Paul Herdsman’s Tips For Entrepreneurial Success


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Paul Herdsman is a successful entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of NICE Global living in Boca Raton, Florida. Moreover, Paul is a motivational speaker who offers advice to entrepreneurs who desire to succeed. In this article, Paul Herdsman speaks about tips (Read; 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman) he has learned that can help you become a successful entrepreneur.


Be Visionary


Paul Herdsman believes that having a vision was a key contributor to founding NICE Global living in Boca Raton. He adds that business persons need to have a reflection on their business for the next five years or so. This helps you to set goals and ways to ensure that you attain your objectives. Moreover, it provides that you are on track with regards to your priorities and daily operations. Refer to This Article on for more information.


Be Positive


Research indicates that positive entrepreneurs are excellent problem solvers due to their resilience and more energy. Paul Herdsman demonstrates that the best way to ensure positivity is by expressing your gratitude. As an investor, you need to commend yourself on some areas that you feel you have achieved excellently. Moreover, you can eliminate positivity by listing some of the things that you have accomplished as an investor.


Risk Taking


Paul Herdsman believes that you need to undertake specific risks to increase productivity to your firm. He adds that there is no way that you can assess the potential of a brand without introducing it to the market. To be successful, you must not fear to risk. Research indicates that some of the most successful firms have taken specific risks to progress up to where they are. However, it is wise to assess the nature of the threat before you partake it.


Having the Right Team


You need to have a dedicated team that supports your work. According to Paul Herdsman, success comes from the people around you. Accomplishing everything by yourself is difficult. As you build your team, it is crucial to observe their characters so that it becomes easy to instill skills. Consider a group with diverse skills so that they can approach a problem from different angles.


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Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert and The Elements That Bolstered His Business Success


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The world of business is full of challenges that if handled by the weaker and inferior ones could leave them resigned to failure with no available palliative to make them feel better. Some of the challenges that one face in running a business could be so much that if an entrepreneur is faint-hearted, the damage would be ruinous. Fortunately, Louis R. Chenevert, the former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), was able to withstand any challenges in the business world. Right now, he’s finally retired but when he held the position as the CEO and Director of United Technologies since March, 2006, he’s been able to placate all the impossible challenges in running a business and inspire benevolence in his company’s workforce.

The Experience in General Motors

We might also be able to include the fact here that Louis Chenevert was also the General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese Operation, and was a part of Pratt and Whitney in 1993. The 14 years, too, of work experience that he did with General Motors means that he had the excellent leadership, modules, techniques and understanding of the business world to make sure that the company ran to where it should be.

Time at UTC

Mr. Chenevert’s contribution for UTC has been phenomenal. In fact, it may be fair to say that with his help, UTC grew to the global force that it is right now. His alacrity and sagacious skills have impressed upon UTC the needed abilities and defense mechanisms needed for the business operations to withstand the challenges of running a business. It is hard to see the business growth and complete progress of UTC without considering the ominous contribution of Mr. Chenevert.

It may also be because Mr. Chenevert is a curious man and won’t stop looking for solutions for the company’s problems that he was able to sustain his leadership success. Or it could also be because Mr. Chenevert took up a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Production Management from the University de Montreal that he was able to churn out fascinatingly useful ideas for UTC.

Malcolm CasSelle Brings Much Needed Blockchain Functionality to In Game Asset Transactions


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The online gaming community has been plagued by a number of problems with micro transactions involving virtual game assets.

Lack of transaction oversight has resulted in gamers becoming the victims of fraud. Transacting in different currencies requires a costly third party to be inserted into the exchange.

Malcolm CasSelle’s company OPSkins is looking to solve these and other issues with its crypto currency solution targeted specifically for in game asset transactions.

The worldwide leader in purchase and sell exchanges of in game assets OPSkins has come up with a block chain-based solution, WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange), that will promote democratic, decentralized and smart contract exchanges.

WAX’s cryptocurrency solution is designed to facilitate the in game transactions from the beginning of the process through its built in functionality that allows users to tokenize and offer their digital assets for sale without having to click away from their current gaming console.

