Jose Borghi Talks About How Disruptive Innovation Affects Brands


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Advertisers, Advertising Firms | Posted on 28-01-2017

Marketing executive, Jose Borghi, of the Brazilian advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, states that constant innovation is vital for the well being and continuation of a business. He points out to the fact, that out of the top 500 brands and businesses that existed three of four years ago, almost 75% of them are now gone! This is what disruptive innovation can do states Jose Borghi. He continues by saying that businesses that do not innovate and rethink the way they conduct business are at a high risk of being pushed aside. This Brazilian advertising agency has overtaken by more innovative and responsive in businesses.

Disruptive innovation is now a facet of reality of ad businesses says Jose Borghi. Companies that box themselves into a comfort zone and refuse to adapt to the changing market will go out of business. Technology, changing demand from the consumer and new mediums of communication such as the internet can all change the way business is done. If a business does not adapt accordingly, then they will fall behind. The businesses that incorporate these new technologies in their operations will often end up on top.

Jose Borghi describes how businesses, including large corporations are attuning to the disruptive innovation in the economy right now. Innovation and review of development used to occur once or twice per decade for the major firms. Now it occurs several times in a decade or every couple of years. A trend that we are seeing says Jose Borghi, is that some companies are now innovating and reviewing developing procedures every year due to the quickening pace of disruptive innovation and breakthroughs in technology.Eventually, Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brazil states, we may see development reviews and innovation take place yearly, quarterly or even monthly. This is all in response to the rapidly changing marketplace. Businesses must adapt, and the faster market changes, the quicker they need to be able to adapt to stay relevant and remain in existence.

Communication and marketing will be at the front and center of meeting the disruptive innovation and changing marketplace believes Jose Borghi. Companies that maintain a strong and personal link with their consumers and audience will be the best positioned to meet the needs of increasing disruptive innovation and a changing market. Consumer feedback for products, reviews for services and interaction on social media will all play a big role in this communication. Marketing that targets consumer needs and wants will also help a firm stay relevant and maintain sales in the markets.