were untrue, though? Would you change your standpoint of the market entirely? Jim Hunt, the advisor of VTA Publications, made it a point to not only craft an ideal strategy for combating the stock market but he explained what people really do not know about the market and why.

Jim Hunt created a strategy that he refers to as, “Wealth Wave.” Essentially speaking of an eager surfer ready to catch a wave, Jim Hunt described this strategy on Twitter as the process of hunting money on the stock market. When people invest in an unfavorable market, they often expect for it to fail and, unfortunately, it usually does. However and as Jim Hunt expressed, that money does not vanish in thin air, but it simply goes elsewhere and it is dependent on the investor to find it. With a solid belief that it is all about timing, the advisor stressed the influence his company has on the market and prospective investors in general.

VTA Publications is a bold company intent on being honest in a fairly unjust industry. Not only does this firm offer their sound advice on where and when to invest but they sustain close contact with their clients throughout the entire process. What they describe as “Hand holding” is really their way of emphasizing the fact that they will be there for their clients to offer help and influence throughout the entire investment. Conclusively, this is a firm that cares about their clients and the manner that they conduct business is based on that reality.

Discover The Benefits Of Wen By Chaz Today


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Do you know your hair care type? Are you looking for a way to revolutionize your hair? Wen by Chaz ( works for all hair care types is designed with all natural ingredients. Best of all, Wen by Chaz is affordable, but trusted by the stars. You’ll be able to take complete control over your hair care treatments. Say goodbye to pricey salon visits or hair and care products that don’t work. You’re just moments away from taking the vitality back with your hair. Thousands of people are committed to Wen by Chaz for an affordable hair care solution.

Would you trust the advice of someone that used their own money and agreed to give an honest account? That is what one young lady did as reported by Bustle magazine online. She ordered the Wen by Chaz strengthening conditioner and decided to use it for one week. After each shampoo she would use it on her hair. She was hesitant to use another advertised product on her thin hair, but Wen by Chaz actually worked for her. She noticed far less breakage and by the end of the week she had healthier stronger locks. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers.

Wen by Chaz nourishes your hair with all natural ingredients. It is safe to use for women and men with all hair care types. They have a rich aroma and customers are invited to try their summer peach brand. If you desire a rich flavor with organic extracts Wen by Chaz is your go to hair care solution. Your hair gives you the confidence that you need to be a busy professional. You’re invited to visit the official Wen by Chaz website for more details and product offers for your hair today. Take the first step with hair care products under $40 on Amazon. Check out the Wen official YouTube channel for more details.

The Benefits of Calling Goettl


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For individuals or for businesses that have a broker AC unit in the dead of summer with the humidity or the sunlight creating one of the most blistering heat experiences ever, Goettl is an air conditioning company that offers excellent services for each customer that are all provided without the customer having to break the bank in the process. Goettl is a company that was founded in 1939 and that has continued to thrive after a recent renovation that remodeled the entire business to now offer not only some of the best products and services, but to also provide high quality customer service.

Goettl Air Conditioning sold to Tenn. contractor

Goettl is truly a company that is dedicated to helping the people that are either in need of consultation or in need of repairing or even in need of a brand new installment. What makes this brand so unique is that the quality of the company is not only not faltering, but is also continuously growing to be better than ever before. To ensure that customers receive exactly what they ask for, Goettl even makes sure to take pictures of the installation process as well as of the final product in order to have proof that the quality of what was provided exceed expectations.

Goettl is truly a company that emphasizes the importance of a community and the importance of helping others as a business of the community. In recent news, Goettl Air Conditioning helped out one woman in particular who was at risk of health issues for the sweltering that she experienced within her home with a broken AC unit in the middle of a summer of Las Vegas. Despite her inability to pay the fees and the installments, Goettl gave all of the products and the services for free and has shown that though this is a business that makes a profit, this is also a business that is truly dedicated to the people of the community.



In recent news, Goettl has been purchased by a new Memphis-based company that specializes in plumbing and air conditioning. This new management change has only emphasized the importance of a high quality service that is provided for the cheapest price in the least amount of time. Goettl is a company that currently has over 70 years under its belt with the intention to grow continuously to provide the best possible services to each client that is in need of advice or installments.

Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Laidlaw & Company Disapproves Critics to Become a Top Investment Bank


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Laidlaw & Company has been in existence for quite some time. However, it came to the limelight in the early 2000’s, after numerous arbitration claims faced a firm associated with some of its investors.

Critics and lawyers ignored the fact that the company had been in existence for a long time before the Sands brothers were faced with financial woes. A majority of Sands Brothers & Co’s former clients feared that the Sands brothers who had interests in Laidlaw & Company would divert funds to the company to avoid settling money awarded in arbitration claims.

Laidlaw & Company, under the stewardship of Matthew D. Eitner, the Chief Executive Officer, and James Ahern, a Managing Partner, and the Head of Capital Markets overcame the negative speculations and went ahead to create a name in the world of investment banking.

