Jose Auriemo Neto, Brazilian Real Estate Executive Extraordinaire


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Forty one year old Jose Auriemo Neto is chairman and chief executive officer for real estate company, JHSF. JHSF was created in 1972 and is focused on the development of commercial and residential properties in Brazil. Though their primary focus is on real estate, the company also ventured out into the world of retail in the nineties.

Upon his graduation from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo, Neto began his career with JHFS in 1993. In 1997, the up and coming executive created the parking lot management company Parkbem, and successfully ran the services department until 1998. While Overseeing the services department, Neto gained the rights to develop the group’s first shopping terminal in Brazil, the Shopping Santa Cruz, and oversaw its successful progress. His success led to him becoming an executive officer for JHSF in the early two thousands.

As part of his duties as chairman and chief executive officer, Auriemo Neto oversees the brand’s business in office buildings, hotels and commercial developments for different properties. Neto also administers the groups retail portfolio by managing the allocation of the groups resources, such as merchandising and assortment planning. In 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto oversaw JHSF’s very first venture into retail by signing exclusive contracts with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes, and opened the luxury brands first outlets in the Cidade Jadrim shopping complex which is, of course, owned by JHSF. Most recently, in 2012 Jose Neto steered the company in a positive direction by having the group secure a contract with Valentino, thereby opening the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino stores in Brazil.

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Chicago Based Philanthropist And Business Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky


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Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in the Midwest. He grew up in Michigan and later moved to Chicago IL. Eric has co-founded many companies during his professional career, one major Chicago based company is Tempus Labs. Tempus Labs is known for its cancer fighting operation system. The technology that has been created by Tempus labs helps to bridge a gap between patient, practitioner and pharmacist. The Tempus technology can scan and input data from hand written doctors’ notes and make it available on the Tempus network. This technology allows for each patients patient’s team of experts to share the same critical data. When all of the information on a patient’s health is readily available for all physicians treating the patients there is less lag time on acquiring pertinent medical data.

Tempus Labs has recently been granted eighty million dollars in additional funding. This grant has brought Chicago based Tempus Labs to a worth of about $1.1 billion. This is rarely achieved within the first years of a company’s start up and has gained this company a coveted unicorn status of net worth. In addition to additional technological advances that will be gained from this large grant, employment is also spiking at Tempus Labs.

Another popular company that Eric Lefkofsky has co-founded is Groupon. Many people utilize Groupon on a daily basis for their product and destination savings purchases. Groupon offers a certain amount of deals at a reduced price. Once the deals have all been bought they are no longer available. There is a wide variety of deals that businesses can offer on Groupon. Some of these deals include products, experiences, meals and destinations. Eric Lefkofksy is a philanthropist who believes in bettering his community. Him and his wife have started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and often make donations towards various charities in and around Chicago as well as worldwide organizations.

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New Start-Up Tempus Co-Founded By Eric Lefkofsky Reaches Unicorn Funding


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Eric Lefkofsky is proud of the work his new start-up, Tempus, which he cofounded, is doing. As the CEO, Lefkofsky is responsible for the direction the company is doing. Tempus, a tech firm that specializes in collecting and analyzing patient treatment data for cancer patients has already done some important work during the short period it has been in existance. Since 2015 Tempus has already partnered with the Mayo Clinic and other important cancer treatment centers to create a database that oncologists can use when deciding on treatment options for their patients. They are collecting molecular data from patients, as well as trying do discover and analyze trends in the treatment of cancer patients.

The great strides that Tempus has already made have atracted the attention of investors who have put thier faith in the start-up company. During the most recent round of funding, Tempus raised 80 million in funding bringing them over the 1 billion threshold and making them reach what is called Unicorn status. Unicorn status is when a privately owned company is valued at 1 Billion dollars or more, without going public. It is a very rare thing, like a unicorn and is considered an impressive achievement. It is incredibly impressive that Tempus was able to reach Unicorn status in such a short time.

The hard work of Eric Lefkofsky and his team are the reason why Tempus was able in attract investors such as New Enterprise Assciates and Kinship Trust Co. These investors were attracted to the strong relationship that Tempus has with doctors, clinics, and drug companies, all of whom wish to use this date to help treat patients more effiently.