Through the non-intrusive on screen widget, gamers get a powerful set of block chain features that enable them to immediately engage in secure transactions with gamers around the globe.

The WAX token, is a universal digital gaming currency solving the fragmentation problems created when different users transact in different cryptos and have to involve a third party exchange to perform the conversion for the transactions.

WAX will also implement a more efficient proof of stake algorithm, rather than the proof of work utilized by other digital currencies.

This block chain will be managed by 64 Guilds, which are “elected” confirmation nodes, chosen by the community, giving gamers more control and oversight over how the transactions are recorded.

Smart contracts will eliminate fraud by only releasing the funds when the assets are received and vice versa, ending the days of good faith gamers being cheated by unscrupulous members in the community.

As is the case with other crypto currencies, the WAX token will function as a medium of exchange and as a store of value.

Malcolm CasSelle

President of WAX and founder and CIO of OPSkins Malcolm CasSelle earned his undergraduate degree from MIT University and his Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Between 2006 and 2013 CasSelle served as Director of Hong Kong’s Capital Union Investments. Prior to forming WAX, he was CEO of the social gaming network XFire, CEO of the digital content framework firm MediaPass and served as Senior VP of Digital Media for Seachange International.


The Determined Vijay Eswaran


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As a son of parents who were of the working class, Vijay Eswaran rose above the standards. London School of Economics was the institution where Vijay Eswaran clinched his first degree in socio-economics before joining South Illinois University for master’s degree in Arts. After completing his degree program, Vijay looked for hustle in Europe for a year where he got casual jobs in Belgium and France. Not until when the United Kingdom familiarized with binary marketing when Vijay joined the Chartered Institute of management accounts.

While pursuing his master’s program, Vijay Eswaran attained multilevel marketing. Upon his return to his native country, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran founded multilevel marketing company that thrived to a global corporation. QI group of companies developed under the leadership and management of Vijay Eswaran. Electronic marketing was the basis of QI Company. Telecommunications, mining were some of the fields where it ventured .QI group of companies grew to become an international corporation and spread to other Asian countries.

From a casual laborer to an executive chairman, Vijay Eswaran portrayed his unwavering determination in life. Some of the things that guided Vijay is his stern philosophies which governed his healthy behaviour and habits. In his book `Two minutes from the abyss’ he highlighted time as an essential resource utilizable by taking each second to be of help. No one had the certainty of seeing the next day, and so its always good to work at the current time.

Being a servant leader was also another principle that propelled Vijay Eswaran’s success. Serving others was an attribute that a good leader should possess. Leaders should be transparent, humble, patient, and with goals, as per Vijay Eswaran. Success came through teamwork, and this made Eswaran criticize dictatorship by all means. As an author and a motivational speaker, Vijay Eswaran is also a renown philanthropist in Asia.

Sawyer Howitt Tips On Starting A Company


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Starting a business without a lot of experience is tough. Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who has had success in this area. Over time, he has started and grown dozens of companies in a variety of industries. Many young people today go to Sawyer Howitt for advice on how to grow a business.

One of the biggest traits that makes Sawyer Howitt successful entrepreneur is his work ethic. He is always willing to work harder in order to have more success. With this success, he is excited about all of the potential opportunities he has for the future. Running a successful business is not easy, but it is possible for people who are willing to work hard and take calculated risks.

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Debt and Financing

Some people wrongly assume that the only way to start a company is borrow a lot of money. Although some business models require debt, most companies can be started with little or no money borrowed. Reducing the amount of debt in a business reduces the overall risk that the business owner takes on.

With all of the changes that are expected to happen in the future, now is a great time to start a company according to Many business owners can start a company in just a few minutes online with a website. The more business owners plan before getting started, the less risk there is in the business.

Next Steps for Success

Although Sawyer Howitt has had success in business, he is not done yet. He is planning a number of different companies for launch in the next year.

With his previous successes, he has plenty of capital at his disposal to work with. Sawyer Howitt is a great example that young people can succeed in business, even if it is challenging in the beginning stages.

