Ryan Seacrest & The Things He Has Accomplished In His Years Of Hosting


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In the spring of 2018, audiences all around the country waited for American Idol to return once more to the television screen. This show was responsible for many top selling artists across all genre’s. The artists which included the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler to name just a few were the end result of the American Idol era that most of us remember.

The judges may have changed since we remember watching it however there is one thing that has not changed. The familiar host that we all know and love, Ryan Seacrest. When the original Idol went off air, Ryan Seacrest was forced into a soul searching effort to discover what his life held for him next. For Ryan, he was given the great responsibilty to co-host with Kelly Ripa on her live talk show. Ryan was the first permanent host to join Kelly on the show. The show then became titled “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.

Ryan then packed his things and moved to New York City. Once there, American Idol became the property of ABC Network after winning a multi-network bidding war. It was then that Ryan Seacrest was then offered his original role as the host of American Idol. When he was approached for the role, Ryan had to find a way to be able to host both shows at once. So Ryan made the bold move to host Idol on the weekends to film and would then return late Sunday evening to NYC in time to record Live with Kelly. The other condition that he held onto was that he was going to have some type of say in the things that were being decided on the American Idol show.

While this is enough to keep Ryan busy, he has expanded in other areas as well. For instance, Ryan has created his own line of menswear known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. It combines a classic tailor made appearance that is also known for being iconic wear.

Ryan Seacrest has also expanded into skincare when he developed a skincare line for men. The Polished name came when he launched the line with Dr. Lancer, a established Beverly Hills dermatologist. This doctor is responsible for working with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Beyonce.

The one thing that can be said about Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is that he loves to give back to his community. It was after Ryan visited a number of Children’s Hospitals that he discovered that he wanted to help these children feel a sense of relief from the everyday hospital life involving treatments, care and other hospital experiences. That is when he created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He went into hospitals and built a number of state of the art studios which was then known as Seacrest Studios where patients were awarded the opportunities to meet a number of musicians or actors as well as a number of other celebrities.

Visit Seacrest’s YouTube channel or his website to learn more about his latest radio show.

Southridge Capital: General Information and Recap


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This will give information about “Southridge Capital”. First, an article will be recapped called “Southridge Capital: A Major Player in Financial Services” by Brian Harris. The company gives out finance that’s both structured and advisory for companies that are public. It displays commitment to assist its group of variety made up of clients meeting their needs. This is done by a provision of a wide spectrum of innovative financial solutions.


This company has done a direct investment of $1.8 billion in total being put in the growth company. This money since 1996 was put in globally. Southridge Capital knows the concerns that each company that is increasing goes through. The team has the competence and mastery to consult on many corporate issues from being a public company. This is to individualize financing techniques to boost the management of balance sheets.


Southridge Capital’s management team hasfive people. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder is Stephen M. Hicks. Narine Persaud serves as the Controller and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is Laurence J. Dikoff, who serves as the Director of Research. Henry B. Sargent, who has a Juris Doctor, JD, who is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), is the Chief Executive Officer (COO) and the General Counsel. Finally, there is Linda Carlsen who is a member of the team of portfolio management.


Now some general information about “Southridge Capital”. This company was around since 1996. They have three categories that demonstrates their expertise. This is expertise which lays in their ability to construct of finance for the potential client and from there accomplish it without fail.


One category is “Securitization” this is where there are solutions “outside the box”. An example would be legalization of the asset base that’s existing in the company. One solution would be capital assets. The second category would be “credit enhancing”. This is where the company helps by working with creditors to remove debt for the favor of common stock. There is finally “Financing Solutions. This is where the company gives different resolutions to portfolio companies fiscal issues. To know more you can visit releasefact.com


See more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538

Glen Wakeman Creates Launchpad Holdings With a Purpose


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Glen Wakeman is a former business owner who is now an angel investor. As CEO of Launchpad Holdings, he has the opportunity to help new business owners in his area. He listens to business ideas and decides whether to invest in them or not. Some people enjoy working with Glen Wakeman on various projects.

When Glen Wakeman was young, he received a business degree from a local college. He worked in multiple industries, and he finally decided to start his own company. He realized how difficult it is to start a successful business. Without access to capital, entrepreneurs struggle with various issues.


Early Career

Glen Wakeman has had a great career in the industry. During his time as a business owner, he learned valuable lessons that he still uses. He wants to make a positive impression on others through his work.

Glen Wakeman almost went out of business several times. He was denied various loans from banks, and he always struggled to get the capital he needed. When he received the opportunity to become the CEO of Launchpad Holdings, it was an opportunity he could not refuse.



Launchpad Holdings is a company designed to help entrepreneurs get started with their business ideas. Launchpad Holdings takes a small percentage of each business in exchange for an investment. Many of the companies end up failing. However, there are numerous examples of companies having massive success after working with the company.

Glen Wakeman enjoys inspiring business owners around the world. He generates a lot of content related to starting a company. Starting a successful business is a proven way for people to have more freedom in life. Now is a great time to look at various options when starting a company. Anyone who needs additional capital should consider working with Glen Wakeman.