Lefkofsky and Tempus have big plans for the future, and reaching unicorn status is an important part of those plans. Although the company currently employs 400 people in the Chicago area, they are rapidly growing and adding new employees. Since the latest round of funding, Tempus has been adding about 30 employees per month, and plans to continue that rate of growth for the forseeable future. This growth will help the company crunch more numbers and have the potential to help more cancer patients.

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Outstanding Achievements Of Peter Briger


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Previously a Goldman Sachs member and partner for the famous well known company, Mr. Peter Briger became a part of the work team at Force in 2002 year. He oversaw the Credit and Real Estate division. With being on the Forbes list, he as made it into the top 400.
During his time at Goldman and Sachs, he specialized in Asian specific vehicle debt and international property. Peter Briger is also a current member on the board of the Princeton University Investment Company. Meanwhile during his time there, he has also provided substantial financial support for the Central Park Conservancy.

Mr. Peter Briger also is involved in non-profit organizations. This would include the organization known as Tipping Point. They are a San Francisco based no profit organization. They specialize in helping low income families and children attending schools in the area with significant financial hardship. They are affiliated with Caliber schools, which he is also a board member of. With all this he has invested $600 million for relief and causes.

Mr. Peter Briger obtained a master’s in business administration from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.He undergrad was spent attending Princeton University.

Being the Co-CEO for Fortress,which manages assets in extra mounts of $65 billion. He managed to gain the company the title of being the first of its kind to become a public alternate investment company. The company’s involvement includes managing and aiding investors who are private and institutional. He not only helps the company with debt issues, but aids foreign markets as well.

With the Fortress Credit opportunists fund, he raised over $4.7 billion in their first quarter of that very year. Today the internal rates of return are even still 25.2%, 17.8%, and 12.7%.
Briger’s big bucks comes in for helping with distressed assets within the financial development.
Based on economic failure, Briger would frequently buy mainstream fallen assets when the opportunity presented itself.

In recent years, with the development of digital coin and block chain technologies, Fortress has taken a liking to making Bitcoin a part of their financial assets and gain for the long haul. They focus on the fact that their is a severe lack of American involvement and exchange involving bitcoin. Briger and Fortress believe they can be the new era for that path to new de-centralized banking technologies.

Ultimately, Peter Briger has made it in this industry 100%.

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Robert Deignan and his Journey to founding ATS Digital Services.


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Success is usually hard to come and it sometimes takes people a whole lifetime before they finally become successful. However, this is not the case with Robert Deignan who founded his first business only three years after completing school. Deignan is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has consistently put his best foot forward into entrepreneurship ever since he graduated in 1995 with a B.S in Business Management from Purdue University. Robert was certain that he was destined to be a businessman and he promptly invested his time to understand what it entailed to build a successful business.

Technology background

Deignan always showed passion for technology and hence his first venture, Fanlink was a digital technology solutions company. Robert was always committed to improving customer service and he believed that combining technology and customer service would be the fitting foundation principle of his company. He would benefit enormously from his founding philosophy as three years later he would become Executive Vice President of a software company called Is3 Inc. Deignan used the opportunity to develop his managerial skills and technological knowledge. iS3 Inc offers solutions to a myriad of technological challenges in areas such as computer optimization, digital security, and customized technical support. This added to his pool of prior knowledge and expertise.

Founding ATS

Robert Deignan would later in August 2011 co-found his well – known and acclaimed company called ATS Digital Services, LLC. He says that ATS was basically a summary of what he was used to doing at is3 and at his first company, Fanlink. ATS is now a top company that can handle and technology related issues ranging from digital data storage, installation needs, home networking and all other technological needs. Deignan serves as the Chief Executive Officer and he has installed a system that is sensitive to customer service and has expert employees. His prior experience has assisted him to create a dream technology company that can handle any technological hitch that may crop up without any limitation.

Robert Deignan has worked tirelessly to gain customer’s confidence that ATS offers the most premium services available. He has installed a culture of offering outstanding customer service, and at ATS customer’s queries are given first priority and handled by the best employee on sight. It is his adherence to quality customer service that has fueled him to steer ATS to certification by AppEsteem becoming the first company to achieve that. AppEsteem only approves companies that have consistently provided premium software support services without compromising quality standards.

More about Robert Deignan

He is a lover for fishing and boats and at his free time, he loves to spend time at the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Deignan has lived in Florida for an extensive period of time and has participated in several fishing and boating competitions and even won the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby.

