New Pet Food Trends Sees Demand For Gourmet Meals Skyrocket


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Canine Food Creators | Posted on 19-02-2016

For those whom have been paying any attention to the recent trends in the pet food industry they will have realized that for some time now gourmet or, “premium,” dog and cat food brands seems bigger and more prominent than ever before. One of the biggest new up and comers in this fairly new, emerging market, is Freshpet Inc, a dog food company focused on making food for pet’s that is comparable to restaurant quality food. That might sound a little outlandish or even a little like a joke but Freshpet Inc.s’ executives are deadly serious – so much so that they themselves are the ones whom are responsible for personally taste testing each and every batch of product to ensure optimal quality. If you as the owner can eat your pets dog food and actually find that it tastes good you can bet your top dollar that your favorite furry friend is going to absolutely love it.

Another company which has been making waves for some time is the massive pet food manufacturer, Beneful, a sub brand of Purinastore who are focusing on products which are specifically designed to aid aging pets. One of these brands include Beneful Bright Minds, a dog food line which is created with a specific set of triglycerides taken from coconut oil that is easier for older canines to absorb and convert into energy.

The question is whether or not this is just a trivial trend, a passing fad if you will, or something truly transformative to the pet food industry itself. The answer is unequivocally the latter, not by personal opinion but by evidence. Indeed, the sale of so called “premium” dog food within the United States alone has climbed exponentially since 2009, seeing a ridiculous forty five percent increase in sales since that time. Currently the premium pet food market accounts for roughly half of all pet food marketed and sold which is no small thing considering it’s a multi billion dollar industry.