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Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler: Making Shopping Fun For Every Women


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Entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are both successful businessmen in their own right. But what happens when two great minds use their business acumen to create an amazing product? Fabletics happens. Fabletics was co-founded by Don, Adam and actress Kate Hudson to fill a void in the fitness apparel niche. Kate is the spokesperson for women around the world who want to get fit, and look stylish while doing it. Don and Adam picked Kate to represent the line because of her personal philosophy that every woman has her own style, no matter what size or shape.


Fabletics offers top of the line products that are fashion forward, appealing and come in a variety of sizes and colors. A key to the success behind the line is that Fabletics offers membership bonuses such as exclusive discounts and personalized style suggestions. The marketing strategy in relation to their models is also key – the women that Adam and Don use on the Fabletics website are diverse in body style, and this is the message that the partners want to send to their customers.


The story of how Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler reads a little like a Hollywood script. Both entrepreneurs were business minded at an early age. When Adam was 15, he developed and later sold his site Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media. Although he sold his site to Intermix Media, he continued his involvement with them, later becoming the Chief Operating Officer at age 20. Adam and Don met at Intermix Media, as Don also had a business relationship with the company.


The young entrepreneurs put their ideas together, finding where the clothing market was lacking and what consumers were frustrated by. Their research found that shopping for women’s clothing online or at a retail shop was difficult for women who had different body styles. There was also a lack of choice when it came to styles and colors. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler created Techstyle and JustFab based on their findings, which eventually led to the founding of Fabletics. They found that by offering consumers a choice of styles,sizes and membership opportunities, women would have a great shopping experience. To make shopping at the Fabletics retail store easier, customers are scanned when they walk through the door, prompting style recommendations for the individual. Fabletics is revolutionizing the world of fitness fashion.

Jim Tananbaum May be Healthcare’s Leading Professional


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Entrepreneur Jim Tananbaum has made his mark in business as a healthcare investor. His prowess for healthcare investments have led to him being a consistent member on the Midas List. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Capital, an American venture capital and growth equity firm, that specializes in healthcare.

Tananbaum created Foresite to help guide the healthcre industry into an innovative future. Most upcoming industry leaders never reach their full potential because healthcare innovation always takes much more time and capital than most healthcare entrepreneurs and investors realize until it’s too late. Foresite operates as a support system for these emerging leaders by providing capital, networks, and information. The company’s success rate is remarkable. It is able to determine the most viable investment prospects with the best chance of being profitable by first understanding what is missing in healthcare that can improve it dramatically. Check out his page for more info.

Tananbaum deeply believes in the science behind healthcare innovation and it is the focal point of his investment strategies. The overall improvement of healthcare has the capability to change the entire direction and thinking of society. He knows healthcare will lay a vital role in the future.

Foresite might be Tanabaum’s flagship company but it is far from his first. He founded two leading biopharmaceutical companies and two healthcare investment practices prior to founding Foresite.

Tanabaum has always believed that education played a big part in his success. He studied math and electrical engineering/computer science at Yale University and also graduated from Harvard with his M.D. and M.B.A. He holds a MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well. Because of his love for learning he has made many connections to several different leading academicians. You can visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is the kind of professional the healthcare industry has needed and longed for.

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Logan Stout – Founder Of The Leading Healthcare Brand IDLife


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Logan Stout, the former star athlete, is an American entrepreneur and CEO. He had graduated from J.J. Pearce High School located in Richardson, Texas. While in high school he had formed a love for sports. Logan joined the Student Athletic Council and was a varsity baseball and basketball player. His accomplishments in sports include becoming a professional baseball player and playing in seventeen world series events.

Logan Stout had also graduated from Panola College with a degree in business. Following Panola College, he attended the University of Dallas and has graduated with a degree in psychology.

Logan Stout is a man who likes to help others. Due to this he developed on the largest basketball organizations know as the Dallas Patriots. The purpose of developing this organization was to help young athletes achieve their dreams. Aside from helping athletes, Stout is concerned with helping others reach and maintain top physical health. Due to this, he has also founded a company known as IDLife.