End Citizens United Fight To Protect The Institution of Democracy


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End Citizens United a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed to try and minimize the political implications of the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The controversial decision withdrew the government power to control activities of corporations that may impact election results. It ended Finance laws that had for many years required campaigns to acknowledge their donors. Citizens’ victory meant that corporations were free to contribute to their preferred campaigns as much money as they wished with anonymity.

According to some political players believe that this ruling should be overturned because it is disastrous and threatens Democracy because it represents the interests of the wealthy donors instead of voters’ interests. End Citizens United collects campaign contributions at the grassroots level that is intended to support politicians who oppose Citizens United and advocate for amendment of the current election finance laws. It was able to raise $26 million in the 2016 election and has a target of reaching $35 million in this year’s election cycle. The PAC’s strategy is to endorse and provide financial assistance to candidates who have detached themselves with big money from corporations and then use these candidates when they assume office to pass legislation that will change the campaign finance laws.

End Citizen’s United is also on a mission to unseat politicians who have ties with big money corporations like Rick Scott whom they accuse of using big corporate donations to sponsor his senate campaign. The PAC has filed a complaint about Rick’s conduct to the Federal Election Commission and continue to reveal damaging accusations aimed at reducing Rick’s popularity at the ballot. Rick Scott is among 20 other politicians being targeted by End Citizens United.

The 2018 mid-cycle elections are approximately six months away and End Citizens United is endorsing Democratic candidates that are committed to its efforts. The PAC’s endorsements have been making headlines especially for candidates like Beto O’Rourke, Randy Bryce, Jacky Rosen and Andy Kim. Beto is seeking to unseat Senator Ted Cruz. Randy Bryce and Jacky Rosen are hoping to be elected to the Senate too and have pledged to continue supporting election finance reforms. Andy Kim is a diplomat vying for Congress and is determined to replace Tom MacArthur who is the current congressman for the 3rd District of New Jersey and a notorious beneficiary of big money. Indeed, End Citizens United is a formidable player in the 2018 midterm elections.

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Bruno Fagali Tries Giving Attention to Issues with Laws


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     Bruno Fagali knows there are things he can do to help people. He knew the things he would have to do to continue sharing positive experiences with all his clients. If he wanted to make things better for them, he had to take certain steps to come up with new ideas and new programs to help them through positive experiences. Bruno Fagali liked giving people the chances they didn’t have with any other attorney. He also liked showing others they had a chance to do things the right way. For Bruno Fagali, the point of being a lawyer was helping people and showing them how they could get more from everything he did for them. He wanted to keep helping more people and keep giving them all the experiences they needed to be successful in the court. His goals were a big part of the way he did things and the experiences he offered different people.

Thanks to the hard work Bruno Fagali put into things, he knew there were positive things that would come from the industry. He also knew the legal world was different from any other industry. If he could help more people, he could give them experiences nobody else could. Even other attorneys were not as good as Bruno Fagali. He spent a lot of time learning about laws and trying to help other people realize they were doing things the right way. For Bruno Fagali, helping people was his way of giving back and making the community better.

If Bruno Fagali wanted to do more with law, he had to come up with a different plan. While working as an attorney was profitable, it didn’t allow him to have as big of an impact on the community as he wanted. By making sure he did everything right, Bruno Fagali felt good about how he could show other people the right way to do things. Starting his blog gave him an outlet to show even more people they could do things right. It was his way of providing everyone with the experiences they needed to continue their different levels of success.

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Bob Reina: His Passion Is Through The Roof


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It has often been said that if you are going to do something, you have to do it the right way and with passion. Bob Reina has always followed that formula in all avenues of his life. As a matter of fact, he bleeds passion left and right. He is all about the company he founded, Talk Fusion, which is known as the very best in video technology. They have the awards, the customers, and the word of mouth to prove it. They have been around for over 11 years, and it does not look like they will be slowing down anytime in the near future. They are going to keep pushing ahead well into the future with a clear vision: to make the world a better place. Learn more:


Bob Reina has said numerous times he is on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to Talk Fusion. That is exactly the mindset one needs to have in order to survive and thrive in this business. Too often, people are living in the past and admiring what they have done. That is not the case with Bob Reina. He is looking ahead and staying in constant communication with his team. He wants to know how they feel about everything that is going on with Talk Fusion. He wants to hear their input on how they can improve and what they feel like they are doing well at the moment.