The company is not only a full-service investment bank but a brokerage firm as well. It offers personalized investment advice as well as skillful execution both to private and public institutions. Additionally, high net worth individual investors also form part of its investment portfolio.

Laidlaw & Company operates under dual FCA authorization and FINRA registration. These certifications allow the firm to work across borders. The company has built a network globally with offices in the United States as well various locations across Europe. Laidlaw & Company pursues new business and clients on a global scale.

The company, having been established in 1842, boasts of a 170-year legacy, focusing on the needs of domestic as well as international corporations, institutions, entrepreneurs, not forgetting private clients all over the world.

The company owes its success to its ability to assist budding companies raise capital, as well as allowing corporate clients the financial flexibility to grow without limitations. The dedication of the 150 plus employees also helps the company achieve its agenda.

Nizan Guanaes – Defining Philanthropic Endeavors In Brazil


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Advertising has always played an instrumental role in the marketing and development of a product. It is estimated that companies around the world spend nearly US$592 billion dollars on advertising budget. Such spending seems practical because experts believe that every dollar spent by the Fortune 500 companies delivers three times the benefits in terms of capital gains.

Traditionally, the purpose of advertising is to convince consumers that a company’s product or service is best in the industry. In addition, advertising also focuses on promoting the brand image, which keeps the customer coming back. Some experts even suggest that advertising convinces consumers that there is a need for the product. For instance, there is a huge industry dedicated to hair tonics and conditioners, which has created the perception that human hair cannot sustain healthy growth without hair shampoos. Despite the fact that claims of such products are not clinically proven, the industry continues to thrive based on the positive perception, which is built around heavy advertising capital.

Just like the changing advertising trends, the medium of advertising is also changing. In 1920, radio was the main channel for advertising. Thirty years later, television became the primary channel, which also offered cable television as an alternate to TV. However, market share of TV is declining amid increased competition from the Internet.

Luckily, trends in the corporate world are also changing. Increasing number of media moguls are contributing a large share of their revenue with the local community. In Brazil, Nizan Guanaes is a well-known name in advertising. In fact, Nizan is considered one of the most influential Brazilians due to his ever-expanding advertising business that includes 18 different companies around the globe.

Nowadays, Nizan Guanaes actively contributed to various UN projects. He also provides funding for several nonprofits that focus on human rights, education and health. In his spare time, he also oversees management of such prominent projects as Clinton Global Initiative.


The Benefits of Wearing Fabletics


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For individuals who are not only athletes of those that love the outdoors and are looking for a comfortable yet stylish outfit to wear, try Fabletics, a new line of clothing that was created by Kate Hudson who now offers a new way of looking at athletic gears. Athletic gear is the perfect thing to wear for with working out or for looking for a comfortable outfit to wear after a long day at work and a long day in high heels. Athletic gear is now something that combines fashion with functionality with the fabric that is used that creates a special blend for each and every athletic gear wearer.

The athletic gear industry is a competitive industry to become a part of as the purchase of athletic gear on is now more popular than ever before for not only the purpose of working out for fitness, but also for the purpose of feeling comfortable. Thanks to Kate Hudson, functionality is now combined with style. Three years ago, it was unheard of to wear yoga pants or any other athletic gear into an office or in certain locations. In present day, individual wear comfortable and elegant workout clothes anywhere while looking stylish.

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Within only three years of being in business, Kate Hudson’s company has taken off and now currently has over $1 million VIP members that are loyal to the company and are loyal towards purchasing athletic gear from only Fabletics. What makes the Fabletics brand so enticing to the loyal customers of the company is the combination of two characteristics which are style as well as cost. At an inexpensive price, customers can look as fabulous as possible without ever having to break the bank in the process. With comfort and fashion now in the same category, women can now look beautiful and elegant with little to no effort at all.

The colors, the prints, as well as the cuts that have been designed for women of all shapes and sizes. Larger women can now feel beautiful in these form fitting outfits which remain comfortable to the body and bring out the figure in anyone. Ever the athletes love these designs of Fabletics as they can now look amazing even during the hardest workout of their life. To women around the world, it is not only good to look great on the outside, but it is important to feel great on the inside.

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Goldenberg Takes VIP Membership Business to Fashion


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Who is the best young CEO in Los Angeles? This is a question you could ask a ton of people in the business community in LA and get a completely different answer every time. There is one name that might keep getting brought up by every person that answers. That name is Adam Goldenberg. Goldenberg might not seem very young. This is because he created and sustained success at such an early age. His latest venture, JustFab, is a culmination of the work that he has done with other companies in the past.

