A Little About Robert Ivy And Joining A Professional Organization


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Robert Ivy is an architect by trade. He has received many honors for his trade. He studied at Sewanee: the University of the South and Tulane University. While at Sewanee he studied for a bachelor’s degree in English. While at Tulane University he studied for a master’s degree in architecture. Ivy lives and works in the Washington DC area.

Ivy is a member of the alumni association at his universities. He is the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. This is a magazine publication for his trade. He has held the position since 1996.

Robert Ivy believes in joining alumni and other professional organizations once you complete your education. Ivy thinks this is an excellent way to socialize and network with your peers. He believes that education and on-the-job experience will help an employee gain the knowledge and skills necessary to do his or her job. However, it is also necessary to network with your peers.

Joining an alumnus and professional organization will help to boost a person’s resume. Robert Ivy is a member of many professional organizations within the architectural field. He believes this has helped him move through the ranks in the field. Robert Ivy credits his membership in the professional and alumnus associations for the honors he has received in his field.

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Professional organizations offer their members an abundance of educational materials. These educational materials will assist someone in furthering their educational needs to advance their careers. Ivy says when you join a professional organization it will assist you in advancing your career because of how it looks on your resume.

When you are in a professional organization you get to gain essential leadership skills that employers look for in promoting you through the ranks of your position. Ivy encourages all graduates to join an organization that will be for their professions they studied throughout their college careers. He is the CEO of the AIA. This has helped him gain the necessary credentials to advance his career as an architect. There are costs associated with joining a professional organization. This might limit the number of organizations one can join.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: A Passionate Entrepreneur with a Knack for Self-reinvention


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When the devastating Hurricane Katrina made a windfall in New Orleans, it left its wake a mountain of debris. It destroyed not only properties and infrastructures; it claimed the lives and dreams of many people including real estate investors. One such real estate investor whose fortunes took a serious hit was Dr. Mark McKenna; a trained medical doctor who had successfully ventured into real estate. Undeterred by the loss of his ventures and in a move that is a testimony of his knack for self-reinvention, Dr. McKenna reignited his passion for medicine with an innovative technology-based start-up.

By following in the footsteps of his idols such as Michael Bloomberg, Dr. Mark McKenna studied the healthcare industry with the view of identifying specific product and service gaps in the industry. He saw consumer needs with technology and founded OVME; a company dedicated to offering bespoke elective medical aesthetics services. The company also provides curated elective cosmetic surgery services through collaborative and customer-centric technology-based business environment. By piggybacking their services on technology, Dr. Mark McKenna and his company seeks to improve customer experiences by eliminating constraints to convenient medical aesthetics service delivery. This has seen the company begin the process of developing an app that will allow clients to make appointments conveniently. OVME’s client-focused business model extends beyond innovations. The company boasts of a well-trained, vastly-experienced and dedicated team as well as a diverse service portfolio that targets even male clients.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a board-certified medical practitioner with a medical degree from New Orleans’ Tulane University Medical School. Before successfully venturing into New Orleans’ real estate sector by founding McKenna Venture Investments, he worked as a medical practitioner. He previously worked as a national medical director at Life Time Fitness in addition to working at Uptown Tile and Universal Mortgage Lending in various capacities.

Dr. Mark McKenna is dedicated to giving back to his community. This saw him play an integral role in rebuilding and resettling of families in New Orleans in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. He actively supported the affordable housing initiative that saw hundreds of families resettled. He was a member of New Orleans Jazz Festival’s board too.


Professional Work And Lifetime Achievements Of Architect Robert Ivy


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The world’s famous architectural journal, Architectural Record can boast of its success thanks to the efforts of Robert Ivy who became its CEO in 1996. He also served in the McGraw-Hill Construction media as Vice President and as its editorial managing director. His exemplary work bore fruit and has been awarded with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

If you are one of the people who have ever been at the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, you can not help but ask how and who came up with the architectural plans. Well, one of those people responsible for selecting Frank Gehry as the architect to design the breathtaking site was Robert Ivy. He was a juror in the selection panel. He served also as a principal at Dean&Ivy where he was a serious critic to numerous national publications.

The lifetime achievement award given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is only given to the current active Mississippi based artists, and Ivy happens to be the first architect to be honored by the Polk Award. Other people privileged to receive such an award include Morgan Freeman in 2007, writer Eudora Welly in 2001, writer Shelby Foote in 2004, singer Leontyne Price in 2000, and the late Walter Anderson in 1989.

