Bruce Levenson: A Philanthropist and a Businessman


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Bruce Levenson has been a journalist, a successful builder and an entrepreneur for various businesses. His world endeavors span a wide range of interests such as business intelligence, professional sports and cooking technology. Perhaps he is best acknowledged in the business globe as the United Communications Group co-founder. The company offers guidance, data & solutions and analysis to clients in government contracting, energy, information & software, healthcare, telecom, technology, banking and defense industries globally.

Bruce is the TechTarget director, a publicly-traded firm that caters for the internet intersections for dedicated technology buyers, technology providers worldwide and targeted technical content. Likewise, he is theGasBuddy partner a mobile app that has been downloaded by more than 45 million motorists – and uses it to trace low-priced gasoline. More so, Bruce co-founded DOT a novel cooking mechanism that among other services toasts sliced bread in just three seconds. He is the Atlanta Hawks LLC owner the firm owning the Atlanta Hawks – NBA franchise. More vital, Bruce has been in a philanthropic field for more than forty years.

After the beginning of the 1980s, Bruce and his wife Karen have financially contributed to various education initiatives focusing disadvantaged youth. PeacePlayers is one of them. With that in mind after four years, the couple established and funded the Center for Philanthropy & Non-Profit Management within the Maryland University. The Center has two objectives: Educating and empowering the coming generation for non-profit leaders, offering them with knowledge and needed tools to thrive as heads of non-profit organizations.

That ensures all graduates from Maryland University come out as a motivated and informed philanthropist. The Center offers the student campus with broad and philanthropy-focused experiences that varying from informed-offering to the greatly acclaimed “Do Good Challenge” that attracts thousands of learners’ participants each year. Bruce is best recognized as the co-founder of UCG (United Communications Group) when it comes to business. He started the firm in 1977 within a storage room atop his dad’s Washington, DC liquor storage place.

Bruce managed to live a dream at childhood in 2004 when he became the owner of two key professional sports franchises. That is, he bought the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers, and the working rights towards Philips Arena owned by Time Warner. During 2010, Bruce together with his partners traded the Atlanta Thrashers whereby the team was relocated to Winnipeg, Canada. In the Governors NBA Board, he is a member and heads the Managers Board that functions the Hawks. Through his guidance, the Hawks is the sole team within the NBA Eastern Conference to get to the NBA playoffs for the last seven uninterrupted seasons. The entire 2014 to 2015 season, the team achieved one of the recognized records within NBA. During 2012, Bruce hired Danny Ferry as the head of the Hawks basketball functions although, in the year 2014, he announced his interest in selling the team. Currently, UCG has more than 46 million clients globally with offices in Europe, North America and Asia employing more than 1000 people. Bruce remains dynamic in the firm focusing & business developing, strategic planning and acquisitions.

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