A Highlight of the Business Life of Real Estate Investor and DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani


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Many people are benefiting from the real estate business worldwide. One of the business people who is considered an icon in this field is Hussain Sajwani. The latter is the owner of the DAMAC Enterprises; the company is ranked as the leading real estate business in Africa, CIS and Dubai. The success of DAMAC Enterprises is attributed to the dedication, networking and commitment of the DAMAC Owner of the cooperation.

In a post from alkhaleej.ae, it says that Hussain Sajwani has partnered with Donald Trump in many businesses. For example, they cooperated in the building of Trump’s International Golf Club, which stands out and is among the largest and most premium golf clubs in the world. There have been controversies about the relationship of Donald and Sajwani since Donald was announced as the president-elect. This is after Trump publicly announced that he wouldn’t be handling any private business in the office of the President.

Hussain Sajwani has responded to this saying that the business relationship between him and Trump goes beyond Trump to his daughter Ivanka. Ivanka is involved in most of Trump’s businesses. The real estate investor remembers of past projects that he has worked with Ivanka, he recalls of one that Ivanka was pregnant, and she was involved until her last days before delivery. Trump’s assumption to the office will, therefore, not be affecting their business relationship in any way.

Despite the assurance of Trump not involving himself with personal business, there were still complaints on Hussain being on the guest list of Trump’s New Year’s Eve Party. Trump recognized his presence together with his family in the list of 800 people. However, one of the officials confirmed there were no business discussions held during the party. The inner source also added that Trump was still allowed to keep friends.

Besides his success with his work as a real estate investor, Sajwani is also a humanitarian. He has helped over 50000 children stay warm through his contribution of AED two million. During this meeting, he urged other people to follow the same path and support the children because they hold the future of tomorrow. Sajwani has also done an excellent job in being a role model for many aspiring business people.

Full article: https://www.damacproperties.com/ar/media-centre/press-releases/hussain-sajwani-damac-foundation-sponsors-one-million-arab-coders-initiative



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Southridge Capital has been a provider for finance, both advisory and structured to public companies for a while now. With the innovative financial solutions that it has been providing, its clients have been able to meet their needs with more ease. Since 1996, Southridge has injected about $1.8 billion to companies that are still growing around the globe. It has a wide base of experts who understand the market well who help the company provide financing plans for their clients. The team that Southridge has is experienced enough to be consulted on corporate issues. The issues include making a company public and using financial techniques that are individual to each client. In addition, Southridge manages balance sheets optimized for each client.

Southridge Capital provides a myriad of financial services to everyone who chooses to work with them. For instance, they provide advisory services, which entails Financial Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlement Services. Each of these services is structured by the experts at Southridge to suit every client’s specifications. Additionally, Southridge Capital has structured services, which consists of Credit Enhancing, Securitization, and Financing Solutions. The five managers of the company oversee the proper provision of all these services in accordance with each client’s needs. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Southridge Capital’s success can be credited to its CEO and founder Steven Hicks. He founded the company in 1996 after he got the idea while filling in for a principal at a hedge fund in New York. He started his own hedge fund with the permission of the principal while still working at the company. Steven brought his knowledge from the schooling he did at King’s College and Fordham University, both located in New York. He got a BSc. in Business Administration and an MBA from these institutions respectively.

Steven Hicks brings his three decades of experience to his everyday routine to look for new opportunities and come up with items to do for him and his staff at Southridge Capital. With the experience of the company’s staff and collaborations with people in Wall Street, Steven Hick is able to provide financing to people who come to him through Southridge. You can follow their Twitter account.



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David McDonald: Source Foods For OSI Group, LLC.


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David McDonald currently serves as President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) for OSI Group, LLC. He spent his formative years in Iowa with an ever growing interest in agriculture and biology. He earned his higher education degree, a Baccalaureate of Sciences, from Iowa State University with a concentration in Animal Science. His first career position was Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, a capacity he still fulfills. He joined what is now known as OSI Group, LLC. more than 30 years ago starting as a Project Manager. He has received and accepted each progressively augmented role and their concurrent responsibilities and thus reached the status of President and COO.


