Black Lives Matter Has A Growing Influence, But Its Not Due To George Soros


Posted by omeditors | Posted in American Activism, Bad Journalism, Richest Men on Earth | Posted on 01-12-2015

Have you heard the latest rumor that George Soros is bankrolling the “Black Lives Matter” protest movement? Well, the truth is that these are just rumors and there is nothing really too them. These rumors seem to have been a result of right wing media in all forms spreading the rumor around. George Soros is a favorite boogeyman of the Right, so it is not surprising that he is the person they have claimed is funding the movement.

George Soros is listed by Forbes as a multi-billionaire and someone who gives a lot of money to charity as well. He is active in a lot of liberal causes and that means that a lot of people on the other side want to demonize him as much as possible. Of course, there are many who say that donating to Black Lives Matter would not be something to be ashamed of at all, but many conservatives believe that it is.The Daily Beast looked into the rumors that the Soros backed organization known as the Open Society Foundations was funding Black Lives Matter. In their reporting they could find no evidence that the Foundation had given anything to the movement. They certainly did not turn over any leaves revealing the supposed $33 million that conservative media has claimed that Soros has given.

The director of the U.S. operations of the foundation has stated that he has no idea how those rumors could have started or even how to address them. They are so far off base from the reality of what the organization does that it is difficult for him to see much purpose in giving any notice to those rumors at all.

The Black Lives Matter movement seems to be more of a truly grassroots movement that has sprung up as a result of the various actions of police violence against African Americans (particularly youth) all throughout the nation. A number of high profile cases have brought the media spotlight to the issue, and the movement is responding to these various acts of violence.

It doesn’t seem as though it is all that necessary for the organization to have a lot of funding to care about what they are doing. They have a natural passion and energy that is difficult to match. Not only that, but the organization has taken on progressive Presidential candidates from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders in an attempt to get their message out. This would not fit with the conservative narrative that George Soros had anything to do with the funding of the organization.

Rumors about Soros spring up from time to time. When you are one of the wealthiest people on the planet it is likely just bound to happen.