The experience and Success story of Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Health Care


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     Shafik Sachedina rose to fame for being the founder and owner of Sussex Health Care. He has an enormous experience, and this acts as the foundation of the success that he encounters over time. His role with the company supplements his other tasks related to his field of profession.

Sussex Health Care refers to a private team of care homes whose base is situated in Sussex. The focus of the firm is fundamentally on taking care of the aged persons inclusive of the mentally sick ones. They could have dementia or even Alzheimers Disease.

There is also the offer of specialist care towards the adults affected by the difficulties either physically or in association with learning. The individuals benefiting from their initiatives include the ones having neurological disabilities. The Health Care also offers outstanding care associated with building facilities to help the ones who need support concerning neurological as well as acquired brain injury.

The firm is dedicated to offering outstanding levels of care as well as support to whoever is in need. Regarding business, its objective to become the best in the provision of residential together with nursing care within Sussex. This is facilitated by the presence of a competent team of professionals who are well skilled in the career.

Additionally, Dr. Sachedina has the responsibility of enhancing the interfacing role in conjunction with the initiatives related to the Aga Khan Development. It is inclusive of other Ismaili societies’ institutions from the Central Asia.

The city of Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania is his birthplace. He was born in 1950. Following his dedication and hard work, it was in the year 1975 that he became a qualified dental surgeon. The acquirement was from the Guy’s Medical and Dental School. This is in conjunction with the University of London. He has been practicing the career in England for a while.

It is remarkable that he has gained a lot of interest concerning the sector of healthcare. His service with the institutions of Jamati and Aga Khan is on a voluntary basis. The objective is to set up an enduring tradition in line with community service.

Apart from serving as a Board Member of the Governing Committee of the Institute, he is a holder of different other positions. Initially, he gave service in the various positions as a volunteer. They consist of two consecutive terms of service in the position of the President at the United Kingdom’s Ismaili Council.

Human and migrant rights group operating in Arizona


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Human rights are basic principles that must be respected by people from all walks of life. Human rights are not restricted to the location one is or the country in which they are living. It is the basic responsibility of every human being to respect the rights of fellow human beings unconditionally.

Governments all over the world through the United Nations Charter are required to ensure that no one is discriminated against. Human rights are universal and deserve to be accorded to every human being. Human rights do not depend on whether one is a citizen of which country. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Even immigrants deserve to be protected by the law against violation of their rights. Although this has been a matter of contention between various government and human rights movements, the matter has been addressed thoroughly especially in the United States where the issues of immigration evoke varied opinions from various sectors.

The government in the last few years has been coming up with measures which are intended to address the issue of immigration into the United States, but the solutions being applied for do not necessarily help the situation.

With the trump’s administration, it has become clear that the administration has little regard for the human rights as far as immigrants are concerned. The government has been trying to execute policies that go against the basic human rights granted to every human being. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Trump’s administration has been recommending deportation of undocumented people living in the United States. The act of deportation although catered for by the law does not augur well with the rights of the people. Deportation means that a person is deprived of his basic right of movement as well as living in a place of his or her convenience.

Efforts to effect the deportation of hundreds of undocumented people living in the United States have been facing opposition from human rights defenders such in the form of human right, civil rights, and migrants’ rights groups.

These are organizations which have embraced the task of ensuring that no single person in the country is discriminated upon just for the simple reason that he or she is not a citizen of the United States. Any steps taken to deport a fellow from the United States should be done according to the law, which protects the rights of every human being. Some of the rights groups in the United States include:

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that was started by two journalists by the names of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Michael and Jim are the owners of two media outlets in Arizona; Phoenix News-Times and Village Voice Media.

This organization deals with activities of financing migrants and human rights groups in the state of Arizona. The money that they used to start this organization was from a settlement they were awarded by the state for violation of their human rights. The state ordered that they are compensated $3.75 million.

After they were financed, they decided to use the money to fund the operations of the rights groups that operate in Arizona.

End Citizens United Supports Citizens


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The citizens united bill was something that was detrimental to people all around the United States. In fact, it was a major problem for people who wanted to be able to donate money to campaign they supported. While it did not stop them from donating to the politicians they support, it did make their donation less valuable. Since extremely wealthy people and corporations can now donate with the same limits as average citizens, they are spending a lot more money than most people and having a bigger influence over those who are typically supposed to be the ones with the most power. Since there are so many people who are spending money on campaigns, it’s taking the power away from the citizens of the United States. This is not something that ever should have happened and it causes big problems for the people who want to donate to their candidate of choice.

