Banking Options According to Igor Cornelsen


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It doesn’t matter what someone is looking at doing when visiting Brazil, whether it investing or they are simply looking for a good bank to move funds into after they relocate, knowing the right bank to use is important. That is why Igor Cornelsen is on hand to offer his ideas and experience in the subject. As an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen has the necessary information and understanding as to what individuals need to look for and what sort of bank is going to prove to bet the most desirable. Here’s the list from PR Newswire.


Some might be surprised to see Citibank on the list, but Igor has a few reasons as to why it is. First, it is not a very large bank in the nation. It is located in 21 of the 26 Brazilian states, but with that said, it only has 103 branches (around four per state). With such a small number of branches and total assets within the country, why should someone consider it? Igor suggests this is a bank someone should use if they already have a Citibank account in the United States. Having the account in the states makes it easier to move money into the country and to develop a new financial history within the country. Some of the more desirable banks in terms of size and investment potential are a bit more cautious with allowing international customers the ability to open up a bank account or take out loans. This offers a nice foot in the door for those who already have it.

Banco do Brasil

In terms of overall size, it is hard to find a bank that is largest than this. In fact, in terms of assets and market value, this is not only the largest bank in Brazil but in all of Latin America. There is a reason it is the MasterCard and Visa debit card holders for the region. With over 5,000 branch offices around the country and 40,000 ATMs, it is possible to access money, an account and easily deposit it when someone has an account with Banco do Brasil.

Banco Bradesco Financiamentos

In terms of a bank that someone might want to sign up with while looking for a loan or investment partner, this is the bank o go with. It is the bank that holds and controls all American Express credit card operations within Brazil. While not as large as other banks in the nation, it does haver over 3,200 different branch offices, so it is well displayed throughout the nation. While a bit harder to become a member of, individuals who want a large, top of the line bank should consider the Banco Bradesco Financiamentos for their financial needs.

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