The Company started out as Otto & Sons, a venture of European immigrants to the USA that started out as a local butcher shoppe desiring to regain meat quality and flavors from home. In the mid-20th century, it gained the confidence of Ray Kroc to become McDonald’s Restaurants’ sole source of fresh beef. In 1975, the Company’s name became what it is today. Since then, David McDonald and his management team has expanded the business to great scale both national and internationally. Its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Some of its national and international operational names include Baho Foods, DaOSI, GenOSI and TurOSI.

OSI Group helps the economy in the USA also with plant locations in Chicago, West Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, in addition to several meat processing locations in California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin. Their international plant locations and partnerships are concentrated in Europe, Asia-Pacific and China providing meat products to such popular eatery chains as Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Saizeriya, Starbucks, McDonald’s Restaurants, Burger King and Yum.


David McDonald promotes simplicity and diligence. He shares how OSI Group is a private enterprise that has always maintained its far-reaching aim to provide the best to the most while exceeding clients’ expectations. Its status as a private entity affords them the opportunity to consistently meet this simple yet comprehensive objective. Dave and his management team achieve this on a global scale by securing partnerships with local establishments worldwide that agree to assume this same attitudinal and behavioral mission. He emphasizes how they take their time building relationships of trust. He is especially grateful for OSI Group’s developments in China, a partnership spanning more than 26 years.

David McDonald further explains how imperative it is to encourage communication from local management because they know best their mutual clients’ tastes and logistical expectations. When a customer anywhere in the world has a need for a new menu item, Dave summons his culinary artists at OSI Group to dedicate time to meeting that need. Thus their global dominance with such consistently glowing accolades. The British Safety Council (BSC) awarded OSI Group the 2016 Globe of Honor. That same year, Forbes ranked OSI Group #58 on its list of largest, private companies at $6.1 billion USD. It has also won BSC’s 2018 International Safety Award. Locally, OSI Group received an award as the Safest Company in Iowa with Distinction for 22 years and counting by the National Safety Council of Nebraska.

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Talos Energy: Leaders Shocked by Huge Oil Field Find


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The country of Mexico deregulated its oil industry a few years ago and that started the process of allowing foreign oil exploration companies to explore the floor of the Gulf of Mexico in Mexico territory for oil fields. No huge discoveries have been made until recently and then a small oil exploration company by the name of Talos Energy found a huge find off the coast of Mexico at approximately 500 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in Mexico’s territory.

The find that Talos Energy made is the largest find since Mexico deregulated its oil industry and opened its water to foreign companies. The well has been dubbed as Zama-1 and is currently at a depth of 11,000 feet. The plan at this point is to continue to drill the will until at least 14,000 feet so that the company can get more information about how much oil may be in the underwater field. Initial estimates are that there may be at least 2 billion barrels of oil in the field. One of the best things about the discovery of the Zama-1 well is that it is in shallow water, so later on drilling will be made easier. It looks like initially the company and its partners plan on putting the drilling equipment in place, but to wait until crude prices recover to actually begin to bring the oil to the surface to barrel up and sell in the market.

To say that the leaders of Talos Energy are surprised is an understatement. The company is small and employs less than 200 employees, so this huge find puts their name out there as a true competitor in the oil drilling industry. The Mexican government is also pleased as they now hope that the competition will heat up in their waters, thus bringing them ultimately more income from the country’s oil industry.

For More info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/talos-energy

Jeunesse Global Reputable Product Line


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Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global LLC. They produce, distribute, and sell supplements and skin care products. Some of their other products include cosmetics and skin care items. Ray is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the co-founder of the company. Mrs. Lewis is also a co-founder and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the firm. Jeunesse Global deals with the direct selling and distributing of the company’s products. Their mission is to maintain a youthful appearance and a healthy lifestyle. Supplements provide vitamins and energize the body. The company also offers items that detoxify the body system. A blend of fruits and vegetables help with the maintenance of stem cells. The supplements upsurge the energy from the body as well as build muscles. Also, they reduce the carbohydrate intake in the body.


Energy drinks are also item that are produced by the company. The skincare products cater for a youthful appearance of users. Luminesce is a skin care product that has an anti-aging capabilities that clear fine lines and wrinkles. Ageless micro cream removes under eye-bags within two minutes. Due to their reputable order of business, they have succeeded to become a top mark company. The firm has 32 sub-branches all over the world. It also engages in research projects in areas like adult stem cell science, telomere support, DNA repair, fat loss technology, and nutrigenomics.