When the committee that is now End Citizens United heard about this problem, they knew they had to do something. That’s how ECU was born. They are a committee of people who are working together to stop the law from hurting even more citizens. As a political action committee, they have the ability to make a lot of change for the better. They are constantly working to help citizens and do what they can to allow them the chance to actually start using their campaigns to make things better for everyone in the future.

End Citizens United is comprised of citizens who care about their rights. They don’t want others to have the chance to have the power of them when it comes to candidates they support. Instead, they want to make things easier for people. By getting rid of citizens united, they are going to put the power back into the hands of everyone. They know what they are going to be able to do to make a difference so all of the people who are a part of the country will have a chance at a more positive life.

End Citizens United sees this as something that will get better for people. They want everyone to know what they are going to be able to do no matter what is going on with their careers. They also know they will have a chance to try different things when they are working toward a better future for the United States. Since citizens united can lead to far more corruption in the government, it will also lead to the government having some issues. End Citizens United knows it’s important to stop the bill for more than just one reason, and they work to do it the right way.

About End Citizens United:

Rocketship Education Points the Way Towards a New Era In Education


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Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools in a public setting that essentially serves students that are living in low-income neighborhoods. Usually complete access to excellent schools is fairly limited. It is no secret that there are a real learning and performance gap in some of these areas and Rocketship Education bridges that gap.

Rocketship Education stresses excellence in their teachers as they provide the guidance and leadership for the students. The growth of the teachers is encouraged by using embedded learning opportunities along with coaching that is personalized along with daily training that is a part of each workday. There are very clear career paths for each teacher to grow and to achieve long-term goals.

The Rocketship model is to help students learn by using their best qualities for the purpose of learning their way. Individual students learn in different ways. Some students are expressive, others are pensive and very thoughtful, taking in the information in a calculating way, and others are visual, others are empirical.

Rocketship addresses all of the students with some full classroom work, then there is individual work where the students learn digitally, and then there are small group sessions to review things. The type of information that is best taught digitally are subjects like math, memorizations, hard facts and such areas.

Individual tutoring sessions are valuable in that they are one-on-one sessions where the tutor and the student can go over materials and each will know and understand where more work is needed and where assignments are coming along well.

All of this activity is what goes into what is called the blended learning model which is a combination of the traditional approach to learning, such as a classroom setting, then a dose of technology is introduced along with individualized tutoring sessions. This model works the best for all students no matter what stage of learning they happen to be in at the time. Some will be ahead, some behind and the majority, somewhere in-between. The are fewer hard schedules where students are “supposed to be” at certain times and more emphasis is placed upon the student mastering the subject matter.

Rocketship Education is certainly a unique approach to education because the emphasis is upon really learning the material in a functional way so the student can actually make use of the subject matter.

David Giertz Outstanding Social Security Advice


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David Giertz is notable in Dublin, Ohio for being the man with an arrangement with regards to retirement. Be that as it may, he additionally brings some awesome focuses up in significant productions on the web, about picking a venture counsel, particularly on government managed savings wage. Profiting work for you is one of the keys to a cheerful and safe retirement. That is the reason being brilliant about which money related guide you pick is goal, and David Giertz knows exactly what to do.

David Giertz as of late talked with Veronica Dagher, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, regarding the matter of retirement arranging and government disability. As a money related guide for Nationwide Financial with more than 40 years of involvement in the business, David Giertz has a ton of information regarding this matter. As per Giertz, government disability is not something most dealers examine with their customers because of the multifaceted nature of the issue on Finra.

Standardized savings has distinctive advantage levels in view of when a man chooses to begin accepting advantages on, and the age at which a customer can begin getting full advantages additionally relies upon when the customer was conceived. What’s more, those are only a couple of the directions nitty gritty in the handbook which contains 2700 tenets. Yet, in spite of this, 4 out of 5 customers expressed in a study done by Nation Wide that they would change their intermediary if that agent didn’t exhort them on government managed savings at app.jsp.

David Giertz began his vocation in 1988 at Skokie Federal Savings in Skokie Illinois. He wasn’t there for long and worked for a few distinctive money related organizations previously at last arriving at Nationwide in 2006. Through the span of his profession, David Giertz has taken and passed four affirmations: General Securities Representatives Examination in 1986, Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination in 1987, General Securities Principal Examination in 1992, and Municipal Securities Principal in 1994.

