Rocketship Education Points the Way Towards a New Era In Education


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Charter School | Posted on 29-10-2017

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools in a public setting that essentially serves students that are living in low-income neighborhoods. Usually complete access to excellent schools is fairly limited. It is no secret that there are a real learning and performance gap in some of these areas and Rocketship Education bridges that gap.

Rocketship Education stresses excellence in their teachers as they provide the guidance and leadership for the students. The growth of the teachers is encouraged by using embedded learning opportunities along with coaching that is personalized along with daily training that is a part of each workday. There are very clear career paths for each teacher to grow and to achieve long-term goals.

The Rocketship model is to help students learn by using their best qualities for the purpose of learning their way. Individual students learn in different ways. Some students are expressive, others are pensive and very thoughtful, taking in the information in a calculating way, and others are visual, others are empirical.

Rocketship addresses all of the students with some full classroom work, then there is individual work where the students learn digitally, and then there are small group sessions to review things. The type of information that is best taught digitally are subjects like math, memorizations, hard facts and such areas.

Individual tutoring sessions are valuable in that they are one-on-one sessions where the tutor and the student can go over materials and each will know and understand where more work is needed and where assignments are coming along well.

All of this activity is what goes into what is called the blended learning model which is a combination of the traditional approach to learning, such as a classroom setting, then a dose of technology is introduced along with individualized tutoring sessions. This model works the best for all students no matter what stage of learning they happen to be in at the time. Some will be ahead, some behind and the majority, somewhere in-between. The are fewer hard schedules where students are “supposed to be” at certain times and more emphasis is placed upon the student mastering the subject matter.

Rocketship Education is certainly a unique approach to education because the emphasis is upon really learning the material in a functional way so the student can actually make use of the subject matter.