Randy Ray studied a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The CEO has over four decades of experience in the tech industry. The firm collaborates with over a thousand distributors across the world. Such proper credit has given them the ability to be a top-notch company. Mrs. Wendy Lewis pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. She proceeded to Temple University in 1985 where she graduated with a MED in Educational Psychology, Statistics, and Measurement. Jeunesse Global LLC has been in business for quite some time now. It has also engaged in giving back to the society. The company staff participates in charity organizations, fundraisings, financial aid, and other money lending ventures. Jeunesse Global has recently started a campaign to help the needy domestically and internationally.



Equities First Holdings Australia Model


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If you were to look at any business model to see if it could work for you, you will find that there are many different plans; some that work, others that do not. Equities First Holdings has a business plan that seems to be one of the best around. They started company in Indianapolis, Indiana many years ago and over the years, have expanded it to include offices in nine different countries. In Australia, the company has three offices, located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The offices are all set in the heart of the business district in each of these cities so their clients can easily reach them. Their staff has been well educated on lending practices in the country. One of the ways they have been able to get loans for their clients is by using the companies stock options to secure a loan. This trend in lending is becoming quite popular and many more companies are doing it. Banking institutes are very open to this type of loan and have been granting many more of them. Equities First Holdings has been planning on continuing to expand their own business into many other parts of the world.

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The Unique Story Behind The Success Talos Energy In Oil Exploration


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Oil exploration is a multi-billion industry that has attracted investors from all parts of the world. Talos Energy is an oil exploration company that has invested in offshore hydrocarbons in Mexico and the US Gulf of Mexico. The company was established in 2012 and has been improving on the expansion program. In a recent news release, the company has officially moved from privatization to a public entity. The company announced its initial merger of over $2 billion with Louisiana’s Stone Energy.

This is a long process that has seen the two companies form common goals to improve profit margins. As such, Talos Energy holds the majority stake in the partnership of 63 percent while Louisiana’s Stone Energy holds the remaining 37 percent stake. The deal opens the largest offshore trading deal with Mexico where the two companies have invested heavily. Initially, Talos Energy was performing well on the New York Stock Exchange which necessitated the company to focus on the merger.

According to Timothy Duncan, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, the company is in a good position to invest in offshore investment owing to its good asset portfolios and the development of business opportunities. The company discovered the potential to invest big through a Zama discovery where the company won most of the bids in Mexico. This was made possible through the partnership with other companies in Mexico.

Initially, Talos Energy was formed in partnership with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings and its core responsibility was to buy assets in the Gulf of Mexico. The key focus was directed towards exploration, optimization, and exploitation of natural oil hubs. Through excellent leadership structures, the company has built private equity that has become successful in the recent years. As a strategy to remain in profit making process, Talos Energy sold Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration which made a good fortune that enabled the company to remain afloat.

The company has skilled manpower which ensures they remain above the rest by using unique techniques in the development of viable investment plans. As a result, Talos Energy remains one of the most profitable oil exploration companies in the United States of America.

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OSI Food Plants Expands Its Chicken Production Plant


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As the world’s award-winning food processing industry, OSI Food Solutions is a multi-billion establishment known to produce thousands of tons of chicken, beef and pork products every year. It is located in Toledo, Spain.


Since the production capacity of this conglomerate has tremendously increased, OSI Food Solutions Company has managed to increase its number of employees from 140 to 20,000 people globally.

It has so far increased the number of job opportunities to many others in other sectors related to its production line. Because of increased food production, more staff has been added to meet the increasing needs of the growing number of clients.


A team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff was hired to bring new and adverse skills in innovation and improved production tactics to drive the development agenda of this company.

And for this reason, The British Safety Council, in 2007, gave OSI Food Solutions an International Safety Award for being best in adhering to health and safety standards at the place of work.

For it has an outstanding record of offering many job opportunities to many people, it has won an award from the Chambers of Commerce.


Sheldon Lavin, David McDonald, are among the most committed team of leaders who expressed their successful leadership skills to ensure utmost improvement in food production for more than 40 years.

