Brad Reifler Wants To Change Wall Street Forever With The Income Trust


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Forefront Capital is a noted hedge fund on Wall Street that is run by Brad Reifler. Brad has been a solid financier on Wall Street since he began his company, but he is bucking the trend of working only with certified investors on Wall Street. Brad wants to expand his business to reach people who have never invested with a hedge fund, and he has created something called the income trust to serve this purpose. This article about Brad Reifler explains how the income trust at Forefront Capital differs from what other hedge funds are offering.

#1: What Is A Certified Investor?

A certified investor is anyone who has a net worth over a million dollars or makes $250,000 in income. These investors are considered low risk by hedge funds, and every hedge fund prefers to focus on their certified clients first. Brad wants to change the way customer service is offered by opening up the income trust to anyone who wants it.

#2: How Small Are The Investment Options?

Brad’s income trust will allow investors to put in a small amount of money that is affordable for every client. The fund will have many more clients, but it will feature better options for these clients. Someone who traditionally spends a small amount of money in investment is usually stuck with an IRA, but the income trust at Forefront Capital is a real hedge fund that trades aggressively to earn income for everyone.  Brad Reifler’s whole idea is opening to the middle class.

#3: Who Can Trade With The Income Trust?

Retirees may move their money to the income trust to increase their dividends, or young investors may put their money in the income trust to get their careers started. Many young people simply do not have the money to go to a proper hedge fund, but the income trust at Forefront Capital changes all that. Anyone may join the fund at any time, and the staff at Forefront Capital has been trained to offer customer service that helps everyone who has a question.

The income trust from Forefront Capital is a brand new hedge fund that welcomes all comers. Anyone who has a small amount of money to invest may join the income trust today, and Brad Reifler will personally invest that money properly. The hedge fund income that many wealthy people around America enjoy is now available to people who invest in small increments in the income trust at Forefront Capital.  Check out Brad Reifler on twitter to see what he’s up to these days.

Bruce Levenson: A Philanthropist and a Businessman


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Bruce Levenson has been a journalist, a successful builder and an entrepreneur for various businesses. His world endeavors span a wide range of interests such as business intelligence, professional sports and cooking technology. Perhaps he is best acknowledged in the business globe as the United Communications Group co-founder. The company offers guidance, data & solutions and analysis to clients in government contracting, energy, information & software, healthcare, telecom, technology, banking and defense industries globally.

Bruce is the TechTarget director, a publicly-traded firm that caters for the internet intersections for dedicated technology buyers, technology providers worldwide and targeted technical content. Likewise, he is theGasBuddy partner a mobile app that has been downloaded by more than 45 million motorists – and uses it to trace low-priced gasoline. More so, Bruce co-founded DOT a novel cooking mechanism that among other services toasts sliced bread in just three seconds. He is the Atlanta Hawks LLC owner the firm owning the Atlanta Hawks – NBA franchise. More vital, Bruce has been in a philanthropic field for more than forty years.

After the beginning of the 1980s, Bruce and his wife Karen have financially contributed to various education initiatives focusing disadvantaged youth. PeacePlayers is one of them. With that in mind after four years, the couple established and funded the Center for Philanthropy & Non-Profit Management within the Maryland University. The Center has two objectives: Educating and empowering the coming generation for non-profit leaders, offering them with knowledge and needed tools to thrive as heads of non-profit organizations.

That ensures all graduates from Maryland University come out as a motivated and informed philanthropist. The Center offers the student campus with broad and philanthropy-focused experiences that varying from informed-offering to the greatly acclaimed “Do Good Challenge” that attracts thousands of learners’ participants each year. Bruce is best recognized as the co-founder of UCG (United Communications Group) when it comes to business. He started the firm in 1977 within a storage room atop his dad’s Washington, DC liquor storage place.