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Robert Ivy’s leadership at Architect Record as editor in chief helped the company earn many honors in the publishing industry. These honors include, Premier Magazine Journalism Award, American Society of Magazine Editors Award, and the National Magazine General Excellence Award. These were not the only achievements as Ivy helped Architectural Record earn the prestigious 26 Jesse Neal Awards. Additionally, the company was also honored with Folio Design Awards, and MPA Digital Award in 2008 for the website of the year.

It is quite impressive for one man to have a rich history of awards on his resume. He emerged as the Crain Award winner, an honor that is known to be American Business Media’s highly ranked recognition for a single individual. Having served as an excellent manager, Robert Ivy emerged as the winner for McGraw-Hill’s best Management Excellence Award in 1998.

He was voted unanimously in 2010 as Master Architect by the architectural fraternity countrywide due to his impeccable skills in outlining the value of architectural design. He enjoys the honor as the only architect to receive the award in the 21st century and also among seven others throughout the 100 years of the fraternity’s history.

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Jacob Gottlieb and His Work with Visium


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Jacob Gottlieb is native to the greater New York City area and has worked in the investment management industry for well over two decades. He is currently CEO of Visium Capital Management, which helps high net worth individuals and corporations with their investment and capital needs. Jacob Gottlieb specializes in hedge fund investment and management, making him one of the leaders in the hedge fund industry. Recently, he also become the CEO of Altium Capital, which is a company that opened its doors in June 2018.

His other company, Visium, has been around since 2005. The company is an asset management firm that allows people to relax while their finances are managed and maintained for them. Because Jacob Gottlieb has been working as the CEO of the company for so many years, he has learned how to work with a wide number of different clients, all who have had great success working with both Jacob Gottlieb and his company, Visium.

His very first job was wth Buyside Resiearch, a company that specializes in financial assistance and management. He realized there was a need in the market for a high-quality asset management firm, and that is why he launched Visium and began to benefit those who were looking for this type of service. Jacob Gottlieb attended Brown University and studied Economics. This gave him the education that he needed to work in the financial industry and help people of all needs and types.

While Jacob Gottlieb works in the financial field, he also attended New York School of Medicine and received his doctorate in medicine. When Jacob Gottlieb isn’t working with a wide number of different clients, he is continually spending time with his family and two children. He is an avid lover of sports and you can often find him attending a wide range of different sporting events in the New York City area. He has worked with lots of different people and is in charge of over 100 employees who work for both of his current companies. Jacob Gottlieb is a wonderful asset manager with years of experience in the financial field.


Robert Ivy’s Success Recognized


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No person has had more impact on the world of architecture than Robert Ivy. The executive vice president of the AIA, Robert Ivy has been making his presence felt in this industry for quite some time. Recently Ivy’s work was recognized when he was given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award, given out annually by MIAL , recognizes leaders in the art space who have achieved tremendous lifetime success. Ivy is the first architect in history to receive such an honor. He is also one of only a select few people from the state of Mississippi to receive this award.

One look at Robert Ivy’s resume is more than enough proof that he deserves this honor. Ivy excels as an author, commentator and architect. He has served as the the Chief Executive Officer of AIA since 2011. Ivy’s education includes a masters of architecture from Tulane University. His undergraduate studies earned him a degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. Ivy is a excellent leader of the profession and this award serves as a crowning achievement to his career.

Robert Ivy and his work has been recognized on several occasions previously. In 1998, he received the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. He previously worked for McGraw-Hill as their vice president and editorial director. This assignment included working with GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, SNAP and Architectural Record: China.

Robert Ivy has also had the high honor of being named a ‘Master Architect.’ This recognition is given by Alpha Rho Chi, a major faternity in the United States. Ivy is the first person in 21st century to receive the award. The list of winners includes only seven people. Ivy’s accomplishments throughout his lifetime have been so tremendous he has been able to make it to this list.

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Find Out How Gregory Aziz Became Successful Using These Little Known Facts


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Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman & CEO of National Steel Car, a company leading the world of railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering in Hamilton, Ontario. With more than a century’s worth of experience of striving towards distinction in engineering, construction, and quality, National Steel Car has gained recognition as North America’s premier railroad freight car company. Ever since 1912 when they were established, National Steel Car has invented and fabricated freight cars that not only fulfill the ever-changing criteria of the industry but also satisfies the needs of their clients in the railroad market.