JustFab is a membership VIP service for fashion. Those that are members pay a monthly membership fee. They can then log on to the website at any time and buy available products at a huge discount. JustFab has a relationship with a ton of top brands. One of their flagship brands is Fabletics. Fabletics is the athletic wear company owned by Hollywood starlet Kate Hudson. The company is known for selling affordable leggings and hoodies for women. Their prices are even better when you have a membership with JustFab on Wikipedia.

JustFab isn’t just for clothing. The company also deals in other kinds of fashion merchandise. JustFab sells clothing, jewelry, and shoes. The merchandise on the website is mostly geared towards women. The website does offer it customers free exchanges and free shipping on all purchases. There is even a section for kids styles on the website. You can buy merchandise individually or even use the website to design entire head to toe looks for yourself. There is no stone left unturned by JustFab when it comes to fashion shopping online. Right now, the company is advertising an offer of buy on VIP membership get one free. Source:

Goldenberg’s first big success was in the late nineties with his flagship gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance. This company linked gamers like no other company before. It saw a lot of growth despite Goldenberg’s young age and lack of experience when he was running the company. Adam Goldenberg built Gamer’s Alliance until he was bought out in 1999.

Goldenberg’s next project was an internet brand incubator. Goldenberg was in charge of the development of many different brands and start ups when he ran Intelligent Beauty. He founded the incubator in 2006. He then ran the company until 2010 when he had the idea for JustFab. Ever since then JustFab has been growing and growing at an exponential rate.

Helane Morrison: The model woman executive


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Hall Capital is a family owned investment company whose current portfolio stands at $24B. Women executives and family is a rare combination in modern times. Most female executives are seen as an antithesis of family, but Helane Morrison embodies a simple but a profound influence on the investment firm. She oozes assurance and composure that is not only rare and inspiring, but also quite formidable in management.

A quick look at the values enshrined in the Hall Capital portfolio gives me the impression that the company borrows substantially from the Helane. She is always flanked with fellow women executives on the board, but the success reflects more than what the eye can see.

Morrison started her academic journey as a journalist by profession, a career that she did not pursue. She quickly found interest and traction in law up until her Juris Doctor graduation from the University of California. Her career highlight moment came when she worked for the 7th circuit court under one of the most social justice conscious people in America Justice Harry Blackman.

The previous roles prepared her for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appointment as the compliance officer. She was vocal and fruitful in stemming out the tide of unscrupulous businessmen and women who defrauded the public with sheer criminality. She held no prisoners in her quest at the greater San Francisco watchdog.

As an investment management company, Hall Capital operates in an environment that was partly responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. The public continues to be cautious as more and more economic crimes litter the industry. Her presence at the company gives me an impression that one cannot find a better partner to invest your money. She inspires me as a person ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Given an opportunity, I know Helane will always do the right thing.

Though she manages a team that is essentially women, Morrison argues that it is the role of every man and woman to motivate every other child to strive to be the best. People should not feel inadequate because of their gender or background. Hall Capital under the principal and compliance officer Helane Morrison aims to make that environment conducive for everyone. She wants to break every management stereotype associated with women.

Her success remains unparalleled in the industry, and the company’s growth closely resembles her overall success as a social defender, complaint officer, a female executive, and an investor.

Class Dojo Is Working To Improve The Standards Of Education


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Class Dojo was started up in 2011 after founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don talked to many parents and teachers about improving the standards of education. Class Dojo’s website corresponds with an app that works by rewarding or deducting points for skill or faults by the students. This app permits teachers to actively observe their students and their behaviors. Parents can receive videos, photos and messages regarding behavioral and progress reports. Over two thirds of US schools use Class Dojo as well as over 180 countries.

Class Dojo was created by Sam Chaudhary as a tool to open up a very large line of communication that passes from students to teachers to parents.It quite simple, all a teacher needs to do is download the free Class Dojo app and then they can start sending invites to their student’s parents individually. Privacy in an app of such a stature and it’s importance is one of Sam Chaudhary and his dedicated teams highest priority. Sam has stated that all provided information is completely secure and cannot be accessed from anyone anywhere, as each users information is contained within their app and can be erased at any given time.

The connection that Class Dojo brings between every student, teacher and parent has caught on quickly by referral and word of mouth. Class Dojo is expanding throughout our education system in hopes of improving them for all parties involved. Sam and his co founder Liam and their teammates believe that if teachers establish a genuine positive atmosphere in class and with parents at home, their students naturally get rewarded by finding out on they’re own that learning can be a pleasurable experience rather than of one where the student fights or flees. A timeline of events from the start of the Class Dojo program, any messages, photos, videos, progress and behavioral reports show the reflection of their child’s efforts as well as their potential.

Another goal of Class Dojo is long term and its truly inexhaustible, they hope to be there in support throughout every child’s schooling level. its fundamental for a student to receive and benefit from constructive criticism, since praising alone does not help them develop sufficiently. The company also takes special care to ensure all information users post within the app is safe and secure on their networks and no personal information is required to participate.
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