Betsy DeVos Is Tons Deeper Than You Might Think – Here’s How


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Betsy DeVos is one of the United States government’s most popular figures. Born Elisabeth Dee Prince on January 8, 1958, current US President Donald Trump nominated her to the position of Secretary of the US Department of Education on November 23, 2016, just days after he beat out Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who was then acting as the Barack Obama administration’s Secretary of State.


On the last day of the first week of February 2018, roughly two weeks after President Trump was handed the reigns to the United States presidency by now-former US President Barack Obama, Betsy DeVos was officially paraded in as the leader of the ever-important United States Department of Education, a government agency that has traditionally dealt with education in the United States via public education policy changes.


Ms. DeVos, on the other hand, is more concerned with private schools, vouchers to allow select students to attend the greatest private primary and secondary schools in the United States, and related subjects of equal concern.


Betsy DeVos is given a difficult time for seemingly no good reason – but why?


Outside of United States President Donald J. Trump, no member of the United States government has received more flak since Trump took office than Ms. Betsy DeVos.


Her countless hard-headed critics seem to disagree with everything she says and does – but why?


DeVos was fortunate enough to have been raised in an upper-class home


Betsy DeVos is fully aware of the benefits of attending private school, as she attended various private schools in her hometown of Holland, Michigan, and the nearby bustling city of Grand Rapids. Her beloved longtime husband, Dick DeVos, was also fortunate enough to attend private school throughout the entirety of his primary and secondary school tenures.


No matter how someone slices it, Betsy DeVos has unarguably had a successful career in the world of business. Ms. DeVos has also accomplished great things in politics, particularly in her home state of Michigan.


In 1982, when Betsy DeVos was in her mid-20s, she decided to participate heavily in the Michigan Republican Party, which is the Wolverine State’s guiding political party when it comes to the values held, preserved, and promoted by Republicans and conservatives.


Although she never worked her way into office within the ranks of the Michigan Republican Party until 1986.


What happened in 1986? Betsy DeVos started honing her astute political mind


Betsy DeVos is more concerned with the quality of education across the United States than she is with politics. However, her 16 consecutive terms as a local delegate for the Michigan Republican Party greatly helped her become who she is today.


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