The foundation of the exceptional corporation is the culture. They’re massively pleased with what they’ve accomplished with their teamwork. National Steel Car is now the most flexible, adaptable, imaginative and principle-driven than they’ve ever been before.


They’re continually transforming themselves. They are determined to raise the standards for the field. They are aware of where they want to concentrate their abilities on with a proficiency unmet within the railroad industry. They’ve got an all-encompassing vision, and they’re committed to their core principles. For that reason, they are reputable and trusted by their clients to build the most excellent class of railcars ahead of all the deadlines. For over a decade they’ve been awarded the yearly TTX SECO honor.


Due in part to the support and loyalty of their consumers, the treasured relations with their merchants and the incredible determination and honesty of their team consisting of over 2,000 who take satisfaction in raising the standard, National Steel Car will continue to be known for their quality of their railcars.


Greg James Aziz and his spouse Irene are supports of the Royal Agricultural Winter Festival, Canada’s most notable rural celebration.


In the late 80s and early 90s, after serving with numerous financial institutions in New York, Greg Aziz went on to secure the acquisition of National Steel Car off Dofasco in 1994. His vision was to change the once excellent Canadian organization into North America’s best railroad freight car company. Highlighting National Steel Car’s sound engineering practices, through significant capital and time investment, the corporation increased its construction abilities from 3,500 vehicles annually at that time of possession to 12,000 cars at the start of 1999. Jobs in that same amount of time improved from about 600 to nearly 3,000. See This Page to learn more.



Robert Deignan and his Journey to founding ATS Digital Services.


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Success is usually hard to come and it sometimes takes people a whole lifetime before they finally become successful. However, this is not the case with Robert Deignan who founded his first business only three years after completing school. Deignan is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has consistently put his best foot forward into entrepreneurship ever since he graduated in 1995 with a B.S in Business Management from Purdue University. Robert was certain that he was destined to be a businessman and he promptly invested his time to understand what it entailed to build a successful business.

Technology background

Deignan always showed passion for technology and hence his first venture, Fanlink was a digital technology solutions company. Robert was always committed to improving customer service and he believed that combining technology and customer service would be the fitting foundation principle of his company. He would benefit enormously from his founding philosophy as three years later he would become Executive Vice President of a software company called Is3 Inc. Deignan used the opportunity to develop his managerial skills and technological knowledge. iS3 Inc offers solutions to a myriad of technological challenges in areas such as computer optimization, digital security, and customized technical support. This added to his pool of prior knowledge and expertise.

Founding ATS

Robert Deignan would later in August 2011 co-found his well – known and acclaimed company called ATS Digital Services, LLC. He says that ATS was basically a summary of what he was used to doing at is3 and at his first company, Fanlink. ATS is now a top company that can handle and technology related issues ranging from digital data storage, installation needs, home networking and all other technological needs. Deignan serves as the Chief Executive Officer and he has installed a system that is sensitive to customer service and has expert employees. His prior experience has assisted him to create a dream technology company that can handle any technological hitch that may crop up without any limitation.

Robert Deignan has worked tirelessly to gain customer’s confidence that ATS offers the most premium services available. He has installed a culture of offering outstanding customer service, and at ATS customer’s queries are given first priority and handled by the best employee on sight. It is his adherence to quality customer service that has fueled him to steer ATS to certification by AppEsteem becoming the first company to achieve that. AppEsteem only approves companies that have consistently provided premium software support services without compromising quality standards.

More about Robert Deignan

He is a lover for fishing and boats and at his free time, he loves to spend time at the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Deignan has lived in Florida for an extensive period of time and has participated in several fishing and boating competitions and even won the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby.


Gregory Aziz -The New World Order And National Steel Car


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Gregory James Aziz is the perfect definition of passion beating talent. James Aziz, since the beginning of time, has envisioned a life where everything works in harmony. Unfortunately, life is a tragedy and not many things happen as planned.

Greg Aziz somehow has been able to find success even in the darkest of places and currently owns National Steel Car a company he bought in 1994. National Steel Car is as the legendary Titanic. The institution, created in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car, has grown to become one of the largest railroad car manufacturers in the world.


Encouraging right? Manu people, however, do not know that there was a time when the corporation was struggling just to survive, hence its sale. Therefore, the world owes Greg James Aziz a big thank you as he has been able to achieve the inconceivable.

