ClassDojo Edtech Product receives Gold Star Reviews from Educators


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Communication | Posted on 12-12-2017

ClassDojo, a revolutionary communication app that transforms the way teachers, students, and parent share information on happenings in school received Gold Star reviews from education experts. 90 percent of K-8 school districts in the United States now use ClassDojo, reports the San Francisco Business Times.

How does the ClassDojo app help? Developed in 2011, ClassDojo facilitates smooth communication of students’ performance, activities, and social interactions with parents. With the app steaming information to the parents daily and throughout the year, school meetings will become unnecessary. The Edtech product provides a simple way for students, teachers, and parents to share messages, photos, videos showing the student’s participation and work.

Out Goes Parent-Teacher Meetings

While in the past parents could only get information about the progress of their kids in the once-per-semester school meetings, ClassDojo now empowers the parents to monitor the educational journey of children all the time. Amazingly, ClassDojo has features to help parents connect with the child not just in school but at home too.

“We created ClassDojo to assist parents monitor and guide children at home and in school. Consequently, ClassDojo will enhance the social-emotional skills development and learning,” says Sam Chaudhary, who together with Liam Don co-founded the company that invented the app.

Creating a Positive Culture in Classrooms and Schools

The success of ClassDojo, now the fastest growing education technology firm worldwide, emanates from the fact that the company built software that solves the problems teachers experience daily. Millions of students, teachers, and parents love ClassDojo. No wonder approximately 180 countries use ClassDojo.

App for Daily School Programs and Field Trips

The team that created ClassDojo, a ground-up change tool, comprised information experienced educators, technology engineers, and software designers who understand deeply the management structure of public and charter schools, Google, Facebook as well as other online communication platforms. Instructors can use ClassDojo to develop and share school schedules. Additionally, the communication platform includes features that allow parents to send money to cater for lunches or field trips via cell phones.