Beneful Is Always Good Food For My Dogs


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Best Dog Food | Posted on 19-11-2015

Thanksgiving is always a big time around my house, and the dogs look forward to it the most. Thanksgiving is the only time of year that I will give my dogs something to eat besides Beneful on purina. Although I love Beneful for my dogs, I like to give my dogs treats once in a while that are home-cooked foods, but it’s something I do only once a year. During Thanksgiving, we have all kinds of goodies, including pies, cakes, cookies and more, and the dogs absolutely love these. I always make sure to get the dogs to visit the veterinarian, especially before the Thanksgiving holiday because I know they are going to stuff themselves with leftover food.

After Thanksgiving had passed, I took the dogs out for a walk, and I resumed their daily routine of eating Beneful and going for regular walks. I told a friend what I do every Thanksgiving when I give my dogs food from the dinner table, and he actually scolded me and told me I was a bad dog owner. I let him know that the veterinarian said it was okay if it was only once in a great while, and I always got the dogs regular checkups on, and then they would go right back to their regular food of eating Beneful. Although I felt a bit guilty when my friend judged me, but I know that I’m caring very well for my dogs.

Along with eating Beneful each day, I make sure to brush my dog’s teeth, they go for a walk, and they get daily baths as well. I don’t even think that my friend, who is so judgmental of me, treats his dogs as good as I do, and he only has two dogs to care for. Being a dog owner has definitely changed me because it’s like being a mother, but I would never choose any other job. My dogs keep me going each day, and I love coming home to them when it’s been a long hard day that’s stressful. My dogs will get their bowl of Beneful to eat, and I’ll have a sandwich after I’ve had a long hard day at work.

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