Madison Street Capital and the Many Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Advisor


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Madison Street Capital has quickly become one of the best financial advisory companies in the United States, and its rising reputation in the last couple of years coupled with the positive feedback that they receive from their clients really illustrate their capability to help you with your financial administration and actually succeed in guaranteeing profit and better handling your income.


The company was founded in 2005, and are definitely one of the youngest corporations in the business. However, Madison Street Capital has the experience of some of the senior experts of the market, with decades of financial advisory under their curriculums.


As a banking business that is centered in advisory, investments and financial administration for the middle market, the Madison Street Capital has tripled their number of clients in the last couple of years, and have more than 1000% of an increase in their customer base compared to the first few years in the business.


They won’t only help you with your personal financial administration, like finding costs that could be cut, options that are cheaper and ways to increase your profit without diminishing returns, they also help you with your business valuation, financial reporting, and handling the economic state of your own firm. They have commercial options for all types of clients and ways to tackle different investment strategies that only an expert from Madison Street Capital could know. They are the big sharks of the financial advisory business.


Apart from that, they have the best M&A strategies and advice for those starting off or are already veterans in their respective businesses.


If you don’t know how to start your own business or skyrocket an idea that looks like is falling apart, hiring a financial advisor with a lot of knowledge about the market is a great way to revitalize your firm. Madison Street Capital focuses on finding opportunities without diminishing returns and allow for clients to choose if they want to take risks or have steady and secure returns on their investments.


Madison Street Capital has offices in Chicago, India, Ghana, and, of course, Oregon, one of the places where they are most famous for their investment advisors.


The company has established roots in the places where they have their headquarters and subsidiaries, and most of the vicinity has accepted Madison Street Capital as their number one choice for financial assistance and an additional firm to take care of some of the nastiest business paperwork ( You can hire Madison Street Capital to take care of contracts and marketing strategies for matching your clients with your business philosophy. You can also ask for help if you think you will need assistance for an eventual bankruptcy, as well as learn more about taxes, opportunities, and regulations. Everything related to the corporative world can be complemented with Madison Street Capital by your side.


Founder Charles Botchway


Equities First Holdings Gives A Lot Of Flexibility To Its Clients


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Equities First Holdings is having a niche approach towards the concept of securities-based lending. It ensures that the clients enjoy more flexibility and manage their pursuits in a much better way.Another thing that Equities First Holdings is famous for is its 24 hr. response time. This would mean that there would be no time of the client being wasted. The LTV ratio is 75%. They offer around 3-4 % average rate of interest. All this is highly attractive for any client.

After all, finding liquidity is difficult and expensive too. This is why the option is to go to the traditional investment houses. Next option is the banks. These options require an incredibly high amount of red tape to be navigated. Their LTV ratios cannot be so desirable too.This is why getting efficiency, and speed, along with flexibility with regard to capital is not easy to find. This is why Equities First Holdings provides an alternate option for capital that can be used by individual investors and businesses too.

An option here can be in terms of the stock loan. In this, the equities are the loan collateral. This will be typically for a fixed period which is three years. The borrower who has stocks in a company can decide to enter into any transaction with Equities First Holdings if he feels that those stocks will appreciate in value. So there will be no need to liquidate those shares. The borrower has to transfer those shares to Equities First Holdings, as collateral. The loan proceeds will be received by him this way.This stock loan will have features such as security for the borrower. If the stock appreciates during the loan term, the borrower still retains 100% of the market value at maturity. Hence investors get more attractive terms such as low-interest rates as compared to the ones that are offered by other financing companies.

How Equity First Holdings is Benefitting SME’s


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Equity First Holdings was founded in 2002 with the objective of providing alternative lending solutions to businesses and individual investors. The company’s lending services are based on the security status of the borrowers. When clients apply for a loan, EFH employees first carry out a future performance and risk evaluation before approving or rejecting the application.

EFH has established itself as the go-to alternative lender by offering flexible financial solutions at affordable rates. It mainly offers marginal loans and stock based loans. EFH’s success has coincided with the imposition of strict lending rules by traditional lenders such as commercial banks. This has forced many borrowers to seek alternatives such as marginal loans, which EFH readily provides. Its services and products particularly target borrowers who are seeking urgent funding but nonetheless, do not meet strict lending criteria imposed by banks.

Association With Upstart Entrepreneurs

Starting a business without a steady source of funding can be quite difficult. Most entrepreneurs give up along the way due to this reason. Equity First Holdings has continued benefiting such individuals by providing them with finances to establish their enterprises. Its stock-collateralize loans have particularly gained prominence due to their notably larger loan value ratio. The company’s loans also have a fixed interest rate, something that makes them appealing to upcoming entrepreneurs.

EFH has also been steadfast in its dedication to the highest ethical practices. This has seen it abide by all regulations. The company’s objective has been to provide financial solutions that help clients to attain their financial goals. Its incomparable success is attested to by the fact that it has facilitated more than 650 financial transactions since its inception. These transactions are estimated to be worth over $1.4 billion. This has helped to establish EFH as a force to reckon within the financial markets.

Future Plans

The company has expanded remarkably since its incorporation. This is attributed to its founder, Al Christy’s far-sighted leadership. EFH has equally been making inroads into the international money markets. The implementation of its ambitious expansion strategy has led to the opening of offices in Hong Kong, London, Australia, and Singapore.

Christy points out that the company will continue offering global-scale products and services. The corporate honcho similarly hopes that his company will partner with other financial institutions to fund loans via a delivery verses payment model. All in all, the company’s exclusive approach to security-based funding means that it will allow clients to have more financial flexibility for years to come.


Equities First Provides Alternative for Raising Capital


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The often biggest hurdle facing new start-ups and business ventures is a lack of actionable assets during the most critical moment of entering the market. The difficulty in securing the necessary capital and funds through strictly traditional methods is rivaled by the risk posed by downturns in business and failure to pay back borrowed assets. Though with very few other options available it would appear new entrepreneurs and those in need of capital have no other means of financing their endeavors.Entering the market and challenging the traditional finance institutions in place Equities First LLC is offering individuals a viable alternative when seeking capital.

Equities First LLC is able to provide financing with no terms for usage while only using publicly traded stocks as collateral. Adding to the advantage of only needing publicly exchanged stocks as collateral Equities First LLC also offers borrowers the benefit of avoiding financial setbacks in light of possible dips in the market.

Benefiting From Stock Based Lending

While the lending market took a large hit during subprime mortgage crisis and downsized the amount of approved loans, firms like Equities First were able to step in and fill the void left by the banks scaling back.This valuable method of securing financing during a historically dificult time to attain capital is extended to a variety of individuals. Loans can be sought for as low as several thousands of dollars to upwards of $8 million allowing Equities First to assist a wider range of clients.

Finding the Best Option for Securing Capital

If you’re exploring available options for securing necessary financing and are interesed in learning more about alternative lending opportunties you can speak to a knowledgable member of the Equities First LLC. The firm is able to assist potential clients from any of their offices located across the globe with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singappore, Thailand, Australia, and Switzerland.