Karl Heideck Explains The Reasoning Behind Soda Taxes


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     As Karl Heideck relates in an article he wrote, the obesity rate in the United States has been skyrocketing. Almost 70% of adults in the U.S. have excess pounds they need to lose and unfortunately that number continues to climb. Furthermore, about 35% of people are classified as obese. This is creating effects that many facets of life, especially straining the healthcare system. Millions of dollars are spent every year in public dollars providing treatment to people whose health problems are directly related to their weight.

Some cities and states in America have begun to address the issue of obesity by creating new taxes and other penalties to encourage people to make healthier choices. In particular pop and junk food are now getting taxed an extra amount in several cities. One of these cities is Philadelphia where the hope is that higher prices on those items will encourage people to instead spend their money on healthier, less expensive food.

Karl Heideck says that Philadelphia took the lead in implementing a soda tax. The tax went into full implementation in 2017 and people in the city now pay a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce of pop. The money raised by the tax is being used to help mitigate the cost of treating people who are obese due to their soda drinking habits.

As an attorney, Karl Heideck has been practicing the law for over 12 years in the Philidelphia area. After earning his law degree at the Templeton University Beasley School of Law he became a litigator and is skilled at all phases of a case including pretrial and posttrial. He has experience with both taking legal action against other people and organizations as well as defending clients when legal action is taken against them.

As a civil litigation attorney, Karl Heideck has specialized in both risk management and compliance issues. When helping out new lawyers, Karl Heideck advises them to make contacts with others in their professional capacity. He says that each connection you make can lead to great things for both parties. He also says to always be respectful to others as well as being helpful.


Please see The Future Of Philly’s Soda Tax Explained By Karl Heideck.

Felipe Montoro’s Opinion about the Privatized Brazilian Business


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In the 20th century, Brazil faced a debt crisis that led to the privatization of businesses and infrastructure. The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) stated that in order to attain modernization, Brazil had to participate in the infrastructure division. This process was considered a way in which Brazil met investment demands. Felipe Montoro Jens explains the steps in which this process took place. Privatization started in the 1930’s as a result of the political environment of the state. This brought about a 50-year continuous growth in the businesses owned by the state.

In April 1990 the National Privatization Program was launched by the government and privatization platforms were standardized. Later in 1995, the Brazilian government approved the Concession Law which stated certain kinds of industries as priority privatization including transport, electricity, telecommunications, banking, and sanitation. In 2004 when the government approved Public-Private Partnership Act (PPS) telecommunications was the first sector to be controlled by private corporations.

Prior to private Capitalization, the management of a regulatory body was important to the country’s success and it was hard to set up plans for the businesses to follow leading to difficulties in predicting how competition would affect the decision. The general Concession Plan was established in 2008 and in 2011 the government came up with a plan to universalize its fixed telephone service. It also established equal privatization programs and the operations by the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES).

Felipe graduated from Fundao Getlio Vargas (FGV). He also has a degree in International Management from Thunderbird, The American Gavin School of International Management in the United States. He has served in many organizations as a member of the Board of Directors. From 2010 to 2013 he served as the director of Brakeskem S.A.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in infrastructure, a controller, planner, and treasurer of the financial division in Brazil, Singapore, and the UK. His professional opinions are highly valued especially the one regarding National Bank for Economics and Social Development partnering with Brazil. His helpful leadership will continue to lead Brazil in the right Direction through cutting off unnecessary expenditures. He has recently signed a partnership that will result in reducing waste and improvement of fundamental sanitation conditions.

Neurocore Details 8 Facts that have Significance in Depression Treatment


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Neurocore, a leading network of brain performance centers and research institute in the United States, lists the eight facts that have significance in the depression treatment. It says that depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the country that affects 6.7 percent of the total adult population every year. While it can affect anyone, at any age, it is most common among women. Neurocore confirms that external factors also can contribute to the development of depression, and multiple inputs can create the condition. While coming to depressive disorders, there are many, and some of the most common are Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and more. All of these are characterized by the duration of affection, effects due to them, and the intensity of depression.