Bruce managed to live a dream at childhood in 2004 when he became the owner of two key professional sports franchises. That is, he bought the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers, and the working rights towards Philips Arena owned by Time Warner. During 2010, Bruce together with his partners traded the Atlanta Thrashers whereby the team was relocated to Winnipeg, Canada. In the Governors NBA Board, he is a member and heads the Managers Board that functions the Hawks. Through his guidance, the Hawks is the sole team within the NBA Eastern Conference to get to the NBA playoffs for the last seven uninterrupted seasons. The entire 2014 to 2015 season, the team achieved one of the recognized records within NBA. During 2012, Bruce hired Danny Ferry as the head of the Hawks basketball functions although, in the year 2014, he announced his interest in selling the team. Currently, UCG has more than 46 million clients globally with offices in Europe, North America and Asia employing more than 1000 people. Bruce remains dynamic in the firm focusing & business developing, strategic planning and acquisitions.



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Human beings have always played sports for ages. It’s the most common form of human activity today; everywhere you go you’ll find people playing some kind of sport either soccer, polo, golf or such. Basketball is a game that has earned a worldwide audience from fans all across the world, and like most sports, ‘nobody said it was going to be easy’. Basketball isn’t just a sports, though, it’s a lifestyle, and the most outstanding players always stand out from the rest.
Bruce Levenson is someone who knows a thing or two about basketball. Levenson is an American business person that has earned a wide appeal in the world of sports for his efforts with the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson is a former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Apart from the NBA, Levenson has accomplished a lot through his career that has helped progress his career.
Bruce started out his career very early which gave him the necessary skills he needed to succeed in his endeavors. Levenson was brought up in a Jewish family and grew up in Maryland, Chevy Chase. He graduated from law school at the American University and while he was still at school, Levenson sparked off his career in journalism at the Washington Star. Levenson later on coupled up with his longtime associate Ed Peskowitz to start up their own company in Levenson’s own apartment. The company, founded in 1977, was named the United Communications Group (UCG) by Bruce Levenson. The company dealt with publishing of Oil Express, newsletters that mainly focused on expansions in the oil industry.
The company grew to procure other newsletters and even launched its own database that includes oil pricing information services. UCG specializes in data analysis and news for energy, healthcare, technology, mortgages and other industries UCG also maintains and runs a mobile app known as GasBuddy that aids drivers find the nearest available low priced gas spots.
Levenson was also part of a larger group of business gurus, Atlanta Hawks LLC, which own the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson was the team’s managing partner and also served as a member of the board of governors of the NBA. Levenson’s tenet at the team brought a lot of advancements in the team including bringing in Danny Ferry, the former Cleveland Cavaliers pro player. Danny Ferry was brought in as the team’s president of basketball operations and the general manager. In 2014, Levenson announced his plans to do away with his share of the Hawks
Apart from this Levenson holds a lot of other positions namely a board member of TechTarget, and advisor for the BIA Digital Partners, and was on NEPA (Newsletter and Electronics Publishers Association) board of directors. In 1997, Levenson was inaugurated into the Software and information industry association hall of fame along with Ed Peskowitz for their outstanding work at UCG. Levenson has earned a lot of worthwhile respect for his outstanding efforts in his works. He has mapped out his success plan for where he wanted to be very early and had already achieved what most haven’t in their entire lifetime at such an early age. Levenson’s story goes to show that if you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

Igor Cornelsen on Providing Invaluable Strategies for Investors


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Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment professional and banker. Currently, he is the proprietor of the successful Bainbridge Investment Inc, which has its base in the Bahamas. Igor Cornelsen has specialized in nearly all categories of investment. Igor has been leading as an example in coming up with diverse investment innovations and strategies. In addition, he provides advice to individuals on investment matters.

With the rise in numbers of the middle class people, many of them are opting to start making investments with an eye in the future. Such massive investments are driven by the desire to make profits and finding a way to make extra coin that can be expended in improving their livelihood. Many potential investors seek advice from professionals within the investment area given the substance of their advice as informed by their experiences. Igor Cornelsen has proven to be quite instrumental in enhancing the investment value of his clients. He is one entrepreneur who has a proven record of accomplishment working with multiple investments.

