Class Dojo Is Working To Improve The Standards Of Education


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Class Dojo was started up in 2011 after founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don talked to many parents and teachers about improving the standards of education. Class Dojo’s website corresponds with an app that works by rewarding or deducting points for skill or faults by the students. This app permits teachers to actively observe their students and their behaviors. Parents can receive videos, photos and messages regarding behavioral and progress reports. Over two thirds of US schools use Class Dojo as well as over 180 countries.

Class Dojo was created by Sam Chaudhary as a tool to open up a very large line of communication that passes from students to teachers to parents.It quite simple, all a teacher needs to do is download the free Class Dojo app and then they can start sending invites to their student’s parents individually. Privacy in an app of such a stature and it’s importance is one of Sam Chaudhary and his dedicated teams highest priority. Sam has stated that all provided information is completely secure and cannot be accessed from anyone anywhere, as each users information is contained within their app and can be erased at any given time.

The connection that Class Dojo brings between every student, teacher and parent has caught on quickly by referral and word of mouth. Class Dojo is expanding throughout our education system in hopes of improving them for all parties involved. Sam and his co founder Liam and their teammates believe that if teachers establish a genuine positive atmosphere in class and with parents at home, their students naturally get rewarded by finding out on they’re own that learning can be a pleasurable experience rather than of one where the student fights or flees. A timeline of events from the start of the Class Dojo program, any messages, photos, videos, progress and behavioral reports show the reflection of their child’s efforts as well as their potential.

Another goal of Class Dojo is long term and its truly inexhaustible, they hope to be there in support throughout every child’s schooling level. its fundamental for a student to receive and benefit from constructive criticism, since praising alone does not help them develop sufficiently. The company also takes special care to ensure all information users post within the app is safe and secure on their networks and no personal information is required to participate.
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What Apps Are Your Teens Using


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Today’s children are more tech savvy than the parents are. They are all over the internet with social media and new age dating apps. In order to keep them safe as a parent, you must monitor your children, so you need to be tech savvy as well. Researching all the new trends and websites to keep up with your children can be helpful. Most importantly, as a parent,you must keep the communication lines open with your teen. Your child should be able to talk to you about any problems without feeling embarrassed. You need to learn what each app on your child’s phone is and what they are used for. There are a few categories of apps you should look for. There are texting apps such as Kik Messenger, micro blogging apps such as Instagram and Twitter, self destructing or secret apps such as BurnNote and Snapchat, and the most dangerous chatting, dating and meeting apps.

There are texting apps and there are dating apps. Texting apps use the internet data or wifi network to send messages back and forth. Dating apps allow users to put pictures and a brief dating description of themselves. Dating apps also allows users to send messages to potential dating candidates. There are plenty of dating apps, the top ones being Plenty Of Fish and Skout. Pof has a lot of information and can be someone invasive. Skout is a flirting app in which users are grouped with peers allowing them post comments, add pictures, and chat.

Skout has connected over 500 million people. They wont stop there. The Skout team has launched a new mobile network for people on the go. Fuse uses your contact book and connects you to your friends quickly and easily allowing you to send photos and comment on photos. Once you post a photo, members in your group will receive a notification which alerts them of your post. This new app was created because the founders say that they just couldn’t fit anymore features on Skout. Skout is still used by millions of members. Skout was found in 2007 and has already raised over $22 million.

Skout App For Online Dating Social Media Style


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I am a desperate 40-year-old single woman. It’s not that I am not attractive; it’s just that I work such long and crazy hours that I don’t have time to find romance. I would give anything to find prince charming and see him riding up my driveway on his white horse, but alas I just don’t think that day will come. A friend of mine had excellent luck using an online dating app called Skout. I had used dating apps online in the past and had still seemed to meet one loser after another. I had pretty much given up on online dating thing because of this. However, something told me to give this a try because it was like social media. I love the whole social media craze and embrace it wholly. I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seemingly all day long. I needed to know a bit more about Skout on instagram before I signed up.

I did some digging and found out that this company is rather new. It’s a funky network that targets those who are on the go and don’t have time for meeting people in traditional ways. Well, that had me hook, line and sinker right from the beginning. It wasn’t originally created as a dating website, but rather one for people who were traveling and wanted to expand their social horizons. However, what they found is people were using it more for a love connection and it got the owners to thinking. I liked the fact that it’s compatible with iOS devices. It is also available in several languages, so this doesn’t restrict me to just people in the US. I can download it through Google Play or the App Store, which was another bonus for me.

There are more than 500 million users right now, so the fact that there are many fish in their sea is nice. They also are in 180 countries, which means more of a diverse crowd, which I like. The owners are down to earth and approachable, both Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom have a real vision for those lonely people like me who just need a date. They’re both Scandanavian expats to America and have embraced their product by giving it hometown roots. Users will find that it is set up very similar to Facebook. Users have a wall and can post short snippets about their day. You can add pictures and interact with others through friend requests.

There is no cost to get this app. However, inside the app you can earn points to view profiles. You don’t just get to view an entire profile without utilizing points. You gain points by doing various tasks around the site. You can send a private message to someone, or you can have a group chat. While I am a little old for the crowd that typically uses this site, there are people of all ages. It seems to be geared at the 30 and under crowd, but there are some of us old ones on there too. I signed up for my services and now I am just waiting for cupid to strike his arrow for me. Fingers crossed, this one might work.