According to Jose Maria del Rio, the Managing Director of the food company, the recent expansion of production line in Toledo plant has recorded an annual increase of chicken products production by 8%. He further states that Spain and Portugal are the highest consumers of its chicken products.

McDonald, the president of the company, is amazed by the fact that OSI Food Solutions Company has expanded its chicken production, delivery services and retail services in various branches across the world.


The new building of about 22,600 square feet has been established to accommodate growing demand for chicken products by consumers. This high-tech building has refrigerated rooms in which waste containers are stored before disposal.

It has changing rooms for employees and also rooms for storing the chicken products awaiting shipping to various destinations.


The company understands the need for encouraging productive and a sustainable development enterprise. Energy consumption of the operating plant system has been reduced by 20%. Energy efficiency of the plant has been improved as the system has a refrigeration and co-generation system that recovers energy.


With the utmost dedication of the leaders and staff, the government takes pride in funding its agricultural development projects that promote sustainability.

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Chicago Based Philanthropist And Business Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky


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Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in the Midwest. He grew up in Michigan and later moved to Chicago IL. Eric has co-founded many companies during his professional career, one major Chicago based company is Tempus Labs. Tempus Labs is known for its cancer fighting operation system. The technology that has been created by Tempus labs helps to bridge a gap between patient, practitioner and pharmacist. The Tempus technology can scan and input data from hand written doctors’ notes and make it available on the Tempus network. This technology allows for each patients patient’s team of experts to share the same critical data. When all of the information on a patient’s health is readily available for all physicians treating the patients there is less lag time on acquiring pertinent medical data.

Tempus Labs has recently been granted eighty million dollars in additional funding. This grant has brought Chicago based Tempus Labs to a worth of about $1.1 billion. This is rarely achieved within the first years of a company’s start up and has gained this company a coveted unicorn status of net worth. In addition to additional technological advances that will be gained from this large grant, employment is also spiking at Tempus Labs.

Another popular company that Eric Lefkofsky has co-founded is Groupon. Many people utilize Groupon on a daily basis for their product and destination savings purchases. Groupon offers a certain amount of deals at a reduced price. Once the deals have all been bought they are no longer available. There is a wide variety of deals that businesses can offer on Groupon. Some of these deals include products, experiences, meals and destinations. Eric Lefkofksy is a philanthropist who believes in bettering his community. Him and his wife have started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and often make donations towards various charities in and around Chicago as well as worldwide organizations.

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New Start-Up Tempus Co-Founded By Eric Lefkofsky Reaches Unicorn Funding


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Eric Lefkofsky is proud of the work his new start-up, Tempus, which he cofounded, is doing. As the CEO, Lefkofsky is responsible for the direction the company is doing. Tempus, a tech firm that specializes in collecting and analyzing patient treatment data for cancer patients has already done some important work during the short period it has been in existance. Since 2015 Tempus has already partnered with the Mayo Clinic and other important cancer treatment centers to create a database that oncologists can use when deciding on treatment options for their patients. They are collecting molecular data from patients, as well as trying do discover and analyze trends in the treatment of cancer patients.

The great strides that Tempus has already made have atracted the attention of investors who have put thier faith in the start-up company. During the most recent round of funding, Tempus raised 80 million in funding bringing them over the 1 billion threshold and making them reach what is called Unicorn status. Unicorn status is when a privately owned company is valued at 1 Billion dollars or more, without going public. It is a very rare thing, like a unicorn and is considered an impressive achievement. It is incredibly impressive that Tempus was able to reach Unicorn status in such a short time.

The hard work of Eric Lefkofsky and his team are the reason why Tempus was able in attract investors such as New Enterprise Assciates and Kinship Trust Co. These investors were attracted to the strong relationship that Tempus has with doctors, clinics, and drug companies, all of whom wish to use this date to help treat patients more effiently.

Lefkofsky and Tempus have big plans for the future, and reaching unicorn status is an important part of those plans. Although the company currently employs 400 people in the Chicago area, they are rapidly growing and adding new employees. Since the latest round of funding, Tempus has been adding about 30 employees per month, and plans to continue that rate of growth for the forseeable future. This growth will help the company crunch more numbers and have the potential to help more cancer patients.

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