IDLife, the company developed by Logan Stout, is a company dedicated to aiding others with health and wellness. IDLife is known for their unique when dealing with clients. Each client that signs up with the company is offered a free personalized assessment. This assessment then helps the representatives of the company know which products are right for them. This procedure was created in order to offer personalization which many other companies do not offer.

IDLife offers a large selection of health products. Some of the products offered by this company include weight loss supplements, energy bars, sleep aids, and skin care products. Health products for children can even be found here. The selection of products is aimed at all components of health which is another factor that makes this company unique.

Logan Stout is a very selfless man dedicated to helping others. This is seen through his line of work. The main purpose of his work is to make others successful just like him. He has done a good job doing so by developing the Dallas Patriots and IDLife.

Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Company Seeks to top off The Aloft South Beach Hotel


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Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property


Jason Halpern, the principal of JMH Development Company, has announced that they are planning to top off the Aloft South Beach Hotel, which is located at the heart of Miami Beach. JMH Development, a veteran in restoring historic structures, will develop the project in partnership with Madden Real Estate Ventures, which shall involve the reuse of ancient Motel Ankara. The new South Aloft Beach will feature a new 8-story tower and 235 rooms. Some rooms are wide as they have a space of 360 square feet. The new hotel will be the first to be opened in South Beach since 2009. It will offer a waterfront location that will enable customers to access Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal, which are closer to the property.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Plaza Construction will be responsible for developing the project. ADD, Inc., an architectural company, shall be involved in planning about the project. The hotel will be in proximate to the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum of Art, and numerous restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs and art galleries. It has world-class facilities such as an outdoor pool, 24/7 fitness center, roof deck lounge and meeting spaces. The hotel will also host live performances from renowned artists and bands. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. owns the Aloft Hotels brand. It has over 100 hotels. Jason Halpern said that the topping off marks JMH’s success in the construction industry.

About Jason Halpern and JMH

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer. Through JMH Development, Jason has invested $500 in different projects in New York State, including the 184 Kent project that involved turning a warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. The company uses an innovative approach that enables them to develop unique properties in high-end markets like Brooklyn and Manhattan. The company has a highly trained and experienced team that focuses on enhancing its services starting from strategy, location and building design, construction process as well as branding and marketing. The corporation’s professionals have diverse skills and deep market knowledge. To this end, they oversee the development of distinct properties using unmatched designs. JMH Development owns major commercial and residential properties in the United States.


The Impressive Track Record of Eric Pulier


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Eric Pulier is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and technologists in the United States. For him, business is what defines people and art. For this reason, he has worked hard to achieve better business through technological innovations and sound mind decisions. He is also the mastermind behind the success of the Danie Bodski podcast in the United States. He is also a well-known public speaker with the ability to speak utterly and fluently before the general masses. He has also given business people and entrepreneurs tricks and tips from elevating their startups to profitability and success. He is also one of the most prominent technology innovators in the country.

Eric Pulier has a track record of innovation (Visit This Page). He is also a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist. During his fast years of success, he thought about giving back to the community. For this reason, he went forth to develop the most sophisticated X-Prize foundation that would see most of the low-income children suffering from chronic illnesses get treatment. He always has a modest beginning. Computer programming is one of his primary interests. When he was still in primary school, he used to program computers to perform certain user-defined functions as a genius. In school, he was also considered as a computer genius.


His interest in computers and technology commenced when he was still a child. For this reason, he has made a point to include computer technology part of his lifestyle. He is also one of the most prominent business entities in the region. When he was still a teenager, he founded his first computer technology startup. This was a company dealing in database management for other companies in New Jersey. He graduated from high school with a qualification to join the Harvard University of Technology and Innovation. He studied English and became a better person in identity.


When he was still in college, he got a rare opportunity to publish his articles in the Harvard Business journals. His article was widely adopted. For this reason, he was incepted into the Harvard group of writers. He also published the Harvard Crimson as one of his best journals.