Doctor Chris Villlanueva, A Dedicated Dental Practitioner At MB2 Dental.


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MB2 Dental was established by Villanueva Chris, a dedicated professional with a dream of advancing both the side of corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner in the business. Chris has invested energy in the two sections of a provider-business equation, Villanueva began his organization with coordinated information outfit with necessary assistance without trading off the reputation of the profession he was undertaking. Realizing dental expert’s required special aid which did not necessarily need any strings attached, Dr. Chris came up with MB2 Dental. From that point forward, the company has offered support to practitioners in various areas crosswise over six states. The company has five hundred and thirty-three workers, and its administration is anticipating on proceeding with the pattern of brilliance.

When Chris Villanueva completed his dental studies, there was two alternative for dentists, either to begin private practice which incorporates less bureaucracy, ownership, and full clinical autonomy or be a part of an exercise involving large group which contains sharing of best practice, economies of scale, and technology of the art state. Chris had a plan of creating an accommodation of both methods. Villanueva makes ideas come to life by surrounding himself in his personal life and at work with extremely brilliant individuals who assist revive incredible thoughts. He believes in teamwork rather than working alone. Chris ideas originate from out-of-the-box areas like during lunch time or when playing a computer game with his children’s. He is fascinated by the work technology is doing, and particularly in the industry, he operates in. He is excited about the technological innovations that are generated every year and the way they upgrade experiences of patients.

Chris Villanueva trusts that it is always important to have unique culture or fun in the workplace which can make individuals honest with each other. Villanueva likes his place of work to be conducive for everyone. Chris found out at an opportune time that his organization is made up of diverse individuals and utilizing their strong bases is the best strategy for success. However, it is good to know that having an ideal individual for the job is the most important thing for the dental community-based practice. MB2 is based on a principle that practitioners operating in collaboration can assist one another become more profitable. MB2 is one of a kind facility that makes adjustments which provide positive results to patients and on a broader scale it enhances the organic development of the business.

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