Lime Crime Is On The Rise


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Lime crime is a makeup company that specializes in crafting beauty products that are both vegan and cruelty free. Their most success has been seen with their releases of their Venus palettes. Venus has released three products to date which include Venus, Venus 2, and Venus XL. The success of these palettes is unprecedented due to its high pigmentation and overall color scheme. Lime Crime’s palettes have been a success among its consumers and has had buyers demanding a Venus 3 palette.

Lime Crime has hinted at the possibility of releasing a new palette and it has beauty fans on the edge of their seats as they hope this means the release of a Venus 3 palette. Because the previous Venus palettes have all been versatile in their colors, fans expect nothing less than another extremely pigmented palette.

With the variety of shades already in previous palettes, beauty fans are hoping for a palette where purple tones are more prominent. Lime Crime’s original Venus palette came with inspiration from Mash Botticelli’s Venus. The color scheme took an unconventional turn when looking at its nude and neutral colors in order to create a grunge approach. The second palette Venus 2 had a completely different approach as its colors were darker as it contained a variety of different textures. Finally came the release of Venus XL that changed the game as the shadows went from 8 to 18. The color scheme varied as it included rose and pink tones. The palettes have been extremely successful because of their range of color, high pigmentation, and overall formula of the shadows.

Because Lime Crime has had such success with their palette, the addition of a new palette has beauty fans excited as it may be the release of a long awaited Venus 3 palette. Lime Crime as a company has produced products that are all the rage among beauty fanatics. With the potential release of Venus 3, the company is on the rise.

Wen by Chaz is Changing the World


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Hair plays an extremely important role in modern society. When you wake up the first thing people notice is their hair. We spend a great amount of time getting our hair in top shape, knowing that the right hair can help you get a great date, a great interview, or make a new friend. People are willing to do anything to get the hair they deserve, but unfortunately, there are simply not very many products that actually get results. Many women are frustrated with the products they have to choose from.

Chaz Dean is a world famous stylist. He has dedicated his life to helping men and women achieve the look they deserve. For most of Chaz’s career, he has focused on celebrity clients. He has helped numerous stars achieve the red carpet look that will help boost their career. Chaz wanted to create a product that would help women everywhere achieve the beautiful look they need, so he worked with scientists across the country and recently he unveiled the Wen hair care line. Wen by Chaz has received rave reviews from stylists around the country, but many women throughout the country remain skeptical. Women have been fooled before, so they remain skeptical.

Buy Wen hair care products at major online retailers, such as QVC, Sephora, and Guthy Renker.

Bustle is an extremely popular online publication that millennials love. The report on topics from politics to food to style. They wanted to get to the bottom of the Wen by Chaz issue, so they assigned Emily McClure to review the popular cleansing conditioner brand. Emily is a beautiful and talented young women, but she has always struggled with her thin and greasy hair. Emily was skeptical about Wen by Chaz, but she was willing to try it. After using the product for a week, Emily’s hair was beautiful. Her life was changed by this look, and she wants to keep using the product.

Wen by Chaz is changing the world for the better. Women love the way their hair looks after using this product. Read more Wen hair care reviews online here.