The network also confirms that the symptoms of depression are not obvious in some cases, however, few general signs including emptiness, numbness, or persistent feelings of sadness is visible in many people. National Institute of Mental Health informs that people can observe physical symptoms such as general tension, shortness of breath, headaches, and stomach problems. While suicide is the second largest cause of deaths among young people, depression is considered to be a significant cause contributing to suicidal deaths among youths. Neurocore also reports that the mental illness is the leading factor for disability, especially in the age group 15 – 44, per the World Health Organization. The research institute points the need of more funding in depression researches. It confirms that even severe and highly complex depression cases can be treated.

Neurocore offers brain-based assessment based on data-driven technology and also offers various training programs to address issues such as manage stress, sleeping disorders, and improve concentration. The institution set up in 2004 has quickly become an authority in various mental conditions and applied neuroscience.

It has set up at least nine brain performance centers across the major cities of Michigan and Florida. The research institute tries to address various issues such as lack of attention, stress, depression, and more through a comprehensive brain diagnostics program designed by the research institute.

Dr. Clay Siegall – CEO, Seattle Genetics


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Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of the Seattle Genetics Company based in the United States. Dr. Clay Siegall worked in the biotechnology company for over three decades of professional experience before he went on to assimilate better business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Few people can compare the level of success Dr. Clay Siegall has achieved in the industry with the capacitated business solutions he intends to achieve while he is still working for better business reviews. If you also intend to develop your amicus solutions towards biotechnology, Dr. Clay Siegall is the man to emulate because his example in the industry is unpatrolled. Few people can compare their levels of success with Dr. Clay Siegall.

Dr. Clay Siegall has also specialized in the development of drugs that are geared towards solving the business problems facing his clients in the real estate industry. Dr. Clay Siegall has also founded many other medical companies that support the fight against cancer as an epidemic. Cancer is one of the diseases that have caused a wide range of deaths in the industry as it assimilates working solutions. For those who seek better business reviews, they have always strived to develop working solutions in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world.

Dr. Clay Siegall graduated with the highest honors with a degree in Zoology from the United States-based Maryland University. During that time, he had a limited source of experience dealing in a wide range of cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall wanted to help other cancer patients find the cure to the disease as his mother died of cancer when he was still a teenager. For this reason, Dr. Clay Siegall purposed in his heart to continue in studies and research towards finding the cure for cancer.

Dr. Clay Siegall went on and commenced a master’s degree in biotechnology. During this time, he did not want to develop better business reviews as he was not in the moods of assimilating working solutions in the industry. Dr. Clay Siegall is also a graduate of the University of Washington.

Here’s Drew Madden’s New Firm


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Madden launches Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden is a specialized Healthcare and IT entrepreneur. The former Nordic President started a new firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, aimed at providing industry-leading healthcare, implementation, and advisory services across the country. Madden is passionate about establishing unique, attractive and high-caliber teams and building long-term relationships with clients.

Madden has experience in implementing, managing and offering advisory services to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Additionally, Madden has project management skills. Coupled with his ability to provide consultancy services in IT healthcare, Madden has been able to establish successful teams in Epic Implementation.

Madden’s work history

Prior to launching his new firm, Madden worked as a president of Nordic Consulting Partners where he served from 2011-2016. Nordic is known for its excellence in helping clients shape the healthcare status by improving their patients’ health and that of their businesses. They do so by offering managed and advisory services, Epic implementation, optimization as well as acquisitions and mergers.

During his tenure, Nordic got recognized as the world’s largest firm in consultancy. The company has been a recipient of several KLAS awards for excellent consulting services making it rank top in providing Epic implementation services in 2012 and 2014.

Madden created a legacy while at Nordic. He helped the company grow from 10 to 725 employees, 3 to 150 clients and annual revenue increased from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000. He was responsible for building client relationships across the globe, hiring and business development.

Before joining Nordic, Madden worked at Cerner Corporation for four years. His responsibility was implementing Inpatient clinical solutions. Later on, Madden joined Healthia Consulting which was later acquired by Ingenix Consulting. Madden’s role included Epic implementation, and later on, he took the position of Business Development.

Madden’s education background

Madden is an alumnus of University of Iowa College of Engineering, having pursued a degree in B.S.E in Industrial Engineering specializing in Medical Systems.


Drew Madden is an expert in healthcare IT, Epic Implementation, consulting and advisory services. The University of Iowa graduate worked at Nordic before launching his new firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madden created an outstanding performance at Nordic by growing its revenue, employees and client base. Madden focuses on providing healthcare solutions and building constructive relationships with customers.