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In recent times, Casio Audi has associated himself with the finance industry more than ever before. However, before venturing into the business realm, he began as a founding member of Viper – a top rock band known around the world. Together with his band mates Andre and Felipe Machado, Pit and Yves Passarell, Audi began in music in 1985. He played drums for the band until 1989 – when he discontinued to pursue business instead.

The group got its inspiration from Iron Maiden as well as from the rising popularity among British heavy metal music at the time. Sources claim that Audi was highly skilled with the drums and that he would’ve led a successful music career. At one time, his drum expertise led him to traverse the world through the release of the band’s first demo album – The Killer Sword. The demo’s tracks included Nightmare, Princes From Hell and Killera. The tracks were later included in the first album – with minor adjustments.

The first album was released in 1987 and was called Soldiers of Sunrise; Audi played the drums. However, music critics thought the group’s skills required refining. However, as English was the band’s second language, the production team in charge still deemed these five young men as highly talented and capable of greater things. The album received four stars by Allmusic. It’s been remade and re-released many times.

Goodbye to Music
Audi left music in 1989; later, the group released its second successful album – Theatre of Fate. Audi later obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He then received his MBA in Finance from The University of Sao Paulo. Today, his acquired skills in finance management further complement his experience in real estate. He also serves as an advisor for stock exchange solutions.

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