Having had a success-laden career in the banking industry, he went on to start his own firm called the Bainbridge Investment, Inc. Under Cornelsen’s leadership, the firm has been providing advisory services to various companies and individuals on how to diversify their investments and build strong portfolios. He advocates for diversification for purposes of spreading the client’s risks.

The other thing he notes is that, building a successful portfolio requires that the investments are made for the long haul. This is made possible by investing in the stock markets. Igor has always used the strategy of patience while handling different situations in an intelligent manner. He has gained huge profit margin by using this strategy in the most unlikely times especially when the Brazilian economy was not performing so well.

Igor Cornelsen has also published many articles that offer advice on investments. Most of the articles stress on his proven investment strategies of diversifying investment portfolios and making long-term investments. The literature materials also talk about doing thorough research before making any investment and this may include seeking for guidance before, during and after investing. He notes that any investment requires great commitment thus guaranteeing one success. According to Igor, few businesses make profits within a short time especially in the stock markets.

Igor Cornelsen is a well-respected individual across the world in the investment field. He leads by example and his life is a testimony. Aspiring investors need to look up to him as the right and know more about his successes in the investment sector. He is still active in the Brazilian investment sector with an impressive number of investments.

Learning about the stock market and what makes it work is not an easy task, and Igor Cornelsen knew that from the beginning. He did not let that scare him away from doing just that, though, and he has been able to be very successful in learning a lot of things about the stock market. The things that he has soaked up and learned have helped him to develop some good strategies for investing in the stock market, and everyone who listened to the advice that he has handed out, and who has followed through on it, is better because of it. Those people can be very grateful to Igor Cornelsen for taking the time to learn about the stock market so that they could do better in their investments.

Igor Cornelsen is a kind man who knew that he wanted to be able to share the things that he learned with the world. He knew that he wanted to find out more about what makes the stock market the way that it is for more than himself, and people have been very grateful to him for the advice that he has given them. People have begun to do better with their investments than ever before, thanks to him, and Igor Cornelsen can feel proud of himself for the things that he has done.

There are very few people who know as much about the stock market and what can be done to make good investments in it as Igor Cornelsen does, and it is a great thing to see someone who is so smart in the subject sharing his knowledge with everyone. He shows just how much he cares in his handing out his advice and allowing others to have success in the stock market through all that he has to say.

Don’t just put an investment into any company, Igor Cornelsen says, but make sure that each investment that is made is made carefully. Igor Cornelsen knows a lot about the stock market and what should be done in order for one to make good investments, and he believes that one of the most important things that one can be doing before making an investment is to research the company they want to invest in. Not every company is what it appears to be on the outside, and it is a smart idea to take a good look at the company that one is thinking of putting their money into before they actually hand it over.

Another thing that Igor Cornelsen is firm about telling people to do is to put their cash into more than one place. When one hands all of their investments over to just one company they have the risk of losing all of their money at once. And if that were to happen, then they would be devastated. There is no reason for one to allow the chance for that to happen, and it is a smart decision on the part of the investor to make sure that they put their money into multiple companies when they first set out and invest.

Investing is a complicated thing to do, especially when one has never done something like it before, and a smart thing for every new investor to do would be for them to look to Igor Cornelsen and to take his advice. He has a lot of smart things to say about investing, and it is better to follow his advice and have a good chance of succeeding than to try to do things on one’s own and lose out on all of their money.

It takes a long time for one to learn enough about a subject to be able to share advice about it with others, and it has taken years for Igor Cornelsen to learn what he has about the stock market, but it has been worth it for him and those who he has been able to help. He took his time learning about the stock market so as to make sure that all of his advice is worthwhile, and now everyone who is going to invest, and who takes his advice, can be grateful to him for all of the years that he studied the stock market.