National Steel Car, since 1994, has undergone a complete overhaul with Gregory J Aziz transforming the manufacturing segment. James in his tenure as CEO and President has invested heavily in modern machines, hence the boost in production over the years. Today, National Steel Car is a global leader because of all the railroad car units produced annually.

There is no argument whatsoever when we say that an increase in production has realized a boost in profits hence the need for more workers. Aziz, ever since his debut in 1994, has indirectly created more employment opportunities to the surrounding communities and in a way influenced their standard of living.


Greg, like I mentioned earlier, is not your average Joe. Mr. James Aziz has since the beginning of time believed in the customer and that is why he has re-engineered the corporation’s customer care department. James has urged his employees to serve clients to their abilities by offering them with quality products and services, an order they have obediently executed.


Mr. James Aziz, despite his current successes, has not forgotten the people who helped him reach the top. It is for that reason that James has given his team of workers incentives to ensure that they feel motivated even as they execute their individual duties. Find More Information Here.


In truth, National Steel Car is more than lucky to have Gregory James Aziz as the man in charge of its affairs. Aziz might be old but still packs the energy of a mule. Therefore, there still heads a bright future for National Steel Car because Gregory always has something new cooking under his sleeves.

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert and The Elements That Bolstered His Business Success


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The world of business is full of challenges that if handled by the weaker and inferior ones could leave them resigned to failure with no available palliative to make them feel better. Some of the challenges that one face in running a business could be so much that if an entrepreneur is faint-hearted, the damage would be ruinous. Fortunately, Louis R. Chenevert, the former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), was able to withstand any challenges in the business world. Right now, he’s finally retired but when he held the position as the CEO and Director of United Technologies since March, 2006, he’s been able to placate all the impossible challenges in running a business and inspire benevolence in his company’s workforce.

The Experience in General Motors

We might also be able to include the fact here that Louis Chenevert was also the General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese Operation, and was a part of Pratt and Whitney in 1993. The 14 years, too, of work experience that he did with General Motors means that he had the excellent leadership, modules, techniques and understanding of the business world to make sure that the company ran to where it should be.

Time at UTC

Mr. Chenevert’s contribution for UTC has been phenomenal. In fact, it may be fair to say that with his help, UTC grew to the global force that it is right now. His alacrity and sagacious skills have impressed upon UTC the needed abilities and defense mechanisms needed for the business operations to withstand the challenges of running a business. It is hard to see the business growth and complete progress of UTC without considering the ominous contribution of Mr. Chenevert.

It may also be because Mr. Chenevert is a curious man and won’t stop looking for solutions for the company’s problems that he was able to sustain his leadership success. Or it could also be because Mr. Chenevert took up a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Production Management from the University de Montreal that he was able to churn out fascinatingly useful ideas for UTC.


Sahm Adrangi Dissects Kodak’s Latest Business Practice


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In the world of investing, it can be difficult to know when to invest and when not to invest. It is even more difficult to figure out which companies are safe to invest in and which ones are on the verge of collapse. Sahm Adrangi is out to help other investors through his regular reports at Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm Adrangi’s firm focuses on investments and management services and has been extremely successful in a rather short period of time. This has earned Sahm a reputable position in the market and his advice is often followed by other investors.

The latest company that has gone under fire by Sahm Adrangi is Kodak. As far as Sahm is concerned, Kodak has not managed to stay up to date with advancing technology as well as proper business practices. Sahm Adrangi has plainly stated that all investors should be cautious before deciding to bet on Kodak’s latest business exploits, which are highly suspicious to Sahm as well. Within a matter of a day or two, Kodak’s share prices rose hundreds of millions of dollars, amounting to an increase of nearly 200 percent. This is mostly due to the fact that they recently went into business with a cryptocurrency group. While there were some investors to hop on this apparent opportunity, Sahm is all but certain that this sudden increase will be short-lived and the company will soon crumble despite being a former heavyweight in their particular market. As most people are aware, cryptocurrency has been very unstable since becoming popular and that has not changed.

Another concern for Sahm is the partners that Kodak is currently making with their latest deals, all of which are questionable and have mixed backgrounds. To add even more fuel to the fire, Kodak wasn’t able to gain much attention despite their massive increase in company stock prices, which means they will still be in the same place they were near 6 years ago when they filed a chapter 11.