It is that kind of open-door policy that sets Bob Reina apart from the rest. He is not going to act like a hot shot, and he is not going to leave people out at Talk Fusion. He includes every single person that works for the company in the conversation. After all, they were hired for a reason, and they have something to offer to the company. He wants to find out what they are thinking and what they can bring to the table.


He is big on asking questions, getting to the bottom of things, and making every employee feel comfortable. No one is going to feel scared of Bob Reina. He is approachable and kind.

U.S. Money Reserve helps guide people in retirement planning


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U.S. Money Reserve was founded by the 35th director of the U.S. Mint, Philip N. Diehl, as a way to help spread his passion for rare and collectible new-issue coins to the public. But as Diehl began growing U.S. Money Reserve, he realized that there were even more important roles that precious coins could fulfill. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

Diehl began to realize that in the current economic environment, precious coins may be the single most important hedging strategy that is consistently available to average Americans.

He knew that in the event of economic collapse, physically holding gold, silver and platinum coins could make the difference for millions of Americans between starving in the streets and continuing to live a decent life.

Tax-advantaged retirement accounts can hold precious coins

One aspect of coin ownership that U.S. Money Reserve quickly jumped on was the fact that various forms of tax-advantaged retirement accounts permit the holding of gold, platinum and silver coins as part of the approved list of assets that can be contained within them. This is particularly good news as these accounts allow money to be contributed on a tax-deferred basis. For those making more than $38,000, this can provide a large relief from an otherwise onerous tax burden.

At the same time, Diehl says that there has never been a better time to buy precious coins. The prospect for future appreciation is excellent, and the chances that the U.S. Dollar will experience sharp or catastrophic declines in the decades to come are high. Diehl says that there is no better way to hedge against the possibility of a dollar collapse than through the purchase of gold, platinum and silver coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

U.S. Money Reserve physically delivers precious coins

Diehl says that one of the most important aspects of understanding precious coins as a hedging strategy is that the buyer must take physical possession. Diehl, who has personally witnessed hyperinflationary collapse in a number of third-world countries, says that in the event of a catastrophic financial meltdown, contractual ownership of precious metals simply won’t be honored.

Those who believe they own precious metals or coins but who do not physically possess them on their own property will quickly find that all they own are worthless IOUs.

U.S. Reserve can help customers take physical possession of life-saving amounts of precious coins. The company’s experts can help devise home security plans and give suggestions on optimal storage and safe keeping techniques.

You can’t afford not to own precious coins. Let U.S. Money Reserve help you get on the road to real financial security.

Paul Herdsman’s Tips For Entrepreneurial Success


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Paul Herdsman is a successful entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of NICE Global living in Boca Raton, Florida. Moreover, Paul is a motivational speaker who offers advice to entrepreneurs who desire to succeed. In this article, Paul Herdsman speaks about tips (Read; 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman) he has learned that can help you become a successful entrepreneur.


Be Visionary


Paul Herdsman believes that having a vision was a key contributor to founding NICE Global living in Boca Raton. He adds that business persons need to have a reflection on their business for the next five years or so. This helps you to set goals and ways to ensure that you attain your objectives. Moreover, it provides that you are on track with regards to your priorities and daily operations. Refer to This Article on for more information.


Be Positive


Research indicates that positive entrepreneurs are excellent problem solvers due to their resilience and more energy. Paul Herdsman demonstrates that the best way to ensure positivity is by expressing your gratitude. As an investor, you need to commend yourself on some areas that you feel you have achieved excellently. Moreover, you can eliminate positivity by listing some of the things that you have accomplished as an investor.


Risk Taking


Paul Herdsman believes that you need to undertake specific risks to increase productivity to your firm. He adds that there is no way that you can assess the potential of a brand without introducing it to the market. To be successful, you must not fear to risk. Research indicates that some of the most successful firms have taken specific risks to progress up to where they are. However, it is wise to assess the nature of the threat before you partake it.


Having the Right Team


You need to have a dedicated team that supports your work. According to Paul Herdsman, success comes from the people around you. Accomplishing everything by yourself is difficult. As you build your team, it is crucial to observe their characters so that it becomes easy to instill skills. Consider a group with diverse skills so that they can approach a problem from different angles.


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