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     The most significant issue with the youth today is that they can be easily influenced. The media and television networks play a significant role in this influence as the young adults tend to follow what their role models in the showbiz world are doing, especially regarding fashion, style, and personality. Many girls are influenced by the physical appearance of the models as seen in the magazines and newspapers and tend to follow a strict diet that can be harmful to their health. As per the reports, the cases of anorexia are increasing across the globe due to such influence.

Bruno Fagali, one of the most reputed and top-most lawyers in Brazil, who is also the founder of Fagali Advocacy, wrote an article about this issue on his blog. He said the court has noticed this as a problem and has ruled that the magazines would have to mention near the photographs that are digitally enhanced that they are retouched. It would help people know that the pictures they are watching in the magazines are not exactly as they look like, but are retouched to give a flawless look. Bruno Fagali said such a ruling has been present in Brazil since 2010.

Any magazines that use images of models that are digitally retouched are bound to mention that the photos have been enhanced digitally legally. It would ensure that the readers don’t get influenced by the flawless looks of the models. Many young girls do unsupervised diets to attain such a figure, which can lead to health complication and in some cases, even deaths have been reported. Bruno Fagali says that it is essential that people know the whole truth behind such images so that they are not influenced negatively by such images. It is also crucial to consult a doctor or a dietician before starting any radical diet regimen.

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