The stock market is very complicated, and it is something that not too many people know how to deal with. There are some people who just put their money into any company out there and hope that it will come back to them and make them rich, and those people are going to be disappointed when things don’t go quite as they had hoped. But, if they had instead started off by following the advice that Igor Cornelsen as to offer, and by making smart investments, then they would be able to be happy with what they have done, one day. The stock market is very complicated, and it is best for those who are investing for the first time to take the advice of someone like Igor Cornelsen, so that they can know that they will do well in their investments.

Igor Cornelsen has spent a lot of time learning about the stock market, and he has enjoyed sharing the things that he has learned with others. He is hopeful that the advice that he has to give will help many people to be able to invest their money more wisely than they would have otherwise.

What Igor Cornelsen has become is one of the top investors in the world of international investing. He also has a general investment level of expertise in stock and trading as well. I think that his knowledge of investing has served us all well over the years. I am certain that this is one of the best investors because he has made it easier to manage stocks and build a solid portfolio.

Managing stocks can get a bit complicated, but Igor has developed a method to the madness. He has pushed the developer to get involved with stocks in a way where people can spread their investments out. Cornelsen says that it is important to spread the investments out because you just never know. You may think that you know about the investments that are going to make you a millionaire, but companies fail all the time. A company can be on the top one day and fail the next.

Cornelsen has created a type of strong legacy that shows that they he has the knowledge to make sound investment decisions. When he tells consumers to minimize their risks by investing in multiple companies they should certainly pay attention to this. Cornelsen has spent half of his life in the investing sector with banks. He knows about trends in the market. He also knows about the things that will help more people build a better investment portfolio. I take heed to what he says because he has managed to spot those things that can enhance a portfolio.

Igor Cornelsen has seen a wide number of companies flourish while others fold. He has seen the error in the ways to other investors that failed to check into what a company is really doing in concerns to long term strategy. He is observant of the things that can change the total outlook for organizations. What Igor Cornelsen has been able to do is help people realize that there is need to truly know what the company has in store down the line. Anyone can look at a company at a certain period in time and see the good in the organization. It takes a different approach to really maximize investments these days, and Igor Cornelsen has been around long enough to guide investors.

A large number of people are actually becoming fans of independent investing. They do not want any type of investment help from the brokers. They look for people like Igor Cornelsen to provide consulting. He knows that there was a void in this area, and Cornelsen has started his own company to help those that simply need a little bit of consulting advice for the building of their portfolios.

There are a ton of financial gurus that really know how to confuse people about international investing. They tell you about hedge funds, money market funds, IRA plans, annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and have you wondering where you are going to turn next. What they really don’t bother to tell you is what tips you need to consider in the general scheme of things.

It is less about the method of investing and more about the rules that you bring to the table. When you are not investing on American soil there are some things that you must come to expect. Igor Cornelsen has helped me define some long life strategies that will bring me the peace of mind that I need in investing outside of America. I have seen some huge returns on investment because of it, but it is certainly Igor Cornelsen that has made this possible.

He really has summed up the international investing world into three simple steps. It may seem impossible to build a portfolio and accurately maintain a portfolio just from 3 steps, but this is the best way that a person can keep things simple. Igor Cornelsen has easy steps to remember: connect with the natives, prepare for the red tape, and know foreign currency restrictions.

In one way or another he is telling people that are able to invest in foreign markets to actually look at the full scope of their investments abroad and expect things like red tape and political meltdowns to delay progress in some areas. There will be some exchange restrictions with currency that could possibly narrow the amount of money that some investors may be able to contribute to their investments. Limitations like this can be a bit of an annoyance in the beginning, but these things can get a lot better over time if people know what to expect.

The thing that is going to make the investment process easier for so many new investors is the ability to prepare for all that is bound to come with investments on new soil. Investors should be able to connect with the natives and see what is really happening in Brazil. That is exactly what I did when I started investing in the real estate market in Brazil. I made sure that I found out about all types of resorts and the most popular spots for renters. I had to also find out about the import and exports for this country. That would be the thing that made it easier for me to sleep at night. I had a new awareness of what was driving the economy.